Shen Yin Wang Zuo Chapter 232: Princess Yue Ye (Ii)

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Chapter 232: Princess Yue Ye (II)

Yue Ye lifted up her hands, waving her right hand’s fingernail and instantly streaking it against her left wrist. Immediately, a droplet of dark-red-colored blood gushed out, dripping from her pure white wrist’s skin.

Seeing the blood flowing out from her wrist, Long Haochen and Cai’er both had a great surprise.

High ranked demons were capable of taking an appearance very similar to humans’ but a few of their characteristics stayed different from humans’. And the only really important external difference between demons and humans lied in their blood.

No demon, regardless of whichever race they belonged to, would have red-colored blood. Some would have purple-colored, blue-colored, green-colored or black-colored blood, but none had red-colored blood.

Yue Ye used action to prove her identity. Since her blood was red, she couldn’t be a real demon.

After she wiped the wound on her right hand, blood stopped flowing down, and Yue Ye declared to Long Haochen, “More accurately, I am of mixed human and demon blood. My mother was a human, and outside of the heritage I gained from my father, I inherited from my mother’s human blood. Thus, I can be considered as human in a greater part, and I am not afraid of telling you that my father is precisely the current Moon Demon God. Only, because of my blood heritage, I didn’t gain the qualification to succeed him as the next Moon Demon God, which is why I became the president of the Yue Ye chamber of commerce.”

At this point, she suddenly revealed a gentle smile, but this coquettish smile carried a hint of sadness.

“I am a qualified freelance merchant, and deep inside, I don’t feel a sense of belonging for demons nor humans. Thus, I will not help humans to deal with demons, nor will I help demons to deal with humans. But you are different: if not for your prompt appearance, I would only be a corpse by now. Regardless of the goal you had when intervening, it doesn’t change the fact you are my lifesavers. For this reason, I want to tell you that leaving me alive will be of more use than killing me.”

Arrived to this point, Yue Ye stopped over and gazed at Long Haochen with a deep glance, “Captain Long, you are a very smart person. As the Moon Demon God’s daughter, princess of the Moon Demon Clan, even though I don’t have the right of inheritance to the position of demon god, my position within demons is still important. Killing me will not get you any contribution points, but sparing me will be of great help for the execution of your future missions against demons. You are my lifesavers, and I will remember this fact forever.

Of course, I know that it’s hard for you to believe empty promises. You are a Demon Hunt Squad, and in all likelihood, will have some restricting methods. Go ahead and use them against me before running away. Regardless of whether it is for the sake of preserving my own life or to repay the debt of gratitude I owe you, I can only let you do this. However, I want to request you not to harm Leng Xiao. She’s my friend, and doesn’t know anything of you. She only came to have some fun with me and that’s all. The reason why I knocked her out was that I hoped she wouldn’t learn of all of this, to be able to keep on living.

Looking at Yue Ye, Long Haochen suddenly felt a great terror. Regardless of whether what she said was true, this girl was just too clever. It could be said that she had perfectly figured out all of Long Haochen’s thoughts, as her choice of words just formed the perfect answer to dispel his hesitations.

Shutting his two eyes, Long Haochen asked in a serious tone, “If I keep you alive, of what help will you be to us?”

Yue Ye revealed an humble smile. She knew that she had already persuaded Long Haochen, “No one is more proficient than freelance merchants to help humans penetrate into the demon territory. I know that none of you is willing to wait for my reinforcements from the Moon Demon Clan to arrive, but I have special items to help you to change your appearance, letting you acquire the appearance of demon aristocrats, in addition to many other indispensable items contained in this carriage. The only thing you will need to do is to reach the nearest town, and then, you will get to penetrate into the demon territory and reach your destination effortlessly…”

Long Haochen felt hesitant. In such a situation, the best solution to infiltrate the demon territory covertly would be without a doubt to silence Yue Ye and her group. But he couldn’t help but worry about Yue Ye’s ability. Who knew what kind of magical scrolls or weapons she still had left? Even Cai’er and himself didn’t have the assurance to be able to deal with her and to retreat indemn.

More importantly, Yue Ye wasn’t a mere barbaric demon. Sparing her would be extremely advantageous for the future development of their Demon Hunt Squad. These benefits made Long Haochen feel extremely hesitant.

“Haochen, I want to speak to her on my own.” Cai’er, who had been seated by Long Haochen’s side all along, suddenly spoke.

Although Long Haochen was surprised, he still nodded in response, “Okay.”

Cai’er waved her hand to Yue Ye, “Follow me.”

Seeing Cai’er’s limpid and unsentimental eyes, Yue Ye suddenly felt a crack in her original extreme self-confidence. She suddenly felt that this girl standing by Long Haochen’s side and carrying a veil was a lot more dangerous than him.

Although Long Haochen was powerful and extremely intelligent, she could still convince him, but Cai’er just stood there was just like a cold and expressionless blade, that might stab her at any time.

Yue Ye glanced at Long Haochen, and seeing no reaction from him, felt inwardly dejected about it, but still followed Cai’er.

Cai’er led her to a nearby place, roughly twenty steps away, before stopping and turning, looking at Yue Ye face to face.

“Seeing that you possess some human blood heritage, we were lenient towards you, but trying to pull off any tricks will be of no use, aside from bringing your life to an end.”

As she said so, Cai’er’s left hand suddenly moved, directly shooting up at Yue Ye’s chest.

Yue Ye was startled and unconsciously tried to dodge this ‘attack’, but Cai’er suddenly became illusory, and immediately, Yue Ye felt as though everything that surrounded her body disappeared, only letting place to inexhaustible desolation.

What’s that power? Yue Ye felt greatly alarmed, to the extent that the integrality of her bones felt as cold as ice, the surroundings turning grey. Next, a little ice-cold hand left a mark on her chest.

Feeling a sharp presence against her chest, Yue Ye screamed miserably, and in a flash, her whole body fell down.

After arriving rapidly, this murderous intent also disappeared rapidly. Right after this grey scene vanished, Cai’er appeared once again in front of her, as if nothing had happened at all.

Yue Ye felt dull as she looked at that black-clad girl, only wondering whether she would have been able to avoid that blow just now at her peak state.

The answer was not certain. Perhaps could she have a chance in a long-distance battle, but in such a distance, even if her strength was even greater, she would still have been unable to avoid this attack. What a strong assassin! It’s actually no wonder that she managed to wound that Golden Birdy Demon. She’s actually not the least weaker than this Long Haochen! Staring with great attention and feeling the changes on her own body, Yue Ye turned pale with fright, because she discovered with shock that a sort of needle had really been left near to her heart. It was a small, entirely grey-colored, and sparkling penetrative needle. A very little split was left in front of her heart; this was clearly a little needle formed of condensed spiritual energy. Outside of the coldness that occasionally came through, it didn’t seem to be of any harm to her body.

But this feeling clearly only existed on the surface. How could such a thing placed on her heart be really totally harmless?

Yue Ye’s expression became uglier. She could only be said to be extremely intelligent: having seen through Long Haochen’s benevolent character, she had suggested Long Haochen to restrict her own body, and felt quite lucky to be confronting him. But now, this feeling of luckiness clearly didn’t exist anymore.

Cai’er indifferently declared, “Let me give you an advice: don’t try to remove the restriction I left in your body. I am the only one able to remove it in this world. Even the Demon God Emperor cannot possibly get rid of it, and having him try out his luck will only leave a corpse behind.”

From how Yue Ye heard it, this wasn’t a threat, as Cai’er’s voice was very calm, but a mere description of the real facts. In addition, she was quite knowledgeable and experienced, and this sort of restriction wasn’t something she had never seen before.

Cai’er turned around and advanced, returning to Long Haochen’s side. Yue Ye stood up from the ground, placing her right hand on her left chest, gasping for breath as her look directed to Cai’er was filled with terror.

Cai’er nodded to Long Haochen, telling him a few words, and Long Haochen nodded in response before looking at Yue Ye, “We accept your proposal. Please give us these things that could be of help to us now. I will spare your life and Leng Xiao’s”

Yue Ye’s face was pale, “Then, how can this restriction be removed?”

Cai’er gave a calm reply, “As long as you can meet me once a year, and that I stay safe and sound, this restriction will never break out. If you want this restriction to be completely removed, it will only be possible after demonkind’s total annihilation.”

“You…” Yue Ye finally broke out in anger.

Cai’er coldly swept a glance, “Are you qualified to have any objection?”

Yue Ye took a deep breath, calming her rage down. She didn’t want to die, and it was only natural. In this world, anyone would treasure his own life.

“I understand.” As she said this, the ruby-colored ring in Yue Ye’s finger glinted, and a thing after another was set free from it, and she explained their uses to Long Haochen and Cai’er.

A minute later, Long Haochen recovered these goods Yue Ye gave them.

“Thanks a lot for your assistance. If one day, you feel inclined to join humanity’s side, I believe that it will be a very good thing to us. Don’t worry about this restriction placed on your body; if one day, you let us see your loyalty towards humanity, we will remove it for you. This place isn’t safe, you should leave as soon as possible.”

Yue Ye nodded in silence, looking at Long Haochen before looking at Cai’er. The brilliance in her eyes rose and fell, as a distressed expression was formed by her brows, giving her a lovely yet pitiful look.

“Can you help me on some matter before you leave, please?” Yue Ye pleaded in a low voice.

Shen Yin Wang Zuo Chapter 232: Princess Yue Ye (Ii)

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