Shen Yin Wang Zuo Chapter 254: Slaughter!(I)

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Shen Yin Wang Zuo, Chapter 254: Slaughter!

Long Haochen calmly stood on Haoyue’s back, gazing at the approaching Grand Fiend Cavalry. His unprecedented urge to vent his anger on the enemies grew increasingly stronger, and at the same time, he felt a sharp pain upon feeling the warmth coming out from Cai’er’s body.

Never before had he felt hatred towards anything, but now, the hatred he felt towards this Grand Fiend Cavalry reached was unbearable.

For my sake! For my sake Cai’er had to suffer such an intense pain again. Even if I have to sacrifice the last drop of my blood, I won’t let them harm Cai’er anymore. I will kill all these demons!

The enemies drew closer and closer, and although Long Haochen didn’t have any ability to enhance his eyesight, his vision was already at a level where he could distinctly discern the strength of the enemy.

It was a Grand Fiend Cavalry of thirty, the same size as the previous one. Leading them was a Fiend Commander of the sixth step, but this group didn’t have any powerhouse other than him. Obviously, this Grand Fiend Cavalry of thirty was a reserve team just like the one they ran across, responsible for providing support. Having gotten the Fiend Lord’s signal, they came at the fastest speed possible.

A golden fog emanated from Long Haochen. It spread through the night sky, producing a bright and dazzling light similar to a lighthouse.

The Fiend Cavalry obviously saw it; they sensed this bright light filled with holy aura the same as Long Haochen sensed darkness type spiritual energy.

Storing Power.

Long Haochen could clearly sense the fast speed at which the liquid spiritual energy in him concentrated. The Holy Spirit Sword in his left hand was pushed into the ground next to Haoyue, and in his other hand, Blue Rain, Hibiscus of Light was changed into dual swords. At this time, he entered an eerie state of mind.

Along with his progress in cultivation, his speed of gathering spiritual power using Storing Power was a lot faster than before, and a great amount of powerful spiritual energy was poured into his dual blades Blue Rain, Hibiscus of Light at high speed.

Haoyue also started chanting with his three heads, each one chanting a different incantation in a melodious tempo that didn’t impact Long Haochen’s Storing Power. It rather had an harmonious mutual influence on it.

At this time, the cave at his back had returned to its calm, and only Li Xin was standing outside. At times, changes appeared on her countenance. Sometimes it was filled with regret, sometimes with guilt, but she still carried her two swords firmly and steadily.

Inside the cave, all the eyes were focused on Long Haochen, looking at his small yet sharp figure displaying the force of a man that could match ten thousand.

Although Long Haochen was facing the enemy battalion alone, the most unusual thing was that both the members of the 21st general grade Demon Hunt Squad and 4th soldier grade Demon Hunt Squad felt secure. It was as if, as long as Long Haochen was present, no one would be able to threaten them.

Everyone put effort into recovering their own spiritual energy. After recovering a bit, Luc Xi released a healing spell, focusing his healing with priority on the unconscious Dian Yan, whose injuries were most critical. Receiving the blow of a Fiend Commander with close to ten thousand units of spiritual energy, was like being struck by a mountain. Let alone his shield, both of his arms were shattered, and even his breastbone and his ribs were damaged to some extent. His internal organs were unharmed, but if not for Luc Xi’s prompt healing, he would undoubtedly have sequelae due to his internal fractures.

“Haochen, be careful of their ability to combine their spiritual energies.” Li Xin shouted in Long Haochen’s direction.

They had already been confronting Grand Fiend Cavalries twice: the first time, while under the effects of Haoyue’s Essence of Disorder, the Grand Fiend Cavalry didn’t have the occasion to bring out its full power. And the second time, it had been thanks to Cai’er’s formidable move that the Grand Fiend Cavalry’s attack ended with the death of the Fiend Lord, the cornerstone of their cavalry.

At that time, if not for the release of Cai’er’s sharp killing intent that terrified the Fiend Lord to the point of preventing him from being the focus point of their gathered spiritual energy union, no one could possibly have been able to block this blow.

And now, they were facing a Grand Fiend Cavalry for the very first time without Cai’er present to attract the enemy’s attention, and without the possibility of having Haoyue mount a magical sneak attack, Long Haochen was facing this Grand Fiend Cavalry alone, but would he be able to prevail over them on his own?

At the Fiend Cavalry’s back were a dozen of mounted Grand Fiends making preparation for conjoining their spiritual energy. The other twenty Grand Fiends were separated in two groups, one for each side, and surrounding him from three sides. The powerful oppressive force rose sharply. However one looked at the situation, they would say that Long Haochen cannot possibly resist them all.

Just at this time, Haoyue set in motion, his massive figure launching Long Haochen, charging at the direction of the Fiend Commander that was the target for the conjoined spiritual energy.

As a powerhouse of the sixth step, the Fiend Commander was fairly experienced and knowledgeable. Seeing the intensity of the light elemental spiritual energy surrounding Long Haochen, he determined that this human’s spiritual energy couldn’t compare to his own, to say nothing of the fact that he was in a state of conjoined spiritual energy.

Revealing a malicious smile, the Fiend Commander strode over the Nightmare Devil Horse, standing perfectly straight and charging at Long Haochen’s direction. On his back were a dozen Grand Fiend Knights, spears at hand, linked through a dark red connection of spiritual energy, appearing like a single entity, and following the Fiend Commander as they charged.

In fact, these Grand Fiend from cavalries were the elite of elite of the Fiend Clan. Put on the battlefield after thorough training, they were an existence of the same degree as the human’s Brilliant Angel Knights. Drawing power from their ability of conjoined spiritual energy, they formerly caused a quite important loss to the Temple Knight’s side. Every time they ran across them in the battlefield, the Temple Alliance would pick some powerhouses to handle them.

Long Haochen was just a single individual, only riding Haoyue, on whose back he just stood, but faced that Fiend Commander whose dark red flames rose frantically, illuminating everything on a ten square meters range. When comparing the two sides’ power, Long Haochen was like a mere child. However, Haoyue’s charge was still straight and without hesitation, keeping a strong front. At this time, the incantation from his mouth just stopped, but if one took particular attention, he would notice that at this moment, Haoyue’s eyes all became purple. The scales on his body were furthermore covered in a thin layer of purple ripples.

The two parties drew closer to each other, from a distance of a hundred meters to fifty, thirty, twenty, ten meters. By now, they were already close enough to each other to launch attacks.

Just at this time Haoyue released an ear-splitting howl from his three heads. An intense purple color could be seen, bursting out from Haoyue’s three heads.

An earth-shaking scene happened right then.

Under the effects of Haoyue’s loud bellow, the whole body of the Fiend Commander which was entirely covered in a dark red flames, trembled violently, and the massive spiritual energy all around his body suddenly disappeared, and those Grand Fiends of the cavalry in his rear as well as their Nightmare Devil Horse looked as if they had suddenly gotten drunk swaying unsteadily from side to side, without the slightest trace left of using their ability of conjoined spiritual energy.

Golden light, suddenly ripping the vast sky, compressed the air with a violent exploding sound. In the next instant, the hissing resonance clearly caused the Nightmare Devil Horse rode by the Fiend Commander to feel dizzy. A surge of bright light suddenly spread in the surrounding air.

“Kill!” Long Haochen shouted and Haoyue violently struck the Fiend Commander from the front, but the strangest was that this Fiend Commander, suddenly covered in golden threads, suddenly became motionless, until Haoyue’s blow arrived. Next, the spear in his hand as well as his body and his Nightmare Devil Horse were knocked back, undergoing the same treatment as their master, cut in two by Long Haochen’s hand.

If the previous Fiend Commander could justify his death in Long Haochen’s hand from the fact that he was already weakened in strength plus the assault from Yi Jun’s magic suppression as well as Lin Xin’s Resisting Ring of Fire, causing Long Haochen’s sneak attack to be successful, this kill was however in no way a fluke, it was an instant kill upon collision, against a Fiend Commander at its peak condition, that didn’t get a chance to strike a single blow against Long Haochen

No one knew what kind of ability this howl was meant to be, but after Long Haochen crossed those ten Grand Fiends standing behind the Fiend Commander, all that was left was a land of corpses, including those belonging to the Nightmare Devil Horses; no corpse was left intact. And it was down to the extent that these Grand Fiends and their mounts didn’t have the slightest chance to resist.

Some time after launching this loud bellow, Haoyue’s entire body was entirely devoid of aura, his eyes recovering their natural color. Not releasing any more magic, he clearly seemed somewhat tired. However, he had sufficient use in the battle.

Having cut down the Fiend Ruler’s conjoined spiritual energy, Long Haochen took control of the flow of the battle.

Affected by the effects from Haoyue’s howl, the Fiend Commander didn’t have the chance to launch a single effective ability, cut in two parts in a state of total terror by Asura Strike.

The rest of the battle simply went as a one-sided slaughter, where Long Haochen only made use of a few abilities: Charge, Assault, Lightning Thrust and Instant Blast Cross Cut.

These were low ranked Retribution Knight abilities that broke out with exploding power in his hands. With the backing of the Light Elemental Fairy Yating on his shoulder, using these low consumption abilities was no burden at all to Long Haochen. After a stored up Asura Strike, he had only a few hundreds units spiritual energy left, but through the means of his massive recovery of spiritual energy, he had no problem handling the rest of the enemies. Don’t forget that the current Long Haochen was drawing nearer and nearer to the sixth step of cultivation.

Inside of the cave, everyone was dazzled and stunned looking at this scene. A golden silhouette was moving unrestrained as it crushed everything in its path, flickering with bright light, and blowing the enemies to pieces. Furthermore, he still carried on his back Cai’er who lost four of her senses.

A single person, he was just by himself, but against all expectations, he managed to massacre a powerful Grand Fiend Cavalry only with the help of his mount, instantly defeating a Fiend Commander of the sixth step as if it was nothing. This was already completely out of the scope of a knight of the fifth step.

Feeling the biting cold killing intent released from Long Haochen’s body, everyone from the 21st general grade Demon Hunt Squad felt principally excited, in contrast the majority of the 4th soldier grade Demon Hunt Squad members felt ashamed…

Shen Yin Wang Zuo Chapter 254: Slaughter!(I)

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