Shen Yin Wang Zuo Chapter 324: A Spiritual Stove That Had Never Appeared Before (Ii)

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Shen Yin Wang Zuo, Chapter 324: A spiritual stove that had never appeared before (II)

However, the surrounding changes were very visible. They clearly sensed that the atmosphere became gradually more solemn, and at the same time, the life energy didn’t seem as soft as before.


A deep and low thundering sound echoed in front of them, and suddenly, an immense figure rushed straight at Long Haochen.

This figure jumped from a tree above, and appeared so suddenly that even with his superior senses, Long Haochen didn’t notice its presence in advance.

“Don’t move, everyone!” Stepping forward, Long Haochen took out the Glorious Holy Shield, holding it vertically.

With a loud bang, Long Haochen’s body was propelled backwards, and both of his feet left deep marks on the ground. However, that massive black silhouette bounced back as well, landing nearby.

The intense light released from the technique Bright Vengence shone brightly on Long Haochen’s figure, as he, without any intent to attack, recovered Blue Rain, Hibiscus of Light from his other hand.

“Don’t worry, my friend.” Long Haochen did the best to let his own voice sound the gentlest possible, as he looked at that three meters tall figure.

This was actually the first magical beast they had encountered before, the massive gorilla.

The gorilla clearly had a look filled with ill intent, but staring at Long Haochen, he let out an appeased roar.

The Light Elemental Fairy Yating flew up to him, whispering something in the gorilla’s ears.

Long Haochen didn’t understand the beast language, but Yating understood his words. Thus, he immediately told her, “Yating, tell this friend that we don’t have any evil intent. We only felt the changes on the Illusory Paradise, and believed that our comrades could be in danger, thus came here to help.”

Yating rapidly translated Long Haochen’s words to the gorilla, who slowly walked in front of Long Haochen, doing a thumbs up gesture like the last time.

Long Haochen didn’t have any hesitation to push his own hand against his finger, showing an honest expression.

He vaguely understood that the gorilla was able to sense the intentions in it’s enemies’ hearts through some method.

Long Haochen truly didn’t have any evil intent, and being the innately kind-hearted Scion of Light, he was purely filled with clean thoughts, to the point that probably no one among all humans could compare to him in that regard. A short time later, the loathing and angered look in the gorilla’s eyes vanished gradually, as he nodded in Long Haochen’s direction before heading back to the depths of the forest.

Yating immediately transmitted to Long Haochen the message to follow him.

Under Long Haochen’s lead, everyone rapidly followed the gorilla, heading in the dense forest.

After walking for less than a hundred meters, they saw some formidable magical beasts with visibly irascible looks, who immediately showed aggressive reactions upon seeing Long Haochen’s group of outsiders.

It was a chance that they had that gorilla to lead the way. With a low bellow of his, all the hostility towards Long Haochen vanished.

Looking at the magical beasts around him, Long Haochen noticed to his astonishment that these magical beasts were all around the seventh or the eighth rank in strength. There weren’t any especially powerful existences among them, but their strength resided in their quantity, as they were close to twenty in number. On top of that, these magical beasts were advancing in the same direction as them, towards the multicolored shiny cloud.

Looking at Long Haochen, Zhang Fangfang couldn’t help but be filled with respect. The experience they had right before vindicated Long Haochen’s choice. What had astounded him the most was that Long Haochen had actually established a peaceful relationship with those extremely fierce magical beasts, and clearly obtained their acknowledgement. No matter what, this was something he couldn’t even have thought of.

In truth, this was the first time someone obtained the true acknowledgement of the magical beasts from the Illusory Paradise like Long Haochen did. The process of how he achieved this was however actually pretty simple; first, he made the right choice to treat the magical beasts as well as the environment in the Illusory Paradise with respect, never committing any destructive act. This way, he at least hadn’t roused any ill will from the magical beasts. As for the second point why he had gained its acknowledgement, it was simply due to the physique Long Haochen had as the Scion of Light.

What was acknowledged by the Illusory Paradise was not simply the status as Scion of Light possessed by Long Haochen, but the status as Scion of Nature which was extremely rarely seen, and enabled the bearer to reach the utmost level of harmony with nature.

Undoubtedly, the existence of a Scion of Nature was even less probable than that of a Scion of Light, but it didn’t mean that it hadn’t appeared before. The previous Scion of Nature to appear was the founder of the Illusory Paradise, the goddess of nature. Thus, she should be called Daughter of Nature.

Following possessors of a physique such as that of the Scion of Nature, the next ones to follow in the ranking would be the two most related to the energy of life, water and light. Those were even above the wood and earth element in importance. As the Scion of Light, Long Haochen naturally showed concern towards the Illusory Paradise, and the test given to him by the gorilla was a test the Illusory Paradise itself gave to him. After passing it by relying on his sincere nature, he had gained the acknowledgement of the Illusory Paradise and all its inhabitants. Since they managed to blend with the inhabitants of the Illusory Paradise, this implied that the rather weak group of Long Haochen gained the support of the Illusory Paradise.

This thought didn’t cause Long Haochen to relax. It instead increased his worries towards the rules of the Illusory Paradise even further.

After a day of contact, he discovered that although the Illusory Paradise restricted the strength of its visitors, it also restricted the strength of the residents in the same way. Otherwise, given the massive life spiritual energy in the Illusory Paradise, how could it be that no magical beast had reached the ninth or the tenth step?

Although these magical beasts weren’t few in quantity, could they really resist a group as strong as Ah’Bao’s?

Long Haochen had personally experienced the formidable strength of Ah’Bao, and clearly understood that he had only managed to injure Ah’Bao because of the element of surprise. But in an open one against one battle, Long Haochen actually wouldn’t stand a chance against Ah’Bao.

It could be said that because of their own secrets, Ah’Bao’s strength was in fact not that strongly restricted by the rules of the Illusory Paradise. With the addition of Long Haochen’s squad, perhaps they could resist them as a group, but if the demons were determined to attack the magical beasts’ ranks to get the multicolored spiritual stove, it would be a hard task to defend themselves.

Under the lead of the gorilla, they gradually penetrated into the denser jungle, and less than half an hour after their entrance, strong fluctuations of spiritual energy already affected Long Haochen’s senses. The battle had started, and it felt extremely intense. However, the most critical part was that he sensed no other existence except from those of darkness and life spiritual energy.

Long Haochen clearly understood what this implied. It most likely meant that from the original Alliance group, only Cai’er, Zhang Fangfang and he himself were still alive.

The darkness energy unmistakably belonged to the demons, and no matter which element the magical beasts of the Illusory Paradise had, they all possessed a strong amount of life energy. With the support of the Illusory Paradise, Long Haochen’s judgement couldn’t be mistaken.

After passing through a large forest of shrubs, the battlefield appeared in front of them.

It was set on a little hill, surrounded by hundreds of magical beasts. The most surprising thing was that these magical beasts were absolutely not frantic, but instead appeared very organised. They didn’t even produced the slightest sound or superfluous noise of rage.

On the other side was naturally the demon group. Ah’Bao appeared once again in Long Haochen’s line of sight, his injury already healed. Even the demon that the 21st general grade Demon Hunt Squad had heavily injured, had recovered as well. After a simple count, the total number of demons present was nine.

That was to say that with the exception of the fiend, who had used the blue flames and had been killed by Long Haochen’s group, the demons didn’t suffer any losses even after the past day of trial. And, they all had assimilated spiritual stoves.

“So everyone else is dead without exception?” Behind him, Zhang Fangfang revealed a bitter smile. In fact, this time, there had been a lot of captains from commander grade Demon Hunt Squad among the Alliance’s group. The death of seven of them would be a severe blow to the Demon Hunt Squads.

The present situation was very clear. The objective of Ah’Bao’s group was to reach the hundred meters tall hill, and the magical beasts bravely blocked their way forward. The battle was extremely fierce, and although the magical beasts couldn’t compare to the demons in individual strength, their coordination was extremely good. They were neatly organized and surrounded the demons from all sides. Their cooperation was the determining factor in blocking the demons’ way.

The gorilla let out a furious roar, looking back at Long Haochen’s group before rushing to the hill.

Long Haochen and his comrades followed with haste. Because the gorilla was opening the way, roaring lowly, the magical beasts battling the demons didn’t block their way.

As they appeared, Long Haochen’s group naturally attracted Ah’Bao’s attention. Seeing them, he actually went straight for the mountain. Determination filled Ah’Bao’s eyes. Transforming his arms into a pair of dragon claws, he tore a magical beast to shreds, leading the other eight to charge at great speed.

Right at that time, a resonant sound was clearly heard on these hills, and the attacks from the magical beasts instantly became a lot fiercer. With united strength they forcibly drove the demons back to their original place.

On the top of the hill, a six or seven years old looking girl emerged. Shehad a cute jade-like appearance. Her skin looked fair, and her most noticeable trait was her baby-face. Her long light blue hair was braided into twintails, and with a slight movement of her hand, she pointed her tender finger downwards. As she spoke, her voice sounded quite frail.

She’s commanding the magical beasts? Long Haochen looked at this young lady with shock, following the gorilla to the peak of the mountain.

The smell of life energy was even more vigorous here, and came with an exuberant feel. That beautiful young lady’s face was however filled with anger, and her big dark green eyes were filled with great determination.

Shen Yin Wang Zuo Chapter 324: A Spiritual Stove That Had Never Appeared Before (Ii)

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