Shen Yin Wang Zuo Chapter 326: Prophecy (I)

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Shen Yin Wang Zuo, Chapter 326: Prophecy (I)

Just when Long Haochen was deeply pondering, a change appeared on the battlefield below.

Completely suppressed by the magical beasts, the strength of the nine demons suddenly weakened, and the magical beasts attacking them suddenly pulled back.

There was a simple reason for the sudden decrease in the strength of their attacks. Ah’Bao suddenly showed signs of withdrawing, placing himself in the midst of his allies. His body was covered by an orange glint, and it looked as if the demon, who had been wounded by the 21st general grade Demon Hunt Squad, was telling him something at the same time. His expression was as indifferent as before, but the orange spell was visibly not as peaceful.

“Be careful, they are most likely preparing something.” Long Haochen told the nearby Ye Xiaolei in a low voice.

“Yeah.” Ye Xiaolei gave a calm reply, but her expression immediately became extremely serious. Although nothing had happened yet, she also felt something was amiss.

Even from such a distance, Long Haochen could faintly feel that the energy surrounding Ah’Bao felt just like that of someone about to use a forbidden spell. That orange demon’s spell seemed to resist its activation, as if it wanted to reverse the situation on the battlefield. But at that time, signs of dispute seemed to appear between the two demons.

This is abnormal! If Ah’Bao is the prince of the Devil Dragons, would his words really get refuted? Unless…

“Be careful, they are probably trying to break the restrictions of the Illusory Paradise.” Long Haochen said hastily.

Right at that time, that demon mage was finally persuaded by Ah’Bao, returning its attention back to the battle. Now, an orange radiance was released from their bodies.

That orange color wasn’t really intense, but it was strong enough to give a strange feeling. The breath of life seemed to freeze fazed by the appearance of that orange color. More astonishing, this radiance looked like its strength didn’t exceed the ten thousand units of spiritual energy.

How could this happen?

Both Long Haochen and Ye Xiaolei seemed at a loss. They had felt the pressure of this orange radiance before, but how was it that it still remained within the scope of the restriction?

Zhang Fangfang suddenly said, “A Star Demon! That person is probably a Star Demon. Be careful, he is using the Technique of Great Prophecy.”

Hearing the words Great Prophecy, huge changes immediately appeared on Long Haochen’s face. The Technique of Great Prophecy was a powerful magic specific to the Star Clan, which only the Star Demon God’s direct lineage was able to use. It came with a compensation so high that even the Star Demon God himself had to pay with a part of his life essence to use it. But without the support from the Demon God Pillar, using the Technique of Great Prophecy would cost the user his life.

The Technique of Great Prophecy didn’t really belong to the magic category, but couldn’t really be rated otherwise either. It could instead be called a godly technique. Would the use of this technique enable him to avoid breaking the rules of this place?

Right at that time, Ye Xiaolei suddenly shivered at Long Haochen’s side. Immediately afterwards, the multicolored glow from her became more intense, and a tyrannical breath of life was emitted from her, spreading in every direction. At that time, Long Haochen’s group of eight noticed with astonishment that their own spiritual energy was instantly strengthened.

This wasn’t a simple restoration of spiritual energy, but their spiritual energy was just increasing in the same way as if they were cultivating.

Long Haochen, Cai’er and Zhang Fangfang were better off, and the three of them felt with a nice surprise an increase of their own strength at a rate of ten units of spiritual energy per second. In a few seconds, their spiritual energy had already risen hundreds of units.

But the other five felt totally different.

Lin Xin, Wang Yuanyuan, Sima Xian, Han Yu and Chen Ying’er were currently at the peak of the fifth step, and this sudden increase of spiritual energy caused them to feel that the bottleneck that had been limiting them was being shaken.

As intelligent people, how could they not grasp such an opportunity? Immediately rushing their spiritual energy, they made an all out effort to break through.

The breath of life released from Ye Xiaolei wasn’t only powerful, but also gentle, and was easily accepted by any existence of a different attribute than death and darkness. Absorbing such a massive breath of life was the same as absorbing an elixir, causing an instant burst in strength. Even to a powerhouse such as Ah’Bao, resisting this would take some time and effort.

Without a doubt, Ye Xiaolei started to go all out after sensing the crisis.

However, on the other side, that orange light also looked increasingly intense, and in the sky, a large orange star-shaped pattern appeared, carrying intense and strong glitters of stars. Every time it glittered in the sky, Ye Xiaolei’s face would look somewhat paler.

“Long Haochen, this technique of Great Prophecy is sealing me. The seal will last for an hour. Protect me, just for this hour. When I throw it off again, they will all die.”

Ye Xiaolei’s frail and childish voice was filled with rage and determination, but she slowly sat in a cross-legged fashion, placed her palms together on her chest and shut her eyes.

At that time, the breath of life from her increased severalfold, turning into the shape of a green ring of light spreading onwards.

A sort of moaning sound came out from Lin Xin, Wang Yuanyuan, Sima Xian, Chen Ying’er and Han Yu, and pairs of spiritual wings extended from the five of them for the first time. This was the crucial time of their breakthrough, the opening of their spiritual cavities.

The gift Ye Xiaolei offered them was invaluable, helping the five of them to break through the bottleneck of the sixth step. If they had cultivated normally, even several more months wouldn’t necessarily have been enough for them to accomplish this.

However, at the time she released the green ring of light, Ye Xiaolei’s body was surrounded by an orange light, sealing her inside and stopping all the aura from surging out.

The Technique of Great Prophecy was an extremely powerful godly technique, of incredible and various uses. With such immense compensation cost, how could its power be lacking?

Simply said, if it was used on an ordinary person, and if the chosen prophecy was death, it would just cause immediate death.

But Ye Xiaolei was not an ordinary person. At that time, even the technique of Great Prophecy used on her could only temporarily seal her and nothing more.

At the same moment the seal closed, a loud bang suddenly erupted on the demon that used the technique of Great Prophecy, echoing in the air. As a rain of blood splattered in the air, dozens of magical beasts rushed forward like arrows.

This was the great cost that came with the technique of Great Prophecy. However, relying on it could undoubtedly change the whole situation on the battlefield.

Along with his death, two soft spiritual stoves as well as an orange Crown of Heritage were set free. It was clearly the sign of his status as a Star Demon as well as his reaps from this travel to the Illusory Paradise.

Ah’Bao’s face became grave and stern, but this was absolutely not because he was moved by his comrade’s death. It was by swearing an oath that he had gotten this ally to use the Technique of Great Prophecy at the crucial time. Although the cost they paid was considerable, if they managed to obtained Ye Xiaolei that stood on top of the mountain, it would have been worth it. It was not just him, but even the Demon God Emperor would covet Ye Xiaolei.

The demons didn’t spare any cost to attack the Southern City’s Mountain Pass, also devoting a lot on this trade with the Temple Alliance. For them to dispatch ten demons to enter the Illusory Paradise, there had only been one goal, and that was Ye Xiaolei.

The Temple Alliance’s side believed themselves to have the advantage in this trade, but they didn’t know that Ye Xiaolei was of utter importance to the demons, and particularly to the Demon God Emperor. However, this secret was only known to the Demon God Emperor and Ah’Bao, who shared a father and son relationship.

Having lost Ye Xiaolei’s lead, the magical beasts’ attack became frantic. Filled with wrath, they initiated mad attacks at the demons. Although they contained a great level of strength, after the loss of their coordination, their efforts became fruitless.

A purple glow was released from Ah’Bao’s eyes, enveloping the seven of them in its range, and all of the group was immediately surrounded by a purple black haze.

However, no matter whether it was in terms of attack or defense, they immediately reached their peak condition, and started to do carnage. The magical beasts that came in contact with Ah’Bao’s powerful limbs became unceasingly torn to shreds, and from his chest emerged a black longsword, which wasn’t grasped in his hand, but autonomously launched attacks while floating in the air. With every attack from it, a magical beast would be killed. This great might became the vanguard of their attack, until reaching the hillside. At this point, all that was left were the limbs and corpses of the magical beasts.

Long Haochen and his group stood motionlessly on the hilltop.

Zhang Fangfang looked at Long Haochen with some anxiety, but didn’t say anything

The current Long Haochen had a very serious face, but still looked unflustered, not showing any signs of acting. The battlefield underneath was in total disarray, and the group of eight demons started to make a breakthrough, but Long Haochen couldn’t act yet.

Five of them still needed time to adapt to the changes after their breakthrough, having gained the boost from the spiritual cavities and the spiritual wings. And furthermore, given how frantic the situation below was, even if they joined, they couldn’t do very much. Because of Ye Xiaolei’s sealing, the magical beast were totally out of their minds with rage. Joining the melee could even be regarded as an enemy attack by them.

The breath of life released by Ye Xiaomo had caused a good increase to their total amount of spiritual energy, in addition to having helped Lin Xin and the other four to break through to the sixth step. Now they had to return this gift. And furthermore, even if not for that, Long Haochen would still give priority to the protection of his comrades. He had made his preparations well, and if things didn’t go as planned, he would bring Ye Xiaolei along with them to the Tower of Eternity.

Of course, that was just the last resort. Unless it reached the point of no return, he would absolutely not do so, for the simple reason that although the Tower of Eternity had holy properties, it was still filled with energy of death. It was impossible to predict which effect entering it would have on her.

Shen Yin Wang Zuo Chapter 326: Prophecy (I)

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