Shen Yin Wang Zuo Chapter 270: Challenge Accepted (Ii)

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Shen Yin Wang Zuo, Chapter 270: Challenge accepted (II)

Long Haochen had a calm and collected reaction, “How many people participated in this betting?”

Yang Wenzhao replied, “A lot. Very few were optimistic on your ability to win against veterans like the 8th general grade Demon Hunt Squad’s members. This fifth brother should have gone out to borrow some contribution points. I estimate that he will be back soon. Just how many contribution points did you bet? How is it that he needed to go borrow some?”

Long Haochen revealed a smile, “10,000 contribution points.”

“What?” It was not only Yang Wenzhao; even Duan Yi on the other side couldn’t help but cry out in alarm.

“You’re crazy! Don’t you know how much energy we would have to put in to gain 10,000 contribution points. You have not only to think about yourself but also about your comrades’ opinions.”

Yang Wenzhao’s words were closer to a rebuke than a piece of advice.

“Is the pressure on our captain something you are involved in? This was something we were willing to do, and we aren’t afraid of the loss.” Chen Ying’er’s dismissive and aggressive voice sounded.

Looking at her, Yang Wenzhao had a serious tone, “Chen Ying’er, this is business between Brother Long and myself.”

Chen Ying’er did a sudden grimace, “Business? Seeing your expression, I’m sure you’re just pressuring him because of the hundred contribution points you betted. And you still have the nerve to come at us.”

Seeing that Yang Wenzhao’s expression was quite ugly, Long Haochen gave Chen Ying’er a glance, “Rest at ease, Brother Yang. Since I dared to bet this much, I have absolute confidence in myself.”

On the other side, Duan Yi suddenly stood up, turned his head and looked quite thoughtful.

Yang Wenzhao felt hesitant, “Brother Duan, where are you going? I estimate that this fifth brother should come soon. We should put up a strong front to support and applaud Haochen right now.”

Duan Yi gave him a glance, “I’m going to increase my bet on Haochen.” Having said this, he rapidly headed to the exit.

After a short time of surprise, Yang Wenzhao immediately reacted, sending a glance in Long Haochen’s direction before standing up as well, and heading to the exit. He even walked a lot faster than Duan Yi.

Being a smart person, how could he not come to the same realization as Duan Yi? Who was Long Haochen? He was the one that surpassed the two of them during the Demon Hunt Selection Competition, as well as the team competition that followed, leading the 1st soldier grade Demon Hunt Squad to their final victory. Would he do something like this if he wasn’t confident? Daring to bet 10,000 contribution points, what did it imply?

And the odds were one against thirty! If Long Haochen won…

The Knight Stadium was becoming more and more crowded and by now, at least fifty people had rushed in. And all the people that came in were exclusively Demon Hunters.

On the eighth Demon Hunt Squad’s side, third brother, fifth brother and sixth sister arrived together. They were not surprised to learn that people were betting on this duel. Since they were going to profit from it, they could just as well share a bit of this profit with others.

Lin Xin and Luc Xi came right behind them, standing side by side next to Long Haochen. Yang Wenzhao and Duan Yi were following behind, wearing ugly expressions.

“Did you start a betting stand?” Long Haochen’s ardent gaze was directed at Lin Xin.

Lin Xin chuckled, “Don’t worry boss, I know what I am doing. Anyway, the whole amount of everyone’s bet was restricted to at most 10,000 contribution points.”

Long Haochen’s expression finally relaxed. If they had collected too much money in the betting pool, their Demon Hunt Squad could very possibly lose a family’s fortune. And afterwards, they couldn’t possibly stay low key. It would never be a good for a weak party to make too many enemies at once.

“Haochen, you should control this little Lin Xin better. It’s so unfair; when we came to raise our bet, he actually didn’t accept!” Yang Wenzhao’s unhappy voice was heard.

Because Lin Xin and Luc Xi were seated at the nearest seats to Long Haochen, Yang Wenzhao and Duan Yi could only go sit a little further away.

Lin Xin put on a wronged face, “It’s not that I don’t want to accept, but that you came late. You only arrived after our betting stand was closed. I couldn’t do anything about it. Right, brother Luc?”

Luc Xi, who seemed to have suddenly gotten familiar with Lin Xin over this little period of time, nodded in response, “That’s just the way it is. We cannot do anything about it. We would need to look for the Transaction Center’s staff members to make sure if this betting stand was fair, and we don’t have the time for this. Please come earlier next time, sirs.”

Long Haochen and Lin Xin looked at each other face to face, giving off perturbed looks.

Lin Xin wore a despising expression, telling him in a low voice, “Those two have certainly betted a hundred contribution point on us, but each of them has also betted 10,000 contribution points on this fifth brother. And now, they want to go back on the deal? They should better have thought it through earlier.”

Long Haochen just remained silent. Other people’s contribution points really weren’t worth worrying about.

Thinking of it, he patted Cai’er’s little hand, before she nodded in response. Then, he stood up, advancing towards the stadium’s entrance. Without any need for him to do anything, the staff member of the Knight Stadium had already invited a Temple Knight of the seventh step to make sure this match would be fair. Of course, this wasn’t done for free. Five hundred contribution points had to be paid to this Temple Knight coming from a Demon Hunt Squad, and this amount would be paid out of the winner’s pockets.

The fifth brother also entered the stadium, wearing an indifferent face, giving a look to Long Haochen who had already changed into his Holy Spirit Armour. He clearly still felt a bit ashamed. Letting a smile appear on his face, he said, “Little brother, you can still think this through. Even now it isn’t too late if you want to lessen the amount of contribution points you staked.”

Long Haochen shook his head, “There’s no need. Since I came here, I will fight with my full strength.”

Looking at Long Haochen, the expression on the face of this Temple Knight of the seventh step suddenly became shocked, but it rapidly returned to normal. Nodding to the two of them, he declared, “All good. Please hand over the contribution of your bet to me.”

The two of them transferred their contribution points.

The Temple Knight declared, “This is just a friendly match, so in case a party concedes or loses the ability to fight, the opponent is not allowed to keep attacking, let alone killing the other party. If I decide that one of you cannot bear the opponent’s attack, I will stop the match. Seeing so many Demon Hunters watching this match, I believe that what they want to see is a fair match.”

Long Haochen’s hand lit up, and his Holy Spirit Sword appeared. He raised it above his left shoulder, before he performed a standard knight salute to this Temple Knight.

The fifth brother also remembered to salute the Temple Knight, and at his signal, the two parties started to put some distance between them.

“Start!” The Temple Knight shouted loudly.

Long Haochen didn’t take out another weapon, only grasping the Holy Spirit Sword in his hand. Performing a knight salute, he immediately launched a charge in the fifth brother’s direction.

The fifth brother was also clad in heavy armor, which was visibly a lot thicker than Long Haochen’s Holy Spirit Armor. Although it was only a magical equipment, its defensive power was visibly a lot stronger.

In his hands was a pair of battle-axes. The opponent turned out to be a dual-axe-wielding warrior.

The fifth brother’s axes were enormous, looking almost like half-wheels. With its upper part covered in an eerie light, it was imbued with magic fluctuations. In the axe’s head, a round green gem was inlaid.

Facing Long Haochen’s charge, the fifth brother laughed out loud, equally advancing with big strides to welcome him. His build was extremely sturdy, and with the addition of his heavy armor, he looked just like an impenetrable wall. Compared to him, Long Haochen visibly looked too weak.

Seeing that the two of them were about to collide, the fifth brother swung the axe in his left hand above his head, launching a chop at Long Haochen. He didn’t attack with the axe in his right hand yet, keeping it near his body.

Facing such a force, contained in this axe imbued with powerful spiritual energy, Long Haochen immediately came to a stop. Parrying with his Holy Spirit Sword, he used a standard defensive posture.

With a loud clang sound, golden light glinted, and Long Haochen didn’t move from his position. The fifth brother’s axe was repelled, and at that time, Long Haochen launched a lightning-like stab with the Holy Spirit Sword in his right hand, transforming one movement into multiple sword blows. This was Lightning Thrust.

Long Haochen was just battling with a single sword, causing the fifth brother to feel hesitant to tell whether he was a Guardian Knight or a Retribution Knight. Divine Obstruction was a Guardian Knight ability, whereas Lightning Thrust was used by Retribution Knights.

Divine Obstruction? Those words immediately resounded in the fifth brother’s mind. Consequently becoming more cautious, he rapidly waved the axe in his right hand, brandishing it forward and blocked the launched Lightning Thrust.

However, Long Haochen’s Lightning Thrust was truly too fast. His opponent was unable to block it completely, and at least five to six hits landed on that thick armor, causing repeated metallic sounds. And five or six dents were left on the armor.

Although Long Haochen’s blow didn’t make use of any other ability, it carried Bright Vengeance, naturally raising its power significantly.

The fifth brother rapidly drew two steps back, waving his pair of axes before himself. Intense fluctuations of spiritual energy accompanied this movement, enabling it to block Long Haochen’s series of attacks.

By now, his evaluation of Long Haochen had greatly risen, and all his contemptuous behaviour had vanished.

This was a Guardian Knight able to use both Divine Obstruction and Lightning Thrust. And based on his offensive power, he could tell that Long Haochen was truly a knight at the fifth step. But how old could he be? Still, it looked as if in this battle, he would really have to go all out.

Two consecutive sword blows were launched, charged with golden Light Thorns, blocking the fifth brothers axes. Long Haochen drew closer once again, launching Assault!

The fifth brother shouted furiously, moved sideways to gain momentum, and swiftly stroke in Long Haochen’s direction with both of his two axes. Having tested the opponent previously he didn’t hold back in the slightest with this attack. An ardent green spiritual energy rushed forth from his body, and the pair of axes broke out with bright light, seemingly becoming especially penetrating. The powerful fluctuation of spiritual energy seemed to be accompanied with a tornado, violently surging up in Long Haochen’s direction.

Among warriors, axe-wielders were categorized in the same category as Berserk Warriors. Completely focusing on attack, they were the same as Retribution Knights. It’s just that they didn’t have a mount. Also, while knights’ attribute was light, it wasn’t necessarily the case for warriors, whose element of predilection was variable.

In the middle of Assault, Long Haochen suddenly jumped a meter high into the air. This motion was so sudden that even the fifth brother’s dual axes couldn’t completely lock him up. Moving at great speed, Long Haochen was already behind the fifth brother, and not only avoided his strikes, but also gave himself an opportunity for counterattack.

Haochen attacked with Lightning Thrust. Using Lightning Thrust again, he was however stopped this time.

A strong green-colored spiritual energy resisted him. With several splashing ripples of spiritual energy, his Lightning Thrust was unable to reach the fifth brother’s waist. Suddenly, he seemed to turn into a green tornado, striking in Long Haochen’s direction. It was Tornado Strike!

Shen Yin Wang Zuo Chapter 270: Challenge Accepted (Ii)

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