Shen Yin Wang Zuo Chapter 351: Haoyue’S Fourth Head, Blue Butterfly (Iii)

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Shen Yin Wang Zuo, Chapter 351: Haoyue’s fourth head, Blue Butterfly (III)

Long Haochen’s eyes flashed, “This ability is excellent!”

Wang Yuanyuan nodded in response, “With this ability, our team’s recovery of spiritual energy will increase tremendously.”

Han Yu replied with a smile, “Actually the best part about it are its side-effects, which don’t harm me. Otherwise, things wouldn’t be good if everyone has to end up in the same state as Lin Xin after the full use of the ability from our spiritual stoves.”

Long Haochen replied with a smile, “I just wonder what ability came from the fusion of the spiritual stoves for Sima and Ying’er. It’s just a shame that we couldn’t get one more spiritual stove to fuse for Yuanyuan.”

Wang Yuanyuan frowned in reply, “Captain, why not be content with what you already have? Have you ever seen a Demon Hunt Squad that obtained as many spiritual stoves as us? The luck we had this time is already excellent, let’s just be content with it. And now that all of us reached the sixth step, we can become a commander grade Demon Hunt Squad after returning from this trip. And we’ll have to do that as soon as we can.”

Han Yu replied with a smile, “Indeed. Our luck was really good, and this time, we also gained quite a few contribution points. After coming back, we can just get some rest. There will be no need to rush for missions. We can train with the fourth and fifth trials in the Tower of Eternity to raise our spiritual energy to 5,000 units before attempting the sixth trial.”

In truth, according to their strength as a whole, they should already have managed to pass the sixth trial, but for the sake of raising everyone’s fighting strength even higher, they kept challenging that red skeleton in individual battles. Now that Long Haochen awakened as a god’s chosen one and gained such a tremendous boost in strength, his strength should actually be just enough to defeat that red skeleton in a one versus one fight.

Just as everyone was speaking, Long Haochen suddenly turned around to look afar, before shouting without any hesitation, “Quick, enter the cave and come to Haoyue’s side. We have to leave immediately!”

Just as he said that, a terrible and massive threat arrived from afar, and closed in with tremendous speed. It was surrounded by many black clouds that engulfed the whole sky.

Long Haochen immediately made the decision to leave right after sensing that terrible power. We have to leave, otherwise, everyone is bound to die! The owner of that terrifying aura is at least a powerhouse of the ninth step, and is aiming right for us. Even if Haoyue won’t manage to finish his evolution in case we leave now, we are not able to deal with this enemy!

Everyone completely trusted Long Haochen, and Cai’er supported him with her hands, while Han Yu supported Lin Xin, and the five of them gathered next to Haoyue.

Meanwhile, the golden light from Long Haochen’s Eternal Melody lit up.

Actually, he didn’t mention the cost from forcefully triggering the Eternal Melody before. After teleporting them forcefully, he would be affected by the Eternal Melody and aside from prolonging the duration of weakness, resulting from the use of Soul Ignition, it would subject him to extreme pain. Meanwhile, a great deal of the energy in the Tower of Eternity would dissipate, and would need more souls to be replenished.

But because of the large amount of soul energy absorbed by the Eternal Melody during the battle in the Southern Mountain’s City, they could still make it.

Haoyue seemed to have sensed the existence of that threat as well, and his whole body trembled, before the appearance of a fantastic scene. Of the two bulges on the sides of his body, the one on the left side suddenly shrank down, while the one on the right side suddenly grew, producing violent tremblings.

Right when Long Haochen’s group was rushing in, the bulge on the right side suddenly split, and another head popped up. Meanwhile, Haoyue’s shivers accelerated further, as he grew to a size of nine meters in a flash. That was indeed a massive creature.

At that time, a dark blue ball of light rushed up from the exterior of the cave, approaching at a monstrous speed while leaving trails of blue flame in the air.

After Haoyue’s fourth head suddenly emerged, he seemed to be in an extremely weak state, and his four heads’ eyes closed as he lied on the ground.

With Haoyue and Long Haochen being mentally connected, he had a clear feeling of what Long Haochen was about to do, thus suddenly triggered the appearance of his fourth head, but the bulge on his other side also suddenly shrank down at least by half in the meantime. Otherwise, a fifth head would very possibly have appeared.

With a large flash of golden light, the interior of the cavern was illuminated brightly, and an intense radiance of light instantly engulfed everyone. In the meantime, Han Yu released his Spiritual Stove of Blessing of Light, covering everyone with a brilliant barrier of light.

With a golden flash of light, everyone disappeared from the cave.

Three seconds later, a massive dark golden ball of light descended with a boom that caused this entire red and black world to tremble. Even from the mountain, the only thing left was a massive hole.

With a flicker of golden light, Long Haochen’s group appeared outside of the Tower of Eternity along with Haoyue. With a retching sound, Long Haochen vomited a surge of blood, before falling unconscious in Cai’er’s arms. In the same way, Haoyue fell into a coma too.

Fortunately, the Eternal Melody was still effective, so the specters outside of the tower didn’t dare to approach. As Cai’er supported Long Haochen, Han Yu and Wang Yuanyuan dragged Haoyue, and everyone returned to the Tower of Eternity.

Long Haochen was just too tired. Ever since entering the Illusory Paradise, his mental state had been extremely focused all along, be it during the hard battles against the demons, his awakening as a god’s chosen one, the war against the Zombie King which entailed his first use of Soul Ignition, the destruction of Bright Discipline, or finally his full-strength forceful trigger of the Eternal Melody to teleport everyone back.

It could be said that over the past few days, he never had any real rest, and his body was now at its limit, so falling unconscious wasn’t actually a bad thing for him. If this kept going on, he would have had to consume more vital force than he possessed.

The only good news was that in the Tower of Eternity, Chen Ying’er was already awake, waiting for them, though Sima Xian was still unconscious.

Han Yu’s Blessings of Light proved to be very effective, and actually managed to remove all interference during their teleportation. Now, everyone had their spiritual energy recovered at great speed, until returning to their regular state. Even the original restriction of the Tower of Eternity preventing every spiritual energy of other elements than light to recover didn’t affect the ability of this spiritual stove. It was truly worth the status of a fused spiritual stove.

This time, Long Haochen ended up unconscious for no less than six hours before waking up, still in a weak state. However, they couldn’t keep staying here for long. If the Priest Temple found out about their disappearance, things wouldn’t be good. Although they could explain a short disappearance by saying they took a stroll in the city, they wouldn’t be able to do so if their absence lasted for too long.

But obviously, returning to the Southern Mountain’s City also came with a complicated process. Long Haochen had to transport Haoyue back to his world first, before the two of them could teleport back to the Southern Mountain’s City through their blood contract. After returning, he could then teleport his comrades from the Tower of Eternity to his side.

Haoyue recovered rapidly, at least a lot faster than the weakened Long Haochen, who told Haoyue about everything that happened through their mental connection.

It turned out that Haoyue originally had engulfed a large amount of magical crystals, causing his internal spiritual energy to keep rising, but it was still heterogenous.

Although he already reached the point of evolution, this heterogeneous spiritual energy needed to be purified, which was the reason why he needed to leave for his world for this long.

After returning to his own world, Haoyue kept cultivating in this cave. Although his strength wouldn’t break through immediately, he didn’t have to worry about being found out by those undead creatures for some time. Having learned the lesson from the time his third head emerged, and with his strength having increased like that, Haoyue was enthusiastic and prepared to purify all the spiritual energy at once, as his time of breakthrough was nearing.

However, against his calculation, some changes went beyond his control. As Haoyue was in the midst of purifying his spiritual energy, Long Haochen awakened as a god’s chosen one.

This awakening had a direct influence on Long Haochen’s blood connection with Haoyue. In normal times, this would have been a good thing, as it increased the strength of Haoyue to some extent, especially for Little Light. However, because Haoyue was purifying his spiritual energy, and drawing close to his time of evolution, this sudden boost increased the danger for Haoyue.

Originally, Haoyue tried to suppress it, because he clearly felt that his own spiritual energy wasn’t completely purified yet, but the time required for his evolution was too long, and those undead creatures wouldn’t possibly give him enough time. However, after attempting to suppress his energy for some time, he finally didn’t manage to keep it stifled because of the excessive amount of spiritual energy accumulating in him since the start of his evolution. At that time, he was left with no other choice but to request for Long Haochen’s help, hoping that he would manage to slow down those undead creatures.

However, the final results visibly exceeded his expectations. Long Haochen was left with no other choice but to transport them back to the Tower of Eternity, but to Haoyue, leaving his world in a state of evolution would very possibly have resulted in a threat for his life. Left without choice, he had to abandon the complete evolution, and chose to evolve only by a half, using the purified spiritual energy to trigger the appearance of his fourth head, while completely abandoning the heterogeneous spiritual energy. This was also the reason that pushed that bulge to shrink so suddenly and weakened his body at the same time.

However, in spite of that, half of Haoyue’s evolution was still successfully completed, and Long Haochen gave this fourth head the name of Little Blue.

Along with this evolution, a difference appeared on Haoyue’ four heads compared to before, the bulges above those had certainly changed. They now had the shapes of horns, close to cow horns. Each of the four heads looked a little different, but the most extraordinary change appeared on the fourth head, Little Blue. It had a look close to the head of a butterfly. And furthermore, perhaps was it because of the sudden forceful aspect of the evolution, but his eyes had a weak look, as if suffering a dystrophy.

Shen Yin Wang Zuo Chapter 351: Haoyue’S Fourth Head, Blue Butterfly (Iii)

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