Shen Yin Wang Zuo Chapter 271: Challenge Accepted (Iii)

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Shen Yin Wang Zuo, Chapter 271: Challenge Accepted (III)

This happened at a very fast pace, and the fifth brother also relied on the weight of his two axes to gain momentum. Being an experienced Demon Hunter, how could his strength be the same as that of an ordinary person of the same step?

Divine Obstruction!

With a violent collision, even while using Divine Obstruction, Long Haochen was sent back flying several meters. But the illusory green glow surrounding the fifth brother seemed to follow him relentlessly. The violent green radiance expanded rapidly, making his figure completely blurry.

With Bright Vengeance glinting on his body, Long Haochen crossed both of his hands, and Blue Rain, Hibiscus of Light appeared in his hand.

A bright golden light followed, released from his chest, and the condensed liquid spiritual energy expanded outwards until it completely covered his Holy Spirit Armor with a sacred light.

Without drawing back Haochen used Divine Obstruction to block the attack. He raised his hands in the midst of a hissing sound seemingly only audible to Long Haochen. Thousands of strikes were launched from Blue Rain with the use of Lightning Thrust, attacking the enemy in the midst of the green glow.

Is he crazy? Seeing Long Haochen’s two swords launch Lightning Thrust, everyone seemed to share the same thought.

Using Lightning Thrust to block such a powerful warrior ability as Tornado Strike? This was simply suicidal. Tornado Strike was the most powerful offensive ability a warrior below the sixth step can use. Although it was more suited for crowd battles, its power was extremely terrifying even in a one-on-one situation.

Tornado Strike worked in a completely different way than Long Haochen’s Condemning Revolving Swords. The latter came with a lesser consumption, because it relied more heavily on one’s dexterity, to raise one’s power with the help of the enemy’s strength. Otherwise Long Haochen couldn’t possibly make use of such a powerful ability when his cultivation level was still only at the fourth step.

Tornado Strike relied completely on the warrior’s personal strength. With both legs providing the driving force for the rest of the body, the spiritual energy was poured over the arms into the weapons. Combined with a spinning motion at great speed, the attacks burst out one after another. The duration of the attack was far from being as long as with Condemning Revolving Sword, but the instantaneous release of bursting power was enough to be a match.

When a knight faced a warrior’s Tornado Strike, the best choice was to stay outside of its range. Since Tornado Strike couldn’t last for too long, and came with a massive consumption this was a safe way to counter it.

But the fifth brother’s main attribute was wind, and although he had a massive build, his speed was also surprisingly fast. At the time Long Haochen was sent flying, the opponent was immediately going after him. Confronting Tornado Strike and its pulling force as well as its terrible offensive strength, Long Haochen’s Nine Long Footsteps weren’t enough to dodge the strike.

In contrast with Tornado Strike, Lightning Thorn was merely a Retribution Knight ability of the second step. When comparing an ability at the early stage of the second step and one that reached the peak of the fifth step, what result could be expected? Even with dual sword, how could he contend against this? Wouldn’t this difference in strength just cause his own death?

However, the Temple Knight acting as a referee didn’t show the slightest sign of wanting to stop the fight. Instead, the look he gave Long Haochen was immediately filled with astonishment.

As far as the eye could see, the shower of light attacks was meeting with the green glow like rain frantically hitting at a tornado. The absolute majority of the observing Demon Hunters were between the fourth and the sixth step of cultivation, so the ones that could see this exchange of strikes clearly were few. But the few people that saw it couldn’t help but open their mouths wide, expressing utter shock.

Under normal circumstances, Lightning Thorn couldn’t contend against Tornado Strike, and was bound to directly be repelled. Most of the time, the sword would be sent flying after the first contact.

However, when Long Haochen’s Lightning Thorn clashed with the fifth brother’s Tornado Strike, each of his blows penetrated deep into the green glow, and in the midst of a series of weird sounds, the thick stabs penetrated into the green fan that was spinning at great speed.

The rotating speed of the fifth brother’s Tornado Strike seemed to be reduced by this scattering bright rain. Being forcefully interrupted like this, the fifth brother stumbled and almost fell down. On his armor and the axes, an uncountable amount of deep marks were left. It was fortunate that Tornado Strike was such a powerful attack, therefore, those traces weren’t deep enough to reach his body, but this magical armor was visibly heavily damaged.

Did Haochen really only use Lightning Thorn? Of course not, this was a completely newly created ability which he named Demon Wiping Flash.

The prerequisite of this skill stemmed from Lightning Thorn and the marvelous Blue Rain, Hibiscus of Light. Further adding the use of Long Haochen’s self-created Ripples of Light to it, this was an ability Long Haochen took close to a month to create. Its power could of course not be compared to a Lightning Thrust. Naturally, its consumption of spiritual energy was also comparable with an ability of the fifth step.

More importantly, this ability’s greatest advantage was that it applied very fundamental principles, making it possible to combine it with other abilities, like Holy Sword which was a perfect match for it.

Long Xingyu had told Haochen once that if he was to create an ability, the best choice would be to do it by strengthening a basic ability. The reason was because all the complex and powerful abilities were evolved from fundamental abilities. Strengthening a basic ability was the same as strengthening all the related abilities at once.

On this day and during this battle, Haochen attempted to use this ability of Demon Wiping Flash for the first time. Yet this technique easily broke through the fifth brother’s Tornado Strike under everyone’s shocked gazes.

The most shocked was naturally the fifth brother himself. Although Demon Wiping Flash didn’t hit his body, all those faint stabs really passed through his Tornado Strike. Had his Tornado Strike just been split like that?

From the beginning, the fifth brother was planning on relying on the difference of cultivation to suppress Long Haochen. Long Haochen’s previous use of Divine Obstruction wasn’t enough to catch his attention. After all this signature skill of a Guardian Knight was mostly a defensive ability. But at the same time, Divine Obstruction needed a good foresight, as it couldn’t be used to defend against any attack without comrades covering the flanks. In a one-on-one battle, it would make one vulnerable to some extent. However, even before the two of them went against each other head on, both in regards to his weapon as well as his spiritual energy, he was actually the one that had been suppressed.

A restless feeling infested the fifth brother’s mind. Before this, he never thought that he could possibly end up as the defeated party. But at this moment, he had no choice but to think about this possibility, he couldn’t avoid feeling a chill running down his spine.

I cannot hold back in the slightest, this knight is definitely no small fry!

A shout burst out from the fifth brother’s mouth, and immediately, his muscular body emanated a feeling of majestic power. It was Madness.

At this very moment, a bright white light shone on the side of his left hand. Immediately, an enormous figure appeared and enlarged, forming a tall warrior entirely clad in armor. It was just that this warrior didn’t have any living aura.

This was the little sculpture that his sixth sister handed over to him, a metallic puppet made of fine gold. Its extraordinary strength could match up to a warrior at the peak of the fifth step. It was wielding a pair of swords in its hands.

I cannot afford to lose. No matter what! Carrying great determination, the fifth brother suddenly jumped forward, and the strong green glow surrounding him suddenly became more solid. His speed and strength erupting, he arrived in front of Long Haochen in a flash, launching a full-power attack. The metallic puppet followed him in his tracks, launching a pair of sword-attacks at Long Haochen’s back at the same time.

This happened in a very short span of time. Right after seeing Tornado Strike being suppressed, the fifth brother’s reaction was immediate.

Long Haochen didn’t keep meeting him head on. When confronting two enemies at once, he launched another Assault, increased his speed to the peak and passed the metallic puppet and the fifth brother, breaking away from their combined assault. At this very moment, a bright gleam appeared on his chest, revealing the four winged Light Elemental Fairy Yating. She ascended to the sky, chanting at great speed in a pleasant voice that resonated in the whole stadium.

The instant Yating appeared, Long Haochen’s body was ignited in holy flames. Following next, Yating displayed her might, revealing the powerful assisting ability of a Light Elemental Fairy at the third stage of evolution.

Halo of Faith, Guardian’s Favor, Imposing Halo, Spiritual Gathering Halo. It seemed to take only two seconds for each of those great supplementary abilities to be completed. On Long Haochen’s body, the traces of the four halos appeared immediately.

Who wouldn’t have recognized this Light Elemental Fairy. It was one of the best supportive spiritual stoves, and more importantly, the Demon Hunters that belonged to the younger elite generation of the Alliance naturally recognized that low-ranked elemental fairy of more than half a meter height.

Yang Wenzhao and Duan Yi couldn’t help but stare blankly. Moments before, Long Haochen’s Demon Wiping Flash already caused them to be incomparably shocked, but when seeing the currently evolved Yating, they suddenly realized how much the gap between Long Haochen and themselves had increased. Even with the efforts they made over these past months they couldn’t compare with him.

The metallic puppet wasn’t intelligent, only following battle instinct. At the time Long Haochen used Assault to escape from it, it immediately chased after him, letting out resonant sounds while stepping on the ground. After closing in, it suddenly jumped up, jumping right into Long Haochen’s range.

At the time the fifth brother saw the Light Elemental Fairy, he slowed down, filled with serious thoughts deep inside.

A warrior was originally disadvantaged against a knight, but until now, this young knight didn’t even summon his mount. And as for why his spiritual energy wasn’t suppressed, could it be because he was actually a knight at the peak of the fifth step? But this… This is impossible! Just how old… A knight at the peak of the fifth step that is below twenty years old?! This is impossible!

Still filled with the conviction to win, the fifth brother followed closely after the metallic puppet charging at Long Haochen from behind.

A dragon cry resounded in the whole field, and everyone saw a gigantic golden dragon suddenly rise from the ground, confronting this super strong metallic puppet. Long Haochen chose to meet the opponent head on, and in the instant Ascending Dragon Strike was launched, the holy flames surrounding his body transformed into sunfire with the help of Yating’s incantations. Intense light element erupted from his chest. Drawing power from the Pendant of Eternal Rest as well as his Saint Spiritual Stove, Long Haochen put the ability of the spiritual orifices possessed by Radiant Knights of the sixth step to use.

Bzz, Ss!

A monstrous sound broke out from the sky, illuminating the whole Knight Stadium in its bright light, just like the sun appearing in the sky.

The metallic puppet’s massive figure was melted under this dragon cry, and after being enveloped by that resplendant sacred light, it didn’t appear again.

Shen Yin Wang Zuo Chapter 271: Challenge Accepted (Iii)

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