Shen Yin Wang Zuo Chapter 243: Eternal Rest (Iii)

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Shen Yin Wang Zuo, Chapter 243: Eternal Rest (III)


Hearing this word, Long Haochen felt incomparably shaken from the depths of his heart. This vocation hadn’t appeared in the whole continent over the past ten thousand years!

Hearing this word immediately called to his mind a palpitating story his father told him about before.

13,000 years ago, during the antique glorious era, happened the 7,000 most rapid period of development of humanity’s history. It was precisely those 7,000 years that established their position as rulers of Shengmo Dalu. At this time, humans had three countries, all of which were incomparably powerful, and even surpassed the current Temple Alliance, possessing countless powerhouses.

However, why is it that 7,000 years ago, the seventy-two demon gods descended and caused humans to be unable to resist them, narrowly exterminating them completely, and causing the beginning of the so called dark era?

Long Xingyu told Long Haochen that it was because a calamity had befallen during the glorious era, and that the main culprits for this calamity were precisely the necromancers.

This calamity led to a huge loss of strength on the side of the three great empires, even causing innombrable powerhouses’ bloodline to be lost, leading to an insufficiency in power on the human side. It was after their decline and the creation of the Temple Alliance, that the situation was gradually stabilized.

That calamity happened several tens of thousands years ago, and pictured necromancers as a vocation that had dealings with death. They were not darkness element mage, but mages with powerful abilities enabling them to form a connection with departed spirits. And at that time, outside of the three great empires, the human world had a fourth power named as the Brilliant Church, as mentioned priorly.

The three empires ruled over humans, whereas the Brilliant Church ruled over powerhouses. That was to say, the overwhelming majority of human powerhouses obeyed the Brilliant Church, and even the appellation of glorious era referred to it. As one could well imagine, this was how powerful the Brilliant Church was.

A war broke out between the necromancers and the Brilliant Church, which was something very few people nowadays knew about. But even ten thousand years later, this war remained in humanity’s records as a very bitter one. It could be said that the strength the necromancers displayed at that time was not the slightest bit inferior to the current seventy-two demon gods’. It was only that the current humanity was far from the strength it had at its peak.

When humanity finally obtained victory, exterminating completely the necromancer side, it went to the extent that ten thousand years later, no one had ever heard of necromancers appearing in the continent anymore.

However, humanity also paid a disastrous cost. The Supreme Pontiff of the Brilliant Church of that time had finally died, and the same went for many powerful lineage that went extinct. Over 90% of the powerhouses of the Brilliant Church had been killed during this holy war.

In the last battle, the Supreme Pontiff of the Brilliant Church fought the head of the necromancers of that time, and that battle narrowly caused a breakdown of the human world.

No one knew about the final result, except from the fact that after that battle, both His Majesty Supreme Pontiff and the head of the necromancers had never been seen ever again. The remaining necromancers, who became a group of chiefless dragons, finally lost this Holy War. However, the catastrophe they had brought upon had caused a decline of the human population by a half, and the death of countless powerhouses, causing numbers of the glorious era’s inheritances to disappear. Right after this arrived the later period of the glorious era, and the arrival of the dark era as we know it.

It could be said that if not for the disaster the necromancers brought upon the mainland, at the time of the seventy-two demon gods’ descent, they wouldn’t necessarily have established themselves in Shengmo Dalu in such a way. If the Brilliant Church’s strength was still as before, how would they have let demons grow so strong?

Unfortunately, any ‘if’ couldn’t change things that had already happened, and humans’ glory fell because of the necromancers as well as the seventy-two demon gods. However, human civilisation was still strong enough to put up a fight; at least until now, it wouldn’t be so easy for the seventy-two demon gods to wipe out the Temple Alliance.

After their fall, humanity gradually stood up, and now with the appearance of the Scion of Light Long Haochen and the Saint Daughter of Samsara Cai’er, humanity’s time finally had come.

Long Haochen gradually came back to his senses, but his golden eyes were still filled with alarm.

This tower… It is actually the heritage left by the necromancers! How shocking could this information be? In fact, at the time the Brilliant Church gained the victory of the holy war, the remaining powerhouses purged the mainland of all trace of the necromancers’ heritage, for hundreds and hundreds of years.

All inheritance from the necromancers, resources and records, had been thoroughly destroyed. And at the present time, only few people knew about the past existence of these necromancers.

Saint Undead Magic and Slumbering Calamity, Elux. This was a terrifying and domineering name. Long Haochen could almost be sure that this master of this ‘Eternal Rest’ had played a decisive role in those days. Even if he wasn’t that head of the necromancers with whom the master of the Brilliant Church self-destructed, he was still at least one of the generals. Who had guessed that some heritage of the formidable necromancers still existed in those days. If this message could be brought back to the Temple Alliance, this would possibly bring out a big wave! Keep calm, I have to keep calm… Long Haochen warned himself uninterruptedly to calm down from his state of excitement.

His memory was exceptional, in particular, such a state of nervousness aroused his spirit, and was enough to double his mental capacity. He had kept firmly in mind the previous message, and carefully pondered over it. From this little message that had been left here, he already learned a lot.

First, this tower should have been left from the glorious age ten thousand of years ago, and could be said to be be crystallization of the knowledge of the necromancers of that time.

After the necromancers lost the holy war, this Eternal Rest Tower had been buried underground, and had never been discovered up till now, until a tectonic change happened from the earthquake, giving birth to such a large crevice, which caused Long Haochen to find this place.

Even after ten thousand years, not only this tower didn’t have any signs of destruction, but the specters outside had visibly been kept here in purpose by this tower’s master, through some unknown methods.

As the Scion of Light, Long Haochen naturally wasn’t qualified to succeed this necromancer’s inheritance, but at the time this voice rose, the gate behind him had already been shut. Considering the knowledge and the strength of this tower’s master, breaking the door would obviously not be so easy.

Then, if he wanted to leave this place alive, the first thing Long Haochen had to do was to complete the first floor’s trial, obtaining the trust of this Slumbering Calamity Elux.

Furthermore, it was easy to find out through the message the Slumbering Calamity Elux left, that this powerful necromancer believed that only another necromancer of the sixth step could have made it there, and that was to say that the trial of the first floor of this tower thus had to be designed for a necromancer of the sixth step to be able to pass it.

Having passed through this mountain pass, Long Haochen couldn’t help but reveal a bitter smile. Without a doubt, the trial of this first floor wouldn’t possibly be easy. To him, it was unknown whether he would be able to come back alive from it. Now, he could only strive to do his best, to aim for the possibility of escaping from there.

Just in the middle of his pondering about how he should face this unknown danger, the voice of the Slumbering Calamity Elux rang once again, and this time, caused Long Haochen to fall in total despair.

“Then, let me examine your elemental affinity, to see what kind of necromancer you are.”

A test of elemental attribute? I’m done for. Long Haochen’s brain immediately became blank. Based on his thoughts, necromancer arts should be an extension of the darkness element’s path. If not, no matter which attribute it was, this could definitely not be holy light attribute! If his own attribute was revealed, given how powerful this Slumbering Calamity was, how could he possibly be in capacity to face him!?

“Haoyue, destroy the gate.” Long Haochen immediately passed down an order to Haoyue in his thoughts; although this plan was really uncertain, he was really afraid of being condemned to death without being given any opportunity to resist.

However, as Long Haochen transmitted this order, Haoyue’s body suddenly shook violently as he tossed the unprepared Long Haochen in the air, before rapidly taking a few steps backwards, maintaining a distance between Long Haochen and himself.

Haoyue is abandoning me? That’s impossible!

Long Haochen was shocked to an horrified state, and at that time, an ash grey radiance suddenly descended, enveloping his body and preparing to do verifications.

The ash grey radiance was filled with a terrifying aura that was impossible to resist, and Long Haochen could only feel his entire body go cold, as an undescriptible aura of death instantly made him feel as though his blood was frozen.

As all his liquid spiritual energy light attribute was suppressed and pushed back to the inside of his Saint Spiritual Stove, he felt unable to move even a little finger.

For the first time in his life, Long Haochen gave up all hope. At least even at the time he was confronting the three demon gods, he still had the courage to take a stand and fight, but now, he was unable to do anything.

Will I really have to die in such a place? To become a part of these specters’ group?

Affected by the ash-grey radiance’s illumination, Long Haochen slowly fell back, at a trembling state. But the extreme surprise was that the attack he expected didn’t arrive at all, and that white glow, as well as the omen Long Haochen had, just disappeared.

“Is that for real? Are you really the one who got my message? If that’s for real, I am just too blessed. It looks that the old heaven hasn’t abandoned me completely.

Dear disciple, I think that I can already call you that. I won’t allow you to die before you become my successor. In fact, you are the most ideal disciple I could dream for, a holy necromancer sharing the same holy light attribute as me. Hahaha, what a perfect successor! Heavens, it’s truly the heavenly holy light, hahahah.”

Shen Yin Wang Zuo Chapter 243: Eternal Rest (Iii)

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