Shen Yin Wang Zuo Chapter 317: Crown Of Heritage And Scapegoat Spiritual Stove (I)

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Shen Yin Wang Zuo, Chapter 317: Crown of Heritage and Scapegoat Spiritual Stove (I)

Long Haochen and his comrades found themselves in a situation that didn’t need their intervention anymore. Before, the young Fiend had been caught by the Pull ability of Long Haochen’s Saint Spiritual Stove, and as he couldn’t directly attack Han Yu, he fell victim of Dual Dragon of Light and Rain.

And as that young Fiend looked unable to struggle free, the seal that was placed on his body was broken, and the sudden increase of his spiritual energy had caused the sudden rage of that gorilla.

Among the others surrounding Long Haochen, Lin Xin gave Long Haochen a meaningful glance, looking at the white spiritual stove floating nearby.

Long Haochen lightly shook his head, hinting to the others not to act blindly without thinking. Killing that young Fiend was one thing but obtaining the spiritual stove was another. With the gorilla having just grown to such a level, they couldn’t possibly resist him, so going for the spiritual stove was clearly not a good idea.

Han Yu said lowly, “It looks as if this demon has suppressed his own cultivation before coming here. It was because he challenged the rules of the Illusory Paradise that this change was produced. The gorilla has at least broken through to the eighth step. ”

Long Haochen replied, “It was the Great Demon God Reconstitution Spell! I’m afraid that this Fiend was actually one of the successors of the fourth demon god, the Fiend Monarch Saminaga. I didn’t expect us to end up disposing of such a big shot so easily.”

Lin Xin revealed a regretful expression, “It’s a pity that we weren’t the ones to execute the last blow. If I’m not mistaken, killing a successor of a demon god should grant a reward of at least 100,000 contribution points!”

Wang Yuanyuan reacted fast, “Be contend with the situation. If we can obtain even one spiritual stove, 100,000 contribution points won’t even be able to compare. Captain, that gorilla will not be easy to handle. Should we withdraw?”

Long Haochen shook his head, “There’s no need. Let’s wait and see. As long as we don’t act recklessly, it should at least not harm us.” His perception being so acute, and considering the addition of Yating’s and his own boost, obtained by being in the Illusory Paradise, he had actually all along sensed a change on the gorilla since back when he was attacking the Young Fiend. After being healed by his Great Recovery Technique, the gorilla’s attitude towards him became a lot gentler, and didn’t contain any signs of hostility.

The gorilla kept beating the demon over several seconds, before finally stopping. At the time he moved forth, the body of that young Fiend was entirely unrecognizable.

The gorilla’s thick hands had pounded the mass of mincemeat, and only after seemingly finding something in the remains, he turned back towards Long Haochen’s group.

Obviously, in his current state, he was really enormous, and Long Haochen’s group seemed very tiny in front of him.

That was at least a powerhouse of the eighth step! And very possibly, he had already reached the peak of the eighth step. It was only the fact the young Fiend broke the rules that made this large gorilla become so powerful.

Confronting such a magical beast, it was impossible to claim that they were calm. However, Long Haochen walked towards the gorilla without drawing back in the slightest, the Light Elemental Fairy Yating spreading her wings on his back, landing as lightly as a feather on Long Haochen’s shoulder. Inside the Illusory Paradise, she was visibly like a fish in the water; as a matter of fact, Long Haochen’s previously consumed spiritual energy was already totally recovered after such a short timespan. What kind of astonishing recovery speed was that?

The gorilla bent his arms, his two thick and powerful forearms touching the ground as the fierce look in his eyes gradually eased up. At this very moment, Yating suddenly flew out from Long Haochen’s shoulder, soared up to the gorilla’s nose and landed on it. This was a pretty funny scene, because as soon as the gorilla saw her, his two enormous eyes immediately converged in her direction, giving him a comical look.

Yating let out a series of melodious sounds, corresponding to the fairy language.

The gorilla clearly looked somewhat indisposed because of her. He lightly flung his head back, and sent Yating flying. Right at that time, the gorilla’s immense build started to shrink down to its original size, and the pressure he caused to Long Haochen’s group reduced accordingly.

Slowly coming in front of Long Haochen, its arm shot up, throwing a black thing towards Long Haochen.

Long Haochen unconsciously raised his hand and caught the object, before noticing to his surprise that this was an almost fist-sized magical crystal.

This magical crystal had a very specific appearance, or more precisely, it was crown-shaped. Entirely black in size, it emitted blue flames. Clearly, it was what the gorilla had been taking from the corpse of the young Fiend.

“This is…” Long Haochen gave the magical crystal in his hand an astonished look.

Lin Xin quickly ran to his side. He was a lot more knowledgeable than Long Haochen regarding this sort of fantastic items.

“A Crown of Heritage! There’s no doubt that this guy had been the successor of the Fiend Monarch Saminaga, and he was very likely ranked among the strongest. Only upon the death of a demon god would this specific crown-shaped magical crystal appear, and it can also appear for some successors of demon gods. It’s a real treasure that we have gotten. This thing alone is worth more than 100,000 contribution points! And reportedly, demons using a Crown of Heritage by setting it on a weapon, have been able to use its power to raise their strength by a whole level. However, you are unfortunately unable to use it, boss. The demons’ Crowns of Heritage can only be used by talented people of elements other than light. Else, the combination of light and darkness would produce terrible aftereffects.”

After pondering for a little, Long Haochen declared, “Let’s use this thing on your Fire Cloud Staff. After heading back, we’ll look for someone to set it on.”

“What?” Lin Xin looked startled, “But, this is no good, we’d better exchange it for some contribution points!”

Long Haochen was unable to help laughing at that, “How can’t you compare the benefits? What do you think the contribution points are used for, as our team’s god of wealth? What else is more important than increasing our strength? Since this thing is actually such a rare treasure, do you believe we should immediately use it to increase our power, or exchange it for some contribution points? We will give the good treasures to those in the team who are suited to use it. This is just common sense.”

Finishing his sentence, he bowed to the gorilla, “Thank you, friend of the forest.”

The gorilla let out a low roar, suddenly pointing a finger towards Long Haochen.

Staring a bit blankly, Long Haochen didn’t know what to do, but Yating came flying and pulled Long Haochen’s hand with both of her hands, placing it on the finger of that gorilla

Immediately then, bizarre fluctuations of spiritual energy were spread from the finger of this robust gorilla to Long Haochen’s body.

Long Haochen’s body in response glowed in a drizzling luster, and around the gorilla’s body appeared an undulating yellow radiance.

A moment later, a look of surprise gradually appeared in the gorilla’s eyes. Slowly lifting up his hand, he took two steps back before suddenly standing straight, his fists thumping on his chest, before letting out a strong howl. Giving a reluctant look to the nearby milky white spiritual stove hanging on the tree, he opened up his mouth, spouting a yellow brilliance illuminating the spiritual stove.

The spiritual stove floated in the air, flying in Long Haochen’s direction, but stopped right in front of him.

The gorilla suddenly turned around, and ran away. His consecutive low roars seemed to be filled with a reluctance to part as he kept howling over and over.

“He gave us this spiritual stove?” Sima Xian looked astonished.

Long Haochen nodded silently, “It should be so. Grandpa Ling said that one would need to pass through two trials to obtain the spiritual stoves contained in the Illusory Paradise. One way to obtain them is what we just did. By influencing the magical beast guardian to willingly hand over the spiritual stove. But when using the other method, killing the guardian beast to get the spiritual stove, the trials get a lot harder. And this applies for the final trial as well.”

Sima Xian nodded in response, “Boss, hurry up to fuse with it. We’ll see afterwards if there are others for ourselves.”

The others thought of this as a matter of course. Long Haochen was the core and leader of the team, and with this spiritual stove in addition being a non-elemental one, it was the natural choice to them to have him immediately use it to increase his strength.

Long Haochen shook his head, “I said just before that the decent treasures would go to the fitting person. Sure, I can use this spiritual stove, but I’m not it’s most fitting user. Come on, Ying’er, and assimilate it.”

“Me?” Chen Ying’er pointed to her own nose, giving Long Haochen a puzzled look saying that she didn’t understand why she unexpectedly should be the one to get the first spiritual stove.

Chen Ying’er was not only didn’t rejoice at his decision, but instead looked unconvinced, “Captain, aren’t you thinking that I am the most useless in the team, thus wanting to increase my strength as a priority? ”

Long Haochen laughed in spite of himself, “What nonsense are you blabbering? Hurry up and absorb it, it’s an order. How could you still call yourself weak? Just wait for McDull to evolve! Afterwards, this guy will evolve from a magical beast at sixth rank to a magical beast at the seventh rank. At that time, as long as we have the suitable magical crystals, he should be able to display a strength of magical beasts at the eighth rank. And this is still weak? This spiritual stove is the most fitting to you so hurry up and absorb it right now. As you absorb it, I’ll explain to everyone why you are the most suitable choice. ”

Only then did Chen Ying’er look happy over his decision, running to Long Haochen’s side in high spirits, before taking out her spherical Crystal Ball.

Specks of white light floated out from both of her hands. The instant she poured them into the Crystall Ball, it released a radiance and Chen Ying’er’s whole body was surrounded by soft undulations of spiritual energy.

The Crystal Ball flashed, emitting white light which enveloped the spiritual stove, pulling it before Chen Ying’er.

Chen Ying’er’s pretty face immediately sobered up. Biting the forefinger of her right hand, she let a drop of her blood fall onto the spiritual stove.

Immediately, a rich white radiance burst out, completely enveloping Chen Ying’er.

Shen Yin Wang Zuo Chapter 317: Crown Of Heritage And Scapegoat Spiritual Stove (I)

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