Shen Yin Wang Zuo Chapter 303: Spirit Of A Powerhouse (Iii)

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Shen Yin Wang Zuo, Chapter 303: Spirit of a Powerhouse (III)

His bone blade and shield also lit in a glowing red color, and under his body, flames soared threateningly. This enemy was one of a kind that Long Haochen’s group had never faced before.

Though also being at the sixth step, the pressure he caused the group to feel was completely different. As the white glowing pillar disappeared silently, an unimpeded violent scream came out from that red skeleton. He didn’t charge yet, just staring at Long Haochen’s group with his eyes glowing with red flames.

In the flames throbbing on his eyes, Long Haochen saw, with astonishment, signs of intelligence. So this Skeleton Warrior is not only conscious, but also intelligent? Undead magic is really an endless marvel!

Stepping forward, the red skeleton raised his bone blade, slowly advancing towards Long Haochen’s group. Although it was at slow pace, each one of these steps appeared extremely firm to everyone else.

As Blue Rain, Hibiscus of Light was raised upwards, Long Haochen’s eyes glistened in intense light, welcoming the red skeleton in big strides. His movement wasn’t so fast-paced either, but followed a certain rhythm. Meanwhile, three strengthening halos were unleashed.

The red skeleton’s eyes flashed, and he immediately closed the distance separating him and Long Haochen, originally quite close to each other. The two parties were from the beginning separated only by five meters. The Red Skeleton suddenly strode forward in a large step, assaulting violently the surroundings with a red-hot aura.

Long Haochen took a little step back, lifting up the Glorious Holy Shield.

Right at that time, the bone sword of the red skeleton chopped down, and the next scene shocked everyone enormously. The flames concentrated around the red skeleton were unexpectedly condensed entirely on his bone blade, the front of which burst out with a crystallic red radiance appearing the same as a material object.

A blazing aura twisted the nearby air surrounding Long Haochen’s body, striking with a powerful flash.

It was Asura Strike, or more accurately speaking, it should be called a Flaming Asura Strike. The blow launched by the red skeleton wasn’t sudden, but gave off a transcendent sensation.

Asura Strike was something Long Haochen was also capable of, but he discovered that when comparing himself to this red skeleton, he was clearly far from being familiar with this skill. This single blow that looked like it had been launched by this red skeleton very easily seemed like one that had been trained through a lot of hard work and undergone numerous revisions.

The Glorious Holy Shield was used in combination with Divine Obstruction, and two Holy Shields were launched in succession; one was launched by the shield, and the other was naturally one of the basic skills of the sixth step that Long Haochen had just learnt.


An immense vibration caused Long Haochen to be pushed back several steps. Right at that time, the red skeleton unexpectedly disappeared from his line of sight.

Relying completely on his natural instincts, Long Haochen swiftly drew back to the left side, immediately launching an Asura Strike with Blue Rain Hibiscus of Light present in his hand.

With another bang, the bone blade in that red skeleton’s hand unexpectedly gathered three of the crystallized radiances from the previous use of Asura Strike, shocking even Long Haochen in the process. An Asura Strike that doesn’t get dispersed after use?

Immediately next, Long Haochen, who didn’t have the time to use Divine Obstruction, was sent flying by the attack.

Both his arms felt sore; it went so far that he was incapable of raising them up. However, as Long Haochen was sent flying, he saw the next course of action of that red skeleton.

This fighting style was truly as natural as flowing water.

After this attack launched at Long Haochen, he didn’t keep pursuing and attacking, because the attacks of the other members of the 21st Demon Hunt Squad were arriving.

The red skeleton suddenly stretched his whole body forward. Even though he was three meters tall, he was still extremely nimble. The Revolving Space Splitting Shield attack from Wang Yuanyuan’s Gigantic Divine Soul Shield flew in his direction, but didn’t hit.

While stretching forward, the red skeleton suddenly twisted his body, pounding the sky with a very dexterous motion of the bone blade in his hand, chopping at the side of Sima Xian’s Energetic Ball of Light, and abruptly accelerating his whole body in the process.

Going almost instantly past the enormous Energetical Ball of Light, he dashed to the middle of Wang Yuanyuan and Sima Xian with no more but a single step forward.

At this time, Long Haochen felt as if the blood inside of him had been clotted, when the Saint Spiritual Stove suddenly erupted, rushing at that red skeleton to try to make himself the target of his attack.

However, the effects of the Saint Spiritual Stove failed that time.

Just as if that red skeleton grew eyes on his back, his body flashed illusorily, separating itself in two in a split second and turned into emptiness upon being reached by the Saint Spiritual Stove, his real body appearing behind Sima Xian’s back.

Oh no! That was Long Haochen’s only thought. Never could he have imagined that this red skeleton born from the spirit of a powerhouse would actually be this powerful.

Everyone was alarmed. Since Long Haochen could see the danger Sima Xian was in, so could Lin Xin, Chen Ying’er, and Han Yu. .

However, they couldn’t do anything to stop the red skeleton’s incoming attack.

The body of the red skeleton suddenly turned into a sort of golden red shadow, escaping against all expectations from the Demonic Eye’s mind attack. Han Yu’s rushed charge was also coming late, and Lin Xin could only hurriedly release one elementary shield. As for Chen Ying’er, there was nothing she could possibly do. This time in the Tower of Eternity, her summoned magical beast was extremely weak, and had already died previously. And there was not enough time to give McDull a magical crystal to eat.

This scene took long to describe, but it happened in a flash. At the time the red skeleton arrived at Sima Xian’s back, his blade was already swinging. It was as if each movement of his was a preparation for the next one; none of these were any wasteful.

Sima Xian was still in the middle of pulling back his Energetical Ball of Light, and basically didn’t even attempt to dodge it. This was because of his confidence in Long Haochen’s Saint Spiritual Stove, having seen its white glow come in contact with the red skeleton.

“Sima!” Long Haochen shouted in despair.


It’s over! Long Haochen’s brain blanked out completely. Considering the strength of that red skeleton, Sima Xian couldn’t possibly survive to his blow.

However, his eyes shrank down right at that time.

Did Sima Xian die? No, he didn’t.

The red skeleton’s bone blade immediately stopped all of a sudden upon entering in contact with his neck, and Sima Xian felt no more but a hot feeling on his neck. Immediately next, that red skeleton’s bone blade was retrieved, hitting immediately at his back, and causing him to be sent flying. The seven members of Long Haochen’s group felt their bodies glint, feeling a pain on their back.

Right at that time, Long Haochen finally returned too. Forcefully pouring spiritual energy in both his arms, he launched Demon Wiping Flash with Blue Rain, Hibiscus of Light.

However, the red skeleton still didn’t pay attention to him, abruptly taking a large step sideways and leaving the range of that Demon Wiping Flash.

The force and the range covered by Demon Wiping Flash could be considered imposing, but it had a defect, and that was its attack range. Although Blue Rain, Hibiscus of Light could unleash brilliant blades of spiritual energy, their range was only roughly six meters and a half. And the range of that red skeleton’s single step easily exceeded these six meters and a half.

Long Haochen’s Saint Spiritual Stove was launched once again, but a golden cover surrounded the red skeleton once again in a flash, and relying on his illusory steps, he left no more but an afterimage, evading Long Haochen’s Saint Spiritual Stove.

But what shocked Long Haochen even more was this time was that, despite that he released the Pull ability of the Saint Spiritual Stove four successive times with almost only a split second difference between each use, that red skeleton still evaded every time with rapid illusory sidesteps. The ability of Long Haochen’s Saint Spiritual Stove only reached those afterimages every time.

Following next was the performance of the red skeleton. Relying on his astounding dexterity and his powerful strength when wielding the bone blade in his hand, he had even yet to make use of his shield. In merely ten seconds, everyone was sent flying successively. But even with a powerful tool such as the Soul Sharing Shackles, these uninterrupted attacks put Long Haochen’s group of seven in a grieving pain. This could only be called a one-sided battle.

Even Long Haochen only lasted for five seconds in front of the red skeleton. The attack aimed at his chest even sent Cai’er flying along with him. She launched a counterattack, but her nimble action only encountered the defense of that skeleton’s blade. This red skeleton looked extremely slow in her eyes, but none of Cai’er’s attacks was of any use. It seemed that all of her techniques were predicted by the enemy, who finally shooed her away in the air with a blow of blade.

Everyone was lying on the ground, benefitting from the Soul Sharing Shackles’ help to share the damage. It could however not ease up the pain. Everyone having received a blade blow on the back, they had such a throbbing and violent pain, that it felt as if their back weren’t their own. The intense burning feeling even caused them to feel that they were unable to breath.

However, after they all lied on the ground, the red skeleton didn’t continue with his attacks, only silently shaking his head at their sight, before turning back. It was as if because of their strength, he didn’t even find it worth to go on. He didn’t keep pursuing and attacking, only returning to the place where he came from, standing silently there. It appeared at that time as if the flames rising around his body were alive.

The seven members of the 21st general grade Demon Hunt Squad were only rejoicing at this sight. If this red skeleton really wanted to kill them, it was without a shadow of a doubt that none of them would be still living at that very instant, much less leaving this place alive.

Sima Xian, who was the very first to have been disposed of during this battle, revealed an agonized face, “Boss, is this guy really only at the sixth step? That’s just too fearful. How is it that we are totally helpless against him? ”

Feeling even more gloomy than him, Long Haochen replied with a bitter smile, “I don’t know either. But his spiritual energy was still in the scope of the sixth step, and it is not even so much greater than my own. But we were unable to resist his attacks back then. Could it be technique? Have you paid attention to the fact that his attacks were really smooth? Just natural and unforced, flowing smoothly and without any superfluous movement. From the start of the battle to its end, it felt as if he didn’t have any lapse in his pace.”

Shen Yin Wang Zuo Chapter 303: Spirit Of A Powerhouse (Iii)

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