Shen Yin Wang Zuo Chapter 287: Moon Demon Of The Eighth Step Vs Radiant Haochen (Iii)

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Shen Yin Wang Zuo, Chapter 287: Moon Demon of the Eighth Step VS Radiant Haochen (III)

Bright Discipline emitted a great amount of power filled with sacred light, and this intense holy aura caused all the demons who could sense it to cower.

Long Haochen didn’t expect the attack to have such a deterrence effect on the demons in the surroundings. He would never have anticipated that, after an enormous amount of spiritual energy was poured into it, this sword at the Glorious Tier would show such great effects. Long Haochen firmly gripped Bright Discipline with both of his hands, but his body trembled slightly. He could ascertain that if not for the tremendous increase of his control, stemming from the fusion with Haoyue, he would not be able to use Storing Power steadily.

But regardless of how huge the pain he endured was, his expression was still as firm, and those exceptionally firm eyes glowed brilliantly. He coldly faced the Moon Demon at the eighth step from a distance of only a few meters.

The appearance of the formidable Moon Demon, had immediately caused a huge panic. But the offensive power of the Dual Dragons of Bright Rain served as a counterattack. Though it only caused light wounds to the Moon Demon, this formidable ability of fusing water with light shackled the opponent. And this happened while the attack also continuously corroded his body.

Because he just had used a powerful ability to resist the two consecutive attacks from Long Haochen, it came with a certain time of recoil. Therefore, the Moon Demon was temporarily unable to counterattack. Still being suppressed by the Dual Dragons of Bright Rain, he panicked at the sight of this youth’ storing power. Although this attack had yet to be unleashed, a mere look at the sword in his hand caused his body to ache dully.

Long Haochen was really going all out, showing no restraint. After launching this last blow, he would lose all fighting capability, but even so, he wasn’t the slightest bit hesitant. Even if he were to die here, he had to launch this full-power attack.

The Holy Sword embedded in Bright Discipline itself became transparent, even more transparent than crystal, reflecting countless traces of holy light.

Long Haochen was waiting, waiting for the split second the Moon Demon would throw off the effects of the Dual Dragons of Bright Rain, or perhaps for the duration of the Conjoined Spiritual Boosting Pill to come to an end. Even if it was just one quota of a thousand more power, he still needed to make full use of it while going all out.

His recently condensed Spiritual Cavities were overloaded with the spiritual energy present in his body. Having lost all ability to absorb the external light essence, Yating still displayed utter loyalty to her duty, sending her power into Bright Discipline for this last blow.

The Moon Demon’s panic increased as the Bright Discipline kept strengthening more and more. I don’t have a single second to waste, this human is really able to threaten my life!

The Moon Demon’s purple eyes suddenly became shiny, just as resplendent as crystals. The dark purple moon at his back, which had an illusory look because of the Dual Dragons of Bright Rain’s attack, suddenly brightened. The purple light on his body rose, and a dark purple liquid gushed out from his mouth. This blood was instantly transformed into dark purple symbols in the air, and as that bent moon at his back trembled, a radiance immediately erupted from his chest, forcibly breaking past the Dual Dragons of Bright Rain.

Starting this struggle clearly gave him an immense burden, and his purple eyes darkened right after breaking through the Dual Dragons of Bright Rain.

At this very moment, Long Haochen made his move. Bright Discipline carried an indescriptible sound coming out of nowhere, and the next second, all the surrounding radiance was gathered on this attack. It created a golden surge in the air, which produced a forceful attractive force. It attracted even the corpses on the ground, absorbing everything into a pitch-black crevice.

A sharp attack, this was an incomparably sharp attack. All the surrounding people could distinctly feel the terror produced by this sharp attack, giving off the truly terrible feeling, as if nothing in the world could possibly block it.

Of course, the Moon Demon wouldn’t wait helplessly for death. At the time the Dual Dragons of Bright Rain disappeared, a dark purple radiance emerged from him and his right hand was stretched to his back, surprisingly grabbing the condensed bent moon. He pulled it off in a final desperate try.

Under normal circumstances, even in this powerful state, Long Haochen could only possibly succumb. After all, the gap between the seventh and the eighth step was far wider than the gap between the fifth and the sixth step.

But fortunately, the difference lied in the fact that only one party attacked while the other side simply defended. Also, Long Haochen was not afraid of death, completely ready to stake his life. The instant he charged in the direction of the Moon Demon, he didn’t even think about returning alive. However, the Moon Demon was a powerhouse of the eighth step, among the most outstanding of the Moon Clan’s younger generation. Obviously, such a person didn’t want to die. Even less since he didn’t even consider Long Haochen a serious threat.

His disdain was so strong that only after Long Haochen staked everything he had, including his life, he was compelled to use any amount of his real power.

The force of Storing Power was added to Asura Strike. Those were the only abilities used in this strike. Because the massive amount of spiritual energy surpassed his control by a large extent, even Ripples of Lights couldn’t be put to use.

But those two abilities added up well, carrying the overwhelming power of Sacrifice and Final Gambit. Against an opponent restricted by the Dual Dragons of Bright Rain, this made it all the more powerful.

It wouldn’t be exaggerating to say that even a real knight of the seventh step couldn’t equal Long Haochen in the depth of his comprehension towards the ability Storing Power. After having used it for cultivation over a long period of time, and successfully breaking through to the fifth step with its help, Long Haochen was a specialist in using this ability.

For a short duration, this Asura Strike contained close to ten thousand units of spiritual energy, and Asura Strike compressed it to such a degree that its power could be well imagined.

“Tch” Without any collision, but only a bizarre sound, the shattered space came to a stop before the dark purple bent moon. Long Haochen and the Moon Demon seemed to have frozen at this instant.

However, the expression on the Moon Demon’s face became exceptionally pale. Dark purple blood seemed to erupt from all apertures of his head, and that very handsome face instantly became sinister.

Ding, With a crunchy sound, a crack appeared on that bent moon completely made of energy, and just as it became visible to the surroundings, the gap instantly expanded onwards, finally bursting in the air with a final bang.

With an explosion, the Moon Demon’s shoulder was violently torn apart.

In that instant, Long Haochen and the Moon Demon seemed to have come to a stop, but Long Haochen’s body could distinctly be seen, shining in golden light as the spiritual wings on his back faded in color. The Conjoined Spiritual Boosting Pill’s effects seemed to have reached its limit, its effects about to disappear before the end of the thirty seconds duration.

Long Haochen’s face was as blank as a sheet of paper, and the same went for the six comrades behind him. After this attack, their spiritual energy was close to being completely exhausted. And with the added uses of Sacrifice and Last Gambit, Long Haochen’s body already reached its limit. At this time, Haoyue separated from his body, also appearing to be in a same kind of weak state.

“Argh” The Moon Demon abruptly spit out miserably. Since his birth, he never had suffered such a loss. Bright Discipline had pierced his shoulder deeply, and a large cut on his right chest was almost splitting his body in two. From there, a huge amount of black blood gushed out madly. If he had been human, he would obviously have died from such serious wounds.

The Moon Demon didn’t draw back, and his purple eyes were lit in a mild red color. The expression on his face condensed the Moon Demon’s entire wrath and in his left hand a dark purple glint appeared. Aggressively aiming it at Long Haochen’s chest, he was filled with hatred towards this human youth, especially when seeing his weak appearance.

But right at this time, a rose glint appeared out of nowhere, blocking in front of Long Haochen.

With a loud bang, a red figure was violently sent flying, and along with her mount, she was smashed down to the ground. It was Li Xin.

The previous battle had been carried out by the 21st Demon Hunt Squad, and everything happened very fast, thus, out of everyone from the 22nd Demon Hunt Squad, Li Xin was the first to notice the changes on Long Haochen’s body.

“Don’t take the Conjoined Spiritual Boosting Pills!” Long Haochen shouted with a rough voice, blocking the members of the 22nd Demon Hunt Squad with a motion. At this very moment, he did an incomprehensible movement. He suddenly exerted strength on his back, and Cai’er was suddenly thrown backwards, falling in the direction of Wang Yuanyuan. At this very moment, everyone only saw a glint of bright light, as he rapidly took out Bright Discipline.

Along with a flickering light, the bodies of the other six members of the 21st general grade Demon Hunt Squad were illuminated with golden light. But at the same time, as the six on the ground were bathed in this bright light, the light on Long Haochen’s body became nonexistent.

Although his body was still in a very weak state, Long Haochen’s expression didn’t waver.

Even after sustaining such heavy injuries, the Moon Demon still didn’t attempt to escape, bearing a very deep grudge against him. Without a doubt, he was the very target of his attacks. At such close distance, and with Long Haochen’s current state, could he possibly avoid the attack launched by the Moon Demon with all his might? Thus, he immediately let go of Cai’er and forcibly cut of the connection of the Soul Linking Chains. This was to prevent their whole group of seven to be wiped out by this Moon Demon’s attack power.

He was also grateful to Li Xin, because if not for her help by blocking this attack, Long Haochen wouldn’t even have had the chance to cut off the Soul Linking Chains’ connection. And the Moon Demon was after all heavily injured, so although this last blow caused Li Xin to sustain injuries and cough out blood, it was still not fatal.

Bright Discipline was waved, creating a hurricane of dark purple blood. The Moon Demon was still as tenacious, still spitting out some dark purple liquid from his mouth, but his wound rapidly closed. After preventing his blood from flowing, he rushed right at Long Haochen.

A massive figure blocked in front of Long Haochen, and with a stuffy sound, Haoyue stumbled three meters back, completely covered in a dark black radiance. And on his body’s scales, dark purple traces of corrosion could be seen.

“Haoyue!” Long Haochen’s eyes were filled with distress. At this time, he didn’t even consider the possibility of coming back alive, but exerting his last bit of strength, Haoyue suddenly threw himself before him, blocking the Moon Demon’s last strike.


Shen Yin Wang Zuo Chapter 287: Moon Demon Of The Eighth Step Vs Radiant Haochen (Iii)

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