Shen Yin Wang Zuo Chapter 251: Six Paths Of Samsara (Ii)

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Shen Yin Wang Zuo, Chapter 251: Six Paths of Samsara (II)

Wang Yuanyuan made her own preparations to take over from him at any time, but at some point, Sima Xian’s voice suddenly rang, “Yuanyuan, let me be the second one to go.”

Wang Yuanyuan started, unconsciously glancing at him. Sima Xian’s face was filled with resolution, looking right into her face, “I’m a man.”

“Okay.” Wang Yuanyuan didn’t nag, only doing a thumbs up in his direction.

At this time, the others from the 21st Demon Hunt Squad could only think of Long Haochen. If he was present, perhaps everything would be different. He would definitely have been able to block the attack of this kind of enemy without needing to take any sort of pills.

Having lost its core, the team’s strength was bound to suffer a great loss.

An ice-cold killing intent once again arose, largely exceeding the last time in intensity. In the darkness, Cai’er slowly moved away, not concealing her own figure and advancing slowly in the Fiend Lord’s direction.

The others would temporarily be able to hold out against the Fiend Commander’s attacks, but the Fiend Lord was truly a deadly threat for them, the real threat.

Cai’er already had no other choice. With every step she took, the grey aura surrounding her body became stronger, and her pure killing intent gradually condensed into the shape of a sharp blade. Cai’er held in her right hand a dark golden dagger inclined towards the ground, as her left hand was pressed against her chest. She walked slowly, but looking at her, the Fiend Lord clearly became panicked, grasping his blood-colored heavy sword with his two hands. Standing motionless on the ground, the dark-red radiance surrounding his body grew more intense.

This time, Cai’er was attacking seriously. If she couldn’t successfully assassinate the enemy, they would get wiped out on this day. She didn’t know when Long Haochen would come back, but right now, she was the temporary captain. She had to make a path for Long Haochen to come back safe and sound, for him to be able to come back without getting attacked by these Fiends. Making use of her strength to keep everyone alive was undoubtedly her duty as Long Haochen’s girlfriend.

Cai’er’s eyes had already turned completely grey, and around the sharp blade condensed at her back, six different symbols slowly appeared.

These symbols weren’t close to any letter or character, but at the time they appeared, they caused even the Fiend Lord to take a few steps back. The shock was so large that when Han Daosi made his move to the side, the rest of the Fiend Cavalry didn’t have any reaction to his attack, and their malevolent faces were just completely panic-stricken.

“My eyes for yours, first part of Six Paths of Samsara, Eye of Samsara.”

Cai’er made her move and all the intense killing intent surrounding her immediately disappeared. On her left hand was a pitch-black dagger shining with a dark purple brilliance. At her back, the first of the six symbols that was shaped like an eye suddenly enlarged, hiding her figure behind it.

At this time, Cai’er seemed totally different from her usual self. From the eyes of the Fiend Lord, she resembled a death god coming for him.

A bloody glow was shot and the Fiend Lord’s whole body and just turned it into a massive blood-colored ball. A multitude of blood-colored beams shot from his body, attempting to stop Cai’er’s attack from all directions. This was because he abruptly found out that along with the killing intent that horrified him, his perception of Cai’er had also totally disappeared.

As the dark purple radiance intertwined, Cai’er was already thirty meters away, at the Fiend Lord’s back.

A miserable scream was heard from the Fiend Lord as a third of the heavy sword in his hand snapped. More importantly, from his eyes, black colored blood overflowed; against all expectations, he had turned blind. On his left shoulder, a deep scar could clearly be seen. The Nightmare Devil Horse’s four limbs were also broken, and it could only be crawling on the ground, letting out mournful shrieks of pain.

However, Cai’er’s eyes lost their ability to see at the same moment her opponent was hit.

“My ears for yours, second part of the Six Paths of Samsara, Ears of Samsara.”

Cai’er didn’t stop, as black as ink, her silhouette was surrounded in purple, and a poignant radiance burst forth from the Dagger of Samsara, before her body disappeared in the midst of the darkness, only leaving an odd symbol in the air.

Ever since she completed her assimilation of the Spiritual Stove of Samsara this was the first time Cai’er went all out using it. As the most powerful spiritual stove humans had ever discovered, it surpassed any other spiritual stove in power.

The Fiend Lord obviously wouldn’t wait for death helplessly. With a mad roar, his body suddenly became dark-red-colored, and from inside, a loud bang resounded. At this time, he was just like a human knight making use of the Brilliant Body. Holding a huge sword in his hands, he abruptly jumped off the Nightmare Devil Horse’s back, spiralling in the air as the terrible fluctuations of spiritual energy released from his body took the shape of flames from hell, causing the rocks on the ground to melt. Against all expectations, he immediately tried to dive underground to escape.


At the time she appeared in view, Cai’er was beside the Fiend Lord, whose hurried escape immediately came to an end. His entire right hand disappeared, covered in blood, and his pair of ears spouted out some black colored blood. Miserably screaming in pain, his massive body fell to the ground. His leftover left hand faced Cai’er’s direction, frantically punching at her.

A dark red-colored radiance abruptly passed through his fist, and under that dark red radiance, a hexagonal dark red crystal surprisingly appeared.

His magical crystal! In a state of total fear and pain, the Fiend Lord found out that his own magical crystal was the target of the fatal attack Cai’er launched. Even if his blow managed to successfully kill Cai’er, it would be difficult for him to survive from this.

“My tongue for yours, third path of the Six Paths of Samsara, Tongue of Samsara.”

The pitch-black brilliance gradually faded away, and the dark purple radiance extended like a rainbow, forming a single entity with Cai’er, appearing like the sword of the god of death. Next, she appeared once again at the Fiend Lord’s back.

The magical crystal condensed in the air, and following next, two “Ding, ding” sounds rang out, and that blow cut the Fiend Lord’s magical crystal in two, letting no room for him to display his brutal strength as he fell to the ground.

The Fiend Lord’s massive silhouette stopped moving, and the surrounding flames were burning, just as before. Underneath, the Nightmare Devil Horse seemed to be frozen, left with bloody scars. In the next instant, the head of this Fiend Lord fell next to the Nightmare Devil Horse abdomen.

“Puff-paff.” The split corpse suddenly fell down, but the strangest thing was that there wasn’t a single drop of blood falling down. Both the Nightmare Devil Horse and the Fiend Lord’s flesh had completely turned ash grey-colored.

A blood red colored glow shone from the Fiend Lord’s body, and a bloody halo exploded in the air.

With the night wind blowing, Cai’er stayed completely motionless, just like a peaceful statue standing in the midst of darkness. All the terrifying aura faded away in that instant, but she was still standing there, completely motionless. However, none of the Grand Fiends had the courage to dare launch an attack against her.

While Cai’er released the full power of her Spiritual Stove of Samsara on this side of the battle, rapid changes happened in the general situation of the battlefield.

Han Daosi’s sneak attack from behind was successful, and the most important fact was the attack that was to be launched against the Grand Fiend Cavalry.

Li Xin had been waiting all this time for an opportunity. She knew clearly that when facing this Fiend Lord, she couldn’t carelessly attack, which would only be akin to suicide. In the instant Cai’er successfully suppressed that Fiend Lord, Li Xin finally started to move.

The Rose Unicorn fused perfectly with her own spiritual energy, and at the same time Han Daosi charged at them, a dazzling red light followed behind.

Li Xin’s blow put Storing Power to use. She was only a single step away from the fifth step, and barely managed to put Holy Sword in use with Storing Power’s assistance. With the further amplification she had from the Rose Unicorn, her pair of swords charged. A bright Light Thorn appeared in enemy’s view.

Her Light Thorn was completely different from Long Haochen’s: except from the body that was also filled in light essence, it was instead full of imposing fire essence. Her choice of location to attack was extremely clever; it was the middle of the formation that enabled the Fiend Cavalry’s spiritual energy to be gathered and fused all together.

If she aimed too far behind, she wouldn’t even threaten the Fiend Commander, but if she aimed too far in the front, it would get instead blocked by his soldiers’ own initiative.


Two Grand Fiends were sent flying by Li Xin’s all out attack, and only five Grand Fiends were left to supplement the Fiend Commander with spiritual energy. Afterwards, it was Han Daosi’s turn to intervene, and his dagger ferociously penetrated into the cervical vertebra of a Grand Fiend, perfectly severing his central nerve.

This operation on their side was enough to lower the pressure put on the defense, but even so, the situation on the cave’s side was quite desperate.

After three entire minutes, Han Yu was unable to resist anymore, and retreated, the shield and sword in his hand completely broken into pieces.

The following Sima Xian only resisted for three hits before being out, spouting blood, his staff broken in half.

Compared to Sima Xian, Wang Yuanyuan was still better off. Although she wasn’t an expert in defense, she still could meet force with force against this Fiend Commander. Under the joint effects of the Spiritual Bursting Pill and the Bloodthirsty Pill, she managed to hold him off for twice as long as Sima Xian. As long as she resisted these consecutive attacks, the Fiend Commander’s backup in spiritual energy coming from the rear declined, but there weren’t enough close quarter fighters left in the cave to defend against him.

At this crucial time, the silhouette glinting with the thunder of the Grand Birdy Demon appeared once again on the battlefield; the Mythic Mirror Image Treasure Pig had intervened once again.

However, even if that Fiend Commander’s backup of spiritual energy had lessened, he still exceeded the Grand Birdy Demon in strength. That was to say nothing of the fact that McDull could after all only imitate the Grand Birdy Demon. In the aspect of putting his abilities to use, he could obviously not compare to a true Grand Birdy Demon, in addition to this fact he didn’t have the Soul Sharing Shackles to share the damage. Retreating in defeat against that Fiend Commander’s powerful attacks, he was already pushed back to the inside of the cave.

At this moment, the situation inside of the cave was just too bad. Bai Xiaomo and Yi Jun had completely exhausted their spiritual energy, Luc Xi’s healing would be of no use to the Grand Birdy Demon, and from the Soul Sharing Shackles’ side-effects, Han Yu, Wang Yuanyuan, Sima Xian and Lin Xin suffered important wounds. Han Yu and Sima Xian even lost their own weapon.

Shen Yin Wang Zuo Chapter 251: Six Paths Of Samsara (Ii)

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