Shen Yin Wang Zuo Chapter 276: Changing Equipment, Glorious Tier (I)

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Shen Yin Wang Zuo, Chapter 276: Changing equipment, Glorious Tier (I)

Zhang Fangfang wasn’t a twisted person, and seeing Long Haochen’s hesitant look, he frankly declared, “Although this matter caused a conflict between our Demon Hunt Squads, something good still came out of it. Didn’t it enable me to get to know such a young talent as Captain Long? During the war that is about to begin, as general grade Demon Hunt Squads, maybe we will be allocated to some common tasks. At this time, I hope Captain Long will condone our former problems, and that we can join forces against our mutual enemy, fighting the demons side by side.”

Long Haochen smiled, nodding in response, “That will be only natural. Only the demons are our true enemy.”

After nodding to Long Haochen, Zhang Fangfang led his two comrades to the exit.

Seeing his leaving figure, Long Haochen sank into deep thoughts. Due to his mental ability surpassing that of ordinary people, his ability to judge through observing people was extremely good. He could tell that this Captain Zhang wasn’t putting on an act, but sincerely apologized. This person was quite remarkable! Being so open-minded. But for still being stuck at the general grade after five years, it seemed that they were truly unlucky.

If there was some opportunity to support them during the incoming War Mission, he truly wished to be able to join forces with them.

“Boss, why were you apologizing!? Even though we were wrong, that kid robbed us of hundred thousand contribution points! And a part of this are contribution points we have to hand back before long.” The fifth brother unhappily complained to Zhang Fangfang.

Wearing a serious face, Zhang Fangfang said, “Fifth brother, you’re still not realizing your mistake? Tell me, what is good within the two of you? Do you know how hard we brothers had to work to gain those hundred thousand contribution points? This Captain Long is far from being ordinary. Remember that you have to forget the whole grudge you are bearing. The War Mission is about to begin shortly. Although this urgent War Mission will be extremely dangerous, it will also be an opportunity for us…”

The fifth brother didn’t want to keep disputing, but the sixth sister was the one to interrupt him, “Boss is right, this Captain Long is really not ordinary. From his appearance, he is under twenty years old, but he defeated you fair and square when you were already doing your utmost. I estimate that he was at least at the fifth step of cultivation. Even if he didn’t break through to the sixth step yet, he should be amongst the strongest of his generation with the support of his Light Elemental Fairy. Given enough time to grow, this sort of knight will definitely advance in strength by leaps and bounds.”

Zhang Fangfang sighed lightly, “If only you had realized this earlier. Or had at least checked the opponent’s antecedents, then your defeat wouldn’t have been so miserable. I specially investigated on this Captain Long’s antecedents. He was the champion of this year’s individual Demon Hunt Squad Competition, and the team he led also ended up first in the team competition. And they managed to advance to the general grade without completing a single official mission. From those three pieces of information alone it can be seen that he isn’t someone you should have provoked. You should just let go of this matter, anyway, our bad luck is not a matter of this one time.”

The fifth brother and the sixth sister lowered their heads, and the fifth brother’s eyes turned red, “Boss, I was in the wrong. Because of me, our team sunk into such an awkward situation yet again. I’m really sorry everyone, I…”

Zhang Fangfang was in reality younger than the fifth brother, but he patted the fifth brother’s shoulder like an elder brother would do, “The matter is already over, don’t tell me that blaming you would bring our contribution points back? I just hope you will not be so impetuous again when doing things, at least it taught you a good lesson.”

Cai’er finally couldn’t convince Long Haochen, who put on a rarely seen tough front, finally buying this Hardness Armor costing 8,000 contribution points for Cai’er. Afterwards, he also bought her a Necklace of Invisibility at the Glorious Tier.

This Necklace of Invisibility could enable her to hide her presence even more perfectly, twisting the space to produce an effect of invisibility.

Cai’er could originally obviously not really make herself invisible, but relied on the terrain to conceal herself. True invisibility where the user could move in an invisible state could only be learned starting from the seventh step of cultivation. This Necklace of Invisibility would undoubtedly increase her chances to survive on the battlefield by a great margin, additionally improving the ability to hide herself that she already possessed to an even higher level.

Because of being an ornament, this necklace was even rarer than the other pieces of external armor, costing a whole 12,000 contribution points to be bought. So far, 20,000 contribution points had already been spent to increase Cai’er’s strength.

Long Haochen wasn’t intending to buy too many things for himself. As the captain, he had to set a good example, and thus, headed back after buying these two pieces of equipment for Cai’er without intending to buy anything else.

Just like Long Haochen had anticipated, the number of Demon Hunters flocking into the Transaction Center kept increasing. The official goods were at a fixed price, but the prices of the other Demon Hunters would rapidly skyrocket because of the increase of demand.

Lin Xin didn’t go to buy things, but again took the role of a seller in that instant. In the end, he was the one to sell the highest amount of things on the whole second floor of the Transaction Center.

Since Long Haochen didn’t plan on buying anything, he came to his side together with Cai’er to take a look.

Lin Xin was his usual self, selling drugs, and doing so at quite a high price. The main part of it consisted of Jade Protection Pills, which he originally called Energy Pills, able to increase one’s external spiritual energy by five hundred. But there were also Spiritual Bursting Pills and Spiritual Recovery Pills.

Because they possessed the Great Recovery Pills and Energetic Pills, the pills Lin Xin was selling were useless to Long Haochen’s group. As for the Spiritual Bursting Pills, twenty of them were already enough for them. Long Haochen was truly astute, taking out his own inventory to put it on sale there.

Lin Xin’s pills could visibly not compare to the ones sold in the Transaction Center, but how expansive were the pills sold by the officials? The Holy Spirit Pills costing 10,000 each were considered cheap among them…

Alchemists were truly scarce, which made the produced pills the rarest goods within the Transaction Center. And now that a War Mission was about to begin, a fitting pill would very possibly give one better chances of survival.

This led to the increasing prices of the pills Lin Xin put on sale. In his stock, Jade Protection Pills were the most numerous. And at this time, their price had already risen to four hundred contribution points for one.

Contribution points could in fact not be used like gold coins. Killing a single Dark Green Dual Bladed Demon only brought ten contribution points and no more. Four hundred contribution points was simply no small amount.

But during this mission, the Demon Hunt Squads were mostly at the general grade. Thus, the customers were numerous, and although they were costly, they still sold out at fast speed.

As for Spiritual Bursting Pills, they were directly sold at a price of 1,000 contribution points for one, and 600 for Spiritual Recovery Pills. And this was already a bargain.

To quote Lin Xin’s own words, it was already out of consideration for the fact that everyone were Demon Hunters that bro didn’t open an auction.

As a matter of course, Long Haochen didn’t stop him. Although Lin Xin was a bit taking advantage of the situation, selling the pills they didn’t need would increase everyone’s chances of survival on the battlefield, which could at least be considered a good thing. After all, contribution points were gained by killing, whereas goods for recovery were for saving lives.

It took a whole afternoon for everyone’s purchases to be done.

“Captain, we are done. Let’s head back then.” All their comrades being gathered at Long Haochen’s side, they were all smiling while looking at him and Cai’er. Seeing their appearance, Long Haochen felt something amiss, but didn’t know what it was. On Lin Xin’s side, he was done selling his pills, when everyone returned, heading back to the villa to get some rest.

Having returned to the villa, Long Haochen told everyone, “Stay for a moment everyone, and show what you bought to the others. This will be a good occasion to get familiar with everyone’s new equipment.” This time, their targets of purchase were pieces of Glorious Tier Equipment, which would all bring a considerable boost to their own strength, producing some change to their abilities. Getting familiar with those changes would enable them to preserve their mutual understanding.

Lin Xin spoke, “Let me be the first. I bought consumable goods. Bro cannot attack, but bro has drugs, and I used all the money I got from selling the pills for buying magical scrolls. At the crucial times, this man will be able to be of some use too. Among them are ten scrolls of the fifth step and five scrolls of the sixth step, as well as a scroll of the seventh step which I spent 10,000 contribution for. I will tell everyone the specific details when we will be on our way to the battlefield. Regarding the equipment I didn’t buy anything. With the Fire Cloud Staff’s amplification, I don’t really need anything more at least until breaking through to the sixth step.”

Long Haochen nodded, “Okay, and you, Yuanyuan?”

Wang Yuanyuan replied, “My Divine Soul Shield is a weapon so I didn’t need anything more on this aspect, especially accounting that I’m not good with defense. I’d rather prefer using my two hands for my shield, which is why my weapon didn’t change. But I bought a spatial attribute armor at the Glorious Tier, called Spatial Guardian, which cost a total of 32,000 contribution points.”

At this point, she turned a bit red. During this time of purchase, her armor was the most costly thing they bought.

Long Haochen smiled, “What supplementary ability does it possess?”

Wang Yuanyuan replied, “It can condense a Spatial Shield of the fifth step, only needing me to invest a fifth of my spiritual energy just like spatial mages would do, to release its magic. At the same time it increases my amount of spiritual energy by three tenth, and it’s partially made out of mythril, increasing my strength in all regards.”

Long Haochen gave a thumbs up, “Good purchase!

If this armor was bought outside of the Transaction Center, I’m afraid it would have had an astronomical price. Yuanyuan has a keen eye!”

Wang Yuanyuan smiled, “I can at least use it up to the seventh step, so I won’t change armor until then… ” Clearly, she was very satisfied with her new spatial Guardian Armor.

Long Haochen asked, “Anything else you have bought?”

Wang Yuanyuan stuck out her tongue, replying, “This already cost over 30,000 contribution points. Buying something else would be overspending…”

Long Haochen continued, “And the others? Who wants to go first?”

Chen Ying’er raised her hand, “My turn! My turn! I haven’t bought anything costly either, just some pills for magical beasts to be fed. This was something that has-drug-bro couldn’t make, and I believed my McDull would need it to advance. I only spent a total of 4,000 contribution points!”

Shen Yin Wang Zuo Chapter 276: Changing Equipment, Glorious Tier (I)

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