Shen Yin Wang Zuo Chapter 249: Fiend Lord Of The Seventh Step (Iii)

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Shen Yin Wang Zuo, Chapter 249: Fiend Lord of the Seventh Step (III)

Hiding in the cavern, Yi Jun had a pale face. This spatial spell he just launched came with a quite important consumption, and he didn’t think that it would get so easily blocked by the Fiend Lord, to the extent that it hadn’t caused any damage in FIends’ ranks.

Just at this time, the two Demon Hunt Squads’ offense was launched at full swing.

Ten bright red sharp thorns immediately brought ear piercing sound just at the time the defensive spell dissipated.

Back then, Yang Wenzhao had a headache from confronting these thorn’s attack, but this time, Bai Xiaomo managed to actually release a dozen more of them. That was to say how her strength increased along with the continuous experience she had gotten.

The Fiend Commander in the front was already going all out to block it, but only three sharp thorns were aiming at him and no more. These sharp thorns launched by Bai Xiaomo worked in an extremely tricky way, shooting from every direction.

The Grand Fiends would obviously show some resistance, but it wasn’t so easy for them to block these attacks launched by Bai Xiaomo. At least five Grand Fiends ended up wounded to different degrees, and a bloody fog spread out.

And this was just the beginning, before a great amount of green beads descended from the sky. These beads seemed to envelop the entirety of the Grand Fiend Cavalry in their range.

Just as the Fiend Lord had figured out what those beads were, a terrible killing intent locked on him, appearing the same as the descent of a god of death.

Even a powerhouse of the seventh step like this Fiend Lord trembled with his whole body from the lock, and the ability that he had just finished preparing was interrupted. With his cultivation, he could easily sense what is dangerous and what is not, and those beads in the air didn’t look to be of any danger to him, whereas this approaching killing intent seemed to be an existence that could threaten his life!

The Fiend Commander in the backrow also wanted to release a defensive area ability to stop these green beads falling from the sky, but unfortunately, just at the instant that it was released, an ice-cold chill quietly reached his neck.

A Fiend Commander of the sixth step would obviously be fast to react. As he waved the spear in his hand horizontally, his Nightmare Devil Horse simultaneously let out a dark red radiance from its mouth.

A shadow flashed, stopping in the middle of its attack, without really entering direct contact with the Fiend’s body. But even so, the huge beads in the sky already spread within the ranks of this Grand Fiend Cavalry.

The beans ruptured, letting out a viscous liquid that immediately infected the Grand Fiends and their Nightmare Devil Horses. This sticky feeling was hard to bear, but these Grand Fiends and their Nightmare Devil Horses had darkness and fire dual attributes, and possessed the so called Hell Flame ability, which naturally suppressed Bai Xiaomo’s botanical summons. Releasing flames around, they set this viscous liquid on flames.

The one that pinned down the Fiend Lord was of course Cai’er, as the other Fiend Commander of the sixth step was pinned down by the threat of the assassin Han Daosi. Although Han Daosi was far from being able to compare with Cai’er’s strength, how could an assassin that managed to enter the top sixty of the ranking be an ordinary person?

In a real battle, although he was obviously no match for this Fiend Commander, if it was only about pinning him down for a second or two, he could do it in a short time.

As the rear was in a state of confusion, some changes already started to appear on the battle in the front.

The Fiend Commander of the sixth step that was hit by three of the thorns immediately locked his gaze on the location of the two Demon Hunt Squads, but without giving him time to head out in their direction, a dark red figure suddenly appeared in front of them, blocking his path of return.

This silhouette was massive, and had two huge wings unfolded at his back, giving off a fierce and malevolent look. It was exactly the Fiend Lord!

The difference of social class in the Fiends’ world was distinct. Seeing his immediate superior block him, the Fiend Commander that was prepared to attack immediately stared blankly, naturally stopping his move. The Fiend Lord before him didn’t say anything special, only lifting up his right claw and pointing at his back. Just when the Fiend Commander turned back, at the split second he turned back, a miraculous scene happened at his back. A great change happened on the huge silhouette of the Fiend Commander of seventh step at his back unexpectedly produced a sudden change, turning into a dual-winged Grand Birdy Demon.

Let alone the Fiend Cavalry, even the 21st general grade Demon Hunt Squad and the 4th soldier grade Demon Hunt Squad were extremely shocked from looking at this bizarre scene

A golden spear filled with lightning firmly hit the Fiend Commander’s back, breaking out with a gaudy electric light, causing this Fiend Commander to let out a miserable scream.

If it was about a head-on battle, it would be hard to predict who between the Grand Birdy Demon or the Fiend Commander would be winning. A Grand Birdy Demon did hold the aerial advantage, whereas a Fiend Commander had the support of his mount. However, it was another story in case of a sneak attack.

The Fiend Leader obviously didn’t have the slightest wariness towards the Fiend Lord’s words, but how could he guess that he would fall into such a fatal trap.

Still, his Nightmare Devil Horse was a magical beast of the fifth step. Seeing its rider being attacked, it immediately tried to defend him, attempting to slam into the Grand Birdy Demon.

The Grand Birdy Demon’s reaction was fast. Clapping the wings at its back while infusing power into the lightning lance in his hand, he immediately set in midair as the powerful lightning spiritual energy broke out all-around. Heavily wounded, the Fiend Commander’s body produced a scorched smell and the Nightmare Devil Horse he rode let out a miserable shriek, convulsing from the impulse of the lightning.

The Grand Birdy Demon was pitiless, putting strength in swinging his lance, extracting it from the back of the Fiend Commander that was already seriously wounded while taking advantage of the Nightmare Devil Horse’s paralysed state. The spear was ferociously thrusted in his body, relying on the formidable attack power of its user to end the life of this Nightmare Devil Horse.

A thick staff was lifted high in the sky, striking the Fiend Commander on his head, just like a wooden stick meeting with a watermelon. Just then, a colored liquid spread in the air from it; it looked as if this Fiend Commander of the sixth step was dead.

The Grand Birdy Demon didn’t stay idle, and immediately batted his wings after getting rid of the first Fiend Commander, flying above the Fiend Cavalry like a tiger picking at a flock of sheeps.

Originally, this Fiend Cavalry had one Fiend Commander guarding the rear and one guarding the front, in addition to the Fiend Lord seated in the middle of the formation. The formation in the front, which was completely firm just before, seemed to have just been broken as its core was destroyed. The Grand Fiend Cavalry was not lacking in strength, but was overcome by panic. The great majority of their troops just finished to deal with the liquid released from the many beads.

However, Bai Xiaomo’s yellow plants with an appearance close to corals were not only able to spray a single array of thorns. At the same time the Grand Birdy Demon flapped his wings, another dozen bolts of lightning were released at the same times as another batch of beads was released.

An immense shield was flung at the side, carrying a mournful hissing sound engulfing everything. Three or four of the Grand Fiends were immediately swept away by its force.

On the other side, Sima Xian held his staff high in the air, this time releasing the ability Madness. The staff in his hand was waved at great speed, launching Sacred Bullet Array’s unfathomable attacks, immediately followed by Wang Yuanyuan whose Gigantic Divine Soul Shield was waved violently at the enemy’s ranks, spreading havoc at their side, aiming primarily at those of the Grand Fiends that lost their Nightmare Devil Horses.

At the time Wang Yuanyuan and Sima Xian came out, Dian Yan and Han Yu stayed in the cavern. People inside had all mage vocations, and thus needed their protection.

After releasing his first huge spell, Yi Jun kept blasting one spatial spell after another, giving the warriors in the front a strong backup.

The current situation looked like a piece of cake, but just at this moment, the formidable Fiend Lord of the seventh step made his move.

If not for Cai’er pinning him down, how could this Fiend Cavalry possessing a Fiend Lord as its general be so easy to deal with? However, the Fiend Commander in the front had just been killed and the subordinate soldiers were being cut down like fresh meat, one after another. The Fiend Lord immediately lost his cool from such a situation. He was after all not a human, and wouldn’t give too much thought to tactics. As he swept his blood-colored sword, his Nightmare Devil Horse suddenly jumped horizontally, almost instantly appearing before the Grand Birdy Demon that slaughtered one of the Fiend Commanders.

The Grand Birdy Demon had just disposed of one of the Grand Fiends and his Nightmare Devil Horse, but caught off guard by the attack, he swept the lightning spear in his hand while turning back with a sideways motion.

The Fiend Lord hated this Grand Birdy Demon bitterly. With a chop from his blood-colored sword, a five meters long dark red luster came into being, fiercely chopping down at this Grand Birdy Demon’s spear.

The difference of step between the two manifested undoubtedly at that time. With a scream from the Grand Birdy Demon, the lightning spear in his hand instantly snapped, and the massive impact from the strike caused his body to be sent flying in the air.

A massive dark red shield made of energy was erected at the back of this Fiend Lord, protecting his back from the countless white glows bursting forth to his direction. Turning back, he launched a blood-colored cut, carrying an imposing dark-red radiance.

The dark red colored radiance was hitting from all direction, aiming at Cai’er who was unleashing her Thousand Strikes Spiritual Stove. The attack forced her to meet it head-on.

With a flash, Cai’er’s body was smashed to pieces, but this was a mere afterimage, as Cai’er’s physical body was already meters away. Even so, the Fiend Lord’s tyrannical power still brought her body an intense pressure. With a flicker, it vanished gradually in the darkness.

Cai’er wouldn’t easily launch her Spiritual Stove of Samsara, because it would not only cause some self-damage, but it would also use the integrality of her spiritual energy. It was something she kept for the last blow.

After forcing Cai’er back with his blow, the Fiend Lord didn’t pursue and attack. As he looked up at the sky with a massive roar, the remaining dozen of Grand Fiend as well as the last Fiend Commander rapidly gathered by his side.

“Come back, all of you.” Luc Xi’s voice rang out, and that Grand Birdy Demon turned back in midair at fast speed. A deep scar could be clearly seen on his chest, which was to say that if his reaction had been just a little slower, the previous blow would have been enough to cut him in two parts.

This was the strength of the seventh step. Furthermore, this Fiend Lord visibly hadn’t just reached the seventh step. At least, he was at the fourth or the fifth rank of the seventh step.

Wang Yuanyuan and Sima Xian didn’t zealously keep fighting, rapidly retreating to the direction of the cave. Cai’er and Han Daosi also came back after making a detour.

Shen Yin Wang Zuo Chapter 249: Fiend Lord Of The Seventh Step (Iii)

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