Shen Yin Wang Zuo Chapter 218: Yue Ye Merchant Group (Iii)

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Chapter 218: Yue Ye Merchant Group (III)

Dian Yan nodded, “Don’t worry. Even if I cannot deal with this little kid, I will not act recklessly. In a very short time, I will make him lose all credibility, forcing him to yield. And then, the distribution of profits will naturally change accordingly.”

Three days later…

Yue Ye, the Starseeker City’s biggest caravan, set off from the south gate of the city.

The Yue Ye Caravan was indeed worthy of being called one of the biggest group of freelance merchants. At this moment, they actually transported goods in 200 enormous carriages, dispatching troops close to 2,000 people. This was also the reason why Dian Xuan agreed so easily to recruit Long Haochen’s group.

Although they were only in charge of escorting the caravan, Long Haochen’s group was also clad in two layers of commoner’s clothing. All of them wore cotton-padded clothes under a thick coat. It was already early winter, and Starsea City was located near the center of the continent. Although it wasn’t as cold as it was in the south, the route to the demon territory was long and difficult, and they wouldn’t be able to keep travelling if their clothes were not warm enough.

The tasks assigned to these thirteen members of the two Demon Hunt Squads were simple: transporting goods and looking after the transportation. They weren’t needed to drive a carriage since there were already specialized drivers. Each of the carriages was pulled by four big and tall horses, and even though the caravan was comprised of many people, their coordination was perfect.

After exiting of the Starseeker City to the south, they even managed to enter the fort of the southeast openly, resting and reorganizing there for a short time. This could make one wonder what means the Yue Ye Chamber of Commerce used. The next evening, they left the fort, heading directly in the direction of the demon territory. At this point Long Haochen’s group couldn’t help but be greatly astonished, feeling great curiosity about these freelance merchants.

It was a quiet night scene; the caravan’s torches were lit, looking like a long line extending in wilderness.

The 4th soldier grade Demon Hunt Squad’s mage, Feng Yijun, just blurted out this question, “How do you think that the Yue Ye Merchants managed to pass from the fort of the southeast? It looks like passing with the help of the merchant group was the best path we could take. It will spare us from a lot of trouble.”
Luc Xi revealed an indifferent smile, and replied, unruffled, “It is naturally about common interest. Even if the relationship between humans and demons was even worse, the Yue Ye Merchants’ business can only be of great benefit to humanity. For this reason, the Alliance will naturally ignore their movement. If my guess isn’t wrong, this merchant group will benefit from the same treatment on the demon side.”
As he said so, he seemed to glance consciously at the people from the 21st Demon Hunt Squad, looking in particular for Long Haochen’s reaction.

Even clad in simple commoner attire, Long Haochen’s handsome appearance was still dazzling. Cai’er’s face was still hidden behind a black veil.

Hearing Luc Xi’s words, Long Haochen revealed a faint smile, “Captain Luc Xi is right.”
Luc Xi chuckled gently, “I’m afraid that I am the oldest here, so I have naturally some more experience.”
Despite the fact that his words were light, perspicacious people could still understand their profound meaning. But Luc Xi was disappointed about the fact that it appeared as though no one in the 21st Demon Hunt Squad seemed to pay attention to his words.
Only Long Haochen nodded to him, but afterwards, at his side, Cai’er suddenly turned her head and gave him a glance. As sharp as a blade, her look instantly caused Luc Xi to shiver unintentionally. A chill coming directly from the depths of his heart was transmitted to the rest of his body. What a powerful killing intent! In his shivering state, Luc Xi kept silent.
In their 4th soldier grade Demon Hunt Squad, Dian Yan and Yijun had an excellent relationship with Luc Xi. Because this formidable assassin coldness drew close to his side, he could only shut his mouth. The reason was simple, it was Cai’er’s presence.
As for Bai Xiaomo, because during the three months of test, she had been once saved by Li Xin, and because they were both girls, the two of them were relatively close.

Luc Xi’s plan was as follows: first they would complete a mission with relatively high profits accompanied by Long Haochen’s squad. Next, he would observe any negligent decisions made by Long Haochen, and try to make them affect the relations within Long Haochen’s group. And his hidden hope was to take the team’s leading position.
Of course, the 4th soldier grade Demon Hunt Squad was only thinking of their own team’s benefit, under the premise that they would complete the mission successfully.
In the middle of the caravan, a luxurious carriage was pulled by eight fine horses. This carriage looked special because it was not only wider, but quite more luxurious than the others. The carriage was adorned with eight enormous wheels, each pair being connected. The wheels came with supporting poles, using huge springs to lessen the shaking. And this was just the carriage’s alternate means of transport. From the bottom of the carriage, a dim green light was faintly released. It was impressively the Float Technique. And this was not pure magic, but an effect of solidification at the bottom of the carriage. That’s to say that this carriage was in itself an enormous piece of magical equipment.
Supporting such a big carriage with float was not something one or two mere mages using Float could accomplish. It came along with an uninterrupted consumption of magical crystals. Of course, its benefits were obvious: even on the uneven grounds found in wilderness, this carriage would advance just like on flat ground, without the slightest vibration.
In the carriage were tables, chairs, and even a wide and comfortable couch. And on this couch lay two young ladies, occasionally eating longan fruits.
Compared to the cold outside, the carriage was as warm as spring, and the two ladies lying down on the couch were clad in simple long skirts.

The lady on the left was clad in a white long skirt, simple yet elegant, giving her a noble appearance. Her pure and tender face looked cute. Her nose was as beautiful as jasper, and her most striking trait was her pair of black eyes, posing a contrast to the rest of her features.
The second lady lying on the couch was clad in a red long skirt, looking more fiery in comparison with the other lady’s white skirt. As her head was resting against a soft cushion, she appeared to have exaggerated C cup breasts. The most attractive thing was that this devilish figure was matched with an extremely pure, and young-looking face. A completely childish face…
“Sis Yue, we should be able to take our devil eyes off now. These things are really uncomfortable.” The girl wearing the red skirt, said with a protesting tone.
The girl in the white skirt spoke back with a smile, “Take it off then. We have already left the human territory anyway.” As she said so, she lifted her hand, and next, those black eyes suddenly changed color, turning into a touching purple color.

This purple seemed pure and noble, coming with the enticement of a witch. And the pure and holy aura in her body seemed to merge with another particular type of aura.
The young lady in red skirt did the same motion, and in the next instant, her black pupils became pink, giving her angelic face a pretty and flirtatious feel.

“Sis Yue, these goods will definitely give us good profit.” The young lady clad in red said with a laugh.

The girl clad in white sighed lightly, “Stop dreaming, how could it be so easy? This time’s goods are mainly spices, oil, cotton clothes, metal, humans’ silk, rare types of woods and so on. And the most important is the large quantity of food. But the other vehicles are just a facade: the real stuff is in here.” As she said so, she showed the ruby-colored ring on her right hand.
The lady in red asked, puzzled, “Isn’t it a very good thing to our demon’s side? Isn’t it food we are lacking the most”
The lady in white replied, “It is precisely for that reason that it is inconvenient. This shortage does not only exist in one or two places. These things are going to be in demand to any of the tribes. Do you believe that they will simply behave themselves and let us transport these things to the central province? His Majesty the Demon God Emperor won’t care about these lowly matters. I’m afraid that this trip will not be so peaceful. And the most troublesome is that we cannot employ guards at the sixth step or above.”
The young lady in the red skirt looked alarmed, and asked, “Sis Yue, do you think some groups will try to plunder us? Would they dare!? Sis Yue, you are the princess of the Yue demon clan, this generation’s Yue Ye Sorceress, bearing the name of Yue Ye! Won’t they fear the retaliation of the Yue Clan? ”
The young lady clad in the white skirt revealed a faint smile, “My foolish younger sister, do you think our kind would worry about the same things as humans? Without enough food, their clansmen will just starve to death! In comparison, the retaliation of our Yue Clan won’t be such an immediate threat. The offensive of this fall didn’t go so smoothly, and the shortage of food is critical. Under such circumstances, my caravan just looks like a gold mine. Let alone I, Yue Ye, even if you tell them your identity as Leng Xiao, they will still not pay much attention to it. ”
The girl clad in red, Leng Xiao, pouted her lips and asked, “What should we do then? Don’t tell me we should really let them rob us?”
Yue Ye’s eyes flashed, as she gave the reply, “No way we’d let them go off so easily. I already notified our clansmen to come to our rescue. In at most five days, my people will join us. Now, I just hope that the clans at the frontier won’t react too fast.”
Leng Xiao asked, puzzled, “Then, why didn’t we wait a few more days before setting off?”
Yue Ye replied with a smile, “The border zone is monitored as tightly on the humans’ side. If we let humans see our massive demon reinforcement closing in from the other side, what will they think about it? Our status as merchants has been carefully nurtured for a long time.”
Leng Xiao smiled happily and replied, “Sis Yue, it looks like I was right to choose to accompany you to get some experience. I indeed learned quite a few things.”
Yue Ye’s smile vanished suddenly, and she suddenly came back to a seating posture, “They are already coming!”
Leng Xiao was still lying down, but her expression changed rapidly, “How could they be so fast? Is it possible that they made their preparations to ambush us long ago?”
Yue Ye’s eyes flashed with coldness, “The only explanation would be that there’s a traitor in the chamber of commerce. Don’t leave the carriage, I will handle it by myself.” As she said, so, her figure flashed, leaving the carriage.

At this moment, Long Hoachen, who was advancing in queue along with the others, suddenly lifted his head, looking towards the night sky in a particular direction.
“Enemies! Make your preparations, everyone. Try as far as possible to refrain from using your specific abilities. Don’t use priest healing abilities unless it is absolutely essential. And no one is to let his spiritual energy flow out. We will defend ourselves by relying on the carriages.”

This series of orders were immediately transmitted to the members of the two Demon Hunt Squads.

Shen Yin Wang Zuo Chapter 218: Yue Ye Merchant Group (Iii)

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