Shen Yin Wang Zuo Chapter 235: Kill The Demons! (I)

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Chapter 235: Kill the demons! (I)

“Start!” Long Haochen suddenly shouted from the previously noiseless ground.

Haoyue’s massive figure appeared in an instant, and Essence of Disorder immediately burst forth. By absorbing the power released in his surroundings, he made it so that his allies wouldn’t be affected.

At the time this Grand Fiend Cavalry had appeared, Long Haochen had already made his preparations for battle. After the last battle with the Yue Ye Merchant Group, Haoyue told Long Haochen that because of his evolution, Essence of Disorder would now consume roughly 80% of his spiritual energy, instead of depleting it entirely at once.

When Long Haochen’s group entered in the demon territory, left with no choice but to abandon the Unwavering Manes, Haoyue chose to go live on his own. After all, he would stand out too much by staying at Long Haochen’s side. Besides, with the existence of an instantaneous link between the two of them like their blood contract, Long Haochen didn’t worry about his safety.

At the instant he saw the Grand Fiend Cavalry, Long Haochen had Haoyue start preparing his Essence of Disorder. At that time, he was still not sure of whether to battle these Grand Fiends or not, but wanted to be ready just in case. The consumption on Haoyue would admittedly be great, but after consuming spiritual energy, at most one or two hours would be needed to recover it back. But in case the battle really started, the effects of the Essence of Disorder would really be extremely great.

Back then, if not for Haoyue’s assistance, at the time that dozen of Grand Birdy Demons appeared, Long Haochen and Leng Xiao wouldn’t have managed to resist them.

Nonetheless, making a spell instantly break forth upon summoning wasn’t something anyone could do. A blood contract could be summoned with an instant summoning, but at the same time, Haoyue could preserve his own magic without interrupting it as he was summoned because of his special body. This was something the mages’ summoning array never managed to accomplish before.

The three light beams from Essence of Disorder spread, extending in fifty meters diameter around and wrapping the Grand Fiend Cavalry of fifty inside.

It could immediately be seen that regardless of whether it was the Grand Fiends or their Nightmare Devil Horses, a dense black fog was emitted from all their bodies. With screaming sounds, the cavalry immediately descended into disorder.

The Grand Fiends mainly used their physical body for battle, but the overwhelming majority of these formidable demons were able to act in coordination, as if they were a single entity. Just like it was the case for the Moon Clan, for the Devil Dragon Clan, it was the case for the Fiend Clan.

Any fiend’s energy would contain darkness-type spiritual energy. They had the ability to absorb the darkness essence in the air and use it to increase their cultivation power by digesting it, gradually attaining the state of evolution.

Thus, in times of battle, any of the Grand Fiends’ attacks would be supplemented with darkness attribute, filled with extreme power. But in the same fashion, their bodies would have darkness-type properties.

Even pure darkness combatants would suffer the violent influence of Essence of Disorder, let alone these Grand Fiend that were originally of darkness attribute.

A black mist suddenly broke out, revealing the sight of the darkness essence in the three of them breaking forth. Not only that, the Essence of Disorder formed a magical cloud gathering the most powerful parts of all magic into a magic cloud. All the different types of magic essences reinforced this Essence of Disorder. The greater the elemental disorder was, the more powerful did the magic’s effects become.

All the three elements Haoyue released contained a portion of light element, whose effects was a lot greater than fire or water against darkness. In the dark fog instantly released by the fiends, a series of explosion resounded.

At least a third of the Grand Fiends fell from their horses’ back, and although these Nightmare Devil Horses’ defensive power was great, cracks could be seen to appear on their back, and from it, pitch-black blood was sprayed all around.

Haoyue was naturally not the only one to act: as soon as they saw Long Haochen’s signal, the other members of the Demon Hunters squad had immediately made their battle preparations. The instant Essence of Disorder burst forth, Cai’er disappeared from behind Long Haochen’s back, and the others’ attacks erupted from all directions.

They had to settle this as fast as possible, which implied going all out from the beginning. This was the demon territory’s Central Province, which implied they were likely to come across demons, and had to take care of this battle without wasting a second.

The Gigantic Divine Soul Shield in Wang Yuanyuan’s hand carried a silvery radiance. On it, three gems had been inserted firmly.

Space Splitting Revolving Shield!

All the Grand Fiends of this cavalry were equipped with spears, and under the attack of the Essence of Disorder, they could barely resist the power with their lances. In a state of frantic struggle, the Nightmare Devil Horses they rode were not of any help.

Repeated explosions rang, as five of the Grand Fiend of the cavalry that hadn’t fallen to the ground because of the Essence of Disorder were smashed one after another by the Space Splitting Revolving Shield attack.

Even Long Haochen didn’t dare to meet head on with this Divine Soul Shield’s tremendous power, let alone these Grand Fiends of the fourth step that Wang Yuanyuan’s physical strength in itself was enough to crush to death.

Five corpses were sent flying, falling on the ground like dust.

Sima Xian also took care of five other Grand Fiends. In his hands, five bullets of light of the size of human heads had been shot, carrying an overwhelming light essence, bombarding the chests of five Grand Fiends fiercely.

Sacred Bullet Array!

This was one of the new skills Sima Xian learned. This time, he finally had a bit resemblance to a regular priest. In fact, although he was a priest using brutal force, his body’s concentration in light essence was even greater than Luc Xi. One mustn’t forget that after becoming Long Haochen’s retainer knight, this bald priest’s innate internal spiritual energy had broken through the terrifying realm of the eighties. When fully used, one could imagine the terrifying power of his light attacks.

The offensive power of Sacred Bullet Array was great, as it contained almost a third of Sima Xian’s spiritual energy. Light restrained darkness naturally, let alone these Grand Fiends whose darkness power had been stripped off previously. With only a last layer of darkness protection covering their corroded bodies, how could they bear the formidable power of these sacred bullets?

Although it didn’t have the same terror as Wang Yuanyuan who directly beheaded them, the five Grand Fiends were still sent flying from their horses, suffering serious damage.

Blue Rain, Hibiscus of Light and the Holy Spirit Sword appeared in Long Haochen’s hands at the same time as he charged at full speed.

Pure-White Edge, Thorny Charge, Lightning Thrust, Heavenly Battle Array, Shining Solar Strike, Instant Blast Cross Cut, Light Thorn; these numerous Retribution Knight abilities were released naturally and in succession from Long Haochen’s hands, and the terrifying power of the liquid spiritual energy imbued in his heavy swords colored them in golden. Every attack he launched would at least leave the corpse of a Grand Fiend or a Nightmare Devil Horse behind.

The Light Elemental Fairy Yating floated at Long Haochen’s back, chanting without interruption, and light elemental spells were launched one after another on Long Haochen.

After Yating became Long Haochen’s spiritual stove, they could be said to have reached a perfect level of coordination. With the assistance from his physique as the Scion of Light, Yating had already completed two evolutions. Although her consumption after the previous battle above the caravan was great, she already recovered to her peak after only two days. Together with Long Haochen, her compatability with light element grew several folds. With her by his side, Long Haochen who was originally several-folds faster than ordinary people to recover his internal spiritual energy, could now do the same with a layer of Holy Fire surrounding his body.

At the time they started attacking, in the middle of these Grand Fiends’ formation, the thirteen youths broke out with their strongest attacks at the same time, and only a few seconds later, the Grand Fiend Cavalry was already struck in terror.

Including the Fiend Commander, only seven or eight of the Grand Fiends who suffered the Essence of Disorder’s attack, barely managed rush out of the scope of the magic.


After Long Haochen cut down two of the Nightmare Horses, Long Haochen shouted loudly.

A fantastic scene happened. Three meters above the ground, a black silhouette suddenly appeared baselessly, and immediately, a white glow erupted from Long Haochen’s chest. Meanwhile, Little Green launched the Floating spell on him, and with the help of the white glowing Pull, Long Haochen flew like a bolt of lightning towards Cai’er’s direction.

The remaining enemies that were still in the scope of effect of the Essence of Disorder were already no problem, as the two Demon Hunt Squads were already sufficient to handle them, but they couldn’t let the Fiend Commander get away. The Saint Spiritual Stove’s Pull ability produced a perfect match with the tacit understanding existing between the two of them.

When the Fiend Commander noticed something wrong, he already had heavy wounds from the Essence of Disorder. Regardless of their race, when suffering such a surprise attack, the first thing any demon would do would be to try to save his life, before looking for an explanation.

Thus, after his Nightmare Horse carried him out of the scope of the Essence of Disorder, the Fiend Commander immediately turned around to look at the situation, while the Grand Fiends that had rushed out with him did the same motion.

What they saw was a chaotic scene, the desperate scene of massacre of their Grand Fiend Cavalry

Just at this time, Long Haochen and Cai’er already caught up to them.

Having caught up with Cai’er, Long Haochen immediately held her soft and tender body in his arms, suddenly spinning in midair and throwing her at full force.

Her black figure flew in the air just like a black meteorite headed at the Fiend Commander. With the help of the Floating Technique’s effects, Long Haochen didn’t stop at that and once again used the pulling ability of his Saint Spiritual Stove, following the thrown Cai’er to chase after the Fiend Commander.

A myriad of white glows burst forth from her body, and two of the Grand Fiends as well as their mount turned into naught. They were still at the fourth step, and the difference they had between Dark Green Dual Bladed Demons was not negligible.

The Fiend Cavalry’s speciality was intense attack and not intense defense; although they had tough and durable bodies, there were many demons more adept in using their carapace for defense than them.

In the next instant, Long Haochen also arrived, swinging his two heavy sword and wielding them with a pair of Shining Solar Strikes striking against the Fiend Commander at the same time.

The Fiend Commander could be said to be both scared and terrified at the same time. Even if he was even more foolish, when seeing the sun-like golden spiritual energy bursting out from Long Haochen’s body, he guessed that he was fundamentally not a demon. Carrying the spear in his hand, he blocked Long Haochen’s two swords with a loud bang, but the Nightmare Horse under him tumbled a few steps back.

Shen Yin Wang Zuo Chapter 235: Kill The Demons! (I)

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