Shen Yin Wang Zuo Chapter 341: It’S Different? Your Thigh… (Iii)

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Shen Yin Wang Zuo, Chapter 341: It’s different? Your thigh… (III)

On the demons’ side, the ten chosen candidates were young powerhouses of great lineage, whereas from the Temple Alliance ten promising Demon Hunters, including the Scion of Light and the Saint Daughter of Samsara, had participated. Therefore, both sides were nervous beyond compare.

As soon as they saw a figure emerge from that dark green shrine, Ling Xiao and Huang Shuo couldn’t help but stand up, and swiftly rushed to the lakeside. Both parties’ powerhouses were in a state of mutual hostility, and in case any change occurred, a battle could very possibly break out any moment.

Long Haochen was walking in the front, and seeing him, Han Qian felt a great load fall off from his mind. Unconsciously he gave a look to the Temple Knight who calmly watched Long Haochen, making good preparations in case of the demons’ possible attacks.

Behind Long Haochen followed Cai’er, and then came Zhang Fangfang. Ying Suifeng and Ling Xiao relaxed at the same time. No matter what one could say, the most important thing was that the Scion of Light and the Saint Daughter of Samsara returned safely. And looking at them, they undoubtedly didn’t come back empty-handed.

However, Ling Xiao’s expression rapidly grew unsightly, because they were the only three to come back from the Illusory Paradise.

As for the captain of the Black Dragons’ imperial guard Huang Shuo, his expressions grew all the more unsightly. The fact that the humans were the first to come out was no good news to him.

Rapidly, Long Hoachen’s group of three returned to the side of the Temple Alliance.

“The others didn’t come out yet?” Ling Xiao asked Long Haochen.

Long Haochen let out a sigh, lowering his head. His expression already told a lot to Ling Xiao.

Ling Xiao’s face immediately looked ashened. These had been Demon Hunters from commander-grade Demon Hunt Squads! Their loss implied that seven Demon Hunt Squads were in danger of breaking apart, and the blame for this would be for the Priest Temple to bear.

Long Haochen coldly looked at the demons, saying in a severe tone, “The ten demons that came this time had all suppressed their cultivation, and none of them were powerhouses below the eighth step. Their external spiritual energy reached 20,000 units for each of them. Under these circumstances, we were basically no opponents.”

“What?” Ling Xiao lost his voice in surprise. On the other side, Han Qian pulled Long Haochen’s sleeve, signalising him not to say anything further. Without a doubt, the blame that the Priest Temple would shoulder this time was enormous, because they were the ones to initiate this collaboration with the demons.

Long Haochen turned his head to look at Han Qian, nodding to his ancestor and showing his understanding.

Ling Xiao’s aura became visibly unsteady. The human powerhouses from the side of the Temple Alliance all started to turn hostile, and were ready to attack at any time.

However, Huang Shuo’s side didn’t shudder in fear. As the captain of the Devil Dragons, he reached the conclusion that they surpassed the human group as a whole, and that these opponents were nothing to fear. However, Huang Shuo still did his utmost to suppress the killing intent filling him, because he had clearly sensed over these days that a formidable presence was concealed among the enemies. It’s terrifying threat even shocked him. It seemed to him that as long as they acted against the other party, a risk of suffering destructive damage would befall them.

In fact, Huang Shuo wasn’t an ordinary powerhouse of the ninth step. His strength already reached the peak of the second rank of the ninth step, his total spiritual energy reaching close to 300,000 units. Even for the demons, this level was attained only by a few powerhouses. He acted as the representative of the Demon God Emperor and yet perceived the enemy as a threat, so this hidden powerhouse had to reach a terrifying level of strength. With him here, in case a battle broke out, the damage their demon group would sustain would certainly be considerable. They were after all in the human territory.

Long Haochen shouted aloud, “However, the demons also paid a considerable price this time. Although they were all powerhouses that came this time, among them were several successors of demon gods. Their group was led by the successor of the Demon God Emperor, Ah’Bao. Still, they didn’t pay a low price either.”

Saying that, with a flick of his hand, he revealed a black flame in his hand.

This flame clearly didn’t emit the holy properties related to Long Haochen, and everyone saw the shape of crystal crown appear in his hand. This was exactly the Crown of Heritage from that Fiend of Blue Flames named Shen Shang.

Seeing this magical crystal, the powerhouses from the Temple Alliance couldn’t help but cry out in surprise. This confirmed Long Haochen’s prior words without a doubt.

On the other side, Huang Shuo’s look became all the more ugly. Of course, he recognized the owner of this magical crystal. Although the owner of that crystal wasn’t the most powerful demon that participated this time, he was still at least among the top five in overall strength. No matter what, he had no idea how this crystal could have fallen into Long Haochen’s hands. Seeing his appearance, he didn’t reach twenty years in age. Humans and demons were not the same, and he could tell his rough age at a mere glance.

Indifferently, Long Haochen produced a brilliant flicker of light, as his eyes were filled with an ice-cold look. The stare he gave Huang Shuo didn’t give off a weak impression.

“At least, three human survivors left the Illusory Paradise this time. As for you…” Reaching this point, he deliberately paused his words.

Even if Huang Shuo was calm, he still couldn’t help but be in great turmoil at that time. Looking at the distant Illusory Shrine, he immediately became pale.

In fact, this time only demons acting as successors of the top four demon gods had participated. It was for the sake of obtaining some spiritual stoves while obeying a secret order of the Demon God Emperor that they came. If these successors had all died in the Illusory Paradise, the blow inflicted to the demons would be incomparable. It would possibly even shake the foundation of the demons.

Since Long Haochen took out one Crown of Heritage, who said that he wouldn’t have other Crowns of Heritage? Hearing his tone, Huang Shuo’s group was not optimistic about the situation of their team in the Illusory Paradise.

“Speak, what happened to them?” Huang Shuo reacted in fury, while his threatening aura abruptly rose. The terrifying oppressive power almost instantly reached its peak, and even in the entrance to a living heaven filled with vital energy like Illusory Paradise, the whole area was filled with darkness instantly.

Ling Xiao answered with a cold snort and his hands flashed golden. From the milky white staff in his hand, a gentle golden brilliance spread to the surroundings, easily blocking the rich breath of darkness, and affecting their whole side with a drizzling light splendor.

Understanding Long Haochen’s intention, he didn’t utter a single word, and gave him room to handle the matter. The powerhouses from the Temple Alliance also drew their weapons successively, preparing to enter battle mode at any time.

The pressure spread by Huang Shuo didn’t affect Long Haochen in any way. Instead, he exposed an indifferent smile on his face, “Why should I tell you anything?”

Huang Shuo gave him a cold look, “If something has happened to them, we will inevitably tread on the Southern Mountain’s City and spare no cost to kill all humans up to the last man.” This sentence was said categorically and without any hesitation from his side.

He didn’t know so much about the other clans, but he had a particular understanding on the Devil Dragon lineage.

At the present time, the Demon God Emperor of the Devil Dragon Clan had only two children, Ah’Bao and Leng Xiao, and both had entered the Illusory Paradise this time. In his opinion, given Ah’Bao’s strength, he wouldn’t possibly have encountered any trouble in the Illusory Paradise, no matter the circumstances. The reason those three humans were still alive could only be out of his leniency. They were bound to return with great gains from this trip. This was the important reason why the demons were willing to pay such a great price for the chance to enter the Illusory Paradise.

However, he absolutely didn’t expect this twist. It could indeed be seen that the casualties on the human side were disastrous, since only three of the ten that had entered returned alive. And judging from Cai’er’s appearance, she was surely in a very weak state. But more importantly, none of the demons from their group had yet returned alive!

The greatest disadvantage of the demons during this operation was their lack of understanding regarding the Illusory Paradise. All the understanding they had was issued from the Demon God Emperor’s deductions as well as the predictions from the Star Demon God. No matter what could be said, at least Ah’Bao, and Leng Xiao hadn’t come back yet, and there was still the daughter of the Moon Demon God to consider.

The Moon Demon God’s side was still better off, since this time, it could be said that Yue Ye got a place only because of her relationship with Ah’Bao. But none of the Devil Dragons could be afforded to be lost! Although the Demon God Emperor was still young in age, his reproducing ability had reached the state where he couldn’t possibly have other children. Under these circumstances, if Leng Xiao or Ah’Bao were to have died in battle inside the Illusory Paradise, this would be a devastating catastrophe to the Devil Dragon Clan.

Since time immemorial, the Devil Dragons were led by the successive generations of Demon God Emperors, inheriting the pure lineage of the Devil Dragon bloodline. Never before had a Demon God Emperor of another bloodline been chosen, and atop of that, Ah’Bao had already gained a definite prestige within the Devil Dragon Clan. It reached the point that if they had died in battle, the Demon God Emperor was bound to be totally furious and could only take out his anger on him and his group.

For this reason, Huang Shuo’s eyes looked red. He appeared calm but was only filled with ideas of cruelty and slaughter. He was already prepared to blow these opponents to kingdom come, and would rather die here than return and bear the fury of the Demon God Emperor.

Indifferently giving a vague expression, Long Haochen revealed a cold look from the bottom of his eye, “It’s not impossible for you to learn about their whereabouts. And I can even tell you that they were not all killed in battle, and that some are still alive. However, just why should I tell you anything?”

Long Haochen said that in a very calm manner, and his face didn’t show any superfluous expression. Hearing him say this, Han Qian and Ling Xiao both couldn’t help but smile.

This kid was indeed just too intelligent. They obviously could tell that if Huang Shuo was made overly anxious and start a fight, the demons would admittedly face huge losses, but would the humans really be able to weather the conflict unscathed? In fact, this was not the recently embattled Southern Mountain’s City, which formed a natural fortress. And this time, the overwhelming majority of the demons that came were powerhouses of the ninth step. Even if they had just crossed the threshold to the ninth step and didn’t have any weapon on them, they were still the Black Dragon Guard!

Shen Yin Wang Zuo Chapter 341: It’S Different? Your Thigh… (Iii)

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