Shen Yin Wang Zuo Chapter 333: A God’S Chosen One (I)

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Shen Yin Wang Zuo, Chapter 333: A God’s Chosen One (I)

Concerned for Long Haochen’s safety, Cai’er explained in a low voice, “At that time, he had accepted it against his own will.”

But Ye Xiaolei didn’t buy that, “I am just looking at the actual facts! How troublesome, it looks as if this time, I won’t be able to leave this place.”

Hearing her words, Cai’er seemed unable to make head or tail of it, but still kept questioning, “How is Haochen?”

Ye Xiaolei replied, “He is alright; he has just used an ability exceeding the scope of his own capability. However, his current state is something you should be envying. This is a level of advanced comprehension, unrelated to his own attribute. Although there is some risk of his body collapsing, there should be no problem because of the assistance of my energy of life. Just let him stay this way. If I am not mistaken, he is very possibly about to awaken.”

“To awaken?” Cai’er looked at Ye Xiaolei with shock, “What do you mean by that?”

With a happy laugh, Ye Xiaolei said next, “I can tell you, but first, take off your veil and let me see who of us is the most beautiful.”

Cai’er was startled, somehow torn between laughter and tears. Nonetheless according to Ye Xiaolei’s words, Long Haochen’s current state was a good thing. Still, she took off her veil. Cai’er didn’t really understand this matter of awakening, but it seemed that if this state was very useful to Long Haochen.

Seeing Cai’er’s pretty face, Ye Xiaolei blanked out, saying somewhat annoyed, “How annoying, I just cannot grow up. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be lacking compared to you…” With those words, she acknowledged herself as being less beautiful than Cai’er.

Seeing her adorable appearance, Cai’er couldn’t help but scratch her own head, “Why are you unable to grow up?”

The expression on Ye Xiaolei’s face changed, “I’m not telling you; it’s a secret. However, I’ll keep my word, since you don’t know about the awakening. What a waste on someone with such great innate gifts. Aren’t the two of you blessed with heavenly physiques? How would the two of you be able to bring out these physical advantages without prior awakening?”

Heavenly physiques? This was yet another new piece of information to her. If Long Haochen heard about this, he would definitely remember the term ‘heavenly’ he had heard from Elux about himself in the Tower of Eternity.

“Are you saying that an internal spiritual energy above ninety gives one a heavenly physique?” Cai’er asked curiously. This was already related not only to Long Haochen but also to herself.

Ye Xiaolei felt somehow at a loss, “I don’t know about innate spiritual energy, but anyway, I can feel that you and him both have heavenly physiques. I may not have put it in a good way. A heavenly being is, as the name implies, one that received a god’s concern. It is the highest level of innate gifts you humans can get. However, a god’s chosen one needs an awakening to bring out his full ability. For instance, if he had already awakened his innate gifts before, that guy from before wouldn’t necessarily have been a match in a one against one fight. However, those vile and filthy creatures of darkness are truly disgusting, to actually have someone with a way to temporarily break through the space of this world.”

When she mentioned the Demon God Emperor, her eyes showed some terror in spite of her composed self.

Cai’er spoke again, “That was the Demon God Emperor of those demons. If my or Haochen’s physique awaken, what benefit would come of it?”

Ye Xiaolei replied, “Many benefits. One’s awakening as a god’s chosen one implies that the person can from then on borrow the power of the god who showed concern to him or her. Of course, depending on the personal strength, the degree of power one can borrow will vary. Wow, you are really an ignorant bunch. I’ll go in more detail then. The fact that you are gods’ chosen ones means that you have been chosen as successors of gods. If you cultivate to the supreme level, you will similarly ascend to the level of a god.”

“Gods? So gods really do exist?” Cai’er murmured.

Ye Xiaolei stuck out her tongue, “Of course they exist. However, becoming a god is nothing that great. A god has to act as a link between heaven and earth, fusing completely with the element he controls. It’s nowhere as good as freely acting as a person. Gods appear as if they can control and rule over everything, but aren’t they also unable to break the laws? Otherwise, their godhead would just be corrupted. How could they be as free and diverse as you living humans? For this reason, even if gods do exist, they can also be considered as nonexistent. Of course, to escape this fate of becoming a complete god, some will only stay in a state of being half-gods, to remain free and leisurely able to do as they please in the world. It’s just that these kinds of half-gods can be suppressed by complete gods, and will sooner or later still become gods themselves.”

“Ay, even by only speaking of it, I feel already totally confused. Just let me tell you that becoming a god is definitely not a good thing. As a god’s chosen one, you should better not become too strong, or else, when you will ascend to the level of god, only loneliness will be awaiting you. And you will be subject to very powerful laws and limitations. Simply saying, every elemental essence around you is part of a god. In this world, we are the same as fusions of several gods. If you truly become a god, parts of your original memories might even disappear.”

Cai’er asked next, “Right now, when the Demon God Emperor ripped the Illusory Paradise open to save those demons, he also used the term godhead that you just mentioned. He seemed to be really intent to obtain a godhead. Why are you saying that becoming a god is no good?”

Ye Xiaolei’s eyes were filled with some fear, “That guy is not the same. His aura clearly doesn’t originate from this world of ours, so he isn’t affected by its rules and restrictions. But it also means that he cannot get one godhead here like you could. If he would truly manage to obtain a godhead, and if his strength breaks through to the sufficient level, he will very possibly become the eternal ruler of this world. At that time, no one will ever be able to stop him.”

Arriving at this point, Ye Xiaolei’s look suddenly became all the more concerned. Staring at Cai’er before looking at the nearby Long Haochen, she tightened her brows, seemingly pondering deeply over something.

Cai’er could tell that this little girl didn’t tell her everything about this important matter, but to her, although becoming a god had its perks as well as its disadvantages, it was still a very distant matter.

“Isn’t a godhead part of being a god? Then how could something like that be plundered?” Cai’er asked, filled with doubts.

Ye Xiaolei suddenly became somewhat irascible, “It could be under some particular circumstances. Okay, don’t ask further, I already told you everything I should tell you. Anyway, in the future, you’d better not become gods and that’s it. As for that one guy, he is merely following a delusion. How could it be so easy to steal a godhead? If the worst comes to the worst, I can just…” Arriving at this point, her words suddenly came to a stop, and she didn’t say anything more after giving Cai’er a vigilant look.

However, Cai’er didn’t just stop there and kept asking, “Then, what would be the boundary to becoming a god?”

Ye Xiaolei shot her a glance, but didn’t reply this time.

Cai’er suddenly revealed a little smile, “Actually, I already know about that.”

Ye Xiaolei snorted with disdain, “With your current strength, how could you know?”

“The boundary is a million units of internal spiritual energy, isn’t it?” Cai’er said with a smile.

“Ehm…” Ye Xiaolei looked at her with a start, her expression already revealing her thoughts.

At that point, Cai’er didn’t keep asking any further. She simply returned to Long Haochen’s side, before sitting cross-legged, and shutting her eyes to start cultivating. Since Long Haochen was alright, she didn’t keep worrying.

The others who had been listening to the conversation between Cai’er and Ye Xiaolei all wore different expressions. Nonetheless, this only lasted for a brief time, after all, the distance before ascending to the rank of a god was still too far in the future.

Time passed gradually in the Illusory Paradise, and Ye Xiaolei seemed somewhat bored as she sat to a side, with a total of eight spiritual stoves revolving around her quietly, as if obeying her will.

She didn’t express the intention to let anyone from the 21st general grade Demon Hunt Squad absorb these spiritual stoves, but didn’t retake them either. Who knew what she was currently thinking about? She only occasionally gave a look in Long Haochen’s direction, thus the matter she was thinking about was bound to be related to him.

A whole day passed this way, and in the end, when dawn arrived on the third day, a change happened on Long Haochen’s body.

Daybreak filled the world with new life and joy, and when that gentle light emerged on the horizon, Long Haochen’s body accordingly lit up. Like the rising of a second sun in the sky, a pair of resplendent radiant wings unfolded on his back.

Soft wings spread, seemingly larger than before. They seemed to appear in coordination with the rising of dawn, that actually illuminated him alone. Be it the inhabitants of the Illusory Paradise or his comrades, everyone felt that the horizon, which should technically light up, darkened instead, with a straight line of golden light gradually connecting Long Haochen and the sun.

Ye Xiaolei sat on the branch of a tree, as if she was weightless. Her eyes shone in response to the changes that were happening on Long Haochen’s body.

“That’s right, he’s really awakening!”

Bathed in golden light, Long Haochen gradually left the hacking posture and stood straight as his pair of wings spread to his sides. The sunlight bathing him intensified as time passed, embellishing him in an entirely golden radiance.

A dense golden mist spread out from him, taking the shape of golden ripples twirling around his body.

As if it was very natural, Sima Xian and Han Yu came to sit cross-legged a dozen meters away from Long Haochen. On their forehead, golden patterns appeared. This was clearly a result from the influence of their retainer contract, and it was absolutely a good sign.

The spiritual wings on their backs spread out rapidly, and were bathed in light. Long Haochen emitted a faint golden colored radiance which fluctuated between the three of them.

Zhang Fangfang’s body had fundamentally already recovered, but he was still feeling a bit weak. Assisted by Wang Yuanyuan, he looked at the three of them with envy. After a moment, he also closed his eyes, sensing the changes in the light essence filling the air.

At this very moment, he only felt his own body being soaked in an ocean, with an endless surge of gentle light tapping against his body. This wonderful feeling was something he had never experienced before, causing waves of comprehension to reach his thoughts one after another. A transparent golden radiance also slowly spread from his body. As he also sat cross-legged with haste, a pair of spiritual wings far larger than Sima Xian and Han Yu’s appeared on his back.

Shen Yin Wang Zuo Chapter 333: A God’S Chosen One (I)

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