Shen Yin Wang Zuo Chapter 258: Modu Core City (Ii)

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Shen Yin Wang Zuo, Chapter 258: Modu Core City (II)

Lin Xin stared at him indecisively before finally stamping his feet on the ground, “… Okay, then I’ll tell you. Your sis took advantage of me and forcefully kissed me!”

“WHAAT!” Long Haochen never expected this, and this cry of surprise was so loud that it caused everyone to look over in alarm.

“Boss, keep quiet, or else, how do you expect me to have any shame left ?” Lin Xin said awkwardly, his face turning flaming red.

Long Haochen’s expression became somewhat unsightly, “Lin Xin, I don’t care about your narcissism, but how can you be narcissistic enough to claim something like that? How could my sis force a kiss on you? Don’t forget she’s a girl, and you’re slandering someone’s purity right now. ”

“I… I… I……” Lin Xin looked torn between laughter and tears, “Boss, how could I try to fool you? If not for you, I wouldn’t even be in this Demon Hunt Squad! Let me explain everything to you.”

He really couldn’t hide it anymore, and approached Long Haochen’s ear, telling him about the misunderstanding that happened between Li Xin and himself, how she came to look for him, and told him about everything that happened between the two of them.

Having heard his story, Long Haochen’s became stone-faced. Looking at Li Xin who was painstakingly focusing on training, he was simply speechless.

What’s this?! Sis, you’re too intrepid this time!

For fear that Long Haochen wouldn’t believe him, he imitated Li Xin’s motion, turning his hand over to cover his head along with Long Haochen’s ear, “Boss, you see, when Miss Xin did this, she had a hand holding the back of my head, that and don’t forget she’s a knight! I’m just a mage, even if I wanted to fight back, I couldn’t do anything more than struggle! And then…”

Looking at his grieved face, Long Haochen unhappily retorted back, “You’re the one taking advantage here! My sis is a girl you know, and it was her first kiss. How can you be unsatisfied after taking such great advantage?!”

Lin Xin said in a low voice, “Boss, I’m not unsatisfied or anything! It’s just that I’m not taking advantage at all! That was also my first kiss you know!”

“Eh?” Long Haochen gave him an unconvinced look, “Could you possibly still have something such as a first kiss? What about the young lady that seemed ready to eat you at the auction house? one can pretty much call you a womanizer with certainty, how could it be your first kiss! I wouldn’t be even surprised to hear that you’ve had ten thousand before.”

Lin Xin cried out in disatisfaction, “Boss, I’m telling the truth! I am at most a bit narcissistic, but I am pure to the core. Under grandfather’s tight watch, if I really dared to tangle with a girl, he would definitely not let me off. And you know, I am just a few years older than you, and I’m not even twenty now. I’m not so precocious you know! If I was doing dirty things to girls every day, how could I become such an outstanding alchemist!?”

Long Haochen’s expression turned into extreme surprise, and a long time later, he tried asking, “What do you plan on doing? Treat it as though nothing happened?”

Lin Xin unhappily spoke back, “This was my first kiss, my very first time! How can I treat it as though it didn’t happen? Plus that it has been taken like that. I… I…”

Long Haochen kneaded his head and responded, “It’s enough, go back to making your pills. There’s nothing I can do about this. Think of something by yourself. There’s just one thing I demand of you: you are not permitted to hurt my sis. Otherwise, I really won’t let you off.”

Lin Xin lightly nodded, suddenly lowering his voice, “Actually, I kind of prefer older girls. And Miss Xin is quite pretty. Boss, tell me, if I went after your big sister Xin’er, would I have a chance?”

“Don’t ask me that, I don’t really know either. But know that if you try, you may have a chance, but you won’t have any if you don’t. If you are really determined, just go for it. I’ll be heading to the Moon Clan’s place to look for a way out for us. Think well before you act.”

“Mh.” Lin Xin continued speaking, “I’ve been thinking about something these days. I don’t know why, but ever since this kiss, I suddenly realized that Miss Xin is becoming prettier and prettier in my eyes. I am thinking of going after her, but I just don’t really know how I should. I’ve no experience on this, boss, can’t you teach me?”

Long Haochen showed an unhappy reaction, “How could I teach you? Seeing that you don’t have any firsthand experience, don’t tell me you think I have?”

Lin Xin didn’t have any hesitation to respond, “Of course you have some, just how old is Cai’er! Since you got hold of her, how can you say you have no experience?”

“Just get lost!” Kicking Lin Xin that carried a malicious smile, Long Haochen turned towards Cai’er without paying any further attention to him.

Along with the passage of time, Long Haochen understood Lin Xin’s characters gradually more and more. Be it in terms of looks, natural disposition, ability or background, he was completely above Li Xin. If he was really sincere, this wouldn’t be something bad. But everything would depend on fate, and he didn’t plan on intervening in this. He believed that his own big sister’s judgment would be enough for her to make her own decision.

From the west, the night slowly engulfed the earth, and Long Haochen noiselessly left the ravine, heading down.

The Desolate Hissing Cavern in itself was located in the Central Province of the demon territory, and its location was marked long ago on his map. After passing from the side of the mountain range, he rushed to the Central Province.

Along with the increase of his cultivation, Long Haochen’s ability was boosted as a whole. Although he wasn’t riding Haoyue, when running at full strength, he was fast enough to match a speeding horse in the wilderness.

The current him had already put on the Demonic Eyes of the Moon Clan as well as the clothes given to him by Yue Ye, and made use of the darkness of the night to speed towards his destination while staying low-key.

The night sky was beautiful, bathed in resplendent starlight, with a half-moon spreading its hazy moonlight. This half-moon was partly hidden behind clouds, spreading a soft luster.

Although Long Haochen left, Cai’er still remained in his heart. This time, he gave Haoyue an order, that no matter what, he was not to take even half a step away from Cai’er. In case something happened, he would immediately recall Long Haochen to Cai’er’s side. He would definitely not permit anyone to injure his Cai’er again.

This quicktrip didn’t feel lonely for Long Haochen. Thinking about the whole process of the mission, he summed up the wins and the losses in his head.

Without a doubt, this mission was out of his capabilities from the very beginning. They had run into trouble right after trying to enter through the Freelance Merchants. A series of battles had come one after another. But as a whole, they were still fortunate that at least no one died from all these misadventures.

Difficult battles would polish one’s willpower and ability. Long Haochen believed that as long as they could make it back alive from this trip, both the 21st general squad and the 4th soldier squad would make great progress.

Furthermore, this time’s rewards were plentiful. Having killed so many demon powerhouses, they could already figure out through simple calculations that the contribution points their 21st Demon Hunt Squad obtained through killing demons already exceeded 10,000, though they had yet to determine the total amount. But still, 10,000 was the most conservative estimate.

The stronger they were, the more they had to invest themselves in the team. Long Haochen and Cai’er were the typical examples of this. Cai’er’s case didn’t even need to be recalled: with her strength merely at the fifth step, she had beaten a Fiend Lord of the seventh step in a one on one battle, letting Long Haochen witness the absurd power of the Spiritual Stove of Samsara. Long Haochen had also portrayed sufficient strength as a leader. Be it as a commander or as the central pillar of his team, he was already close to perfection. And during this mission, he was also the one who reaped the most gains.

During the past days of rest, Long Haochen made use of the Spiritual Energy Examination Gem to check his internal spiritual energy, and it turned out that he was currently an Earth Knight of the ninth rank, reaching a spiritual energy of above 3,700. The Saint Spiritual Stove was also distinctly only a single step away from evolving once again, plus he had the Light Elemental Fairy Yating as well as the Pendant of Eternal Melody which he didn’t know the rank of. Long Haochen was certain that as long as he was given a steady environnement, he would at most need two months to reach and break through the bottleneck of the Radiant Knight’s rank.

In fact, when taking everything into account, less than half a year had passed since he broke through to the fifth step. Even Long Haochen himself found his cultivating speed to be quite terrifying.

And this was not his greatest harvest, that would be the Tower of Eternal Rest. Although he didn’t know what this tower would bring him, he was sure that this fantastic tower of mysteries was formidable enough to compare with a divine artifact.

He had to make it back alive no matter what! Long Haochen unconsciously clenched his fists. As long as he came back alive, he would be sure to possess the flight ability by the next time they would enter in the demon territory.

Roughly two hundred kilometers separated the Desolate Hissing Cavern from his current location. Considering his current speed, at sunrise of that day, he would already have reached his destination. The Central Province and its vast plains englobed a tenth of the whole demon territory, making it the biggest of the twenty-four provinces. The demons’ capital city was located in the core area of this Central Province. Though, it wasn’t called a demon capital, but rather a core city, in the meaning of being the core for the Demon Gods. This ‘Modu City’ used to be a huge imperial capital, before being seized and transformed by demons who changed it to this shape over several thousands years.

This Modu Core City was enormous, to the extent that no city in the Alliance was able to compare with it. Its size could be said to be twenty times that of the Exorcist City, following a square-shaped architecture. Within it, the Demon Emperor Palace was situated right at the center of Core City, acting as the central building of the city. The first ranked Demon God Pillar, belonging to the Demon God Emperor Fengxiu, was located in this Demon Emperor Palace.

The Demon Emperor Palace aside, four other palaces were situated at the four corners of the Modu Core City, belonging to the second, third, fourth and fifth Demon Gods. Their Demon God Pillars located inside of their respective palaces, they were dwelling in these places, making the importance of this city to the demon race clearly visible.

At the time this terrifying city appeared in Long Haochen’s sight, the day had already begun, but because this enormous city was completely pitch-black, he was unable to discern any traces of dawn’s daylight.

Shen Yin Wang Zuo Chapter 258: Modu Core City (Ii)

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