Shen Yin Wang Zuo Chapter 228: Forbidden Spell! The Moon Demon God’S Descent (I)

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Chapter 228: Forbidden Spell! The Moon Demon God’s Descent (I)

After using Sacrifice and fusing with Hao Yue, Long Haochen’s spiritual energy was already on the verge of being completely depleted. But seeing Cai’er’s actions, he finally used his last drop of power to give her some assistance. And this was a crucial assistance.

Attraction and Pull activated at the same time and the Saint Spiritual Stove forcibly pulled that Golden Birdy Demon down. His sharp claw had already lightly grazed Yue Ye’s head, and had thereby torn some of her hair.

Countless grey sparkles took the shape of a dark golden dagger that carried an irresistible killing intent. It violently pierced the Golden Birdy Demon’s back and instantly found his heart. In spite of the Golden Birdy Demon’s mad defensive power, this blow was unexpectedly successful. The Golden Birdy Demon only felt a cold sensation at his back, before his whole body started to spasm violently.

Condensing killing intent into a weapon to launch a material attack was something even an assassin at the ninth step would be unable to do. But relying on the Spiritual Stove of Samsara’s supportive ability Cai’er was now able to do it. As the most powerful existence known among spiritual stoves, the possibilities for the use of the Spiritual Stove of Samsara were naturally matchless, and were obviously not as simple as the mere release of the Dagger of Samsara. Having completed her fusion with this tyrannical stove, Cai’er was without a doubt an incomparable asset of the team’s offensive power.

At that time a blood-colored radiance struck the wings of that Golden Birdy Demon’s and sent that powerhouse at the peak of the seventh step flying.

Cai’er’s dagger separated itself from the demon, and with a turning motion, she landed safely on the carriage.

The purple moon shone brilliantly, imperceptibly increasing Cai’er’s strength, but she only had eyes for a single person below.

Long Haochen revealed a gratified look. After Blue Rain, Hibiscus of Light finished the last blow, it had directly been retracted into his body. Lifting up his left hand with difficulty, he did a thumbs up in Cai’er’s direction. And at the same time he made that motion, Long Haochen’s body finally collapsed.

With a purple flicker of light the fusion ended and Haoyue appeared, separating himself from Long Haochen. The Light Elemental Fairy Yating also immediately returned into Long Haochen’s chest.

It was worth rejoicing that at that time, Haoyue didn’t lose his consciousness as well.

A soft white glow immediately blossomed, taking the shape of a pure white light beam which enveloped Long Haochen’s and Haoyue’s bodies.

The one who intervened by activating this healing spell wasn’t Han Yu, but Luc Xi from the 4th Demon Hunt Squad.

From the start of the battle until now, Luc Xi didn’t have any real role in the battle, but he had the clearest understanding of the general situation on the battlefield.

Watching Long Haochen’s and Cai’er’s exceptional performance, he already felt numb. And the healing ability he put to use was the most powerful he was able to cast at the moment.

From the white light beam’s summit, pleasant jingling sounds rang out, and a pure white dual-winged angel gradually came into view. Spreading its wings, it gently drew closer to Long Haochen and Haoyue, and circles of soft colored light entered their bodies at fast speed.

At this time, Han Yu’s healing spell was added as well, but he used a crowd healing ability that affected everyone. Faint golden radiances emerged like a gentle golden rain of light, descending on every member of the two Demon Hunt Squads. Han Yu’s control was extremely accurate, and everyone felt a comfortable sensation from that healing abilitiy’s effects. Soon they were filled with an indescribable sense of comfort.

The ability Han Yu just activated was Angel’s Tears, which he had just learned recently. As for the one Luc Xi displayed, it was the most powerful healing ability for priests at the fifth step, Angel’s Heart.

The wound on Long Haochen’s shoulder healed at great speed, and his battered body was fabulously being restored.

Under the joint use of these two great abilities, Long Haochen finally came back to his senses. He also immediately felt a lot better despite his use of Sacrifice. Rapidly, he took out a pill recovering 500 units of spiritual energy and swallowed it.

Even though he knew that it was impossible to recover thoroughly in such a short time, he at least managed to keep himself awake. He had to remain in a state in which he would be able to command the entire team without too much difficulty. The Golden Birdy Demon hadn’t been fatally wounded by Cai’er, but because Leng Xiao’s attack sent him flying, he didn’t manage to stop Yue Ye. And this terrible forbidden spell, everyone waited for ages to complete, finally activated.

With one brushing sound after another, the scroll floated up and the purple moon hovering above Yue Ye’s head suddenly shot upwards. Immediately following, points of purple ripples spread through the night.

In the sky, this moon suddenly enlarged by several folds, and an incomparably desolate power broke out, as that enormous purple moon turned into a gigantic cross-shaped pillar. As the purple light spread, that enormous pillar descended.

Above that enormous pillar, countless bright moons were formed, portraying the shapes of the different phases of the moon. There were full moons, waning moons, and waxing moons but none was lacking the magnificent splendor of the bright luminous moonlight. The split second after that enormous pillar connected with the earth, the air seemed to completely freeze, and spreading from Yue Yu’s carriage the pillar enlarged to over a hundred meters in diameter, enveloping the whole caravan.

It was as if a large moon of a hundred meters in diameter had fallen to the earth, and every demon it touched, be it Birdy Demons or Berserk Demons, as well as the incomparably tyrannical Golden Birdy Demon, instantly came to a standstill under the light of those various moons. They simply turned into purple sculptures right where they stood, completely unable to move at all.

The only exceptions to this effect were the two Demon Hunt Squads, as well as the surviving dozen of mages. Of course, it also didn’t affect Leng Xiao.

Yue Ye’s figure flickered. At the time the scroll’s magic was unleashed, she had entirely disappeared.

The demon armies that were previously advancing in mighty waves all became motionless, and this even applied to the most fiery and frantic Berserk Demons, whose eyes were now filled with terror.

Within the pillar a hundred meter tall silhouette gradually appeared, and at this time, it didn’t only frighten the demon army, but also terrified Long Haochen and his companions.

What is this? What is this enormous pillar of light? Even though it caused them no direct harm, they all recognized it.

This… This is clearly a demon god pillar! Even if it was only the projection of a demon god pillar, the aura emitted from it was real.

And as far as Long Haochen was concerned, the aura released from this demon god pillar was second only to the Demon God Emperor Feng Xiu’s Devil Dragon Pillar, and a lot greater than that of the three other demon gods he had encountered.

Was it the effect of that forbidden spell? A spell leading to the summon of a demon god pillar? Could it be that Yue Ye really summoned a demon god?

Quickly, Long Haochen obtained a reply to this question. Yue Ye’s forbidden spell didn’t summon a real demon god, only the projection of a demon god and nothing more. He could be sure because the enormous figure that emerged gradually became more and more distinct: and turned out to be Yue Ye herself.

The current Yue Ye calmly floated in midair, her immense body perfectly harmonious. Her hair was now of a glamorous silver, and she was clad in brimming purple with countless ripples moving her long skirt.

Raising her arms, her voice, brimming with power, seemed to transcend time and space, “For profaning our Yue’s merchant group in such a despicable manner, you shall suffer Yue’s punishment.”

A round moon descended from the sky and hovered close to the ground, right in front of their eyes. Instantly, it spread like a purple ocean.

The purple moon enlarged and as if purifying everything, his light melted all the corpses, be it human or demon, at astonishing speed. Even more surprisingly, the army of many thousands of trembling demons outside of the white moon’s influence didn’t show any intent to escape. They just stood still, as if they were simply waiting for the moonlight’s baptism.

Luc Xi’s voice was somewhat trembling, his eyes evidently filled with fear, “This… Isn’t this the Moon Demon God, Agares?”

The Moon Demon God Agares was the second ranked of the seventy-two demon gods, second only to the Demon God Emperor and bearing the role of his most trusted aide. His status among demonkind was equivalent to that of a prime minister, and he was their most powerful existence aside from the Demon God Emperor. His ability was almost completely lying in the magic field, and it could be said that he was the most powerful user of darkness magic at the present age. His body appeared completely humanoid, and his most distinctive feature was his grey hair, streaked with purple.

Everyone in Long Haochen’s group felt extremely dazzled. In the shine of the glowing moonlight, they could see that the distant army of fierce demons was fading away at great speed.

“Eliminate these demons.” The cold voice that was silently transmitted to the ears of the thirteen Demon Hunt Squad members was precisely Yue Ye’s voice.

Just as Long Haochen’s group thought, the forbidden spell’s real scope of effect only covered a certain range. Outside this range, the forbidden spell only had a restricting effect.

With a black flicker of light, Cai’er was the first to awaken from her state of shock, and also the first to act. She immediately focused on the greatest threat, the Golden Birdy Demon.

Restricted by this purple moon, that formidable Golden Birdy Demon could only contract his muscles, unable to defend himself as if simply waiting to be slaughtered.

The other’s reactions weren’t slow either, and the fight resumed once again with a certain difference. This time it was a one-sided slaughter initiated by them.

“Preserve your spiritual energy as far as possible while you kill the enemy! This time it’s merely about contribution points.” Long Haochen commanded in a low voice, just loud enough that his comrades all heard it. He was currently unable to join their slaughter. He only sat cross-legged and in a meditative state on Haoyue’s back.

It couldn’t be denied that Luc Xi’s healing ability was extremely powerful, but even so, he wasn’t able to compensate for Long Haochen’s energy consumption while using the ability Sacrifice. According to Long Haochen’s estimate, even with the full support of a priest with top-notch healing abilities like Luc Xi, he would still need three days to recover to his peak condition after fusing with Haoyue and suffering such severe injuries.

By chance, the majority of his comrades still preserved some strength. Nevertheless, their following route would be even harder now.

A diameter of a hundred meters was a large area, but in the end, all the demons within the scope were stunned. The two Demon Hunt Squads acted in coordination with the remaining mages, and soon enough, all the demons were killed.

As each and every demon died, the purple glows on their bodies gradually disappeared. Cai’er naturally carried the Golden Birdy Demon’s corpse back and threw it at Lin Xin. After this satisfying slaughter, the six members of the 4th soldier grade Demon Hunt Squad wore unprecedentedly gentle expressions.

Shen Yin Wang Zuo Chapter 228: Forbidden Spell! The Moon Demon God’S Descent (I)

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