Shen Yin Wang Zuo Chapter 222: Carriage’S Roof! Long Haochen’S Stage (I)

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Chapter 222: Carriage’s Roof! Long Haochen’s Stage (I)

In reality, their guards, coming from their organization called the ‘Yue Ye Chamber of Commerce’, only amounted to five hundred people. However, each and every one of those five hundred were experts at the fourth step fully armored with magic equipment. There were even some that were already at the fifth step. The majority of those guards consisted of humans, but there was also a small number of demons. For example, it included ten Dark Green Dual Bladed Demons.

The attacks of those omnipresent demons finally came, but the 500 guards blocked their path forcibly. They formed a defensive ring around the caravan and even the people without combat ability, like the drivers, were ready to defend it.

After surrounding the several hundreds of carriages, the frontline of the incoming enemies somewhat dispersed, but through their huge numbers they remained quite close to each other in terms of distance. As the demons charged forward, Long Haochen had already led his comrades within a fifty meter radius of Yue Ye’s and Leng Xiao’s carriage. At this moment, they could not help but stop.

The invading enemies who were coming from every direction did not manage to immediately break through the barricade of waggons, but the aerial attacks couldn’t be blocked so easily..

A fiery red screen lit up as Lin Xin unleashed a fire shield that protected both him and Chen Ying’er. Fireballs and obscure Magic Bullets of the darkness attribute shot out ceaselessly from the mouths of the Dual Headed Demonic Eagles while the Birdy Demons, who had already been impatiently waiting for a long time, began diving down.

Behind Long Haochen, Cai’er’s body suddenly emerged from the darkness. The tips of her feet tapped the ground, and the next moment she stood on Long Haochen’s shoulders. Dim, cold killing intent flickered in her beautiful black eyes as the bamboo cane that had been stored away for a while appeared in her right hand.

The green bamboo cane was waved through the air and turned into a green blur. Every magical bullet, whether of fire or darkness attribute, was instantly obliterated by Cai’er’s cane. It was precisely the assassin skill, Sly Stab.

Relying on the green cane, Cai’er’s attack happened to cover the perfect range to protect all the members of the 21st Demon Hunt Squad, ensuring that none of the Magic Bullets shot by the Dual Headed Eagles reached them.

On the other side, the 4th soldier grade Demon also had a clever reaction. The six of them rapidly gathered in a circular formation, with their three pure-mage vocations inside and their three close-quarter vocations outside. A silver radiance formed above their heads, turning into a disk blocking the bullets while preventing them from explodig. It was precisely the work of the spatial mage Yi Jun.

The two Demon Hunt Squads didn’t stop at that: as they resisted the magical attacks, they kept drawing closer to Yue Ye’s carriage.

At this instant, both Luc Xi and Dian Yan had already put all their previous thinking away. Being surrounded by several thousand demons, they were now in desperate straits. And since they were intelligent people, they obviously invested their best efforts into fulfilling their common goal. After all, they didn’t want to die at such a place.

By now, Luc Xi finally understood why Long Haochen decided to change his plans in this way. When Yue Ye would activate her forbidden spell from the roof of the carriage, it’s destructive power and radius of impact were easy to imagine. The only way to stay safe would be to stay close enough to her to avoid being hit. The moment of the forbidden spell’s completion was bound to be their best opportunity to break out of the encirclement. Realizing this, Luc Xi couldn’t help but feel full of admiration towards Long Haochen for this decision. To be able to make such an adequate decision in such a short time, he fulfilled his duty as a captain very well.

But trying to get closer to the carriage was obviously not so easy; after the first bombardment with Magic Bullets, it was time for the Birdy Demons to arrive.

Although the Birdy Demons weren’t as numerous as the Berzerk Demons, nevertheless, it was a flock of more than 2,000. Their raid was sudden and they outnumbered the members of the Yue Ye Caravan.

Several dozens of Birdy Demons headed in the direction of Long Haochen’s group. The other demons were ready and cooperated with them: at the time the Birdy Demons entered the range for close quarters combat, the Dual Headed Demonic Eagles immediately launched attacks against the guards defending the barricade.

“Kill them!” Long Haochen shouted out loudly. In one hand, the Holy Spirit Sword glinted of gold and blocked a Birdy Demon’s charge with a dang. Meanwhile, Blue Rain, Hibiscus of Light instantly released countless rays of light: it was Lightning Thrust.

Using the power of Bright Vengeance, coming from the use of Divine Obstruction, the Holy Spirit Sword transmitted a great deal of power into the Lightning Thrust. It was an instantaneous move that would prove to be pretty hard to accomplish for other Retribution Knights of the same rank.

That attacking Birdy Demon made an all out effort, but was blocked by Long Haochen’s Divine Obstruction, creating a shock that immediately made its body dull. How could it possibly stand a chance against the full powered Lightning Thrust executed with Blue Rain, Hibiscus of Light? Blood surged out of several dozens of wounds on that Birdy Demon’s body as it was pushed back from the massive recoil of the impact.

Long Haochen was already approximately at the sixth rank of the fifth step, and in the whole team, if Cai’er’s Dagger of Samsara that could be compared to a godly weapon wasn’t taken into consideration, he was the most powerful in terms of strength. With his power at the fifth step against an opponent at the fourth step, plus adding his formidable weapons and abilities, a Birdy Demon couldn’t possibly be an opponent for him.

On the other side, Li Xin also displayed formidable strength as a knight. Right after she stabbed her two blazing heavy swords into the ground, Heavenly Battle Array was released, intercepting a Birdy Demon in midair. She immediately linked this move to a Lightning Thrust combined with an Instant Blast Crosscut, a combination that immediately killed the Birdy Demon. With a dull sound the corpse fell to the ground.

During close quarters battles, the fighting strength of these two Demon Hunt Squads was fully displayed in all aspects.

On the side of the 4th Demon Hunt Squad, Dian Yan, the Shield Warrior of the team, was in charge of defending Luc Xi, Yi Jun and Bai Xiaomo whose body was already surrounded by a large amount of vines, having a certain defensive efficiency. With the sharp thorns spurting out unceasingly, the enemies were stopped. Their assassin Han Daosi was roaming in the surroundings, his faintly discernible figure using clever attacks by making use of the night, to find the wounded Birdy Demons and finish them off, aiming at the vital points to kill in a single blow. As Li Xin was guarding their surroundings, her attacks were already a complete display of the talents of a Retribution Knight, though she hadn’t even summoned her own Rose Unicorn.

In fact, because of the formation taken by the carriages, the Rose Unicorn’s fighting strength would be greatly impeded, and furthermore, letting her economize her power would make her of even greater utility at the time of breaking out, just like Long Haochen hadn’t summoned Haoyue.

On the side of the 4th soldier grade Demon Hunt Squad, Bai Xiaomo and Yi Jun, who stood for two of the pure mage vocations, were the ones with the greatest killing power. Bai Xiaomo’s unceasing botanical summons had an enormous killing power, atop of restricting the enemy. A huge heap of yellow vapor was continuously puffed out by a particular kind of plant, resulting in a decline of the strength and the speed of the charging Birdy Demons, giving important help to the side of Long Haochen’s group.

Yi Jun’s attacks as a spatial mage were quite unique, giving frequently birth to weird glinting silver rays, interfering in the flying trajectory of the Birdy Demons, just as if they were pulled up or down. When their bodies came in contact with these silver lights, violent interferences would be provoked, and occasionally, Yi Jun would release a huge silvery radiance, turning several Birdy Demons into dust, leaving no skeleton behind.

In the battlefield, the more effective attacks were surely the ones combining both aerial and terrestrial attacks. After the Holy Light Spiritual Formation had been broken, the Yue Ye Chamber of Commerce’s side instantaneously sunk into a passive situation. They could still defend against the assault of the Berserk Demons, but it was not as easy to deal with the swooping Birdy Demons, under the protection of the Dual-Headed Demonic Eagles’ magic.

It was still quite easy for Long Haochen and his group to withstand these attacks, but not for the others from the Chamber of Commerce. Within the carriages, the majority of the members were simply ordinary people hefting weapons. Against these demons of the fourth step, they were simply being one sidedly slaughtered. If not for the strong fighting capability demonstrated by those tensome mages in the center area, the interior of the carriage formation would most likely have already become a mountain of corpses and a sea of blood in a split second.

“Charge!” Shouting out, Long Haochen took the lead and directly charged to the side. Cai’er stood stably on his shoulder, making it so that regardless of whether it was the Dual Headed Demonic Eagles or Birdy Demons that attacked, no aerial attack posed any threat to Long Haochen.

Under the Birdy Demons’ assault, it was clear that the carriage formation would not last for long. Only by assembling at the center and defending a small area could they withstand the attacks for some time.

Rings after rings of golden halos expanded outwards from Han Yu’s body. It just so happened that he was located in the middle of the two demon hunt squads, so these light system magic buffs not only took care of 21st general grade Demon Hunt Squad, but also the members of the 4th soldier grade Demon Hunt Squad. After all, there was no guardian knight in the 4th soldier grade Demon Hunt Squad.

This was still the first time that these two demon hunt squads had ever closely cooperated, and Bai Xiaomo’s restriction of the enemies in addition to Han Yu’s successive halo abilities caused the two squads to get into even closer contact with each other.

As a priest, Luc Xi had already prepared to use his restorative magic, so that as long as any problems arose from either squad, his healing would be promptly cast. However, the battle had just started and his companions were still at their peak state, so naturally, he was at this time the most relaxed. Subsequently, he also had the time to observe the battle’s situation.

Luc Xi’s gaze almost constantly followed Long Haochen at the very front. Seeing the performance of 21st general grade Demon Hunt Squad, he couldn’t help but inwardly praise them. As expected, fame follows merit! The fighting capability that burst forth from Long Haochen and his squad was something that soldier grade 4th Demon Hunt Squad could definitely not compare with.

At this moment, Cai’er had already stepped down and disappeared behind Long Haochen. As Long Haochen charged forward to the very front, Wang Yuanyuan and Sima Xian covered the right and the left. They perfectly guarded the side flanks with the Gigantic Divine Soul Shield and that massive staff, which allowed Long Haochen to completely display his strength in his Retribution Knight state.

Even with his eyesight, Luc Xi could only see that the two swords within Long Haochen’s hands were relentlessly waved and pierced outwards like golden rain. The Birdy Demons who dived down at the front all turned into carnage, and unexpectedly, not even one was able to block Long Haochen’s advance. He continued to charge towards their target with a constant speed.

The responsibility of aerial defense fell upon Lin Xin, and layers and layers of fire shields along with Repelling Rings of Fire ceaselessly erupted into the air. All the Birdy Demons were all shot back without exception, and at the back, Han Yu simply unleashed and maintained his halo abilities. The entire team was like a sharp sword that both attacked and defended as it charged forward. Although their coordination couldn’t be said to be completely perfect, at least no mistakes occurred. Within this group, the only one who hadn’t taken action was the girl holding a cute little pig in her arms, Chen Ying’er.

Shen Yin Wang Zuo Chapter 222: Carriage’S Roof! Long Haochen’S Stage (I)

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