Shen Yin Wang Zuo Chapter 280: Bloody Battle In The Southern Mountain Pass (Ii)

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Shen Yin Wang Zuo, Chapter 280: Bloody Battle In the Southern Mountain Pass (II)

At the time Long Haochen passed on the Ripples of Light, Li Xin and Wang Yuanyuan went through a lot of difficulties trying to learn it, but instead of giving up like Dian Yan and Han Daosi, they stubbornly continued trying. In the end, the two insistent girls managed to learn this formidable supportive skill during Long Haochen’s trip to the Moon Castle. And they would benefit from this ability created by Long Haochen throughout their lifetime.

At this time, the Instant Blast Cross Cut Li Xin launched was combined with the exploding effect of Ripples of Light. As the Retribution Knight she was, attack was everything to her!

While, the Demon Wiping Flash instantly cut a Bloodthirsty Berserk Demon in four, Ripples of Light at least doubled Li Xin’s offensive power. Moreover, she hadn’t only broken through to the fifth step, but also taken the Holy Spirit Pill, and her cultivation of internal spiritual energy already reached an amount of over 3,000. Compared to the time they completed the Desolate Hissing Cavern’s mission, she already underwent a qualitative leap in power.

She wasn’t the only one to erupt with explosive attacks, since Sima Xian had been unable to hold back since long ago. The moment Long Haochen sent this Bloodthirsty Berserk Demon flying, his massive Energetic Ball of Light was immediately released as well.

With a glint of gaudy dark golden radiance shining in the sky, at the time it was launched, that massive golden ball blocked even Long Haochen’s line of sight with its massive size.

The following scene was just like the results of the launch of a bowling ball. Clashing against the remaining four Bloodthirsty Berserk Demons with an exploding sound, it sent them flying in all directions.

The Bloodthirsty Berserk Demon who was the closest became the first target of the Energetic Ball of Light. His body exploded into a minced state at once, not even leaving a corpse behind. The other Bloodthirsty Berserk Demons didn’t escape serious damage either, and were finally finished off in midair by Yi Jun’s spatial magic spells.
Sima Xian laughed with a pleased sound, “Crushing some flesh with my metallic ball feels so good!”

In the Nubo Clan, the ranking went as followed: the weakest were Berserk Demons, then came the Bloodthirsty Berserk Demons and after them the Scarlet Blooded Berserk Demons. While Bloodthirsty Berserk Demons couldn’t even compare to the strongest Scarlet Blooded Berserk Demons, they still matched human warriors of the fifth step of cultivation. Four or five Bloodthirsty Berserk Demons thus formed without a doubt a very powerful offensive strength.

However, with only four of them initiating the battle, their team of thirteen standing in the front handled the first clash without any difficulties. The powerful knight as the vanguard, the explosive power of the Retribution Knight, and that priest… Adding the spatial mage to the lot, the final analysis turned out just like Luc Xi said before: after having cooperated for a long time, everyone now managed to coordinate to a good level.

Everyone in the 22nd general grade Demon Hunt Squad was straightforward in their actions; doing everything they could to assist the 21st general grade Demon Hunt Squad in their charge. Not trying to steal the merit, but giving their all-out support, and listening to Long Haochen’s commands perfectly.

After getting rid of the Bloodthirsty Berserk Demon, Long Haochen didn’t have the slightest happy look. He also didn’t become frantic from having spilled the enemy’s blood, but on the contrary stayed calm instead. Launching another Charge, he forcibly closed the gap created in the formation. With Blue Rain, Hibiscus of Light blossoming in his hand with a second Demon Wiping Flash, he simply stopped the demon armies headed in this direction.

Those Bloodthirsty Berserk Demons from before were the demon’s powerful vanguard, whereas the ones to follow behind were ordinary Berserk Demons from the Nubo Clan. In front of Long Haochen’s Demon Wiping Flash, these regular Berserk Demons hardly posed any threat. More than a dozen of them were killed with one strike, reducing the pressure in the front greatly.

”Change into a defensive formation. No one is allowed to advance prematurely!” Long Haochen shouted his order after judging the situation.

Their troops’ formation changed along with his order, Li Xin and Yuanyuan arrived at Long Haochen’s left flank whereas Sima Xian and Dian Yan were at his right flank. The five of them lined up and closed ranks, forming wall blocking the demon armies’ advance. At the back, the mages started to chant incantations at fast speed.

Material of excellent quality gave birth to an essentially formidable piece of equipment. To facilitate three inlaid spells, this fire cloud crystal belonging to Lin Xin was just of too good.

Lin Xin was plentifully satisfied with those three spells. The first reduced the time he needed for his incantations of fire elemental magic of a lower step by half, it was the so-called Fire Incantation. The other two were supplementary offensive techniques to make up for a mage that couldn’t use offensive spells like himself. They had a limited number of daily uses, so he couldn’t launch them rashly. But they were all spells of the sixth step, proving that this Fire Crystal Staff already reached the Legendary Tier.

Thus, relying on the Fire Crystal Staff to supplement his fire spells, he brought out the full might of his Fire Elemental Shields effortlessly. His control over fire magic was originally already outstanding, but with the addition of this strengthened staff, he became totally unrestrained. Being completely covered in dazzling scarlet flames, he became the most eye-catching mage on the whole battlefield.

Chen Ying’er was the complete opposite of the dazzling Lin Xin. Sitting on Haoyue’s back from beginning to end, this girl waved her little handsand shouted loudly, “Cheers, cheers… Kill them all!!!”

That’s right, this was all she did. It wasn’t because she didn’t want to join in the battle, but because of her position in the team. McDull’s display of power needed him to consume magical crystals, and it wasn’t as if he could keep battling for an infinite time. In case he ended up wounded, even if he was given more magical crystals, his strength would still receive a heavy blow. Thus, his strength that was bound to the consumed crystals was the strong backup force of the team. It would only be used at crucial times. Therefore, protected in the midst of the formation, all Chen Ying’er could do for now was yelling a few catchphrases.

Yang Wenzhao’s and Duan Yi’s teams spread out to both sides, also finding occasions to join the battle.

The addition of the two Demon Hunt Squads immediately made the situation on this side of the battlefield take a turn for the better. Especially the powerful spells of the mages gave the defenders some time to reorganize their forces.

However, the demon advance was extremely fierce. To say nothing of their vastly superior quantity of troops, they were almost only composed of middle and higher ranked demons. It went as far that not a single Dual Bladed Demon appeared. Even though the close quarter battles, the long range battles and the aerial battles were coordinated with each other, and everyone tried their hardest on each side, the human defense was still in immediate danger.

On Long Haochen’s side, the defense was the most solid. As the core of the team, he wielded his Glorious Holy Shield without being greedy for contribution points. He wholly focused on defending. Without need for him to worry about those demons below the fifth step, he left them all to Sima Xian at his side. One had no choice but to admit that after the addition of the two pieces of Glorious Equipment he had obtained, Sima Xian’s utility for the team had made a qualitative leap. The Energetic Ball of Light was really suited to this guy, giving him the means to completely crush the lower ranked demons with a single blow, reinforced by the Crush ability. With every attack, several demons’ lives were taken, leaving no intact corpses behind.

Demons also possessed a certain intelligence, and even lower ranked demons had an instinct of survival. The metallic ball in Sima Xian’s hand displaying so much power, that it caused those middle-ranked demons to unconsciously keep away from it, greatly alleviating the burden on their defense.

However, the strong performance on their side also attracted the attention of demon powerhouses.

An enormous blood-colored silhouette suddenly appeared from nowhere, aiming directly at Sima Xian. It came at a fast speed, causing Sima Xian who was being refreshed by all his killing to suddenly feel a chill. From above came a strong reeking of blood. Although his Energetic Ball of Light came with enormous power, it also had its own disadvantages, being mainly its enormous weight, thus affecting its handling speed. At such a time, placing the Energetic Ball of Light above his head was already a pretty good defensive move.

But just as if Sima Xian didn’t feel any danger from above, he kept swinging the Energetic Ball of Light in his hand, smashing all of those approaching demons with ease.

With a white glint, the blood-colored luster glowing in the sky suddenly changed directions at less than five meters away from Sima Xian. It was blocked by a glinting hexagonal shield in its way to attack Sima Xian.

It was the Brilliant Holy Shield, reinforced by Holy Shield and Divine Obstruction!
Of course, it wasn’t that Sima Xian didn’t know that an attack was aimed at him from above, even possibly threatening his life. He could just tranquilly face this threat due to the confidence he placed in his teammate.

Long Haochen naturally wouldn’t disappoint his comrades. He launched the effects of the Saint Spiritual Stove and immediately attracted the aerial attack to him.

An ear splitting resonance rang, and Long Haochen was pushed half a step back, his body being covered in a golden flash. Seizing the opportunity, he stroke out with Blue Rain, Hibiscus of Light in his right hand. Haochen launched an attack without holding back, immediately arousing his spiritual energy by the means of Raise Flowers Into Trees to launch an instant Holy Sword, along with Shining Sunlight Strike, both carrying the power of Ripples of Light.

Three skills used as one would naturally not be aimed blindly. Through the opponent’s offensive, Long Haochen could determine his strength.

Stopping the enemy’s strike, the defense of the Glorious Holy Shield reinforced by the Holy Shield Technique was narrowly broken, and Divine Obstruction didn’t manage to completely get rid of its strength, causing even Long Haochen to be pushed back. Seventh step. Which opponent below the seventh step could compel Long Haochen in such a way?

The bloody silhouette slowly became visible, and its appearance was familiar to the 21st and 22nd general grade Demon Hunt Squads. It was precisely the main enemy they faced on their way to the Desolate Hissing Cavern, a Fiend. And this Fiend was visibly a Fiend Lord of the seventh step, just like the one that caused Cai’er to loose four of her senses.

Shen Yin Wang Zuo Chapter 280: Bloody Battle In The Southern Mountain Pass (Ii)

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