Shen Yin Wang Zuo Chapter 327: Prophecy (Ii)

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Shen Yin Wang Zuo, Chapter 327: Prophecy (II)

Long Haochen turned his head to look at Zhang Fangfang, telling him in a serious tone, “Brother Zhang, if things don’t go well, just activate the Illusory Gem and leave, we have our own ways to return.”

Zhang Fangfang nodded in response. Seeing Long Haochen, he understood that this young captain had a card up his sleeve, and had at least an escape plan ready. This was related to the other party’s secrets so he naturally didn’t ask.

Seeing the battlefield below, Long Haochen’s expression was severe. After all, the magical beasts in the Illusory Paradise gained a burst of strength from Ye Xiaolei’s boost, a group of them reaching the eighth rank, which was approximately equivalent to the strength of human powerhouses of the seventh step. Although they were mostly acting out of instinct, these hundreds of magical beasts were up against a group of eight, surrounding them and attacking fiercely.

But even in those circumstances, the battle went as a one-sided carnage.

Of the eight demons, Ah’Bao was in the middle and his fighting style was simple and straight. The attacks of the magical beasts were totally useless against him, and he didn’t avoid any, just launching his own attacks against them. All the magical beasts in front of him would hardly escape the fate of being torn to shreds. At the same time, he relied on his own strength to block the overwhelming majority of the attacks directed at him, playing the equivalent role as Long Haochen’s in his team.

At his side were two sturdy demons, resembling one another but, they didn’t have human appearance. From afar, they looked like Earth Dragons, but with smaller builds, only reaching two and a half meters in size, with long tail behind their back.

However, the difference in build didn’t mean they were any weaker than Earth Dragons in strength. In the opposite, their purely offensive combat methods were actually not that much inferior to Ah’Bao. Their sturdy forearms and their horn forming an obtuse angle were life-destroying weapons, while their black scales gave them an extreme defensive strength.

Just by themselves, the three of them stopped all the attacks directed to their group.

In the rear of the group of eight were three other close quarter warriors, among which Leng Xiao acted as the core. At the two at the sides of Leng Xiao were demons issued from variations of magical beasts. The first had an imposing build, appearing like a giant bear. From his body, deep yellow light was continuously released. At every rush from the magical beasts, he would energetically stamp on the ground, launching intense shocking surges of energy, causing even large areas of cracks to appear on the ground.

On Leng Xiao’s other side was a lion-shaped powerhouse with a human body, also extremely tough in strength.

Yue Ye and another female mage were positioned between these two subgroups, releasing their magic from there. Although the core of the entire team was Ah’Bao, its conductor was Yue Ye. The staff in her hands was exchanged for a deep purple one, and intense surges of magic spread continuously from it, giving the other demons a magic boost while healing them.

The other demon female at her side was clad in red, looking the same as a human, with the exception that her temper was a lot more fiery. Her figure was quite something, particularly her watermelon-like chest, combined with her slim waist and her rising butt. This figure reached a level a human wouldn’t possibly be able to reach.

On her hand were two coral-shaped staves, shaking in the air and dark red glows were continuously shot from it. All the magical beast victims of her attacks were pulverized with an extremely great power, and all she used were single-target attacks; no large scale attacks were launched by her.

The level of coordination these eight achieved could definitely not be called perfect, and obviously, it hadn’t been for a long time since that they formed a team. However, under Yue Ye’s lead, they didn’t have any loophole. But even if there was, their overwhelming dominance in strength would be enough to make up for that.

After this short observation, Long Haochen discovered their secret. In fact, with the exception of Yue Ye and that red-clad red haired girl whose identity was unclear, the other demons definitely reached a phenomenal level of external spiritual energy, reducing all of the magical beasts into a disadvantageous position.

After the loss of Ye Xiaolei’s lead, the attacks from the magical beasts gradually became more and more chaotic. This lump of frantic attacks lost all discipline, and without a brain to lead the armies, they ended up only being pushed by these eight demons. No matter how berserk their attacks were, they were still unable to stop the advance of the group of demons.

Long Haochen was standing on the mountain top, still motionless, only occasionally looking at Yue Ye. If he could command the magical beast, perhaps they could still stop the enemies like they did before, but he couldn’t. All he could do now was to rely on the terrain to try to stall for time.

An hour was a very long period of time, and under the influence of Ah’Bao’s spell, these demon powerhouses didn’t feel the least exhausted, pushing forward every second. Every step they took forward, quite a few magical beast’s blood and internal organs would scatter in the air.

After the sealing of Ye Xiaolei by the Great Prophecy Technique, the reinforcements of magical beasts surging from all directions lessened. This was another piece of bad news.

Cai’er calmly joined Long Haochen’s side, telling him in low voice, “Should this be done?”

Although she didn’t put it clearly in words, Long Haochen understood what she meant, and lightly shook his head in response, “Now is not the time yet.”

Cai’er lowered her head, and didn’t say anything more.

Long Haochen turned back to Han Yu, doing a hand gesture to him.

Han Yu immediately understood his meaning, and joined his side, stating the chant of a slow incantation. Meanwhile, Yating who was behind Long Haochen also started to chant.

At this moment, the group of eight demons was gradually closing the distance between the hilltop. Of course, as they advanced, the attacks of the magical beast became even more frantic. With the rise of the danger facing Ye Xiaolei, they wouldn’t shrink even if they had to sacrifice their own lives.

A faint mantle of light spread from the mountain, shrouding the battlefield.

Getting moisturized by this golden light, the injuries sustained by the magical beasts were immediately healed to a certain extent, and their power increased to some extent.

Immediately, another even more intense surge of light was sprinkled, and even more magical beasts were healed to an even greater extent. This sudden boost and recovery made the group of magical beast even more ferocious, bringing the rush of the group of eight demons to a stop.

These two spells naturally came from Long Haochen and Han Yu. Although Long Haochen wasn’t capable of using large-scale healing magic, Yating could! Although she couldn’t directly use magic by herself, she transmitted the spell to Long Haochen after completing its incantation.

Ever since they met Ye Xiaolei, it seemed as if they had become a part of the Illusory Paradise, obtaining the full support from the latter. In these circumstances, everyone recovered their spiritual energy at a greatly accelerated speed.

Long Haochen turned around, calling Chen Ying’er to join him and mumbling something in her ears.

After staying sluggish for a short time, Chen Ying’er nodded in response. The look she gave Long Haochen suddenly became quite different.

Sima Xian and Wang Yuanyuan were already at either side of Long Haochen, prepared well. It seemed that the enemies were now only at a distance of a hundred meters, but this could be covered in a few dashes by a powerhouse.

Healing spells started to emanate unceasingly from the mountain, and the magical beasts receiving its effects didn’t only recover from their injuries, but also calmed down from their frenetic state. To them, the fact that healing magic was released from the top of the mountain implied that Ye Xiaolei was all right. And so long as they could maintain their own judgement, the powerhouses before them were nothing to fear.

Long Haochen told Yating, “Use the language they can understand to tell them that Ye Xiaolei is only temporarily sealed, and will need some time to liberate herself. We’ll need to delay the enemy for at least an hour.”

Yating nodded lightly, flying in front of Long Haochen and grumbling some words. Under the effects of the light essence, her voice was spread afar.

Hearing Yating’s voice, the group of magical beast immediately burst out in utter rage. The fact that Ye Xiaolei had been sealed by these enemies was to them a total disgrace. But their morale was instantly raised up, and supported by the healing spells from the mountain, the magical beasts’ attacks became more co-ordinated.

It wasn’t that Long Haochen hadn’t thought about commanding these magical beasts with Yating’s help, but in these circumstances, this would obviously not show very good results. This was because he was absolutely not familiar with these magical beasts, not knowing about their specialities let alone their names. If he really commanded them, the group of magical beasts would perhaps become even more confused. Thus, what he could do was only to give these magical beast a healing support and to raise their morale.

On the other side, Chen Ying’er had at some point sat on the ground, with the little pig McDull sitting on her lap. The girl and the beast seemed to be communicating over something, and immediately, Chen Ying’er took out some huge magical crystals, placing them in front of McDull.

McDull appeared somewhat surprised, but quickly made up his resolve under Chen Ying’er’s encouragement. Watching those magical crystal that were clearly at the seventh rank, he shut his eyes.

Zhang Fangfang also joined the ranks of the healers, only, his healing spells were honestly speaking, far from reaching Han Yu’s level. After all, he had in his own team a specialized healer, and didn’t need to give much investment to the field of healing as a Guardian Knight. However, he was after all a powerhouse at the peak of the sixth step, and was still capable of a simple Great Recovery technique. Though large-scale healing spells were unfamiliar to him, single targeted ones weren’t. His series of Great Recoveries were aimed at the rather severely wounded magical beasts, and gave support to the magical beasts beside Yating and Han Yu’s large-scale healing.

With their help as well as the news that Ye Xiaolei was sealed, the magical beasts forcibly held back the eight charging demons. In particular, the large-scale healing abilities being of light element, their effects were no different from offensive spells in the demons’ eyes. Although it was unable to inflict real wounds to these demons, it still had the effect of weakening Ah’Bao’s boosting spell that all his allies benefitted from.

Long Haochen gave a glance to the sky, before looking at Ye Xiaolei next, hardening his inner determination and resolve.

This wasn’t his first time commanding a battle that could be said to reach the scale of war, but this time was clearly the most dangerous. In case Ah’Bao’s group of eight reached them, it would be hard to say for how long they would be able to resist. At least for now their strength was still way far from their grasp.

Shen Yin Wang Zuo Chapter 327: Prophecy (Ii)

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