Shen Yin Wang Zuo Chapter 332: Devil Dragon True Body (Iii)

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Shen Yin Wang Zuo, Chapter 332: Devil Dragon True Body (III)

Lin Xin hastily took out two pills, putting them in Zhang Fangfang’s hand, and Han Yu gathered the little spiritual energy left inside him for a healing spell directed at Zhang Fangfang. He tried helping him by stablizing the wounded knight for the time being. However, the two of them didn’t stay at his side after that. They nodded apologetically to Zhang Fangfang before returning to Long Haochen.

That’s right, they could all tell that Long Haochen wasn’t in a good state. After the end of the battle, his shocking attack had been what really stopped Ah’Bao from his quest for Ye Xiaolei, though they didn’t know how he did it.

Standing there, his eyes seemed totally empty, staring soullessly in the distance. He statically maintained his hacking posture. It was as if he had become a sculpture standing on the hill.

No one dared to touch him, because everyone was afraid that he would shatter to pieces in the same way as Blue Rain, Hibiscus of Light did.

Yating was also hovering there, completely blank, but continuously launched one healing spell after another at him.

As a Light Elemental Fairy, although her magic couldn’t attack enemies or support others, she could directly use it on her master. However, no matter how intensively she kept healing him, Long Haochen’s body was only covered with a faint golden color, and remained motionless.

The only thing that put them at ease was that after Blue Rain, Hibiscus of Light was broken, it had taken the shape of entangling specks of golden and blue colored light penetrating into his chest. In their eyes, this was a clear sign that he was still alive.

Cai’er, silently remained by Long Haochen’s side. She looked serene at first glance, but by paying careful attention, one would notice that her normally steady hands were actually trembling. Who else would show more concern than her regarding Long Haochen?

She had seen his attack very clearly, as if it had happened in slow motion. This attack had clearly exceeded the scope of Long Haochen’s capability. Not using any of Long Haochen’s original abilities, it was totally drawing power from his comprehension.

This was absolutely not an ability Long Haochen could possibly use in his normal state, and the only explanation for him being able to pull this stunt would be his state of mind at that time. The pressure, the environment, his level of comprehension and Ah’Bao’s incessant provocation had all added up, combined with the support of the Light Elemental Fairy Yating which had created a perfect level of harmony with the Illusory Paradise. All of these elements together had created this serene but world-shaking attack.

But no one knew what cost Long Haochen had to pay for this.

Everything in this world worked fairly; to obtain something, one had to lose something else. For instance, once one gained the power of a powerhouse, he would lose the chance of living an ordinary human life.

“What’s to be done Cai’er?” Chen Ying’er anxiously asked Cai’er.

Taking a deep breath, Cai’er tried her best to compose herself, “Don’t worry everyone. Recover your own spiritual energy first. Han Yu, keep healing Zhang Fangfang until he recovers; no one is allowed to touch Haochen for now. All we can do is to wait.”

Sima Xian impetuously asked, “Then until when should we be waiting?”

Cai’er coldly swept her glance towards him, “Do you really think you are more anxious than me? This is the Illusory Paradise, so we will obviously have to wait for Ye Xiaolei to awaken. It was for her that we fought, and she’s the most familiar with this place.”

Sima Xian looked sluggish, and nodded without uttering a single word.

If Long Haochen could be said to have convinced the others into following him, Cai’er was the opposite. She was still the most dreaded by their teammates. Just like everyone admired Long Haochen the most, Cai’er was the person they feared the most.

Although Cai’er’s words were rebuking, Sima Xian didn’t mind them much. During the mission in the Desolate Hissing Cavern, it had been her who had saved them all when Long Haochen wasn’t present, bringing out an ultimate strength that had caused her to lose four of her senses for a total of seven months. This vice-captain thus had gained the absolute respect from the others. Maybe she didn’t appear as convincing as Long Haochen to everyone in the team, but in terms of authority, she didn’t lose in the slightest against Long Haochen. Every Time Long Haochen was unable to command the team, she would carry out his duties very smoothly.

The magical beasts gradually calmed down and their roars subsided. Slowly they crept towards the hilltop, though none approached them closely. Looking at Long Haochen and Cai’er’s group, they had peaceful looks, approving of them completely.

Time passed, and a strange deep green luster set off those seven or eight spiritual stoves, slowly carrying them in the air, and to the top of the hill.

No one went to assimilate any of these spiritual stoves, but everyone remained sitting there cross-legged. Looking at her comrades that didn’t covet these heavenly treasures, Cai’er’s look softened. This bunch was composed of absolutely trustworthy mates! Unconsciously, she looked at the one she reprimanded just before, “Sima.”

“Yes?” Sima Xian looked at her puzzled.

“I am in a bad mood, please don’t take offense.”

“Eh…” Sima Xian instantly couldn’t help but give Cai’er a bewildered look, the atmosphere immediately turned strange.

Cai’er quietly returned to looking after Long Haochen.

It took Sima Xian a moment to turn his head to look at Lin Xin, remarking in a low voice, “Have I heard it wrong? Did vice-captain just apologize to me?”

With disdain, Lin Xin glanced at him, “Looking at your immaturity, I believe that vice-captain should rather have scolded you.”

“She should have, right?! I’d be more at ease if she did that.” Sima Xian unusually didn’t retort to Lin Xin’s words, instead approving them as he nodded.

The Illusory Paradise slowly returned to its normal state, and the corpses from those magical beasts were gradually absorbed by the earth, while the leftover reek of blood was washed clean by the air.

Time passed minute by minute, but Long Haochen was still in the same state, without any change.

The orange colored cover surrounding Ye Xiaolei gradually wore off. Finally, with a sound cracking, the last remaining shell dispersed, turning into specks of light in the air.

Because of Long Haochen’s condition, no one had managed to have a steady time cultivating. At the time Ye Xiaolei broke the seal of the Great Prophecy technique, everyone immediately stood up.

Of course, Zhang Fangfang was an exception. Under the effects of Han Yu’s healing and Lin Xin’s pills, his wounds could be said to have stabilized, but he still was in a poor state. As for the wounds on his fingers and arms, even high-level priests would be helpless to treat snapped limbs. He would have to rely on proper medical treatment to recover from those injuries. All Han Yu could do was to preserve the vitality on his snapped limbs, to avoid necrosis. As for the said party, he was currently sleeping in Wang Yuanyuan’s arms.

Wang Yuanyuan’s lips stayed pursed up tightly all along. She felt confused, as in her head, the scene of Zhang Fangfang placing himself in front her without hesitation was repeated in a loop. Including the calm look he had worn even after sustaining these heavy wounds. Given how critical the injuries on his hands were, this was a fatal blow to his future as a knight. But he was still the one comforting others.

Ye Xiaolei hopped to the ground, and without saying any words, her hands simultaneously reached out for Zhang Fangfang and Long Haochen. Two soft radiances of light shot out from her hands and reached those two.

Zhang Fangfang crooned lightly, rapidly awaking from his unconscious state. The delicate Ye Xiaolei then headed towards him, rhythmically moving her hand in his direction.

Her movements were very quick, but exceptionally harmonious. A dense green cover of light connected Zhang Fangfang’s snapped limbs to his body, and even more exceptionally, everywhere her hand passed, all injuries recovered rapidly, and the same went for his bones. Such serious injuries as those sustained by Zhang Fangfang were healed at an astonishing speed.

Lin Xin said in a low voice, full of astonishment, “This is life magic.”

Sima Xian asked him in low voice, “What’s life magic? How is it that I never heard of it before?”

Lin Xin replied, “Are there only muscles in your brain, to never know about anything like you do? Life magic is a type of extinct magic, that doesn’t have any offensive power, but enables one to use the power of life. In terms of healing power, you priests of the light element are just novices compared to mages of life.”

Sima Xian snorted, “You’re a bit cruel to another’s face! I’ll tell Teacher later, hmhm.” Ever since that day of the competition, he had gained Ling Xiao’s approval, and could now call him teacher. He originally already had a teacher, who didn’t have any influence in the Priest Temple. It was the same situation as with Long Haochen who didn’t have Ye Hua as his sole teacher. Han Qian and his father could indeed be regarded as his teachers too.

While they were talking, Ye Xiaolei was already done treating Zhang Fangfang. She retracted the green ball of light that had previously entered his chest, and Zhang Fangfang fell unconscious once again.

Long Haochen was also bathed in the green light, but there was still no change in him; his condition was still the same as before.

Ye Xiaolie wrinkled her brows and headed towards him. Pointing her right hand forward, she made contact with Long Haochen’s chest.

Cai’er’s hands were unconsciously clenched. Seeing Long Haochen in such a state filled her with panic, it was just that she had been restraining herself all this time and didn’t show it. Now that Ye Xiaolei had finally dispelled the seal, if she didn’t have a solution, things would get complicated.

A soft green light lit up on Ye Xiaolei’s hand, but in the next instant, a rich golden light suddenly flashed out from Long Haochen’s chest, surprisingly shooting out against her finger.

“Wah.” Ye Xiaolei cried out in surprise, before getting closer. She attempted to take off the remaining torn parts of the Glorious Holy Armor on Long Haochen’s body, but her build was too short and small, and she was unable to reach them.

This scene was truly funny; an unpolished little girl trying to reach Long Haochen’s armor.

“Let me help you.” Cai’er said with haste, immediately taking off Long Haochen’s Glorious Holy Armor.

When Ye Xiaolei removed the front part of Long Haochen’s clothing and saw the Eternal Melody on Long Haochen’s chest, the expression on her face changed at once. Quickly, she raised her right hand.

Reaching out with her forefinger, a different type of green light appeared in the air. This was a green flame that pulsed between her and the pendant under her control, as she attempted once again to touch the Eternal Melody.

An intense golden light erupted once again, shooting at her finger, and Long Haochen who had been keeping this posture for so long shivered this time.

Ye Xiaolie’s complexion became unsightly, giving a look to the nearby Cai’er, “So the magnificent Scion of Light actually obtained that person’s inheritance…”

Shen Yin Wang Zuo Chapter 332: Devil Dragon True Body (Iii)

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