Shen Yin Wang Zuo Chapter 244: Eternal Melody(I)

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Shen Yin Wang Zuo, Chapter 244: Eternal Melody(I)

“What?” Long Haochen cried out in complete surprise, his head completely turning blank in that instant.

Sacred necromancer? Can it be that this Slumbering Calamity Elux’s so called saint undead magic isn’t mere necromancy, but that this word saint actually refers to the holy element, standing as the appellation for holy light?

So it turns out, necromancer could actually also be of light attribute. But how can that be? Shouldn’t necromancer be making use of corpses and death, walking through an evil path of darkness?

It could be said that Elux’s last sentence shook Long Haochen extremely hard. It forced him to re-evaluate many things.

An ash-gray radiance appeared again, but this time, it just had the shape of a little ball, quietly appearing in front of Long Haochen, and floating in the air.

It was a necklace, with white gems on it, the size of soybeans. On it, faint fluorescent light spread, and its soft holy aura gave off a very deep warmth. The deathly aura originally contained in the air, seemed to turn into holy light immediately as it appeared. A rich and thick holy essence immediately passed through Long Haochen’s Saint Spiritual Stove, replenishing his previous consumption of spiritual energy.

On the necklace was a little pendant, roughly the size of a little thumb, and white in color. It had the appearance of a little skull, and on the position of the two eyes hovered golden flames filled with thick light essence and spreading around.

“My dear disciple, this is my message. It’s fortunate that you aren’t one of these filthy darkness attribute necromancers, otherwise, I could only have given up on you. This necklace followed me over 896 years, until the last instant I entered the deep slumber. Oh, you have to keep in mind, that you cannot let it be seen by those people from the Radiant Church, because it is made from the skull of first Supreme Pontiff of the Radiant Church’s. Hehe, I feel extremely excited imagining the face those bastards would show if they knew that I dug out their first Supreme Pontiff’s buried corpse to make it. This pendant’s name is ‘Eternal Melody’, and it is my heritage, as well as the key to this Manor of Eternal Rest.

If in the future, you are to find undoubtedly trustworthy companions, you can lead them to be trained there. Of course, this is on the premise that they aren’t users of the filthy darkness attribute I loathe the most. If you bring wicked existence to this place, this Manor of Eternal Rest will be sure to give them their eternal rest. From now onwards, you are my successor, and the new master of the Manor of Eternal Rest.

Long Haochen basically didn’t have the ability to refuse. From the direction of this speaking voice, a extremely warm light essence approached and was instantly poured in his body as that Pendant of Eternal Melody appeared on his neck, and the transparent skull went in front of his chest.

Immediately, Long Haochen felt as if his entire body became warm, just as if soaked in warm water, and his entire body took on a lustrous golden color, just as if it reached the ultimate level of holy light. The dense light essence filled every corner of his body with that wet sensation.

Blue Rain, Hibiscus of Light, the Saint Spiritual Stove and also the Light Elemental Spiritual Stove Yating let out moans of happiness from the insides of his chest. His quantity of liquid internal spiritual energy visibly rose at lightning speed, only slowing down after raising of at least five hundred units. And that skull shaped pendant filled with sacred aura was tightly absorbed in Long Haochen’s chest.

“Step forward, child. From now onwards, everything shall depend on yourself. Even without passing any test, you may also leave that place. I am looking forward to the day you will be able to stand in front of me.”

After this last sentence, the voice of the Slumbering Calamity Elux thoroughly dissipated, and the surrounding were as before filled with an ash grey deathly aura. But after wearing the Eternal Melody, Long Haochen was just like the sun in that place; from his body permanently released a golden radiance, and what was even more fantastic was that this holy light seemed to harmonize perfectly with the deathly aura in that place, not conflicting in the slightest.

The gate behind Long Haochen’s back opened quietly, implying that he didn’t have the need to pass any test, and would be able to leave that place at any time. But at this moment, he stood there without moving, because of the great amount of information that just entered his head, becoming part of his memories. And this information came precisely from the Eternal Melody.

These informations included the control of the Manor of Eternal Rest, the seal contained in this Pendant of Eternal Rest, and even the knowledge and the cultivation method gathered by the Slumbering Calamity Elux. This part of the message was truly massive and important, and no matter how unwilling Long Haochen was to become a Holy Necromancer, these informations still became complete part of his memory, which he would never be able to forget in his life.

Haoyue crawled behind Long Haochen’s back, calmly looking at him, as his six eyes were filled with gentleness, occasionally giving off a deep glance to the hall, seemingly letting out a nostalgic look, though he seemed rather to be at a loss when recalling these memories.

Standing there, Long Haochen took half an hour before coming back to his senses. After this massive amount of information was stored in Long Haochen’s head, the current Long Haochen’s complexion was clearly not looking good.

Even though the Slumbering Calamity Elux was a necromancer of holy attribute, he was still a necromancer, one of the main cause of the disaster that happened ten thousand years ago. How could Long Haochen be willing to become the successor of such a person, much less to learn any necromancy magic.

Suddenly turning back, Long Haochen looked at Haoyue with burning eyes, “Haoyue, you knew in advance what this place was, am I right?”

Long Haochen was somewhat angry: if Haoyue told him about this place in advance, he wouldn’t have entered there no matter what. Despite the enormous progress and increase in strength this Manor of Eternal Rest brought him, he was truly unwilling to accept this. After having put this Eternal Melody on, he was completely unable to take it off.

“Wuu wuu…” Haoyue gave off an innocent look, blinking his eyes and transmitting an answer to Long Haochen.

Sensing the information coming from him, Long Haochen’s complexion changed, from the previous state of anger to a surprised state.

“Prediction Technique? You innate ability?” Giving Haoyue a stupefied look, Long Haochen looked completely dumbstruck.

Haoyue told him that he had an ability called Prediction Technique, which enabled him to predict some future events to some extent. When he entered this cave, a prophecy would have come to him, but he only have an indistinct feeling, just sensing that this place was only symbol of a perfect opportunity for Long Haochen, devoid of any danger, which is why he told him to enter.

Revealing a bitter smile, Long Haochen advanced to the front of Haoyue. Hugging Little Light’s huge head, he declared, “Sorry, it’s my bad. I shouldn’t have doubted you. It’s only that everything that just happened to me was way too shocking. I’ve been made the successor of this necromancer in such an unexplainable way, this is just too…”

Little Light, Little Flame and Little Green snuggled up to him, gently stroking his body.

“Haoyue, tell me what I should do? How about we leave this place and treat it as though nothing happened? Anyway, after we leave, this Tower of Eternity will enter in a parallel dimension.”

Haoyue slowly shook his heads in response.

Long Haochen asked with some hesitation, “Are you saying that this is an opportunity, that I shouldn’t necessarily become a necromancer but can still gain some good experience in that place?”

Haoyue nodded in repetition.

Long Haochen wrinkled his brows, sinking in contemplation. It could be said that he was in a state of extreme struggle: the shock this Tower of Eternity brought him was huge, and it was in particular the case for these necromancy spells that were now sealed in his head. No matter how unwilling he was, he couldn’t get rid of these memories. The Eternal Melody on his neck also had in the end some important benefits.

Long Haochen had never been an avaricious character. On the opposite, he would always pay back the kind deeds of others tenfold. Even if he was even more unwilling, he couldn’t deny that he had indeed gotten important benefits from this Slumbering Calamity called Elux. The fact that he was completely unable to discard these benefits was the hardest for him to bear.

A short moment later, Long Haochen slowly raised his head, and said with a sigh, “You may be right. But I can’t bring myself to decide, whether I should choose to get some more benefit from this place or ask for my comrades’ opinions on this. Anyhow, we should now try out this place’s trial. It will at least guarantee everyone’s safety, were they to follow me here.”

A hazy golden light shone in Long Haochen’s heart, before falling on Haoyue’s body, immediately making this best partner of his shine in a golden gloss, as Haoyue’s scales appeared to turn golden.

This was the utility of the Eternal Melody. According to the memories that were transmitted to Long Haochen, only spreading this pendant’s aura to someone could define him as one that is not an enemy of the Tower of Eternal Rest.

Making a turn, Long Haochen recovered the Holy Spirit Shield in his hand, summoning Blue Rain, Hibiscus of Light from his body.

The next appearance of Blue Rain, Hibiscus of Light caused Long Haochen to be astonished in the next instant, because he discovered with a shock that an unexpected change had happened on this most powerful offensive weapon he had.

Its main body was just as before, but the radiance spread from its upper part had changed. Gripping Blue Rain, Hibiscus of Light immediately made Long Haochen feel wet, filled with a cozy feeling. On the blade of the sword, a drizzling gloss, or more accurately speaking, a golden fog, seemed to appear. It was faintly discernible, but carried a mixture of a holy and watery aura.

This golden fog filled the surrounding air in a scope of a third of a meter, and when Long Haochen poured his spiritual energy into it, this golden fog would instantly condense, taking the shape of a third of a meter long golden radiance standing in front of the sword.

Shen Yin Wang Zuo Chapter 244: Eternal Melody(I)

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