Shen Yin Wang Zuo Chapter 257: Modu City (I)

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Shen Yin Wang Zuo, Chapter 257: Modu City (I)

Han Daosi clearly expressed all the close quarters fighters’ thoughts. Seeing the ardent look in his eyes, Long Haochen nodded in response with a smile. “Yes. Then I’ll be giving everyone some pointers on how to master this skill. After some more time for rest, we will think of how to return to the Alliance.”

For some time, everyone concentrated their attention on the ability Ripples of Light. Deep in their hearts, everyone was grateful towards Long Haochen .

An ability created from single individual’s comprehension being taught to a whole group was something that had never happened in the history of the Alliance.

At this time, their talent of comprehension was displayed to its fullest.

Han Yu was the first to understand the secrets of the Ripple of Lights, understanding it after a day, and the second was Sima Xian. Although Sima Xian was a priest, he was a berserker priest using his physical power, and mastered the Ripples of Light just like Han Yu did. In comparison, it was a lot harder for a priest like him to learn the self-created ability of a knight, so he was clearly slower in the process than Han Yu was.

Long Haochen laughed in spite of himself at seeing this scene. It showed that at the time someone lost things, he would earn others: Sima Xian was a priest that was unable to learn healing magic, but was really gifted in learning offensive abilities.

In contrast, on the side of the 4th soldier grade Demon Hunt Squad, the three close-quarters warriors didn’t have the slightest results, and the same went for Li Xin.

Long Haochen didn’t voice it, but understood that one’s individual comprehension was closely related to their innate internal spiritual energy. The fact Sima Xian and Han Yu could rapidly comprehend it was related to their internal spiritual energy, which reached eighty after the Innate Talent Sharing, and also because they possessed the light attribute. His whole comprehension was established in relation to the light element, so it naturally became easier for them to learn it than for the others.

After three days passed, Dian Yan and Han Daosi gave up on trying to understand Ripples of Light, and although Li Xin and Wang Yuanyuan didn’t succeed yet, they shared an incredible determination, painstakingly practicing everyday.

Seeking the enormous utility the offensive ability Ripples of Light could bring them, and seeing the concessions Long Haochen did to share it, they had already made the firm resolution not to give up no matter what.

Of course, determination wasn’t enough to complement for a difference in the power of understanding, so it was hard to say whether they would manage to learn it or not. But as long as they tried, they also had a chance to succeed.

As Luc Xi watched this whole process as a spectator, he couldn’t help but sigh inwardly. It looked that their Demon Hunt Squad would never catch up with Long Haochen’s no matter what.

At least unless they miraculously met with a fateful encounter or got a lifetime’s chance.

Since they arrived there, seven days already passed. Han Daosi scouted once more, determining that the side of the Desolate Hissing Cavern was already thoroughly controlled by the Fiend Army. He didn’t dare get closer, but reported the situation to everyone. Close to the Desolate Hissing Cavern, at least three Fiend Lords were present, and it was very likely that other existences that even surpassed them were also close by. Clearly, the disappearance of over a hundred Grand Fiends led them to intervene personally. It also seemed as if they were very determined to gain the treasures from the Desolate Hissing Cavern.

Luc Xi found Long Haochen to directly report to him, “Captain Long, a Fiend Army is present outside, but shouldn’t come near us. Dian Yan and Yi Jun have already recovered mostly, and putting the destroyed equipment aside, our two teams are fundamentally at an optimum state. Shouldn’t we think of a way to return?”

Long Haochen nodded in response, “That’s right, we cannot stay in this place for too long. But my big sister and Yuanyuan are still trying to understand the Ripples of Light. If we interrupt them now, I’m afraid they won’t have future opportunities to comprehend it. Now, if we want to return to the Alliance the fastest possible, our best solution is to use the same method as on our way here. We will use the Moon Clan’s route.”

Luc Xi started, “Are you saying that we should look for that president of the Yue Ye Chamber of Commerce?”

Long Haochen looked up, “Since she is controlled by Cai’er, she cannot resort to any tricks. With her protection, we should be able to spare strength during our return to the Alliance.”

Luc Xi remarked, “But this is still dangerous. What if that Yue Ye recklessly tries to expose us? Wouldn’t it…”

Long Haochen replied, “I’ve already thought of this bit. Although the possibility is low, we cannot put it aside. I plan to head to the Moon Clan’s headquarters alone; Yue Ye has already told me its location. It’s the Moon Palace, located in the Demon God Palaces’ side of the Central Province. I will be looking for her by myself, and if everything goes well, I will bring her here. This will be the safest way. And with the blood connection between Haoyue and myself, even if I run into some danger, I’ll have no problem to escape.”

Luc Xi gave Long Haochen a glance, and revealed a bitter smile, “Compared to you, captain, I’m simply a useless person.”

Long Haochen patted his shoulder, “Captain Luc, don’t say that. If not for your presence, we wouldn’t have made it so far. We are members of a same team, and managed to reap an important amount of contribution points. As a team, your healing is what everyone needs the most. Let’s leave it at that, I will set out tonight. I leave this side to you. Cai’er has lost four of her senses and cannot be teleported along with Haoyue, so I will have to leave her here. If you meet with danger here, Haoyue will immediately inform me and I’ll return instantly.”

Luc Xi nodded, “You travel with ease, I will properly take care of the measures to keep us hidden.”

By the means of a simple exchange of words, the two captains decided on the future plans of the team.

Long Haochen returned to Cai’er’s side, lightly pulling her hand, and writing a few words that he had decided on beforehand.

Cai’er was nestling against him, using her slim fingers to write in his palm the words, “Don’t be too late to come back.”

Not obstructing him the least, and not insisting on staying by his side, Cai’er was the same as usual, always giving consideration to Long Haochen.

Giving her a tender hug and feeling her softness, Long Haochen’s expression finally loosened. He was determined, that after coming back, he wouldn’t accept another mission until Cai’er recovered her four senses, and choose to accompany her in Holy City during this difficult period.

“Lin Xin, come here.” Long Haochen called Lin Xin, who was busy making pills nearby.

Lin Xin had to carry the burden of making pills, so Long Haochen set up a special space to let him refine it in a calm environment that suited him.

Hearing Long Haochen’s call, Lin Xin hastingly ran up to his side, “Captain, these last few days have been all right for me. Although this adventure turned out to be filled with many untold dangers and difficulties, we gained even more good materials than before. It’s just that this place is rather simple and crude, so I couldn’t start researching new products yet. But at least, I will have made some of the same pills as before. Most of my energy is directed at making Great Recovery Pills. I should be coming up with the first batch today. I estimate that there should be no problem to make seven or eight sets.”

Just as Long Haochen said it before, everyone was absolutely necessary in this team. The utility of Lin Xin’s pills, often at crucial times was something everyone experienced personally.

Of course, Spiritual Bursting Pills and Bloodthirsty Pills had a certain use, but what the team needed the most at this time was Great Recovery Pills. After all, they had already used up a good amount of the former two kinds. By making some more Great Recovery Pills, they could share some with the 4th soldier grade Demon Hunt Squad. Of course, this would be in exchange for some contribution points. A hundred contribution points per pill; this was the price Lin Xin concluded. In his own words, it was a rather low price.

Lin Xin had his absolute nature of an unscrupulous businessman. In the end, he didn’t collect the 4th soldier grade Demon Hunt Squad’s contribution points, guaranteeing three Great Recovery Pills per person in exchange for all the material from the beast corpses the 4th soldier grade Demon Hunt Squad had collected. This included the corpses of magical beasts they already had stored beforehand, the magical crystals they had. All the storage devices on Luc Xi’s side were emptied of the magical beast corpses in it.

It was a huge profit! But Lin Xin was the only one who knew how much profit this was.

Long Haochen nodded, responding, “I didn’t call you to ask about the situation regarding the pills. This is a field we don’t understand at all. Everything is left to you on this.”

Lin Xin was startled, asking with some hesitation, “Then what did you call me for, Captain?”

Long Haochen gave a glance to another nearby person, before lowering his voice, “I want to ask you what happened between my sis and you? Something is wrong between you these days.”

“Eeh?” Lin Xin jumped back, almost falling down, and on his face appeared a sort of boiling red trace.

“Was there really something?” Long Haochen asked.

“No… Nothing!” Lin Xin hurried to defend himself, “How could something happen between Miss Li Xin and myself? Nothing happened, really!”

Long Haochen unhappily replied, “Your show is really not up to much. Take a look at your face if you have a mirror, you’re blushing even more than the most girly little girl among little girls. Go, I’ll ask my sis later. If I learn that you tried to bully her, humpf, you’ll see.”

Lin Xin revealed a bitter face, “Captain, oh almighty captain, just let me off the hook this time. It’s such a loss of face, I really don’t want to say it.”

Long Haochen showed a serious face, “Lin Xin, my sis was the one in the wrong to reprimand you. But this is after all a joint mission between our two squads, where we have to help each other and trust the other party. I don’t wish for a grudge between you two, otherwise, this may have a catastrophic effect during the times we run into danger. You understand?”

Lin Xin was indeed quite helpless, “Boss, please don’t be so serious. I never bore a grudge towards miss Li Xin! I… I…”

Long Haochen looked straight at him, waiting for his next words.

Shen Yin Wang Zuo Chapter 257: Modu City (I)

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