Shen Yin Wang Zuo Chapter 281: Bloody Battle In The Southern Mountain Pass (Iii)

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Shen Yin Wang Zuo, Chapter 281: Bloody Battle In the Southern Mountain Pass (III)

The Fiend Lord had a blood-colored heavy sword in his hand. The wings at his back controlled his balance as he was directly stopped by Long Haochen’s Divine Obstruction. Long Haochen was ready and Blue Rain, Hibiscus of Light was already aiming at him.

And it was not only Long Haochen who attacked, at his side, Li Xin’s attack also approached. It was a Shining Sunlight Strike carrying the brilliance of Sunlight Fire, as well as the power of Ripples of Light.

Li Xin’s large flaming sword was also out of the ordinary. Although it wasn’t a piece of equipment at the Glorious Tier, it was still at the Spiritual Tier, and only purchased recently. With the boost in strength she got after her spiritual energy went over three thousand, her speed when borrowing the help of the sunlight fire was at least twice as fast as that of an ordinary knight.

The Fiend Lord unconsciously took a step back, waving the gigantic blood-colored sword in his hand.

Long Haochen’s attack was a step faster than Li Xin’s, and he landed first. After evolving, the sharpness of Blue Rain, Hibiscus of Light, that carried Holy Sword supplemented with Ripples of Light manifested undoubtedly.

In front of the dazzling Shining Sunlight Strike, the Fiend Lord’s gigantic blood-colored sword broke into pieces. Although Long Haochen drew back suddenly as well, unable to proceed with the offense, still Li Xin’s Shining Sunlight Strike managed to strike the Fiend Lord’s body.

The Fiend Lord screamed miserably, forcing Li Xin back with an intense red glint released from his body. But from the left side of his shoulder to his stomach appeared a deep cut, causing smoke to appear from the corroding effect the light element had on darkness elemental bodies like his.

Three spells were almost immediately launched on the Fiend Lord, but none of the lot were offensive spells.

It was the wind elemental Wind Binding, the fire elemental Cage of Flames and the light elemental Light Binding.

The three spells had one common goal, which was to suppress this Fiend Lord.

These three techniques couldn’t be considered to be of high grade, and were of three different elements, but the light element of the Light Binding had a good effect on the Fiend Lord. Even if he wanted to struggle free of these three spells, the Fiend Lord still needed more than a second to accomplish this.

At this time, the Fiend Lord suddenly felt a violent threat arriving towards him. His greatest loss was pertaining to his equipment. Even with a strength at the seventh step, he didn’t have any other equipment aside from that blood-colored heavy sword. At this instant, the Fiend Lord made the most accurate judgement with the help of his innate skill for battle.

Not drawing back, and not even trying to struggle free of the three restricting magics, his body glinted with a violent dark-red radiance.

The body of the Fiend Lord became dark red in color and had a bit of a transparent look, especially on his torso that appeared the same as a dark red gem. This was the Elemental Body of the seventh step, an ability that both humans and demons could use to increase their offensive and defensive capability.

At this time, the Fiend Lord chose to reinforce his defense, before an axe-like shield and an enormous golden ball clashed against him simultaneously with loud bangs.

With the help of Elemental Body’s boost, the Fiend Lord extended his two hands, expelling these two tyrannical weapons.

Two stuffy sounds rang at the same time, from Wang Yuanyuan and Sima Xian respectively moving a few steps back. The bodies of the seven members of the 21st general grade Demon Hunt Squad glinted at the same time as the Soul Sharing Shackles shared the damage received by the two of them.

However, the Fiend Lord didn’t take it so easy. His upper body was in a miserable state from the bombardment of attacks and his fists were madly mutilated. After taking the Holy Spirit Pill, Wang Yuanyuan’s cultivation had increased greatly, her internal spiritual energy having reached 3,500 since long ago. The Gigantic Divine Soul Shield’s power broke out entirely, as just like Sima Xian, she put Ripples of Light to use. Further adding the crushing effects of the Energetic Ball of Light of Sima Xian, even a Fiend Lord of the seventh step couldn’t defend completely against such an attack, unable to return fire effectively.

However, an alarming change appeared at that time on the Fiend Lord’s sinister face. A glorious golden light shone from above him, just like a guillotine falling on him. The more terrifying thing was that he didn’t even have the time to deal with the three restricting spells, when such a pressure descended on him.

The severe oppressive force caused the Fiend Lord to be unable to get away no matter how he tried.

“Geeh.” An ear-piercing cry sounded from the Fiend Lord’s mouth, and intense dark red flames illuminated his damaged hand. This blow was bringing out all of his strength, because he clearly felt the threat of this golden light.

However, to his overwhelming shock, his hands carrying these dark-red flames were cut in two in front of this guillotine, which was incomparably sharp and struck his hands from above.

The Fiend Lord was after all in the seventh step of cultivation. Facing such danger, he still didn’t lose hope, the wings at his back violently twisting and causing a sprain on his worn out body, and the Elemental Body broke out with his full strength from the upper part of his hands.


A blood-colored light scattering along with his fragmented flesh, his wrecked limbs and his thick black-colored blood scattering in all direction.

After this last attack, the Fiend Lord’s two hands were completely crushed, and right after losing his two arms, he reached the edge of death.

A part of his head was also cut down, letting a block of his skull fall down, and his whole right shoulder was completely removed. With his skin and flesh removed, a great puff of his blood was spread in the air.

It was naturally Long Haochen’s two-handed skill, Asura Strike, that needed to consume a thousand spiritual energy, that produced such a terrifying attack. And this was after adding Ripples of Light to the attack.

The three previous binding spells came from Haoyue, perfectly coordinated with Long Haochen. SIma Xian and Wang Yuanyuan’s attacks were just an appetizer, whereas Long Haochen’s Asura Strike was the true finishing blow.

The appearance of the Fiend Lord caused even the calm Long Haochen to become totally red out of anger. It was as if he once again saw the criminal responsible for the loss of Cai’er’s four senses. At the time this Asura Strike blow was launched, his entire body fused as a whole with his killing intent, producing the most powerful attack he had ever launched of his life.

It was at such time that the importance of one’s weapon could be seen. In terms of numbers of powerhouses, humans were far from demons’ count, but how could they have contended so many years against demons, not only stopping them from completing their invasion, but gradually saving strength to launch a counterattack?

This was because of the excellence of their offensive equipment. Humans had their Magic Cannons, the various methods used to make ancient weapons, and skilled craftsmen. And demons? Demons even had troubles to settle their problem of food, and even needed to go through war to reduce their total population.

It could be said that over the past six thousand years, the demons’ force didn’t rise too much as a whole, but humans progressed steadily.

With the powerful strength of the Fiend Lord, if he had a fitting equipment of Glorious Tier, Long Haochen’s gathered force of thirteen wouldn’t necessarily have won against him. But at this very moment, he had suffered loss after loss from the very beginning against Long Haochen’s powerful weapons and techniques.

A black silhouette suddenly appeared behind Long Haochen, just like a bolt of lightning, charging at this seriously wounded Fiend Lord that looked for an escape even in such a state.

Her speed was such that only a series of after images could be seen, leaving her trace.

The Fiend Lord unconsciously lifted up his only leftover hand, letting out with difficulty some spiritual energy along with a punch, but the black figure suddenly became illusory right after appearing in front of him.

From Long Haochen’ position, the black figure was seen being cut in two, but a pitch-black ray sorrowfully appeared at the back of the Fiend Lord’s head.

If the Fiend Lord was in his peak state, he could have stopped this attack by relying on his Elemental Body, but the latter was already destroyed because of Long Haochen’s Asura Strike, so how could he display any leftover strength? The most shocking part was that the black figure that appeared to be hit by the Fiend Lord’s punch immediately became solid, charging at the Fiend Lord’s hand like a bolt of lightning.

Two shadows matched up in the air. At a closer distance, one would have seen the black ray suddenly turn into black dots piercing the Fiend Lord’s head. Afterwards, his body immediately froze, falling down powerlessly, emptied of all vital energy and turning lifeless.“

That black figure fell on its tiptoes on the Fiend Lord’s shoulder, trampling on his corpse and bouncing against it to return back to its feet.

Long Haochen rapidly raised his left hand, that shone in a faint golden radiance. After having previously used fully the power of Asura Strike, he temporarily retrieved his Glorious Holy Shield, and moved his sword from the right to the left hand.

The shadow suddenly arrived on his right hand, and a little white hand came in contact with his right hand. Pulling it with a swing, Long Haochen immediately retrieved this shadow to his back, its pair of legs appearing once again on his waist.

It was without a doubt Cai’er that gave the last blow to this Fiend Lord. Although she had lost four of her senses, it didn’t mean that Cai’er had lost all fighting strength. Contrarily, because she had always been accompanying Long Haochen over this period of a few months since she lost these four senses, she didn’t feel lonely from it, and in a satisfied and quiet state, her strength kept increasing and making breakthroughs. The Shadow Doppelganger technique she had just displayed was completely different from before, its offensive power reaching a new threshold.

Long Haochen currently didn’t have the time to rebuke Cai’er, who took her chance perfectly in this occasion, and released some light element from his left hand, warming up Cai’er who only had her basic perception and her sense of touch left.

The death of the Fiend Lord gave the demon armies a violent shock. That was a powerhouse of the seventh step that, only lasted for a few seconds in front of Long Haochen’s group. As the pressure fell rapidly, Long Haochen’s group was temporarily left without an opponent.

In this state of flourishing war, the frantic massacre didn’t calm down just because of their addition. On the contrary, the trouble got more and more intense on their side of the battlefield. It wasn’t only their newly formed Demon Hunt Squad that joined the battlefield, as Demon Hunt Squads arrived in different sides of the battlefield as reinforcements. Each of them were formed of elites of the Alliance, and their participation immediately brought back balance from the previous state of one-sided beating the humans were going through. And in addition, that reinforcement army of five thousand also joined the battle .

Shen Yin Wang Zuo Chapter 281: Bloody Battle In The Southern Mountain Pass (Iii)

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