Shen Yin Wang Zuo Chapter 285: Moon Demon Of The Eighth Step Vs Radiant Haochen (I)

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Shen Yin Wang Zuo, Chapter 285: Moon Demon of the Eighth Step VS Radiant Haochen (I)

A handsome man appeared out of nowhere in the middle of the battlefield. That’s right, his appearance was exactly the same as a human, the only difference being his pair of purple eyes. Clad in a black outfit looking luxurious, with many dark purple symbols on it, his collar was turned up and hid his neck.

His skin was extremely pale, and he had a handsome appearance. His pair of slim white hands was spread to the two sides of his body, producing two purple black spherical balls. He shot them from his slender fingers, aiming right at the crowds of the Six Great Temples. Black fog erupted from the explosion of his violent attack.

Long Haochen’s group was at a close distance from this handsome man, thus becoming a target of his purple black colored spheres. Raising his shield and putting Holy Shield to use, Long Haochen took his unenviable responsibility of stopping this purple blackish ball’s explosion.

However, this black-clad youth was just too strong. A mere little purple black colored ball almost sent Long Haochen flying, and the Glorious Holy Shield was not only damaged despite the use of Holy Shield, its main part even looked a bit burned.

What kind of strength is that? Everyone turned pale with fright, making haste to get into formation and a great amount of defensive spells covered Long Haochen.

Perhaps others wouldn’t have recognized the clan affiliation of this human-looking black-clad man, but how could Long Haochen not recognize? Regardless of whether this was based on his appearance or his clothes, this was clearly an authentic powerhouse of the Moon Clan, and one at the eighth step at that.

On the battlefield, this was the first time Long Haochen’s group confronted an enemy at the eighth step.

Looking at him, Long Haochen couldn’t help but ponder deeply. This kind of powerhouse of the eighth step from the Moon Clan should be fighting in the air, but this black-clad youth joined the battle on the ground. This simply implied that in the air, the number of demons was abundant, which could be no good thing for the Temple Alliance as well as the Southern Mountain’s City.

The youth from the Moon Clan looked at them, filled with disdain. He simply stayed at the same place, motionless, and bombarded them with his purple black colored balls, continuously reaping human lives.

Many attacks of human mages were launched against him, but were blocked by a simple defensive shield that he released, easily rendering them useless.

In a few short breaths, he had already massacred close to a hundred humans.

Long Haochen suddenly turned back, giving a look to his comrades. Everyone gave him a determined and resolute look.

“Han Yu, what are the ten standards of a knight?” Long Haochen suddenly shouted loudly.

Han Yu replied loudly without hesitation, “Modesty, honesty, compassion, courage, fairness, sacrifice, honor, perseverance, charity, righteousness.”

Long Haochen clenched his teeth, “Follow me.” Saying this, he put two pills in his mouth, carrying a determined look, approaching that Moon Demon of the eighth step with large strides.

When Long Haochen took this first step, the twelve people behind him, including Cai’er on his back, all felt Long Haochen’s determined resolution. They felt from the depths of their hearts that Long Haochen was a real knight!

In that instant, Long Haochen didn’t have honor in mind, neither benefit, but just thought of doing his utmost to resist the Moon Demon’s attack, so that more of the warriors and mages of the Temple Alliance would stay alive. That was his sole purpose.

This was not about facing difficulty, but purely facing death without fear. With every step he took, Long Haochen’s aura became more imposing, rapidly bringing out the effects of the Bloodthirsty Pill and the Spiritual Bursting Pill. A dense golden light continuously rushed forth from his body, and at this very instant, Long Haochen’s chest seemed to be burning to the limit, while the red-hot feeling immediately spread to his whole body.

In his chest, the Saint Spiritual Stove seemed to disappear together with the Eternal Melody. Instead, the effect of a black hole, madly surging in all the light element in his surroundings, manifested.

A divine energy rushed forth from Long Haochen’s body like a volcanic eruption, and a blazing sunlight fire immediately ascended from it. A pair of golden wings unfolded at his back, close to his shoulders.

Condensed spiritual energy. That was it, the condensed spiritual energy that was the symbol of a Radiant Knight of the sixth step.

Who would have expected Long Haochen to have a breakthrough at such a moment. This breakthrough didn’t rely on the power of the Bloodthirsty Pill and the Spiritual Bursting Pill, but on the combination of his determination, the effects of Eternal Melody and the Saint Spiritual Stove.

It had already been a few months since he reached this critical point, and those months of cultivation could be said to have led to this moment. Long Haochen had already accumulating all the spiritual energy he needed for this breakthrough. And at his time, the determination in him grew to the peak, choosing to face the enormous pressure brought by the Moon Demon of the eighth step. The spiritual energy in his body burst forth at this time, finally breaking past the bottleneck of the sixth step. Right before this suicidal battle, his cultivation reached the level of a Radiant Knight of the sixth step.

The Scion of Light’s capacity wasn’t only his genius of understanding, but also his willpower and his extremely pure heart.

Each of Long Haochen’s condensed wings was a meter and a half long, spreading from his back, but not affecting Cai’er because they were made of pure energy.

At the sixth step, everyone would have differences in their spiritual wings. Long Haochen’s spiritual wings were extremely unusual. On his entirely resplendent golden wings, there seemed to be countless little glints of the sun. Each of the spiritual energy feathers was extremely distinct, and the instant his wings unfolded, the light essence in the air seemed to flock to them, as if coming back to its source. The dazzling wings illuminated at least a scope of a hundred meters, making it impossible for them to go unnoticed by others. All friendly forces in this range felt at that time that their spiritual energy recovered, and that their wounds healed a little.

Long Haochen’s eyes glinted brilliantly, and his black hair also became golden colored. At this time, he gave off a unique sensation. It was as if, as long as he would be present, all darkness would disperse from the area.

The Moon Demon immediately felt Long Haochen’s presence, unconsciously turning around. When he saw the intense golden wings on Long Haochen’s back, his face was immediately filled with a loathing expression. With a cold snort, he headed towards Long Haochen’s direction and aimed a punch in the air, immediately launching a black light wave of a third of meter in diameter at Long Haochen.

Long Haochen didn’t avoid it. With the boost from the Spiritual Bursting Pill and the Bloodthirsty Pill, and with his new advancement to the realm of a Radiant Knight, he felt as if he was filled with unlimited spiritual energy. The Brilliant Holy Shield in his hand suddenly disappeared, and welcoming this attack, two swords were wielded, launching an Asura Strike. This was unexpectedly an Asura Strike launched against another Asura Strike.

A golden colored illumination immediately spread in the air, and this golden radiance spread over three meters onwards, carrying an ear-piercing hissing sound just like the one that originally erupted from the Desolate Hissing Cavern, shaking the whole battlefield.

This black light wave was directly sliced in two in front of Long Haochen’s Asura Strike, and produced an intense explosion. Its force struck against the ground on the two sides behind him. The traces of the explosion extended over five meters diameter.

“Eh?” The Moon Demon gave Long Haochen a surprised look. Although the illumination that was emitted from Long Haochen’s two wings was intense, he could clearly feel with his cultivation being at the eighth step that he was merely facing a human knight at the sixth step of cultivation and no more. Being only at the sixth step, how could he face his attacks?

The Brilliant Holy Shield appeared again in Long Haochen’s left hand, meanwhile a silvery white radiance bubbled out from his chest. The Moon Demon planned to avoid it, but discovered that he couldn’t. As it reached him, the silvery white radiance attached to his body, and connected the two of them like a bridge.

This was the Saint Spiritual Stove’s new ability after having just evolved. At the same time Long Haochen’s cultivation broke through to the sixth step, his Saint Spiritual Stove had also completed it’s second evolution.

The Alliances powerhouses around him that were being beaten down couldn’t help but cheer loudly, filled with excitement.  

The arrival of the Moon Demon at the eighth step was a disaster for them. But during this time of crisis, a human knight, releasing spiritual wings, appeared on the battlefield. The fact that he resisted the attack of this Moon Demon and managed to use the Saint Spiritual Stove implied, that this Moon Demon was temporarily unable to launch any attacks against the counterattacking human forces. Filled with a growing energy, they charged madly at the demons in front of them.

“Hmpf.” The Moon Demon’s purples eyes were filled with a cold look, and his body flashed, appearing like a purple bolt in the air, unconsciously arriving directly in front of Long Haochen. Still without any weapon, his fist directly aimed at Long Haochen.

A series of rumbles could be heard from his punch dealt in his direction. In an instant, Long Haochen was already cloaked in eight layers of magic surrounding his body, and each of them was at the fifth step. They came from the joined act of Haoyue, Han Yu, Lin Xin, Luc Xi as well as Yi Jun.

The strength of the Moon Demon at the eighth step was indeed brutal, but in front of eight defensive spells, it was still be weakened to some extent.

Bowing forward and using Divine Obstruction, Long Haochen suddenly stepped forward, while the spiritual wings at his back increased in brightness. The sunlight fire condensed on his Brilliant Holy Shield and the Holy Shield ability that was launched directly from it were used to the maximum extent once again.

In a violent explosion, Long Haochen was still pushed eight steps back, barely standing straight. A golden illumination suddenly covered the body of the seven members of the 21st Demon Hunt Squad.

With the absolute power resulting from the eighth step of cultivation, the existing gap was still immense. Even if his cultivation finally reached the sixth step and he took two instantaneous boosting pills, he was still beaten back. If not for the Soul Sharing Shackles’ effects, this mere attack would even have caused him to be seriously wounded.

This won’t do, we won’t be able to block his attacks.

At the same time Long Haochen’s body was pushed back, in his hand, Blue Rain, Hibiscus of Light rapidly drew a symbol in the air, launching Wiping Demon Flash. The myriad of its radiances managed to slow down the speed of the Moon Demon.

Seeing this symbol, Wang Yuanyuan, Sima Xian, Han Yu, Lin Xin, took a pill, and on Long Haochen’s back, Cai’er did exactly the same. Meanwhile, Long Haochen immediately swallowed two other pills, an Energetic Pill and a Conjoined Spiritual Boosting Pill.

Shen Yin Wang Zuo Chapter 285: Moon Demon Of The Eighth Step Vs Radiant Haochen (I)

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