Shen Yin Wang Zuo Chapter 290: Hero (Iii)

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Shen Yin Wang Zuo, Chapter 290: Hero (III)

Long Haochen had finally become an official Radiant Knight, bringing a qualitative leap to his strength. Of course, he also had to pay a huge price for this: a set of Conjoined Spiritual Boosting Pills as well as other pills, and Long Haochen’s entire equipment aside from Blue Rain, Hibiscus of Light, had to be restored. His Glorious Tier Holy Armor, and Holy Shield were both seriously damaged, and because of the excessively frantic state of the spiritual energy poured into it, which Long Haochen couldn’t control effectively, Bright Discipline was heavily damaged from the last strike against the Moon Demon of the eighth step.

By chance, those three pieces of Glorious Tier Equipment were handled and restored by the Southern Mountain’s City, otherwise it would have required a great deal of money.

After cultivating for a day and a night, Long Haochen could sense light element flowing into him like tides A big smile appeared on Long Haochen’s face.

The spiritual cavities were actually a sort of window connecting the external light element to him. His spiritual energy was still in liquid form, but after obtaining the spiritual cavities, the speed of recovery of his spiritual energy as well as his cultivation speed both increased tremendously. And because of the influence of the spiritual cavities on his liquid spiritual energy, compressing it one step further, his consumption when using various abilities was also lowered.

More importantly, after advancing to the sixth step, Long Haochen obtained the ability to condense his spiritual energy, giving him the possibility of soaring in the sky. But it was not only him, the entire 21th general grade Demon Hunt Squad also obtained great rewards. The Southern Mountain’s City directly handed 50,000 contribution points to their team. Although the other Demon Hunt Squads were also aptly rewarded, it was a lot less than them.

Although the urgent War Mission was pretty forced, in the sense that participation was not optional, as long as they performed well, the Demon Hunt Squads would be rewarded a lot better than for other missions. At the very least, as long as the few participating soldier grade Demon Hunt Squads made it back alive, the reward would enable them to advance without problem.

The spiritual cavities appeared in the shape of a golden aperture within one’s chest. The cavities were pretty small, their diameter was no more than an inch long, and they would cause a change on the movement of the spiritual energy in the owner’s body. At every circulation, it would absorb a great amount of external light element.

Of course, the Saint Spiritual Stove didn’t disappear. Just like the Light Elemental Fairy Yating, it remained inside of this aperture, and visibly shrank to fit in.

What caused Long Haochen to feel astonished was that the spiritual cavities seemed to be located right behind the location of the Eternal Melody on his chest. Ever since the spiritual cavities formed, they seemed to have forged a connection with the Eternal Melody. If he took off his shirt while cultivating, he would notice that every time the spiritual cavities absorbed the external light essence, the Eternal Melody would give off a faint radiance.

Slowly opening both of his eyes, he revealed a tranquil expression. Although his body was worn out, after coming back from cultivation, he felt some aching sensation in his entire body, accompanied by a little headache.

This wasn’t a remain from his injuries, but the repercussions of the use of a strength far exceeding his body’s capability during the battle.

To resist the Moon Demon, he took a total of four different kind of pills, plus his fusion with Haoyue and his comrades’ spiritual energy, making him reach the peak of the seventh step, attaining the realm of ultra-spiritual energy of the seventh step.

At that time, his total amount of spiritual energy was close to 24,000. But this wasn’t a burden he could withstand so easily. The reason for which he didn’t let the members of the 22nd general grade Demon Hunt Squad take the Conjoined Spiritual Boosting Pills was, that he was certain that no one in their team could bear the terrifying pressure. For them, bearing such an amount of spiritual energy would undoubtedly cause death from overload. After taking the Conjoined Spiritual Boosting Pills, the situation was completely different from what Lin Xin said at that time: the spiritual energy gathered was impossible to control. If not for the blood contract linking Haoyue, whose external spiritual energy wasn’t half-assed, to him, a mere Great Energy Pill couldn’t possibly have been enough to bear the burden from this terrifying amount of spiritual energy.

Even when thinking back to this experience now, Long Haochen still had some lingering fears. Nonetheless, even if he had to make this choice over again, he would still choose the same thing and not cower. He didn’t have any regrets about it. After regaining some spiritual energy, Long Haochen’s mood brightened again. No matter what he may say, this was a very valuable experience. Experiencing the real strength of an opponent over the seventh step wasn’t something a low ranked powerhouse could normally do. This let him increase his knowledge pertaining to this boundary, enabling him to take an easier path during his future cultivation. At the same time, it also enabled him to make some progress in the field of using abilities.

The feeling of having his body completely filled with spiritual energy was infinitely satisfying. It was especially the case during his last attack, an Asura Strike that even tore the sky and ripped the space apart. Even with his strength at the eighth step, the Moon Demon had been unable to resist against this attack, which filled Haochen with total satisfaction.

I really hope to reach the seventh step as early as I can. Father said that when I reach the seventh step of cultivation, I will be allowed to look for Mother and him! Thinking about this, Long Haochen felt passionate. As a Radiant Knight at fifteen years-old, even if he was even more modest, he couldn’t possibly not feel pride. This was already not only about strength, but progressing at such a speed would also require willpower and luck.

Looking at Cai’er, still focused on cultivating, Long Haochen felt started. For all the time they traveled together, whenever they stayed in the same room to cultivate, the two of them would always be seated together on the bed. But how could it be that Cai’er was seated on the chair at such a time? Could she be feeling uncomfortable?

As Long Haochen was puzzled about these questions, Cai’er’s body trembled slightly, and her crossed legs eased up. She ended her cultivation, visibly sensing that Long Haochen had already woken up.

Long Haochen immediately hurried forward, planning on holding Cai’er’s hand to ask her what happened after he fell unconscious, but to his surprise, Cai’er suddenly shook off his hand, refusing to let him write on her hand.

What happened with Cai’er? Long Haochen was startled, hurriedly attempting to take her hand once again, with the same result as before; Cai’er immediately shook his hand off. This time, she stood up without consultation, walking to the side of the room, her back turned at Long Haochen. Clearly, her body emitted some coldness.

Long Haochen was totally blank. Was Cai’er angry? This was the only possible explanation for her to be unwilling to let him touch her. But why would she be angry?

Rapidly thinking about what happened, Long Haochen immediately understood the reason why Cai’er was angry. Instantly, a strange expression appeared on his face, and he walked over to Cai’er with a smile. Cai’er still tried to escape, but having lost four of her six senses, and being in such a narrow room, in the end she was still hugged by Long Haochen from behind.

During this time of struggle, Cai’er’s butt ended up rubbing against Long Haochen’s body. Although he was young, this actually made him even more healthy and vigorous. Even if he would have been even more clueless, his body would still show some reaction to this contact.

Suddenly sensing Long Haochen’s body becoming somewhat thick, Cai’er immediately stopped moving. Of course, she felt completely different from Long Haochen, believing that this was a wound on his body that was getting in contact with her.

Immediately, Long Haochen separated himself from her, trying to avoid causing an awkward situation. Cai’er was after all still younger than him, and quite far from reaching the age of fifteen years. Although Long Haochen started to understand little by little the matters between boys and girls, with the two of them being so young, they wouldn’t have ‘this’ sort of feelings at such a time.

Extending his hand slowly towards her back, he started writing a few words. His writing looked clumsy, and the three words that were written were ‘I was wrong’.

Cai’er’s body trembled suddenly. She turned around and punched Long Haochen’s shoulders. Although she was blind, mute and deaf, her tears still poured out, speaking of her rage.

Long Haochen felt as if his heart was grabbed by an enemy, feeling an unbearable pain. Seeing the silent tears dripping from Cai’er who already lost four of her senses felt even more painful than the attacks of the Moon Demon.

Closely holding her in his arms, Long Haochen was already at a loss about what he should tell her. Right now, his heart was only filled with pain. He could acknowledge his own mistakes, but he couldn’t guarantee that he would act better next time.

It reality, he couldn’t make this promise to Cai’er.

This was because he would make the same choice again without hesitation. But how could he let Cai’er accompany him in death?

At that time, when he couldn’t take out the Moon Demon in one blow, Long Haochen had sensed that everything was over for him. He didn’t have the strength to resist, and the massive spiritual energy brought to him by the Conjoined Spiritual Boosting Pills had been already nearly exhausted. What could he have done in such a situation? He could only stall for time to attempt prolonging his life just a bit longer. This was the reason why he had taken the initiative to cut the connection of the Soul Linking Chains, believing that the 22nd general grade Demon Hunt Squad would protect his comrades. He had been sure that he couldn’t escape anymore, because the wrath of that Moon Demon had been completely focused on him. Only by dying could he protect his comrades, after all, this Moon Demon was seriously hurt and couldn’t possibly stay around for much longer.

Cai’er’s struggle gradually turned into spasmodic sobbing, her arms wrapped around Long Haochen’s waist, tightly holding his maturing back that was becoming wider and wider over time. And her embrace was very tight.

That day, when Long Haochen had thrown her at Wang Yuanyuan, had caused the fear she had experienced when she was three years-old to arise once again. In that instant, she had felt her heart freeze. It’s over. This idiot, he… he is going to die. This was the only thought that had been occupying her mind.

This feeling was completely indescribable with words. Cai’er only felt that her own heart was about to follow Long Haochen at anytime. Even when she had learned that Long Haochen survived, this pain still remained in her heart. She was truly afraid; afraid to see a similar situation appear in the future, and that he would push her away like that again, and die alone.

Shen Yin Wang Zuo Chapter 290: Hero (Iii)

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