Shen Yin Wang Zuo Chapter 345: Wage War Against Undeads (I)

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Shen Yin Wang Zuo, Chapter 345: Wage War Against Undeads (I)

Once again facing an ocean of skeletons, Long Haochen’s response was a lot more effortless than before, even though the skeletons present were more evolved. This showed how much his strength matured since then.

Last time he had to protect Haoyue, he had just gone up from the fourth to the fifth step, but this time, he was already roughly in the fifth rank of the sixth step in strength. Further adding the gain from his awakening as a god’s chosen one, he naturally felt no pressure facing these low level undeads.

Seeing Long Haochen let out a brilliant golden light, the moss green flames in the eyes of the twelve liches standing afar became dimmer, visibly showing their unease.

The pure light released a sacred aura that gave them a feeling of restless danger.

Even Long Haochen himself was astonished to find out that the skeletons that kept climbing up didn’t even dare approach further upon feeling the intense light essence in the air.

A sharp cry came out from the liches, and the bone staff let out even more intense aura of death. Immediately, the skeletons in the front started to collapse, shattering into pieces before swiftly fusing with each other.

This trick again? Last time, Long Haochen narrowly died because of it. This was the Skeleton King assembled by the liches. And furthermore, it was this time the result from the joint work of twelve liches, using an even greater number of skeletons, and would produce an even more powerful result than before.

Long Haochen was not as inexperienced as before, how would he let these liches do as they please?

“Yating!” Long Haochen growled, and immediately, a resplendent light was emitted from his back as his four immense wings spread out. With a flap, his body was already propelled toward those twelve liches.

Long Haochen’s spiritual wings were different from Yating’s wings of light. Yating’s wing of light had a transparent color that made them resemble to the wings of a butterfly, only making them all the more beautiful, but Long Haochen’s spiritual wings looked close to the wings of a bird, equally comparable in terms of speed.

Yating’s incantations were already prepared. Flapping her six wings, she took over Long Haochen’s position at the entrance of the cave, holding the staff high in her hand . During this time, an intense light element took shape in the air, transforming into a fist-sized glinting ball of light flying to the direction of the skeletons.


Although this place didn’t have any light essence, Yating was not only evolved thrice but also obtained the benefits from Long Haochen’s awakening as a god’s chosen one, and her fusion with the Saint Spiritual Stove, and her current strength was already close to a mage at the peak of the sixth step. A spell that she was given so long to prepare was naturally not a simple spell of the sixth step but a powerful spell of the seventh step.

Yating’s greatest strength resided in the fact that her body was originally fully made from light essence, thus she didn’t need to worry about being in shortage of spiritual energy like the human mages. The only restriction was the limit in the intensity of use in her power, and unless her elemental energy was totally exhausted, she would always be able to keep using magic. Of course, if nothing was really left, this would just forecast Yating’s death.

Starfall was a spell of the seventh step. And furthermore, it belonged to the type of light elemental magic exclusive to fairies, that humans weren’t able to use.

A wide expanse of bright stars smashed into the group of skeletons, and the most terrifying thing was that these bright stars had the length of an eye, aiming at the core parts in the body of the fusing Skeleton King.

The mass of golden flashes of light blossomed in the midst of the wave of skeletons, and everywhere the golden light passed, the skeletons were turned into grey ashes. The parts of the skeletons that were fusing with each other also crumbled, not given any opportunity to complete their combination.

At that time, Long Haochen arrived in front of the twelve liches.

After his wings became four, Long Haochen’s flying speed shot up. Although he was not an expert in flight for now, due to lacking training, he was still able to achieve a great performance in a straight line. Due to that, these twelve liches only saw a flash of golden light as Long Haochen was already in front of them.

Turning pale with fright, the twelve liches let out sharp cries almost simultaneously.

This ability was specific to liches. Called Hisses of Terror, it had some similarity with the brain-addling magic used by human assassins, but was a lot stronger, because, it depended on their soul energy to be accomplished.

Long Haochen had suffer losses the first time he confronted liches.

However, this time, the Hisses of Terror weren’t of much use against him. Long Haochen’s response was very simple, it was to wrap himself in Holy Mantle reinforced by Ripples of Light.

Even if the Hisses of Terror of these lichs was even more powerful, it couldn’t compare with the hiss from the specters in the Desolate Hissing Cavern! Since Long Haochen managed to comprehend the Ripples of Light, would there be anything for him to fear in these little hisses?

In the air, with a mere motion, Long Haochen forcibly broke through the ranks of the liches. Immediately, Bright Discipline was transformed into golden shadows, from his right hand. It was Demon Wiping Flash.

The liches’ powerful aspect was their soul, not their physical body. Confronting the suppression of Long Haochen’s sacred aura, their soul lost marginally in power. How could their mere physical body resist the powerful assault from Demon Wiping Flash?

The twelve liches were pierced in a mere instant, immediately burnt by golden flames. Be it their body or their soul, everything was engulfed by this golden fire.

This was the ability acquired after his awakening as a god’s chosen one, Inner Holy Fire.

In other words, all of Long Haochen’s attack would carry the effects from Holy Fire in its use.

Holy Fire was an ability that other knights could also learn, but they had to reach the seventh step for that. In addition, in case of use, Holy Fire would deplete a massive amount of spiritual energy. However, as a god’s chosen one, Long Haochen didn’t have to worry about this.

It could be said that after his awakening, the superiority of Long Haochen’s physique as the Scion of Light was in full swing, enabling him to surpass all knights of his same rank by a great margin.

After the ocean of skeletons underneath lost the command from the liches, it took only a while for these endless waves of black skeleton to disappear.

Long Haochen shook his head slightly. He appeared dissatisfied from this battle. This dissatisfaction lay in his unfamiliarity with his own abilities after this awakening. If he had predicted that these liches would be so easy to handle, he wouldn’t have instructed Yating to use a powerful ability such as Starfall.

Witnessing the entire annihilating of the skeletons underneath, he finally relaxed, flying back to that cavern. It was just that because of his excessive use of power during his flight, he staggered at the time of landing.

It looks that I should train my ability of flight. Long Haochen shook his head with a helpless look. These words weren’t without reason: battles between powerhouses often happened in the air. This was because, in the air, one could avoid harming allies and destroy the earth. Even the savage demons were often unwilling to battle with humans on the ground.

Yating giggled with a laugh, “Master, humans like you cannot fly innately. It’s natural that you are facing some difficulties to fly.”

Long Haochen gave her a strange look. After Yating was capable of human speech, he really felt a bit unwell. But the crucial point was that he didn’t know how he could tell Cai’er about this new side of hers.

Right at that time, a change suddenly occurred on Long Haochen’s expression. A kind of ominous premonition suddenly surged, as if a massive danger was about to arrive.

How could it be that right after killing the twelve liches and their army of skeletons, such a massive threat appeared so suddenly? What was it in the end?

Yating’s perception wasn’t the least bit inferior to Long Haochen, let alone that she originally formed one with him. She naturally had some awareness of what appeared in Long Haochen’s senses, and gave an astounded look afar.

“Master, a smell with a strong stench is approaching us. This enemy should be targeting our area.”

Long Haochen took a deep breath, letting out some soft golden brilliance. The four wings on his back were then lightly flapped, absorbing the tiny amounts of light essence in the air.

It wasn’t that this black and red world was totally devoid of light element. Another light elemental mage of a knight would perhaps encounter difficulties to be replenished here, but he was after all a god’s chosen one. Although he couldn’t possibly borrow force from that goddess of light here, his absorption and senses over elemental essence were still extra powerful.

“Make your battle preparations. No matter what kind of enemy we face, we have to protect the cavern well till Haoyue evolves.”

“Yeah.” Yating gave a swift answer, before drawing back, standing on Long Haochen’s lateral side. Looking the master before her eyes, her gaze was extremely gentle. The loyalty she had towards Long Haochen was already not as simple as the result of the contract linking them, but was due to the fact that Long Haochen’s existence gave her a new life.

Gradually, that threat became more and more powerful. Gazing far away, Long Haochen couldn’t help but grow more and more restless.

What is that? Suddenly, his eyes shrank, and immediately next, he started to gaze into a particular direction.

In his line of sight, peculiar living creatures appeared.

At glance, they looked like humans, formed of four limbs, a body and a head. However, their gait was totally different from humans. Their both feet kept jiggling, while their hands were stretched in front of their bodies. At each leap, they advanced at least of five or ten meters, heading here at flying speed.

At first, there were only a few of them, but as time passed, more and more of these appeared in Long Haochen and Yating’s lines of sight.

“Zombies! These are zombies!” Yating lost her voice in alarm.

Long Haochen asked in astonishment, “What are zombies? Is it a type of undead?”

Yating nodded to him, “It is a kind of exceptionally strong undead. In rank, they cannot compare with lichs, but they are a lot more powerful than skeletons, and are a form of dead humans. Their physical body was corroded by the energy of death but didn’t rot, and their soul became infected with death.”

Shen Yin Wang Zuo Chapter 345: Wage War Against Undeads (I)

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