Shen Yin Wang Zuo Chapter 261: The Stunning Maid (Ii)

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Shen Yin Wang Zuo, Chapter 261: The Stunning Maid (II)

“What should we do?” Long Haochen calmly asked Yue Ye. After this shock, he didn’t become nervous in at all because he felt that his connection with Haoyue was in no way affected, making him able to leave at any time. Instead, he wanted to see what reaction this princess Yue Ye would show in this kind of situation. From this fact, the sincerity of the collaboration between them would be seen.

Yue Ye rapidly replied, “The Demon God Emperor always comes to see my father when it is related to some important matters. He attaches great importance to his own security, and thus, will command everyone to greet him everytime he comes in the inner part of the castle, using a secret technique enabling Black Dragons to scout through every living aura in a given area. If someone hid himself, it would very possibly be an assassin. Before his Majesty the Demon God Emperor departs, everyone will be restricted to a certain area.”

Long Haochen indifferently asked, “That’s to say, I have to appear in front of the Demon God Emperor?”

Yue Ye forced a bitter smile, “I’m afraid that is unavoidable. I didn’t expect that His Majesty would come at such a time. Now, it won’t be possible for you to go out since the Moon Castle’s surroundings have already been sealed up. And here, we only have maids, and no males. Since you’ll have to come out with me, it will definitely arouse suspicions. What should we do… What should we do…”

Even given her intelligence, she clearly appeared to be in a frenetic state. And it was not surprising: if she let the Demon God Emperor know that she had some relationship with a human Demon Hunt Squad, even her own father the Moon Demon God wouldn’t be able to defend her. The Demon God Emperor loathed the Demon Hunt Squads of the Temple Alliance the most.

Suddenly, as she raised her head to take a look at Long Haochen, Yue Ye’s eyes suddenly shone, “I have a solution! However, I will have to cause Captain Long to… feel kind of wronged.”

Long Haochen appeared puzzled and asked, “What is it that came to your mind?”

Yue Ye rushed to his side, saying a few sentences in a low voice, but Long Haochen’s expression immediately became unsightly, resolutely refusing, “No, this is definitely out of the question!”

Yue Ye’s eyes immediately appeared to be red, and on the verge of begging, she declared, “If we don’t do this, in case this gets discovered, I’m screwed. Although I am a few years older than you, I’m still under twenty. Would you really have the heart to see me being buried by your side? I haven’t even ever gotten a boyfriend yet. For god’s sake, please do it, okay?! It will just give you a bit of grievance. You will be free of it after the Demon God Emperor leaves.”

“You…” Looking at her face, Long Haochen thought deep inside that this princess Yue Ye seemed to really show some sincerity. Although she really came up with a rotten idea, it was still something greatly feasible. Furthermore if he teleported back at such time, he would need at least one or two days of rush to hurry back, and at this time, maybe there would be some kind of disadvantageous change.

“Hurry up! We can’t tarry, my life is in your hands right now. Don’t tell me you still don’t trust me?” Yue Ye was really anxious, her eyes thoroughly red, tears were on the verge of dripping from them.

Long Haochen’s eyebrows were completely wrinkled, but he still looked at her with force.

The gate of the Moon Castle Palace opened, the Moon Demon God Agares led a group of noblemen from the Moon Clan, while everyone in the Moon Castle Palace, including the maids, was gathered, whereas the servants rapidly concentrated in the plaza in the center.

The Moon Demon God Agares was about two meters tall, clad in a purple gown, his hair tied using a headband and draping over his shoulder to his back. His facial appearance made him appear just like a man coming out of a picture. In his pair of purple eyes, a dark golden radiance was embedded, and on his forehead, the faint trace of a bent moon was visible.

In terms of appearance, Agares was the most beautiful man existing, even superior to the Demon God Emperor Fengxiu in this aspect. Though, their mannerisms could be compared. Standing right there, he very naturally became the ‘center’ of the whole plaza: everyone else’s radiance was concealed by him.

Among demons, the Demon God Emperor was the so called emperor, and under him, only two lords could claim the title of king. One was the Moon Demon God Agares, and the other was the Demon Prophet, who greatly exceeded anyone else in the entire demon race in regards to prediction, the Star Demon God Washake.

Agares was accompanied by a calm-looking girl standing at his side. With her slender figure that could be called perfect, she didn’t wear any makeup, giving off a feeling of fresh, pure and almost transcendent beauty.

The most astonishing was that she had a pair of black eyes similar to humans. Without a doubt, she was the most beautiful girl out there, and the only one that could be said to match the Moon Demon God Agares.

At Agares’ back stood a dozen people. The nearest were four middle-aged men, all of them were handsome men like one exists among ten thousand, who were the four so called Great Moon Emperors大天王, the most trusted aides of the Moon Demon God Agares, serving him as his left and right arms.

Behind them were a dozen middle-aged men of the Moon Clan, who gave off a dense and powerful aura from their bodies. Behind them was a group of girls that had stunning appearances.

One of these girls was the princess Yue Ye. She led a group of maids, among whom the nearest to her was lowering her head. Her long black hair was spilling to the front and covered all over her shoulders, causing her facial appearance to be indiscernible from afar.

Yue Ye’s expression was currently quite grotesque, resisting to look at her side with great difficulty, and softly using her hands to toy with her own clothing. Visibly, she hardly managed to keep herself calm.

That’s right, she couldn’t calm down. At that moment, her feeling of self-confidence was being shattered incommensurably.

To a girl, more specifically a stunning woman like her, the greatest pride did absolutely not lie in her strength or her spiritual energy, especially in a group so attached to appearances as the Demon Clan. Physical appearance would forever remain their first criteria. It was especially the case for the concubine at the Moon Demon God’s side, who turned out to be a human female. By relying on her physical appearance, she had conquered all her Moon clansmen; that person was Yue Ye’s mother. Although her daughter couldn’t succeed the throne of the Moon Demon God 阿加雷斯, so long as she remained as a princess, no one would strip her from her honorable position.

However, a few minutes earlier, Yue Ye’s self confidence regarding her physical appearance had just crumbled.

As the Moon Clan’s princess, the chamberlains at Yue Ye’s side were all female. If a male would have stood by her side, it would undoubtedly look odd. Thus, with a divine flash, the solution she thought about was to have Long Haochen crossdress using makeup, costume… and have him act as her maid.

Long Haochen was still a youth, and his body was far from having fully grown yet. Further adding the absolute perfection of his physique, it wasn’t too complicated to dress him up like a girl.

This was also why Long Haochen was previously unwilling to agree. Although they came to a compromise, he still felt really unwilling.

The changes Yue Ye made on Long Haochen were simple: she changed his clothes to a maid attire, hid his Adam’s apple with careful attention, before using makeup on his eyebrows and face, giving him a gentle and feminine look. Completing this whole process only took her a few minutes and no more.

However, at the time she finished, the first person to be shocked was the creator, Yue Ye herself.

Too beautiful, just too beautiful! In Yue Ye’s heart, the most beautiful girl aside from herself could only be her own mother. Because of her young age, the graceful temperament she inherited from her mother, and her appeal to other people, she was nothing more but a bargaining chip. However, after finishing to put makeup on Long Haochen’s face, this self-confidence she had crumbled entirely when he slowly raised his head.

She couldn’t even use the word beautiful to describe Long Haochen’s appearance. A tender white skin, a well featured nose, limpid and pure eyes. Each line of this face was exquisite and delicate, carrying no flaw at all. When this was all put together it produced an absolutely sublime result.

That was perfection! His current appearance could only be described as perfect. Although he only wore maid attire, even the most gorgeous gems in this inner place would lose its gloss next to him.

Yue Ye believed that if Long Haochen removed his magical eyes, exposing his original pair of golden-colored eyes, it would definitely give him an imposing look, carrying the beauty of the sun descending to Earth.

Long Haochen didn’t really feel the changes on his body, only feeling unwell at wearing female attire. It was fortunate that it only took a little while, and all he did since then was to blindly follow Yue’s lead.

Yue Ye fiddled with her own clothes, feeling extremely disturbed. She already started to regret her idea, and had repeatedly warned Long Haochen not to raise his head no matter what. If such a beauty, which already surpassed her own mother’s, was caught by another nobleman from the Moon Clan, it would cause great complications. Even her own father wouldn’t let him off.

Thinking of this point, Yue Ye couldn’t help but have a grotesque expression. Had she known earlier, she would rather have had him pass for a male with an identity as Moon Clan viscount. To speak frankly, it was a wonder if he wasn’t actually a girl disguising herself as a male…

“Respects to His Majesty!” In the midst of a high-pitched call, the whole Moon Palace plaza completely quieted down.

Although Long Haochen lowered his head, he still sensed the distinct oppressive force that filled the air. How could he not become nervous? Two formidable demon gods were present! For either of them, a mere finger would be enough to easily crush him with his current level of cultivation.

However, he didn’t comply absolutely to Yue Ye’s repeated warnings, and secretly observed these people from the Moon Clan standing in front of him. Although he merely shot a glance, it was enough for him to remember a lot with his astonishing memory. Those were the enemies he would face in the future. His current priority was at least to remember their identities, so that he could stay calm when confronting them in the future.

Long Haochen was especially careful to keep the appearance of the Moon Demon God Agares in his mind.

Footsteps sounded, and from listening to them, he already determined the identity of the one who was approaching.

“Agares welcomes Your Altess.” The Moon Demon God Agares bowed before him, before everyone at his back bowed as well.

This was the most noble place belonging to the Moon Clan, but just like anyone else in the demon territory, they had to pay respect to the Demon God Emperor.

Shen Yin Wang Zuo Chapter 261: The Stunning Maid (Ii)

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