Shen Yin Wang Zuo Chapter 283: Ensnare The Opponent Of The Seventh Step (Ii)

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Shen Yin Wang Zuo, Chapter 283: Ensnare the opponent of the seventh step (II)

Long Haochen looked around and saw a tall and feisty figure, carrying a pair of battle-axes. It swept at the demons aiming for Long Haochen, including that Golden Dual Bladed Demon and a great amount of other demon soldiers. Of course, his strength was however insufficient to completely resolve their predicament. This was precisely the powerful crowd warrior ability Tornado Strike.

Seeing this person, Long Haochen was completely shocked, because he surprisingly recognized this battle-ax warrior, who precisely turned out to be the fifth brother that lost 100,000 contribution points against them.

In the battlefield, the fifth brother’s performance was especially intrepid. While frantically swinging a pair of battle-axes and beheading the demons in front of him, he clearly made use of Madness. Even the demons attacks that reached his body were ineffective.

With the suddenly reduced pressure, Long Haochen finally caught his breath, directing his gaze next in the direction of the three Demonic Eye Soldiers.

The five silhouettes that appeared out of nowhere were a group of fighters with wings of condensed spiritual energy at their backs. They were powerhouses of the sixth step, clearly profiting from their condensed spiritual energy.

The five of them appeared suddenly, led by a man seated on the back of a huge Six-legged Horse, a type of battle horse with a pair of wings on its back. It wasn’t a unicorn, but a flying horse possessing six legs. It was one of the rarest types of mounts in the human world. Be it in the air or on the ground, it possessed a powerful fighting ability. The only pity was that it wasn’t a magical beast of the holy attribute, but of the fire attribute. Otherwise, its utility would even surpass that of Starlight Unicorns.

A knight clad entirely in Radiant Equipment was riding this horse. With a towering shield in his left hand and a heavy sword in his right hand, he was riding the Six-legged Flying Horse, striking at a Demonic Eye Soldier in the next instant.

An intense golden light suddenly spread from the center of his body, scattering around. Over a diameter of thirty meters, outside of those three Demonic Eye Soldiers, all the other demons were totally affected from the previous demonstration, enabling his other four comrades to land with ease.

The next performance of these five happened right after a glint of radiant light shone. In the blink of an eye, the three approaching Demonic Eye Soldiers had already become corpses. Their strong offense improved the situation on Long Haochen’s side enormously.

The 8th general grade Demon Hunt Squad was led by a formidable knight. It was exactly the same person who had previously apologized to Long Haochen for the trouble his teammates had caused.

After getting rid of the three Demonic Eye Soldiers, Zhang Fangfang turned around, giving a thumbs up in Long Haochen’s direction. In response, Long Haochen raised the heavy sword in his hand against his own shoulder, performing a knight salute.

Since they still stood on a battlefield, he didn’t have time to say anything to Zhang Fangfang, but when their eyes met, they shared an understanding look.

It could be said that the 8th general grade Demon Hunt Squad had happened to arrive at a perfect time. They not only helped to relieve Long Haochen’s group from a great deal of pressure, but also launched another attack against the demons ranks. They matched harmoniously with Long Haochen’s side and thereby also reduced the pressure on the human army.

The commanders of the Alliance weren’t foolish enough to let such an opportunity slip by, and commanded the human soldiers to launch a counterattack, speeding forward through a range of thirty meters.

From five, the opponents of Long Haochen’s squad were reduced to two, which made the battle a lot more relaxed. Their defense was now concentrated against the Dual-Headed Devil Eagle, catching him off guard with the launch of a sudden projectile shining of bright light.

In an instant, golden light erupted along with a blue light, and in Long Haochen’s hand, Blue Rain, Hibiscus of Light disappeared, launching its strongest attack, Bright Rain – Thrusting Hibiscus. It aimed precisely at that very sly Golden Dual Bladed Demon.

Long Haochen had already charged this attack for a long time, and before launching it, his Saint Spiritual Stove’s Attraction ability instantly limited his opponents movements. The combination of both attacks caused an increase of the scope of his spiritual stove. If used along with that powerful attack,to delay the distant Golden Dual Bladed Demon’s movements, it could be used with the highest efficiency. Next, a golden and blue dual-colored radiance appeared instantly in front of that sly enemy, carrying the same terrifying power as a very violent tide bursting forth.


The Golden Dual Bladed Demon’s body was directly torn to shreds, but Long Haochen still didn’t feel much at ease. Using Bright Rain – Thrusting Hibiscus came with an even greater consumption than Asura Strike, consuming a total of 1,500 units of internal energy. And this was already taking his status as the Scion of Light into consideration, which lessened his consumption whenever he used any light element ability.

This was the perfect opportunity for the Dual-Headed Devil Eagle that had always been waiting for a gap in Long Haochen’s defense. After breaking through the combined defenses of both Haoyue and Lin Xin, he violently rammed against Long Haochen’s Glorious Holy Shield.

Magic erupted at close distance. It was a combination of fire and darkness elemental magic, which passed through the defense of the Holy Shield and the Holy Spirit Guard and sent Haochen flying backwards.

Fortunately, with the Soul Linking Chains’ vitality sharing ability, seven lights simultaneously lit up.

From the beginning of the battle, this was the first time Long Haochen faced a crisis.

After aiming his attack at Long Haochen, the Dual-Headed Devil Eagle’s enormous body crashed in the middle of Long Haochen’s squad’s formation.

Facing this crisis, the seven members of the 21st Demon Hunt Squad didn’t have any hesitation at all. Before launching the attack that killed the Golden Dual Bladed Demon, Long Haochen had already given them a signal. Due to this, his comrades were prepared in advance.

A black figure suddenly appeared in front of this Dual-Headed Devil Eagle. This massive figure’s appearance caused the Dual-Headed Devil Eagle, prepared to continue his attacks, to become stiff, stopping his attacks at once.

It was not only him, all the other demons surrounding Long Haochen’s group had the same reaction. This was caused by a gigantic Black Dragon that had suddenly appeared in front of the Dual-Headed Devil Eagle.

This Black Dragon was over ten meters tall, and the members of the two Demon Hunt Squads were all standing on his back. His enormous wings unfolded at his sides, giving him an intense intimidating appearance. Every demon facing his massive figure, immediately looked lifeless.

At this time, an enormous golden ball fiercely struck the Dual-Headed Devil Eagle from the side. The terrifying blast drew a miserable scream from the Dual-Headed Devil Eagle.

This plan was calculated in advance, giving the Dual-Headed Devil Eagle no chance to take advantage of the situation, causing him to fall to the ground.

The gesture Long Haochen did previously as he launched Bright Rain – Thrusting Hibiscus, was for the rest of the team to coordinate with him. Long Haochen was sent flying but the others were already prepared to follow up.

Han Yu Qian was now taking over Long Haochen’s role, with Lin Xin and Chen Ying’er protected at his back. At this very moment, Haoyue’s body was illuminated in a dazzling splendor, making use of defensive magic to protect the two mages on his back.

That enormous Black Dragon had without a doubt the real appearance of one of the Demon God Emperor’s guards, but of course, it was a fake. The little pig McDull, who had already watched passively for so long, now got the chance to make use of his strength.

This was only an imitation without any offensive power, but the sudden appearance of a Black Dragon caused a terrible suppression on the side of the shocked demons. It was down to the extent that the Dual-Headed Devil Eagle was violently bombarded by Sima Xian’s Energetic Ball of Light, before he had the chance to react.

Sima Xian’s attack also was only launched after using Storing Power. Right after Long Haochen did his gesture, his Energetic Ball of Light was swung at the sky, and launched an all-out attack, not only carrying the power of Ripples of Light, but also at the same time the Sacred Hammer ability with the full power of its terrible weight, directly smashing the Dual-Headed Devil Eagle head-on.

The Dual-Headed Devil Eagle wasn’t weak physically, but his forte lied in magical attacks. However, it was doomed by its comparably weak defensive power. Under such circumstance and against such a terrible weapon, he did not only lose his balance from the bombardment of attacks, but was felled by the combination of Crush, Ripples of Light, and Sacred Hammer.

An ear-piercing boo hoo sound rang from nowhere. With Sima Xian attacking now, how could Wang Yuanyuan not follow? The Gigantic Divine Soul Shield appeared out of nowhere, sharply striking the Dual-Headed Devil Eagle at his left wing.

Wang Yuanyuan’s choice of aim was very clever, and although the Dual-Headed Devil Eagle’s defensive power could not compare with the demons specialized for close quarter combat, he was still at the seventh step. If she had aimed at another place, she would at most have wounded him lightly. But the area around its wings was different. This place contained a lot of nerves, and was also the crucial part enabling him to fly.

With a miserable shriek, half of the Dual-Headed Devil Eagle’s wing was forcibly chopped off.

At this time, Long Haochen had already returned. Although he had been blasted away, he managed to avoid any real wounds on other body parts than his arms by the means of his powerful defense, and the defensive reinforcement from the two spells of the sixth step. He even managed to recover his Glorious Holy Shield on his way back.

The Light Elemental Fairy Yating’s body suddenly lit up in a gaudy golden color, spreading to Long Haochen’s back. It came from the launch of Radiant World, which temporarily transfered light essence to Long Haochen. Although this gave him a non-negligeable burden, it let him recover the great amount of spiritual energy to launch this blow.

The Dual-Headed Devil Eagle was severely wounded. Nevertheless, with a glint in his eyes, an enormous darkness and fire dual-elemental bright mantle rushed forth from his body. But unfortunately, he was already unable to block Long Haochen at that time.

Asura Strike!

Ripples of Light caused Asura Strike’s originally terrifying power to became even more unreasonable, and in the midst of flames and darkness, Blue Rain, Hibiscus of Light pierced through the Dual-Headed Devil Eagle’s body, easily cutting his body in two.

When the Dual-Headed Devil Eagle fell on the ground, losing his flying ability, he was already doomed to death.

Luc Xi’s group of six opened their eyes wide. When Long Haochen’s group of seven burst out with explosive power, the 22nd general grade Demon Hunt Squad was already out of contention, but they didn’t even fully understood what happened, just seeing a Dual-Headed Devil Eagle die so easily.

Shen Yin Wang Zuo Chapter 283: Ensnare The Opponent Of The Seventh Step (Ii)

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