Shen Yin Wang Zuo Chapter 355: Vip Auction! (I)

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Shen Yin Wang Zuo, Chapter 355: VIP auction! (I)

Cai’er shook her head in silence, replying, “I have my Dagger of Samsara, so other equipment is useless to me. Unless it is a perfect fit, I don’t have any urgent need. Give priority to the others. You also have to buy a weapon for yourself. However, it doesn’t have to necessarily be here, instead we can just search on the third floor later on.”

Indeed, Long Haochen yet again urgently needed a new weapon. Thinking of that, he felt depressed. Ever since becoming a Demon Hunter, he had destroyed quite a good number of his weapons. This time, it was the sword Bright Discipline that reached the Glorious Tier which they had acquired with great difficulty, and his Blue Rain, Hibiscus of Light had also been smashed to pieces during the fierce battle against Ah’Bao. Although it was still being nurtured in Yating, it was temporarily unavailable. Thus Long Haochen, due to unfortunate circumstances, currently had no weapon available to use.

Now that their spiritual energy reached five thousand units, their next goal would be to defeat that red skeleton. But how could Long Haochen fight without a weapon? Thus, his top priority was to acquire a heavy sword. But of course, one would be the barest minimum, since he was after all a Retribution Knight as well.

Right at that time, the illumination in the auction hall became dim, until the whole room was cloaked in darkness.

The previously noisy auction hall immediately became silent. All the personnel that could enter in such a heavyweight auction was of high standing and naturally familiar with the rules here.

With a “shi” sound, a pillar of light was launched on the stage, and a crimson-clad girl appeared there out of nowhere.

If the appearance of this girl were to be described, the conclusion would be that she didn’t have the beauty of Cai’er, but the charm of a mature woman. Looking at her smiling face, people would easily get a refreshing feeling. But more oddly, when one looked at her, this person would actually have the feeling that she was directly looking back at him or her.

“Good evening dear honored guests, and welcome to the VIP auction of this month. Today, we prepared quite a few remarkable items for all of you special guests. I hope everyone will get some good assets from today.”

A pleasant voice filled with charm was heard clearly, and touched Long Haochen’s heart. In the rear, one could already hear that the breath of some guests was becoming rougher.

“This girl should have a rare and particular mental strength. She must specialize in the mental attribute.” Long Haochen said in a low voice to the nearby Cai’er.

On his other side, Sima Xian replied with a laugh, “Mental strength specialized users are rare, and people who are this beautiful are hard to see. This Alliance’s Great Auction House is the result of a lot of efforts and energy.”

Han Yu bumped his hand, revealing a pleased smile, “What? So you’ve been seduced? How about trying to pursue her?”

Sima Xian shook his head energetically, “She’s not the type of girl I like.”

This time, Long Haochen couldn’t help but ask with some curiosity, “Sima, what kind of girl do you like then?”

Sima Xian gave an embarrassed smile, “I like those kind of long-haired and pure girls, looking like pure flowers.”

Hearing this reply, everyone broke out in laughter. Chen Ying’er’s didn’t give him the slightest face as she remarked in a low voice with a smile. “How is it that I felt you were speaking about has-drugs-bro! Woah, I didn’t expect that! I thought that you are robust, but I didn’t know you also had this kind of interest.”

“Nonsense! This man doesn’t like men.” Because of the impulse, his voice became noisier, immediately attracting despiteful looks from the surroundings. But fortunately, the auction hall was dark, thus the surrounding people didn’t see clearly from where it came.

On stage, the beautiful woman acted as though nothing had happened, continuing her introduction, “If you are frequently participating in our VIP auction, you should know about all this, but I will introduce myself, to give newcomers a chance to be familiar with me. My name is Ye Weiyang, and I am the chief auctioneer of the Alliance’s Great Auction House. I will the one managing the auctions for today. To avoid having our distinguished customers wait any longer, let us start with the first item.”

As she said that, she retreated to the side of the platform, where two girls were approaching. Right at that time, a white-clad staff member joined Ye Weiyang from the other direction, whispering a few words in her ear.

Ye Weiyang revealed a shocked look, but quickly returned to her usual self, giving a simple nod.

The first item was already up on stage, and Ye Weiyang pulled the cart with a regretful look, “Deep apologies everyone. I have regretful news to inform all guests about. It seems that a mistake happened, and that this article here isn’t the first but the second item of today’s auction. The rest of the items will be presented according to the intended order.”

Meanwhile, clamorous noises exploded, but given that the people here were of considerable status, they were naturally of good background and at least no one shouted abuses.

The regretful expression on the face of Ye Weiyang immediately turned right into a smile, “While I am sorry, I also have to announce that all you esteemed guests should rejoice about some good news, because the item we chose to switch to the first place is very likely to become the most desired item with the highest bids of today’s auction. And it’s quite a rare kind of treasure, even tempting me. If some customer would offer to buy it for me, perhaps I would give my heart to him in exchange.”

Being so beautiful, and having a natural charm combined with mental abilities of attraction, she was a perfect fit to draw in the 80% males present. From hearing that, there were actually people that couldn’t help but shout that they would bid on it and offer it to her.

Of course, these were only words.

Some the frequent honored guests knew about Ye Weiyang’s status. Disregarding her young age, her position in the Alliance’s Great Auction House was extraordinary, and the mere fact that she claimed to possibly give her heart to the one who would be willing to buy this item for her, was a simple proof of the astronomic value of the first item.

Seated, Long Haochen secretly exclaimed in admiration, How worthy of the chief auctioneer of the Alliance’s Great Auction House! This simple few words aroused great interest, allowing one’s imagination to run wild about what the first item would be.

Ye Weiyang made a graceful gesture, hinting the lady pulling the cart to approach.

“I believe that everyone is extremely curious, to know what kind of item we switched to the first position. Just speaking of it, I feel very curious too. That’s because I only heard of this treasure, but never saw one before. However, I believe that everyone here, regardless of whether you are a fighter or a rich merchant, should be extremely interested into it. This is an extraordinary rare treasure, or rather, an even more precious existence than any treasure. Next, let us welcome the mysterious first item of the day.”

“Shi!” Another glint shone abruptly, this time emitting a faint golden color. This was something all the frequent customers from this auction knew, a treatment reserved to important auctions.

The combination of Ye Weiyang’s words and the glitz showed that this first item was not only mysterious, but also extremely valuable.

All kinds of gems appeared on a golden cart that was pulled on stage. The ones pulling the carts were not these two ceremonial girls from before, but a black-haired girl clad in a transparent white dress, looking as elegant as a fairy. Her face carried a little smile and looked extremely pure.

On the contrary, the cart she pulled looked extremely gorgeous with its elegant matched patterns, which instantly attracted the eyes of all the spectators.

In terms of appearance, Ye Weiyang was undoubtedly a bit inferior to this girl clad in the white gown, but her character and charms more than made up for that. On stage, the two girls looked like a rose and a lily standing next to each other. The mere sense of beauty coming out from them aroused the emotions of the whole audience.

Sima Xian opened his eyes wide, giving a dull look to that white-clad girl. Apparently he was in a state of total shock.

Not only him, but the others from the 21st general grade Demon Hunt Squad felt their gaze freeze over that sight.

Han Yu murmured next, “Sima, is that the kind of little pure flower you just spoke about?”

“That… That can’t be! Wow, wow, that’s exactly it! This is the look of the lover in my heart! Am I dreaming? Han Yu, hurry up and pinch me!”

Han Yu violently pinched his leg without retenue, giving Sima Xian a painful feeling, but Sima only revealed an even more excited expression on his face.

“That’s for real! For real! No one can stop me! This girl is mine, I will definitely win her heart with all my strength.”

At that time, Lin Xin returned to his seat after having secretly headed below. Seeing Sima Xian’s excited appearance, he asked in puzzlement, “What happened this time, Sima?”

Chen Ying’er laughed lowly, “He’s just in heat. His target seems to be that pure flower on stage.”

Lin Xin looked dumbfounded, “Sima, are you dreaming? Do you know who that person is?”

Sima Xian gave a puzzled look to Lin Xin, “How could I be dreaming? Don’t tell me you think your brother would be lacking compared to anyone else?”

Lin Xin replied with a laugh, “I can’t be sure of that, but I can certainly tell you that this girl isn’t someone that will be attracted only by one’s rank. Unless she comes to like you, even being a powerhouse of the ninth step would be of no use.”

Long Haochen coughed at that, “Let’s discuss this after the auction ends, have a look for now. Shouldn’t this item be ours?”

Lin Xin nodded quietly, “During auctions, the most attractive items would be the first one and the last. At the time of the first bid, no one will have spent any money and all will have their full buying power, while the last one is generally a good item kept in reserve. The reason why I chose the first spot was to know the value of our sale to determine our budget for today’s purchases. With the top-notch manipulation from Ye Weiyang, and the help I got from Feng Ling’er, not getting a sky high price would prove to be very hard, hehe.”

Shen Yin Wang Zuo Chapter 355: Vip Auction! (I)

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