Shen Yin Wang Zuo Chapter 262: The Stunning Maid (Iii)

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Shen Yin Wang Zuo, Chapter 262: The Stunning Maid (III)

The Demon God Emperor Fengxiu could be said to be clad in simple attire. Behind him, only four middle-aged people clad in black gowns were following him; he didn’t have any excessive guard. Of course, these were only the people that entered the palace. The amount of guards standing outside was only known to the emperor himself.

Today, the Demon God Emperor didn’t show his tyrannical strength as back at the Exorcist Mountain Pass. Only clad in a simple black gown, he didn’t even emanate his mighty aura, giving him the look of an ordinary handsome middle-aged man.

Lifting his hand, he stooped on the kneeling Moon Demon God Agares, “Worthy little brother, is there any need to be so formal between the two of us?”

Agares revealed a smile, “Relationships aside, etiquette cannot be ignored. Your Majesty, please.” Deep inside, his current thought was more like ‘If I did not put on a formal display, would you really not care about it?’ Of course, this was no more but unspoken criticism. Even with his position as the second Demon God, he wasn’t so different to any other Demon Gods in front of the Demon God Emperor. The supreme position of the Demon God Emperor wasn’t something he could lightly contest with, so he naturally didn’t show any dismissive behaviour in front of him.

The Demon God Emperor nodded, before starting to follow Agares into his palace. Right at that time, the Demon God Emperor suddenly came to a stop, looking in another direction.

This seemed like an unimportant look, but even with the Demon God Emperor’s position and cultivation, his look was filled with unconcealed disbelief.

This reaction simply astonished the Moon Demon God Agares, who immediately followed the emperor’s gaze in the same direction, and this was exactly the direction where his dearly beloved daughter Yue Ye stood.

“Your Majesty you…” Agares felt quite nervous, but was really unwilling for His Majesty to harbour any desire towards his own beloved daughter. For a long time now, although the Demon God Emperor was a very powerful existence, he was still very considerate to his subordinates, and wouldn’t do something that harmed their feelings. But on the other hand, if the Demon God Emperor had thoughts towards his daughter, how could Agares stop him?

The Demon God Emperor shook his head, “It’s nothing, let’s go.” As he was done, he mumbled to himself a few words, but with his incredible hearing, Agares faintly heard that the Demon God Emperor seemed to have said, “They look so alike.”

Agares was startled, scarcely realizing that at that time, someone else was already extremely nervous.

When the Demon God Emperor’s eyes glanced over in her direction, Yue Ye felt as if her own blood was freezing. Grasping her skirt firmly, her body was as stiff as a board, and she didn’t dare to move in the slightest, inwardly yelling madly: It’s over, everything is over…

As the involved party, she naturally felt that the Demon God Emperor’s glance wasn’t directed at her, but at Long Haochen who stood at her side.

Just at that time, when the Demon God Emperor went in, Long Haochen couldn’t help but raise his head, and with this single motion, attracted the Demon God Emperor’s attention, who glanced right at Long Haochen’s face for a very short moment.

Long Haochen felt exactly the same as Yue Ye: his brain suddenly went blank. The instant the Demon God Emperor’s look crossed with his own, he immediately felt a terrifying energy locking up on his body, isolating it completely from the outside world. That was to say, right at that moment, even if he wanted to transport himself back through the contract with Haoyue, he was unable to do so.

Long Haochen felt regret; he shouldn’t have raised his head to see the Demon God Emperor. He also believed that given the Demon God Emperor’s cultivation, he would definitely find out about the attribute of the internal spiritual energy in his body. Can it be… That I am going to die here?

However, the following turn of events was completely out of his grasp. The Demon God Emperor suddenly left with the Moon Demon God Agares, entering in the inner palace. And he didn’t made any more attention, the same went for his subordinates.

Why did he let me off? Hasn’t he discovered my light attribute? With his cultivation level? That’s impossible.

Long Haochen was filled with doubts, but at the same time was rejoicing. He narrowly resisted the urge to teleport back, and finally controlled himself. If he left like this before so many people, how could Yue Ye explain herself before her clansmen?

The Demon God Emperor finally disappeared from everyone’s line of sight, followed by the Moon Demon God, and at that time, everyone of the Moon Clan stood up. During this time, a cold little hand was stretched at the side of Long Haochen’s waist, pinching his skin and forcefully turning him around.

Long Haochen felt in pain as his body was forcefully moved, but extraordinarily didn’t show any resistance. He truly felt ashamed! If not for the fact the Demon God Emperor was absent-minded for some reason, Yue Ye and himself would have been done for.

“I’m sorry” Long Haochen lowered his voice and said this.

Yue Ye ignored him, still putting on an unsightly expression. Her lapel was already drenched in sweat, to the extent that she simply felt as though she was about to collapse after seeing her father leave, almost falling to the ground. She understood the Demon God Emperor’s tricks a lot better than Long Haochen, and was thus put at the peak of despair. But after this despair lessened, her body was filled with two completely different feelings: emptiness and an upsurge of relief.

Her tormented face was visibly abnormally pale. By chance, no one paid attention to her as everyone’s attention was still on the Demon God Emperor.

Moon Palace – main hall.

The Moon Demon God invited the Demon God Emperor to sit down.

“Your Majesty, how is it that you bothered yourself to come personally? If you called, I would have been by your side in an instant.” Agares said with a smile.

Fengxiu waved his hand, and his four subordinates as well as the Moon God Agares’ aides retreated, leaving only these two left in the main hall. From this simple detail, it could be seen how terrifying Fengxiu’s position was. Even the Moon Demon God’s clansmen didn’t dare to go against his orders.

“Now that there are no more outsiders, we brothers shouldn’t have to put on such a front. I came to look for you, first because of some important matters, and also to see you. We good brothers haven’t seen each other for quite a while, since we are usually busy with all sorts of affairs. Follow me back in a moment; how about drinking to our fill tonight? I still want to have a few cups of the good human wine your daughter Yue Ye brought back for us.”

Agares smiled, “It will be my pleasure. I haven’t been drinking at brother’s place for quite a while. You wouldn’t guess, this girl Yue Ye didn’t leave much of this wine to me, sending the lion’s share of it to your place. You don’t know how jealous I am as a father.”

Fengxiu smiled back to him, “What is there to be jealous of? If you wanted to drink, you could just come and look for me. Only third brother and you can call me boss like this, you know? Don’t tell me there could be anything in the way of the relationship between us three brothers?”

Agares sighed silently, “Third brother, this fellow, he seems to be deeply focused on some divination. I went twice to look for him, but he had kept his door locked on both occasions.”

Hearing Agares’ words, Fengxiu’s face seemed to look a bit hesitant, “This period of seclusion of third brother is indeed quite long. As our great prophet that he is, he surely ran into some inconvenience. This cannot be a good thing, I really hope he won’t be back with too many bad news.”

Agares answered with a little disapproval, “What bad news could he bring? About humans? Although they raised their strength a bit over these years, they have never dared to come out of their shell. If not for the fact that boss was making use of them, with a single action from our side, could humans really have the power to resist?”

Fengxiu nodded but still said, “Second brother, you can’t be too narrow-minded. After all, humans have already been reproducing and living in the continent for thousands of years. If we really went all out to handle them, the final result would possibly be disastrous for both sides. Although our odds of victory are higher, this frenetic situation would unavoidably arouse other parties’ attention. At that time, how would our both injured sides be able to respond? Although we have never regarded humans as important threats, we cannot act blindly without thinking. The time hasn’t come yet.”

After a short time of silence, Agares asked Fengxiu, “Boss, I have wanted to ask you for a long time, but what is this time you are waiting for? Why are we waiting to launch an all out attack against the humans? We can’t let them develop like this! We cannot look down on the human potential you know!”

Fengxiu gave him a leisured look, “The timing will depend on ourselves. I’d rather want our kin to acknowledge human’s existence, and to view them as a part of our own race. That would be the good timing to act against the Temple Alliance. What I want isn’t to destroy it, but to assimilate it.

Else, we will be left without way to grow. The human potential is something we need.”

Agares was startled, “Boss, are you saying that we should completely acknowledge and accept humans?”

Fengxiu nodded, “Humans are superior to us in many different aspects, and they have very deep roots on the continent. Last few years, each of my decrees was aiming for an assimilation of humanity. First, we’d aim for assimilating the humans in our own territory in this regard, before expanding slowly. And one day, we will make all humans become a part of our own strength. This will definitely make our demon race stronger. My aims are not limited to this world, but I’d wish to accomplish my deceased grandfather’s ambition to start a war for the conquest of other planes.”

“Second brother, how about letting your title of Demon God be passed on to Yue Ye? Letting her inherit you.” Feng Xiu suddenly remarked.

Agares’ face greatly lost color, “Boss, how can we… Our kin will definitely not accept this.”

Fengxiu indifferently replied, “As long as you have my backing, who would dare cause trouble over this? Since we are planning to thoroughly assimilate with humans, we must be the ones to take the initiative. You shouldn’t mind the fact this kid Yue Ye’s progress speed is rather slow: as long as she manages to gain the ability to succeed you, her future growth is bound to even surpass yours. This is the superiority of the human potential. ”

Thinking about this glance the Demon God Emperor gave Yue Ye, Agares couldn’t help but feel cautious. Could it be that His Majesty is planning to dominate our Moon Clan? This can’t be! With his strength, there’s no need for him to do this. Most of all, the Devil Dragon Clan has this policy of keeping their lineage pure…

A change appeared on Fengxiu’s expression as he continued, “I’m just speaking without deep intentions. I let you think about it, and I will be respecting your opinion. If you don’t want to, just let it be. Plus, you’re still young, and we shouldn’t rush this matter.”

Shen Yin Wang Zuo Chapter 262: The Stunning Maid (Iii)

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