Shen Yin Wang Zuo Chapter 275: Collective Training Behind Closed Doors (Iii)

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Shen Yin Wang Zuo, Chapter 275: Collective training behind closed doors (III)

Lin Xin snorted twice successively, “Then that’s just like me.”

Sima Xian replied, “But haven’t you just been threatening people? If you make fake drugs for me to take, hehe, I may have a nice chat about it with Li Xin. On the basis of your flashy appearance, how about trying to see whether Li Xin would believe it if I made up a story about one of your ex-girlfriends?”

“You… Okay you win this time. Bro is terrified.” Lin Xin revealed an indignant expression, finally stopping to pay attention to Sima Xian. Seeing his current face, the others couldn’t help but have a good laugh.

“Speaking of it, boss, after Luc Xi heard that I could make the Conjoined Boosting Pills, he expressed his desire to buy a batch of them for 1,000 contribution points, providing his own materials. Tell me, should I accept or not?”

Long Haochen asked, “How long would you need to make these pills?”

Lin Xin replied, “About ten days. During our trip from Holy City to the battlefield, we should be travelling on horseback and I should have the time to make them. I’m just unable to guarantee that I’ll definitely be successful.”

Long Haochen gave his response with a nod, “Then let’s give it a try.” Individual strength is negligible on the battlefield, thus having another familiar team around to which they could trust their backs was definitely a good thing. Plus, this could only increase the chance of survival for both of their teams. And during those three months of self-training, Luc Xi’s strength also increased quite dramatically. Although it could still not compare with Long Haochen’s group, in regard to the fact that Long Haochen’s group still had yet to break through to the sixth step, the gap between them had truly narrowed over this period. Of course, this was considering that Long Haochen’s group had yet to purchase new equipment.”

As they finished talking to each other, they arrived at the Transaction Center. After entering, they immediately headed to the second floor. Although the first floor also contained some precious equipment, it was too few in number. But at the second floor, at least half of the sold equipment was at the Glorious Tier. It was just that the total quantity of equipment sold there was lower than at the first floor.

Showing their general grade insignia, the seven passed through the guards of the second floor, and for the sake of saving time, they immediately dispersed, in search for equipment fitting themselves.

Everyone had different needs for equipment. Among them, the one who was the least in need for new equipment with supplementary effects was Chen Ying’er, who had been mainly relying on her contracted beast’s ability ever since she got it. But she was unsure as for how to strengthen this little pig.

Generally, the only solution she had to increase her fighting strength was to increase her spiritual energy, thus she looked for the kind of equipment that would enable her to increase her spiritual energy, steady her mental capacity and also offer a bit of defense.

The ones who were the most in need for new equipment were Wang Yuanyuan and Sima Xian. Sima Xian bore the role of a warrior in the team, but was still clad in a priest gown. Wang Yuanyuan also never wore full-armor, her only true equipment being the Gigantic Divine Soul Shield. In comparison to them, Han Yu and Lin Xin were not that pressed to find new equipment; they were all right with any choice improving their status, though they were not going to pick any random pieces of new equipment.

Lin Xin’s Fire Cloud Crystal Staff was already refitted at a specialized place, becoming a fire elemental staff at the peak of the Glorious Tier. He was originally already the richest one in the group, and the gown he was clad in was already at the Spiritual Tier.

Separating from his comrades, Long Haochen carried Cai’er, searching in an area of the second floor. Every floor of the Transaction Center was separated in two areas, with one for the Transaction Center’s equipment and goods, and one where Demon Hunters would put their own equipment and goods for sale.

Long Haochen first went to look at the goods the Transaction Center had for sale, planning to have Cai’er pick a personal armor for herself.

Already having her golden dagger with the ability to pierce through any armour, it was completely unnecessary for Cai’er to change her weapon, which was already at the Glorious Tier. For her left hand, she had the Dagger of Samsara, so she could do without changing any of her weapons. But defense was Cai’er’s weak point.

Seeing them approach the sales counter, the staff member of the Transaction Center welcomed them respectfully, “Hello, how may I help you?”

After thinking for a bit, Long Haochen replied, “I want to buy an armor at the Glorious Tier usable for assassins, as well as accessory equipment for assassins.”

The staff member nodded, and replied, “Please wait a moment.” Afterwards, he turned around, walked inside a separated area, and came back a moment later with a thick file in his hand.

“Respected Demon Hunter, I just checked a moment ago, and found four armors in accordance to your criterias, and three accessories. Please pick your choices.”

After this was said, he opened the thick file, rapidly turning the pages, on which a detailed presentations of the armors and goods could be seen.

Long Haochen took Cai’er’s hand, looking at those presentations as he wrote some words on her palm.

Each of the four armors had particular features, placing emphasis on different aspects. The first mainly attached importance to raising one’s spiritual energy, but was more fitting to assassins using the fire element, as a gem of the fire attribute was inlaid in it.

Cai’er’s attribute was very particular. She was not a user of the fire attribute, but was more accurately a user of the destruction attribute and the death attribute. This was a change that the Dagger of Samsara produced in her, making this elemental armor unsuited for her.

Among the other three, another one had the same problem, which eliminated it as possible choice.

Among the last two armours, one increased defense and enabled the user to use his own spiritual energy for protection, producing a defensive power comparable to an elemental shield. In addition, it had an ability called Hardness. The chest, the belly and the back’s crucial parts could at least bear three attacks of powerhouses of the sixth step while staying undamaged.

The other one increased the assassins’ offensive power, boosting one’s rate of spiritual energy gathering. Although it only reinforced this aspect, through the fact that it was classified as Glorious Tier Equipment, the efficiency of this spiritual energy gathering could be appropriately valued. It would boost an assassin’s offensive power by a factor of two or three tenth.

After telling Cai’er about the two types of equipment, the two came to an disagreement. Long Haochen was inclined towards the Hardness Armor, whereas Cai’er prefered the Spiritual Gathering Armor.

Because Cai’er could neither hear nor see, the exchange between the two of them happened as they wrote on each other’s palms. Just as they were arguing with each other, a gentle voice suddenly sounded from behind them.

“Excuse me, are you Captain Long?”

Long Haochen turned his head, seeing a youth, who was several years older than him. Judging based on his appearance he was probably twenty-seven or twenty-eight years-old.

This young man was tall, at least a head taller than Long Haochen. Which made him already close to Sima Xian in height, since even though Long Haochen wasn’t fully grown yet, he was still close to 1.8 meter in height.

But he didn’t look as imposing as Sima Xian. Having broad shoulders and a broad back, standing in a straight posture he still carried a gentle and elegant atmosphere.

When he stood face to face with Long Haochen, describing him as handsome was a bit hard, but his appearance could relatively be described as pretty good. Physiologically a bit round, his gentle eyes gave others the impression of an honest and considerate person.

“Hello, you are?” Long Haochen asked with doubt.

The young man cordially replied, “I am the captain of the eighth general grade Demon Hunt Squad, and my name is Zhang Fangfang. Salutations to the two of you. Captain Long, may I exchange a few words with you.”

Hearing the words ‘eighth general’, Long Haochen unawarely wrinkled his brows, the matter already happened three months ago. Could it be that this person came today to look for trouble? But this did not come as surprise, they had after all lost an amount of 100,000 contribution points! No one would stay calm and collected after this loss.

“So you are Captain Zhang. Hello, I am Long Haochen. Please speak.” Although some thoughts came to Long Haochen’s mind, he still kept a polite attitude. No matter what reaction the other party would have, everyone was after all from Demon Hunt Squads.

Zhang Fangfang declared, “I came to apologize to Captain Long today. Why are you two hiding?” The second sentence was directed at their backs, and in an instant, brought a severe expression to his gentle face.

Two people came in front of him, somewhat unwilling. Seeing Long Haochen their expressions were clearly unsightly. They were precisely the fifth brother and sixth sister from the eighth general grade Demon Hunt Squad.

Zhang Fangfang gave them a meaningful glance, and those two bowed to salute Long Haochen, and the fifth brother revealed a bitter smile, “Sorry, Captain Long, we shouldn’t have attempted to cheat you. We were in the wrong. We pledge that this won’t happen ever again, so please excuse us.”

Long Haochen shook his head, “The matter is already in the past, and you were the ones who suffered the most from it. How could the two of you be the ones to apologize.”

Zhang Fangfang replied, “No, we had to apologize to you no matter what. I originally planned on coming to see Captain Long a lot earlier, but seeing the sign that you were training behind closed-doors, we waited for this moment. About the contribution points they lost, it was their deserved punishment, but this was also my fault for not having raised them better. As their captain, I cannot shrink from my responsibility. I have to apologize once again to Captain Long.” As he said this, he bowed to Long Haochen, but looked a lot more serious than the fifth brother and his sixth sister, literally bending over at ninety degrees.

This attitude immediately changed Long Haochen’s impression of the eighth general grade Demon Hunt Squad greatly. Hurriedly supporting Zhang Fangfang with his hand, he declared, “Captain Zhang, please don’t be like that. This matter is already over.”

Zhang Fangfang straightened his posture, and said with a sigh, “I’m not worried of Captain Long’s mocking. I’m afraid our Demon Hunt Squad could be considered the most out of luck in History. In the past, shortly after we formed our team, we were cheated by another Demon Hunt Squad in the same way they tried to to use on you. It was a very important amount of 5,000 contribution points that we lost from that incident, which almost caused us to fall apart. After getting back on the right track with a lot of difficulty, such a thing actually happened. To be frank, I wanted to quit the position as captain at multiple times, but after spending such a long time together with my comrades, everyone felt affection for this squad. How could I really abandon it so easily? Please don’t bear grudges for their actions; I have already lectured them on it.”

Long Haochen came to a sudden realization. So actually, they had been cheated like this in the past. Although his impression towards the fifth brother and the sixth sister wasn’t good, he had a good opinion of this Captain Zhang. If it was just him, maybe he would have returned those contribution points, but he was now the captain of a Demon Hunt Squad, who had to take his comrades’ interest into consideration , so he naturally couldn’t bring himself to do this.

Shen Yin Wang Zuo Chapter 275: Collective Training Behind Closed Doors (Iii)

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