Shen Yin Wang Zuo Chapter 268: Lin Xin’S Counterattack!(Iii)

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Shen Yin Wang Zuo, Chapter 268: Lin Xin’s counterattack!(III)

At this time, a group of thirty years-old-looking men and women stood at the entrance of the Demon Hunt Transaction Center, discussing together.

“Fifth brother, we are only missing ten thousand contribution points to advance from the general grade to the commander grade. With boss training in seclusion, we are for now unable to run missions to gain these. How about selling some equipment to try to gather these 10,000 points?” A slim middle-aged person clad in a wind-elemental magic robe asked.

The one he called fifth brother was a sturdy man, with a robust build. With his height over two meters, his broad shoulders and the martial attire he was clad in, his entire body’s muscles stretched taut, but surprisingly, only his eyes were very little.

His eyes were occasionally flashing bright.

“How could it be so easy? We are speaking about 10,000 contribution points! Boss told us that he would go train in seclusion, so what if he suddenly had a need for some equipment or medicine? Everyone is impatient to advance to the commander grade, but how much would we have to sell if we want to make such an amount? It will definitely weaken our strength. Even if we successfully advance to the commander rank, how would we complete missions with our strength weakened like this? Third brother, don’t come up with such rotten ideas.”

They were a total of three people, with a girl among their group. This girl was clad in a robe of summoner, smiling at what she heard, “It doesn’t mean we can absolutely not accomplish this. If we manage to advance to the commander grade earlier, our strength will rise greatly. Out of the ten newly formed Demon Hunt Squads of five years ago, only six of us are left. The others have all already advanced to the commander grade, so we are the only ones left.”

The robust warrior they called third brother asked in a low voice, “Sixth sister, do you have a way?”

That girl’s appearance was average but she had a sharp look. In a low voice, she replied, “I have a way. Do you remember about what happened half a year after we became a newly formed Demon Hunt Squad? If not for that experience, how would we still not have advanced to the commander grade? We are not even lacking compared to the others.”

Her fifth brother unhappily replied, “Say no more about that bastard that swindled us, robbing us of all our hardly accumulated points. This was my fault for having been so impulsive. This experience even affected my mental, leaving a shadow behind me. Because of this, I’m still even now stuck in the bottleneck of the sixth step, unable to break through at all.”

“At that time, he swindled our Demon Hunt Squad, giving us a good lesson, and trampling on our integrity. When we complained to the Alliance, we hadn’t even gotten a single response. Since the Alliance doesn’t care, just let them be! Don’t tell me we cannot do the same!?”, said their sixth sister.

Their fifth brother’s eyes were lit, “Are you thinking of…”

The girl nodded and continued, “The new batch of Demon Hunt Squads should have already started completing mission. Maybe we will still have a chance. As long as we scrape enough contribution points, and if you try a little harder to break through to the sixth step, we will immediately be able to climb to the commander grade when boss gets back.”

The third brother wrinkled his brows, “This won’t do! We cannot show such a behavior: wouldn’t it be no different from what those guys did?”

The girl smiled in response, “Third brother, this is incorrect. It’s not necessarily a bad thing that we’ll be doing. After having experienced this tragedy, we were a lot more cautious when carrying out mission. You shouldn’t forget that the other Demon Hunt Squads that were split up because of casualties weren’t any lacking compared to us, but we were the ones who lived through. Thus, this experience was also a good thing for us.”

The fifth brother laughed and replied, “That’s right, sixth sister is not wrong. It’s a good deed we are doing by helping those newly formed Demon Hunt Squads to grow on the mental aspect. There’s just one thing sixth sister: where could we find newly formed Demon Hunt Squads?”

The girl stuck out her lips to another direction, telling in a low voice, “Look, aren’t they coming this way?”

The fifth brother looked at the direction she pointed, and really saw a dozen people walking at the direction of the Transaction Center. Their age was already a proof of their identity; leading them were a boy and a girl that looked like they weren’t even twenty in age, and yet, that youth was holding the girl in his arms.

“Fifth brother, the time to make up for your previous mistake has come. Do to these newcomers the same as what they did to us at that time.”

A glint appeared in the fifth brother’s eyes, “Okay, I’m going. Just wait for my good news outta here.”

As he said this, the fifth brother walked forward with spirited and vigorous steps, in the direction of that dozen young boys and girls.

Their target was no one else but the 21st general grade Demon Hunt Squad and the 4th soldier grade Demon Hunt Squad.

Long Haochen was about to reach the Transaction Center with his group, when suddenly, a sturdy man appeared in their path.

“Younger brother, hello. You are newly formed Demon Hunt Squads right?” The fifth brother stopped Long Haochen, saying this with a smile.

Long Haochen unconsciously nodded. They had already advanced to the general grade, but it was still accurate to say that they were a newly formed Demon Hunt Squad.

The fifth brother declared with a smile, “Yes, as I thought. It’s like this, the Mission Tower’s side asked us to look for you, to assign you an internal mission exclusive to your Demon Hunt Squads.”

“Hello mister. We are coming back right from a mission, how could they already send us another mission?” Long Haochen asked with some doubts.

The fifth brother chuckled, “Don’t worry. It looks that you have run into quite big troubles during your last mission. Rest at ease, this mission isn’t any dangerous; it is an internal mission, which can be treated as a test for newly formed Demon Hunt Squads like yours.”

The two Demon Hunt Squads stopped over. They could only felt suspicious at hearing this five brother’s words. However, the Demon Hunt Transaction Center wasn’t a place anyone could go in. It was located in the same area as the Demon Hunt Squads’ villas, and its entrance was guarded by powerhouses. It wouldn’t be easy for people that don’t belong to Demon Hunt Squads to go in there.

As this fifth brother said this, he revealed the contribution point tile in his left arm, and said, “This is my contribution point tile. I am the warrior from the 8th general grade Demon Hunt Squad. They call me fifth brother, so you can call me by this name too.”

Seeing this contribution tile, the hesitations of Long Haochen’s group were greatly dissipated. Since the other party was a Demon Hunter, it was a fellow soldier, which naturally decreased their alert by far.

“Mister, has the Mission Tower assigned us with another mission?” Long Haochen asked.

Fifth brother replied, “The mission is very simple. I am the object of your mission. In view of your exceptional performance in your last mission, the Mission Tower decided to give you an internal mission. This mission can be called a reward mission. If you can complete it, you will obtain a great reward of contribution points: it consists on staking your own contribution points as gamble and choose someone amongst you to challenge me. If you win, you will immediately earn ten times these contribution points.”

Hearing him, Long Haochen’s comrades were eager to give it a try; this was a ten times reward! And furthermore, they had a good confidence towards Long Haochen’s power.

But Long Haochen’s response wasn’t hurried, only politely asking, “Mister, we should be able to choose whether to accept this mission or not, shouldn’t we? Seeing that you are a member of the 8th general grade Demon Hunt Squad, how could juniors like us be a match for you? This mission simply doesn’t give us any chance at all.”

Seeing Long Haochen’s firm look, fifth brother felt greatly ashamed. But thinking about being able to raise to the commander grade of Demon Hunt Squad, he immediately threw off this guilty feeling, resolutely replying, “Rest at ease on that, the Mission Tower wouldn’t give you a mission you are totally unable to accomplish. Although I am a member of the eighth general grade Demon Hunt Squad, I am the weakest member of the team, only at the fifth step of cultivation. Since I haven’t broken through the sixth step of cultivation yet, you will have a chance, and furthermore, I will not use my weapon during this duel. Of course, you can choose not to accept this mission. Though, you have a single chance, so you won’t be able to take it again later.”

“Boss, go against him. He’s only at the fifth step, so we should still have a chance at it.” Lin Xin whispered in a low voice at Long Haochen’s ears.

Luc Xi remained calm and collected, as he stated, “Mister, can you give us a proof that you are at the fifth step of cultivation? And will you bring your stake?”

Fifth brother smiled to them, “Of course I will bring it. However, according to the rules of the mission, the contribution points you take out cannot be inferior to 1,000. If I win, this will be considered as my reward for the execution of the mission. But I can’t intervene for a too low stake either. During the duel, we can have the contribution points we gambled acknowledged to the side of the Alliance’s Great Stadium. Only then shall we start the match. You are really cautious, youngsters, are you afraid of me deceiving you or what?

Luc Xi revealed a smile, “Many thanks to you, mister. But we gained these contribution points with difficulty, so we are of course careful about it. Let us discuss it for a moment, before we decide on whether we accept this mission or not, is that be okay?”

Fifth brother nodded, “Of course it’s okay. I’ll be waiting for you there; you can look for me after thinking about it between yourselves.” As he said this, he turned around and walked to the other direction.

After fifth brother left, Lin Xin immediately told Long Haochen in excitement, “Boss, such a chance! It’s a ten time contribution point rewards! If we manage to beat him, we will have over a million contribution points in the end.”

Long Haochen unhappily replied, “Are you dreaming? How could meat pie rain from the sky? I felt that this mister ‘fifth brother’ was really suspicious: if this was a mission from the Mission Tower, it should have been given to us through a staff member. But he directly looked for us. And your thinking is not reasonable. He belongs to a general grade Demon Hunt Squad, so if they had a million contribution points, wouldn’t they have relied on it to get promoted to the commander grade, instead of giving us this mission?”

“Haochen, you are really clever. This guy has come to swindle us of our contribution points.” Luc Xi said with a grotesque smile on his face.

“Mh?” Long Haochen looked hesitatingly at Luc Xi.

Luc Xi declared in a low voice, “This is a method for veteran Demon Hunt Squads to bully newly formed ones, which the Alliance won’t care about. They pretend that it can strengthen newly formed Demon Hunt Squads’ vigilance. This trick isn’t really a clever one, but after a challenging mission, a tenfold reward is just too enticing to some of the newly formed Demon Hunt Squads that have just gotten to realize how precious contribution points could be. Thus, quite a few newly formed Demon Hunt Squads are taken in. One of my seniors is a Demon Hunt Squad member that also went through this.”

Lin Xin was dumbstruck, “Then it’s a swindler? Is he not afraid of us denouncing him?”

Luc Xi raised up his shoulders, “What use would there be to denounce him? The fifth step of cultivation isn’t something that one can fake, you know!?”

Shen Yin Wang Zuo Chapter 268: Lin Xin’S Counterattack!(Iii)

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