Shen Yin Wang Zuo Chapter 233: Princess Yue Ye (Iii)

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Chapter 233: Princess Yue Ye (III)

Looking at her, Long Haochen felt shaken. He after all still had a young and naive side: after Cai’er left such a restriction in Yue Ye’s body, he felt remorseful deep inside. To him, the fact that Yue Ye already took out so many things after such a short span of time was an ample proof of her sincerity, showing that she wasn’t filled with bad intent.

“I am listening.” Long Haochen’s voice clearly sounded a lot gentler.

Yue Ye said, “Please knock out my subordinates: I have a spell to erase their memory. They must have these memories wiped out, this will be the safest option for you.”

“All right.” Long Haochen gave his agreement without the slightest hesitation, pointing his finger in the direction of the carriage. Immediately, repeated slamming sounds were heard from inside the carriage.

Yue Ye’s remaining subordinates were all mages. Facing such ruthless close quarter warriors, how could they have the ability to contend?

The members of the two Demon Hunt Squads walked up in a line, coming to Long Haochen’s side.

Long Haochen gave Yue Ye an apologetic glance, “We still have a long road, and will need to borrow some of your Unwavering Manes. Ten should be enough, the rest will be left to you. Please leave this place as soon as possible too, this area is still within the scope of the Nareiks Province. It’s not a safe place.”

“Got it.” Yue Ye had completely changed from her previous extremely intelligent display, replying obediently, just like a servant seeing off her master.

Cai’er wrinkled her brows, and for some reason, discovered that she found this girl more and more unlikable as time passed.

With a dim twinkle, Long Haochen’s eyes lit up with the display of an ice-cold expression, “Get on, it’s time to set off.”

Everyone received the Unwavering Manes, and other than Long Haochen, Li Xin and Cai’er who didn’t need it, everyone else chose one, and got on it. Under Long Haochen’s lead, they galloped at full speed.

Following their departing figures with her eyes, Yue Ye’s look gradually turned colder. Unconsciously placing her right hand on her left chest, she touched a soft spot.

“No matter how terrible you are, you still have a big weak spot. As long as Long Haochen asks for it, you will surely dispel this restriction on me. Long Haochen, I will succeed in my goals no matter what.”

At this point, Yue Ye revealed a noble and proud expression. She hadn’t lied to Long Haochen, and was really the princess of the Moon Demon Clan, and didn’t mind supporting Long Haochen’s two Demon Hunt Squads. The only reason for this was because of Long Haochen.

Except for returning the favor to her savior, she had another reason to do this.

Although Yue Ye possessed human blood, making her unable to succeed the Moon Demon God, as the holder of the title of ‘new moon’ within the Moon Demon Clan, her innate talent was extremely high, and her wisdom surpassed her clasmen’s by far. Even the Moon Demon God relied heavily on her on this side, and she could be said to be the greatest genius of the Moon Demon Clan.

Thus, Yue Ye had always been filled with extreme pride since very young. Because of her excellence, many of the high ranked demon gods expressed the desire of connecting their successors to the Moon Demon God by marriage, but Yue Ye refused all these proposal without any hesitation. When she rejected them, she only had a single explanation for this: that among her peers, she would only consider one whose strength and intelligence surpassed hers as someone qualified to take her as his wife.

With certainty, no one outside of the Demon God Emperor’s successor had ever managed to achieve this condition. But the Demon God Emperor would never let him connect to an outsider by marriage: to preserve the purity of their bloodline, men of their clan could only marry girls of their own clan.

Yue Ye, who was turning 22 this year, finally met someone who pleased her, a man who convinced her absolutely, and although the counterpart was a human, he gave her a feeling she had never experienced before.

It wasn’t like she had fallen for Long Haochen, but rather that he made a competitive spirit rise in her. At the same time, she felt that this man would be able to deserve her.

Yue Ye’s previous words came from the deepest part of her heart. She never regarded herself as a demon, neither did she regard herself as a human. To either of the two sides, she didn’t feel a great attachment nor an extreme repulsion. What she followed was the ideal that only the strong deserved respect.

With a flash of light, a scroll appeared in Yue Ye’s hand. She unhurriedly strolled to the front of the carriage, opening up the scroll, and from it, an intense flame was immediately ignited. In passing, she tossed the scroll in the carriage, before shutting the door closed.

A few seconds later, a loud explosion rang and these heavy carriages shot up together with it.

But these carriages were indeed durable, as they didn’t explode even in such circumstances.

On the driver seat, Leng Xiao was sent flying up, and the Unwavering Manes thought of running away in total panic, but the carriage was too heavy, and without Floating Techniques being launched, even if they wanted, they couldn’t start running.

“Only a dead person will be able to keep a secret with the best certainty.” Yue Ye’s expression was calm, as if she was taking care of unimportant matters.

After being thrown down, Leng Xiao came back to her senses.

“What’s going on? What’s happening?” Crawling from the ground, Leng Xiao looked at Yue Ye, and her last look was extremely sincere.

Yue Ye’s pair of purple eyes seemed to be filled with intense regret, only gazing at her silently, and Leng Xiao’s eyes gradually shut down, entering in a deep slumber.

That’s right, Yue Ye had an ability to erase memory, but unfortunately, this ability came with a huge consumption, so she couldn’t use it on many people. She could kill these subordinates of hers to silence them, but couldn’t do the same with Leng Xiao.

After leaving the carriage, Long Haochen and his group didn’t know of what happened. They had been hurrying in their way, and at dawn, they had already covered close to 100 km, and picked a remote place to rest.

If it was before, his comrades would definitely have questioned Long Haochen’s choice to spare Yue Ye and her group. However, this time, they were extremely calm, in particular for the six people of the 4th Demon Hunt Squad, who didn’t have any inquiry at all.

It wasn’t out of fear, but out of trust, because they had close to an absolute trust towards Long Haochen, and were already almost willing to follow him blindly. Ever since he left the Temple Alliance, Long Haochen had never made any mistake in his decisions, using his own ability to prove his outstanding capacity as a commander to everyone.

This time, everyone carried the water and food supply for three months of travel, so there would be any problem to eat and drink to their fill. After replenishing themselves, Long Haochen didn’t lead them to depart urgently, but unfolded his map while taking out the things he received from Yue Ye.

“Please change your clothes, everyone, and use these ones.”

These were thin crystals, rippling with magical fluctuation, of which Long Haochen demonstrated the use.

A short time later, the thirteen of them had completely changed appearances, because of these clothes.

All were clad in purple gown, about the same. These gowns were overly long, and bent up. With the corrections done from the few girls in the group, it finally fit them perfectly.

At the same time, the colors of their eyes changed, and everyone appeared to have purple pupils.

At the back of the purple gowns appeared the design of a bent moon.

The thin and elaborate transparent slice was exactly the same kind of magical eyes Leng Xiao and Yue Ye wore previously, the only difference being that Yue Ye gave Long Haochen’s group purple colored ones.

With this entire change of attire plus the change of color of their eye, Long Haochen’s group completely took the appearance of the Moon Clan members. Of course, it wouldn’t be enough if it was only about their external appearances, so everyone also had an insignia justifying their lineage to the Moon Demon Clan. Although these insignias weren’t magical equipment, it carried the aura belonging to the Moon Clan’s bloodline, and weren’t so easy to make. When carrying them, Long Haochen’s group naturally released the specific cold, charming and dignified aura of high ranked demons.

“Captain, what should we do next? Should we really blatantly enter a demon city, just like that Yue Ye said?” Sima Xian asked.

Long Haochen shook his head, replying, “No, we are after all no demons. Although this is enough to hide our true identities, we are after all completely different from demons, be it in terms of living customs or physical specs. In case we enter a demon town, such a great number of high ranked demons is bound to attract attention, and possibly be exposed. In addition, since we are supposed to be high ranked demons, we are not supposed to be riding such low magical beasts as these Unwavering Manes. We’ll have to abandon these magical beast before we enter in a town. For this reason, I previously looked over our route, and since our supply is sufficient, I determined that we should stick to our original plan and hurry to the Desolate Hissing Cavern to complete our mission in the fastest time possible.”

Long Haochen was undoubtedly extremely prudent, and didn’t fully trust Yue Ye at all.

Everyone nodded in succession, expressing their approval.

Long Haochen declared to the side of his teammates of the 21st Demon Hunt Squad, “Let’s consult each other later before distributing the contribution points.” Although they were equitable, they wouldn’t be inflexible and didn’t propose an equitable sharing of contribution points to the 4th soldier grade Demon Hunt Squad. After all, a difference in strength existed between the two Demon Hunt Squads and their contributions to the whole group weren’t the same. Long Haochen also wanted to consider his own teammates’ opinions.

His teammates naturally didn’t have any objection to this suggestion.

Indeed, after entering in the demon territory, they immediately met some big trouble, but their bounty of contribution points was equally plentiful.

On the side of the 4th soldier grade Demon Hunt Squad, an important amount of contribution points had already been gathered, as each Berserk Demons gave four contribution points and the Birdy Demons gave six. The other types of demons also gave a lot more than Dual Bladed Demons.

The earnings on Long Haochen’s side were even greater. The Scarlet Blooded Berserk Demon died by Long Haochen’s hand, whereas the Golden Birdy Demon died by Cai’er’s hand, and these evolved demons’ values already exceeded a thousand. It was already enough for Long Haochen’s group to have an abundance of points. More importantly, Long Haochen had just slain a huge amount of Grand Birdy Demons, whose corpses had entirely been recovered by Lin Xin. The values of the corpses in addition to the magical crystals were considerable, to the extent that the happiest of the whole team was Lin Xin.

With such a quantity of material, I’ll get to make quite a lot of pills! Lin Xin’s pills could not only be sold anywhere; even in the Demon Hunt Squads’ Transaction Center, many would be willing to buy them.

Shen Yin Wang Zuo Chapter 233: Princess Yue Ye (Iii)

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