Shen Yin Wang Zuo Chapter 215: We Are The Champions (Iv)

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Chapter 215: We are the champions (IV)

After muttering to herself irresolutely and under the attentive watch of her companions, Li Xin calmly nodded.

Three days later, on the second floor of the Demon Hunt Squads’ Mission Tower.

In terms of size, this floor was as wide as the first floor of the Demon Hunt Squads’ Mission Tower, and the design almost identical: it was a three hundred square meters wide hall, surrounded by six lofty square counters, which stood for each of the six different kinds of missions.

They were organized according to the following order: Extermination Missions, Searching Missions, Exploring Missions, Intelligence Missions, War Missions and Mixed Missions.

This was the Demon Hunt Squad’s Mission Tower, and thus, almost all the missions were directed against demons. Only a few special missions, forming a small minority, were unrelated to the demons.

Relying on their newly acquired general grade tile, composed of 5% mythril, Long Haochen and his teammates headed to the second floor of the mission tower.

This place looked completely the same as the first floor, with exactly the same layout. But just the day before, after they had raised their rank to the general grade, they had immediately hurried to the transaction center on the second floor, where they had only stayed for ten minutes before leaving in total shock.

There were so many good things that made their mouths water. But by now, they were most likely the poorest Demon Hunt Squad at the general grade… Even after adding up all their contribution points, the seven of them barely reached the two digits. After such a shock, Wang Yuanyuan, Han Yu, and Sima Xian had gone to claim the secret skills they had already picked in advance, and this morning, the seven of them hurried to choose a mission to pick. Gaining contribution points was equivalent to boosting their strength! On the second floor of the business center, they had even seen a type of ultra powerful pill, called Holy Spirit Pill. Anyone, regardless of his vocation, would only be able to take a single Holy Spirit Pill in his entire life, making him gain a total of 1,000 spiritual energy levels at once, under the premise that it wasn’t used to break through a bottleneck. That was a total of 1,000 levels…

As a matter of fact, to Long Haochen’s group, the amount of contribution points required to buy this pill was astronomical. A single one cost a total of 10,000 contribution points, and its price would be a lot higher if not for the fact its use couldn’t be repeated.

Seeing this pill, Lin Xin’s eyes immediately turned blue. This self-trained genius in the field of alchemy had seen the recipe of this Holy Spirit Pill in the past. He remembered vaguely that one of the materials required to make this pill came from a magical beast of the eighth step. But that recipe he had seen long ago was in a shattered state. If the seven of them wanted to take one Holy Spirit Pill per person, they would need an amount of 70,000 contribution points!

And this was after omitting the innumerable incomparable pieces of equipment they were faced with. At the core of this Demon Hunt Squad transaction center, money didn’t have any value, and even the vendor stalls set up by other Demon Hunt Squads, would only accept contribution points as currency.

“Let’s disperse and search for a mission that would be suited to us, everyone. We can also aim for a little higher level of difficulty, since we are going to do this mission jointly with the 4th soldier grade Demon Hunt Squad.”

Under Long Haochen’s lead, these seven formed six groups. Heading to different counters, they looked at the missions carefully. At the back of each counter was an enormous magical crystal board with a list of advertised missions. And these lists contained the name of the missions and their rewards. But for a single detailed inspection, they would need to pay up some contribution points. For Demon Hunt Squads at the soldier grade, the fee was of a single contribution point, but at the general grade, they had to pay ten contribution points to inspect the details of a single mission.

Long Haochen’s group only possessed a total of 20 contribution points, which meant that they could only examine two mission.

Long Haochen pulled Cai’er’s little hand, heading to the mission counter in front of them to examine the corresponding magical crystal board.

Cai’er didn’t hold her bamboo cane anymore. The fact the trials of the Spiritual Stove of Samsara had been completed also implied that she had obtained the real power of this spiritual stove. Although she still had to temporarily lose a sense, she could choose it herself. For instance, she currently chose to renounce her sense of smell.

As Long Haochen was looking assiduously at the mission list, Cai’er occasionally sneaked a glance at him. Ever since she recovered her eyesight, she couldn’t help but occasionally stare at him. It was just as if no matter how long she watched him, it still would still not be enough.

He had already changed a lot since the time they were children. From a child, he had become a youth, but he was not any less handsome than before. Induced by the increase of his cultivation, his handsome face was filled with holy aura and looked even more attractive. It had such allure that this pure aura seemed to have a purifying effect. That was the Scion of Light!

“Eh!” Long Haochen was suddenly surprised, awaking Cai’er from her revery. She immediately followed his look.

With a single glance, Cai’er immediately discovered what inspired Long Haochen’s surprise.

The missions Demon Hunt Squads of general grade could take were indeed different. Below the general grade, the overwhelming majority of soldier grade missions were rewarded with an amount between 1,000 and 3,000 contribution points. Their reward was limited to the extent that some were even only rewarded with a few hundreds of points.

But at the general grade, no missions were rewarded less than 3,000 contribution points.

Among the numerous assignments, Long Haochen seemed to have noticed a particularly richly rewarded one, with the name ‘Exploring the Desolate Whistling Cavern’. This mission was rewarded with 20,000 contribution points, and its degree of danger was: unknown

What a great reward! Long Haochen felt his heartbeat quickening. Although he could be considered calm among the people of the same age, he was still a youth of a little more than a dozen year-old, and was still in some regard like a newborn calf that did not fear tigers. Gao Yingjie had told him that generally speaking, missions with an unknown degree of danger would quickly get taken, because when completing them, the odds of encountering great danger were generally pretty low. But usually, the rewards for such missions would not not be so high.

Yet, this mission was the most richly rewarded one they could see! A whole 20,000 points! Even if they had to hand one third of it to the 4th Demon Hunt Squad, they would still earn a reward of 14,000 contribution points, which would be of extreme benefit to their team. Furthermore, all the items they would pick up would be received by their Demon Hunt Squads!

Calling his comrades to join him with hurry, he pointed this mission for them to see it.

Sima Xian declared without the slightest hesitation, “Boss, what are you still hesitating for? Check the location of this mission, we have after all 20 contribution points, so we can examine a total of two missions. Since such high rewards come along with an unknown degree of danger, I reckon that the place should be located in the depths of the demon race’s territory.”

Hearing Sima Xian’s talk, everyone’s eyes lit up. If they had to enter deeply into the demon territory, it wouldn’t be strange for them to get such rewards.

Long Haochen nodded in response, replying, “Okay, then let’s look at this mission’s details.”

Arriving in front of the counter, they handed over the fee of ten contribution points to examine it.

Quickly this mission’s complete information appeared before the 1st Demon Hunt Squad of soldier grade.

The Desolate Whistling Cavern is located in the center of the demon territory. Its exploration requires to penetrate a total of 1,150 km deep into the demon territory, passing through four demon provinces. According to our intelligence, hissing sounds will occasionally be heard from the Desolate Whistling Cavern, but reportedly, a sudden geological change occurred there a few months ago, and has very likely exposed some rare gems. If you manage to explore the cavern entirely, you will get an extra reward of contribution points depending on the value of the gems you will bring back. The Desolate Whistling Cavern is currently a place of unknown danger. Nevertheless, it is still needed to enter deeply into the demon territory, which bears a high possibility of encountering demon scouts on the way. The team that accepts this mission has to be extremely prudent.

Then, the Desolate Whistling Cavern’s precise location was recorded on a map.

Having read those information completely, everyone of the 21st general grade Demon Hunt Squad knitted their brows in silence.

General grade 21st, this was their new identification. And it also implied that among all the Demon Hunt Squads, there were currently a total of twenty-one at the general grade.

Long Haochen asked, “We will have to penetrate 1,150 km deep in the demon territory. This surely won’t be easy, what do you think of this mission?”

Wang Yuanyuan remarked, “This mission is going to be very hard, but we can be sure that as long as we manage to complete it, the benefits should be quite significant to us. A moment ago, I saw another mission with a reward of 20,000 contribution points. It’s on the side of the extermination missions, how about comparing them?”

Actually, Long Haochen’s group didn’t notice it because of their excitement due to coming to this second floor of the Demon Hunt Squad’s Mission Center for the first time, but their thirst for contribution points was really excessive.

Quickly, their ten remaining contribution points were used to inspect this slaughter mission. The goal of this mission was to kill ten middle ranked demons of the seventh step. Without need to look at its name, they decided to renounce it.

At that time, it was because of their extreme luck that they managed to kill the Bloodthirsty Beta. And this had only been possible because Haoyue’s sneak attack succeeded, greatly reducing the Bloodthirsty Beta’s strength. But luck couldn’t stay on their side forever, to say nothing that this time it would be a count of ten demons.

With their current strength, choosing this mission would only be akin to throwing away their lives, and more importantly, they still had first to find these formidable demons.

At this point, they were already left without other choices, because they did not have any contribution points left to examine different missions.

A Demon Hunt Squad with 0 contribution points was born.

The seven members of the newly born 21st general grade Demon Hunt Squad looked at each other in dismay, and in the end, everyone made a firm resolution.

To go for it!

If it really proved to be impossible, they would at worst abandon this mission. Anyway, giving up a mission wouldn’t deduct any contribution points from their side. If the need arose, they would simply borrow some more contribution points to pick another mission. And more importantly, this was a joint mission with the 4th soldier grade Demon Hunt Squad. With 13 people participating in it, they really had their chances.

In the end, Long Haochen returned once again to the front of that counter displaying the exploration missions, escorted by his companions.

Shen Yin Wang Zuo Chapter 215: We Are The Champions (Iv)

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