Shen Yin Wang Zuo Chapter 338: Fusing Spiritual Stoves (Iii)

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Shen Yin Wang Zuo, Chapter 338: Fusing Spiritual Stoves (III)

After not being able to undergo the third trial, she could only wait here and couldn’t do anything else.

Because she didn’t want to bring troubles to her mates, she didn’t attempt to leave. And close to three hours had already passed.

The Illusory Paradise would open for a total of only three days, thus after three hours of bitter wait, even Wang Yuanyuan couldn’t help but start cultivating. Otherwise, she wouldn’t be able to refrain from leaving. Loneliness was after all often an even greater torment than pain.

Finally, with a glint of golden light, a figure appeared near Wang Yuanyuan, surrounded by a green glow.

“Ah!” Right after appearing, this person couldn’t help but scream. As his body spasmed violently, he fell to the ground and landed on his butt.

“Are you okay?” Wang Yuanyuan hurried to ask with concern. The first one to appear was none other than Zhang Fangfang who had just broken through to the seventh step.

Zhang Fangfang opened his mouth wide, taking deep breaths. On his forehead, large amounts of sweat were flowing down. After a lot of difficulty, he finally relaxed, and after he took a deep breath, he replied to Wang Yuanyuan with a smile, “I’m alright.”

Wang Yuanyuan unhappily asked, “Are you really alright? The last time you said that, you were already close to becoming handicapped.”

Zhang Fangfang revealed a smile, scratching his own head, “I am really all right. However, the fusion of spiritual stoves was far too tormenting. If not for the fact that I had just reached the seventh step and had a sufficient amount of spiritual energy to accomplish the fusion, I’m afraid that I wouldn’t necessarily have managed this. Speaking of which, that Ye Xiaolei was really quite lenient, since my spiritual energy has reached 10,000 units after this breakthrough. It looks like she can really control and alter the regulations of the Illusory Paradise to some extent. ”

Wang Yuanyuan appeared pleasantly surprised, “The fusion was accomplished? How did the spiritual stoves change?”

Standing up, Zhang Fangfang gave her a smile, “Yes. I have given this spiritual stove I obtained after the fusion the name Spiritual Stove of Second Life. Take a look.”

Saying that casually, his eyes were lit up with a golden glint, and immediately afterwards, a golden brilliance appeared on his chest. Instantly, another Zhang Fangfang appeared in front of Wang Yuanyuan, but this one didn’t have any equipment on him, forming an existence only made of golden light.

“This me possesses an eighth of my total spiritual energy, and can even use any weapon I’ll give him. He’ll listen to all my orders. I can summon him once a day, and the summon will last for a hour. I can ascertain that the fusion of the spiritual stoves caused them to gain great power.”

Wang Yuanyuan looked startled at that golden figure, filled with envy. This sort of cloning spiritual stove was close to reaching the second tier as a spiritual stove. That was already an incredible amplification! And this clone also persisted for a long time, but more importantly, it was able to use equipment as well.

Although she didn’t know what tier the spiritual stoves Zhang Fangfang had just obtained reached, a spiritual stove of the second tier was bound to raise his strength greatly. Relying on this, he was already qualified for the challenge to obtain a Mythril Foundation Armor.

Seeing that Zhang Fangfang was already alright, she unconsciously drew back. When she was prepared to sit down again and keep waiting for her comrades’ return, Zhang Fangfang suddenly asked, “Yuanyuan, do you already have a boyfriend?”

“Eh?” Wang Yuanyuan turned around to look at him with a start. Seeing Zhang Fangfang’s scorching look and the manly spirit filling him, she was somewhat frenetic, unconsciously replying, “No, I don’t.”

“Then that’s good.” Zhang Fangfang visibly relaxed at that reply.

Wang Yuanyuan’s eyebrows went up, “Why is that good? Do you think this girl cannot find anyone to like her?”

Zhang Fangfang immediately looked panicked, “No, no, don’t misunderstand me. That’s not what I meant. I just like you.” When he said these last few words, the two of them looked dumbfounded at each other .

Wang Yuanyuan only felt a pain in her heart, but rapidly responded while carrying a serious face, “But I don’t like you. Did you think I would give my heart away just because you saved me? Let me tell you, I don’t like men. For the fact that you saved me, I will make it up to you in the future.” Saying that, she immediately turned her head away, and stopped looking at Zhang Fangfang. However, at the same time, she found out that her own heartbeat had gone wild, and when she finished giving this reply, a feeling of remorse totally unknown to her, instantly spread inside her.

Zhang Fangfang didn’t say anything and only looked at her silently. She didn’t turn her head either, and the atmosphere started to become awkward.

A good while later, Zhang Fangfang seemed to have cheered up a little, and declared in a rough and gloomy sounding voice, “Yuanyuan, I haven’t said that while believing that you came to like me. After all, we haven’t known each other for long, and regardless of whether you like me or whether you like men or women, my feelings for you won’t change. Letting you know about them is enough for me.”

Wang Yuanyuan’s shoulders trembled, but without turning around she asked, “What do you like in me?” Her voice had clearly softened, and at that time, she thought of the scene when this man had declared that he was alright even with two handicapped hands.

Zhang Fangfang’s reply was “Do you believe in love at first sight? This is my honest answer to this question. I can only say that I don’t know. However, I feel very glad that fate enabled me to meet you.”

Wang Yuanyuan fell silent once again, and Zhang Fangfang didn’t say anything further. As the expression on his face looked more relaxed, he sat cross-legged at the same place, attentively watching the tall and slender girl standing before him.

Right at that time, a second silhouette came out in a green light. His miserable appearance was even more unbearable than that of Zhang Fangfang. Immediately dropping flat on his face, he embraced the ground.

Surprised and scared by that sudden turn of events, Wang Yuanyuan hastily stood up to see that it was Han Yu who fell to the ground.

Han Yu wasn’t only gasping for breath, but immediately fell unconscious.

Without giving Wang Yuanyuan the time to step forward, a golden light fell accurately on Han Yu. It was Great Recovery, a single targeted healing spell of the light element.

Zhang Fangfang steadily pushed his hands on Han Yu’s chest, sensing the changes on his body. A bit later, Zhang Fangfang said with a relaxed voice, “He’s alright. If I am not mistaken, his fusion should have succeeded too. There’s a very gentle yet tenacious form of spiritual energy of light in his chest. It is certainly the power of a spiritual stove.”

Wang Yuanyuan nodded before looking at the serious Zhang Fangfang and said, “Then that’s good.”

The two of them looked at each other, but Wang Yuanyuan immediately escaped right after that, turning her head away again. She didn’t dare look further at Zhang Fangfang, unexpectedly quite afraid to see the serious look in his eyes.

Roughly half an hour later, Han Yu gradually came back to his senses. Just like Zhang Fangfang said, his trial had been successful. After fusing, the two spiritual stoves became a brand new one, called Protection of Light.

This spiritual stove was a formidable one, and could be used under any circumstances, allowing Han Yu to unleash a protection of light over a range of five meters. This protection of light could reach a defensive power three times stronger than his own power, reaching the defensive strength of a Divine Obstruction. At the same time, when he would use the Protection of Light, in the covered area, except from those of darkness elemental properties, the spiritual energy from everyone inside would be recovered at a tenfold speed until reaching its peak.

Without a doubt, this spiritual stove would strengthen along with him. The only pity was that after this fusion, the Protection of Light seemed unable to evolve. As a whole, this spiritual stove was still a bit inferior to the Spiritual Stove of Second Life belonging to Zhang Fangfang.

Lin Xin was the next one to appear from a green mist of light, looking totally worn out.

“Hey, has-drugs bro, are you okay? If the fusion failed just let it be, it’s okay as long as you are alright.” Wang Yuanyuan said, trying to console him.

Han Yu said with a bitter face, “This fusion was just too hard, to the point that even his control over fire turned out insufficient.”

“Who said that I failed? I’m just pained over my hair.” Reaching this point, Lin Xin couldn’t help but keep crying. Nonetheless, his appearance was enough to cause anyone to feel sympathy. His magic gown was burnt to scrap, and on his head was just a large black swatch of hair. His graceful dark green hair was completely reduced to charcoal, and the same went for his eyebrows. Nonetheless, looking at him, he was in a better state than Han Yu and Zhang Fangfang at that time. At least he didn’t collapse immediately.

Wang Yuanyuan declared unhappily, “Just let him cry, until he dies of it. What is there to feel sorry for the loss of your hair. This is good too; you’ll be bald just like Sima. It will make you look more like a man. Perhaps sister Xin’er will like you even more.”

“Really?” Lin Xin’s crying voice dissipated a little, as he raised his head, his eyes still hazy with tears, and asked.

Wang Yuanyuan shryly replied, “Nope, that was a lie.”

Zhang Fangfang said with a smile, “No matter what, we have so far at least all succeeded. I hope the others will clear their trials successfully too.”

After no less than half an hour, Chen Ying’er and Sima Xian appeared nearly at the same time. It was just that the two of them were in totally different shapes.

Chen Ying’er looked messy, and immediately fell unconscious in Wang Yuanyuan’s arms, her clothes were soaked with sweat and had gone completely transparent. She couldn’t bear it any longer and, and collapsed with great effect.

Sima Xian’s appearance was even more miserable than hers. At the time he appeared, he looked like a piece of barbecue meat. He smashed onto the ground, carrying a fragrant smell of burnt meat. His skin looked totally carbonized, and some parts of his flesh really looked roasted.

Han Yu and Zhang Fangfang healed him with their full strength, before Sima Xian could at last be considered to have come back to life. But the two of them were still unconscious, and didn’t wake up even after half an hour. In particular, Sima Xian had really sustained very serious damage to his body. Taking Lin Xin’s pills, and getting healed only kept him barely alive and no more. It was hard to say whether there would be sequelae form the aftermath.

A golden light ripped through the green light, and a golden figure emerged from the fog of light.

Of the light element, Sima Xian, Han Yu, and Zhang Fangfang had all already appeared, and Long Haochen was the last one left to appear.

However, right at that time, everyone looked simply lifeless. This was because from that green fog of light, a slender and smooth pure-white leg appeared.

Shen Yin Wang Zuo Chapter 338: Fusing Spiritual Stoves (Iii)

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