Shen Yin Wang Zuo Chapter 246: Eternal Melody (Iii)

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Shen Yin Wang Zuo, Chapter 246: Eternal Melody (III)

Two bolts of ardent blade intertwined, and spiritual energy was released all around. As the swords carrying Shining Sunlight Strike were intertwined, forming a cross-cut, they welcomed that bone sword.

A distant boom followed along, with the appearance of fireworks of bright light, illuminating the surroundings in an area of a hundred meters square meters.

Long Haochen shot up, carrying Blue Rain, Hibiscus of Light in hand and issuing a dragon cry-like buzzing sound as his whole body glinted gold, and the Soul Linking Shackles’ vitality was brought out. At this time, his companions on the side of the mountain were more than willing to receive a part of this blow’s damage.

The skeleton’s blow had truly a terrifying offensive power, and in fact, Long Hachen’s attack contained the four abilities Ripples of Light, Shining Sunlight Strike, Sunlight Fire and Instant Blast Cross Cut, consuming a massive amount of spiritual energy, along with the utility of Blue Rain, Hibiscus of Light. And yet, such a terrifying blow had been forcibly broken, and this was under the premise that this skeleton’s blow was far from being as well prepared as his.

Now, Long Haochen could be completely sure that if not for the fact that it was Blue Rain, Hibiscus of Light that faced this skeleton and that its weapon wasn’t good, he would probably already be finished! The two blades were snapped, but if it was the Holy Spirit Sword that faced it instead, it would probably have been broken to naught.

His two hands’ thumbs having just been fractured, his arms felt limp and painful.

This skeleton is harder to handle than I expected. It looks like not only its spiritual energy that reached the sixth step: it’s the same for its abilities. Besides not being able to fly, this skeleton is exactly like a Radiant Knight of the sixth step.

However, the skeleton wasn’t any better off from the exchange than Long Haochen. Its bone blade of mediocre quality was already broken to chips, and Long Haochen’s Blue Rain, Hibiscus of Light, left a deep trace on its chest. With the blazing sunlight fire that was burning its body, this skeleton could at last be considered to be heavily wounded.

This was just one of the two, but what about the other one? Long Haochen barely stood up, transferring the spiritual energy in his body to his eyes, sweeping a glance at Haoyue’s direction.

Then, his previous unhurried look immediately became completely dull.

With a bang, that skeleton was sent flying by Haoyue’s tail, sweeping at its waist. Being sent flying, it struck the skeleton that suffered from the sunlight fire’s burning power, and these two simultaneously turned into charcoal.

How can Haoyue’s physical combat ability be so powerful? This was the first thought he had when seeing Haoyue use his body to launch an attack. Immediately following, the next thing he saw was a repeated bombardment of spells. Low ranked spells of the light element, fire element, wind element were launched against these two skeletons like wind and rains, and although it wasn’t sufficient to destroy them, its might was enough to suppress them, making them unable to move for the moment.

Long Haochen took a deep breath, thinking to himself that by now, Haoyue should at least be a magical beast at the peak of the sixth step, in cultivation level, and these were spells of the third step! Without consideration for the equipment and in terms of strength, he wouldn’t necessarily be a match for Haoyue! From his look, his external spiritual energy ought to be formidable, at least surpassing him by miles.

At that moment, Long Haochen felt a warmth rapidly spreading throughout his body, leading the uncomfortable feeling he had from the skeleton’s blow to disappear. All the bones in his whole body were overflowing with warmth, and the pain coming from his arms also lessened a lot. Even the wound on his thumb stopped bleeding.

It was without a doubt the Pendant of Eternal Melody that gave Long Haochen such a powerful ability of self-recovery.

Without any hesitation, Long Haochen grasped Blue Rain, Hibiscus of Light that twinkled in his hand as that skeleton’s body was suddenly illuminated. As a dragon cry could lightly be heard, Blue Rain, Hibiscus of Light turned into a blue and yellow dual-color, shooting up its brilliance in a conical trajectory.

It was Bright Rain, Thrusting Hibiscus.

As he launched the attack, Long Haochen carefully surveyed the surroundings as well as the consumption he had from using this skill. To his pleasant surprise, he discovered that with Blue Rain, Hibiscus of Light’s evolution, the consumption of spiritual energy from the attack was greatly lowered, and although it still consumed 2,000 units, it wasn’t an attack that would make him lose all his fighting strength after launching it a single time.

But instead of being reduced along with the consumption of spiritual energy, the might of the Bright Rain, Thrusting Hibiscus had become even more tyrannical.

Originally, this attack combined the two elemental radiances to produce a formidable penetrative power, but this time it wasn’t same. Soaring in the air, the blue radiance disappeared gradually, completely blending into the golden radiance, aiming at the target at once. That skeleton’s whole body suddenly turned icy white, surprisingly froze.


That skeleton that was having a hard time trying to extinguish the fire was immediately turned to ashes, and Bright Rain, Thrusting Hibiscus, spread a blue ring around, even delaying its companion and enhancing the bombardment of spells launched by Haoyue.

At long last, they had gotten rid of one.

Long Haochen finally loosened his breath, and at that time, an eerie scene happened. A white glow appeared in front of Long Haochen, appearing like a bolt of lightning, and Long Haochen used the Holy Spirit Sword to block it unconsciously, but upon collision, this white glow seemed not to be stopped in the slightest, blending into Long Haochen’s body in the next instant. Immediately, a cozy warm feeling filled his chest.

Long Haochen hastened to survey his own body, finding out to his astonishment that on the side of the Saint Spiritual Stove floated a white liquid, that was particularly pure.

It didn’t have any elementary attribute, but was extremely concentrated. Long Haochen was completely sure that a single drop of that white liquid energy was sufficient to match ten drops of liquid spiritual energy.

Of the two skeletons, only one was left. There was no suspense for the rest of the battle. Long Haochen exploited the Attraction ability of his Saint Spiritual Stove along with his co-ordination with Haoyue. Not giving the skeleton any opportunity to lock the same powerful attack as before, he exploited the fact that its defensive capabilities were far from being as good as his offensive power, combined with its inferior intelligence, to get rid of it.

However, after getting rid of these two skeletons, Long Haochen felt both physically and mentally exhausted, finding out to his astonishment that more than 80% of his spiritual energy was consumed. Even a big part of Haoyue’s magic power was consumed.

The instant he got rid of the second skeleton, another drop of white liquid entered his body, same as the previous time.

Long Haochen didn’t attempt to advance any further. He knew that in his current condition, he wouldn’t have a chance of success if faced with two more skeletons, if not more.

In some sense, defeating these two skeletons was a preview of what was awaiting them ahead, and seeing the white bones on the ground that disappeared gradually, Long Haochen sat cross-legged on the ground, urging the liquid spiritual energy in him to try to assimilate those two drops of white liquid.

The result raised his spirits, as those two drops of non-elemental liquid didn’t show any resistance, only after a short process of assimilation, it became a part of his spiritual energy. And just like he estimated, each drop of the liquid energy that came in had the effect of increasing his own spiritual energy by ten units.

Nonetheless, Long Haochen felt gloomy: because his current amount of spiritual energy was low, these two drops of liquid energy only helped him to recover some of that back and nothing more. It wasn’t an increase of his total spiritual energy in the true meaning.

Long Haochen immediately realized his mistake. He should have waited for his own spiritual energy to have recovered before absorbing it.

Defeating a single skeleton could strengthen him by ten units of spiritual energy! This was a lot faster than cultivation, and although those two skeleton’s strength was undoubtedly tyrannical, beating them came with obvious benefits.

With the aura of death contained in the Tower of Eternity, Long Haochen only needed half an hour to regain his spiritual energy completely.

Standing up once again, Long Haochen didn’t keep going forward, thinking that he had to leave that place.

This experience in the Tower of Eternity brought him an enormous shock, and he was also pretty curious about this ‘Slumbering Calamity’, Elux. However, he clearly understood that it would only be upon reaching the seventh step that he would really be qualified to attempt to challenge this tower that existed since thousands of years. And this was clearly not something that he could do in a mere day or two. With the restriction left by the necromancy magic, he wouldn’t be able to reach the top of this tower before attaining the ninth step.

Along with those two skeleton Long Haochen’s original apprehension towards that tower disappeared already. I don’t want Elux’s inheritance to be passed on to me, but it won’t hurt to gain some experience here. Without a doubt, many more mysteries and new items are waiting for me to discover them in this Tower of Eternity!

As for whether he would share this place with his teammates, this was something he would think about after getting back. He needed at least to discuss it with Cai’er. After all, the word ‘necromancer’ was enough to give an extreme shock to any human.

Thinking about it, Long Haochen suddenly came to a realization; that it should be time for him to get back. Five hours already passed since he entered in this cavern, and Haoyue even followed him there.

Thinking up to this point, Long Haochen called out to Haoyue, and headed to the outside of the tower, ready to leave.

Just at this time, Haoyue suddenly let out a boo hoo, standing in Long Haochen’s way.

“Mh?” Long Haochen unconvincingly remarked, “What’s up with you?”

Little Light faced Long Haochen, spitting out a golden bead.

Long Haochen unconsciously caught it, and in the instant this golden bead fell into his hand, it turned into a golden color, directly making its way into the space between Long Haochen’s eyebrows.

A short fragment of memories appeared in Long Haochen’s mind.

“Asura Strike, condensing spiritual energy and chopping Heaven and Earth…”

This was surprisingly the memories of a skill, and one at the sixth step.

And it was exactly the one that skeleton used against Long Haochen, this attack that had such a fatal attacking power!

Shen Yin Wang Zuo Chapter 246: Eternal Melody (Iii)

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