Shen Yin Wang Zuo Chapter 357: Vip Auction! (Iii)

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Shen Yin Wang Zuo, Chapter 357: VIP auction! (III)

Ye Weiyang had only obtained this information in the last moment, but managed to use it as a stimulant for this auction. No matter whether it was for her adaptability or her fearlessness, she was accomplishing her role as the chief auctioneer of the Alliance’s Great Auction House to perfection.

With a noise the start of the auction was announced. It seemed as though a terrible war had just started, and its participants were all in the top rows of their respective VIP lounges. After all, a dozen million gold coins wasn’t an amount ordinary people could afford. Even those who had this much money wouldn’t necessarily spend it.

The expression on Long Haochen’s face was quite grotesque: If not for Ye Weiyang’s introduction, he would actually not know that this Devil Dragon Crystal had so many good uses. It looked as if they couldn’t sell the four remaining ones. Before anything else, using them to increase everyone’s external spiritual energy was the top priority. Finding out such benefits accidentally was really something they didn’t expect.

Thinking about this, he couldn’t help but reminisce the time spent in cultivation with his father in Odin City. Didn’t his father let him be soaked in some bath filled with herbal medicine?  

“Lin Xin, later on, please think of a way to buy or find a prescription using the Devil Dragon Crystal as its core.”

“There’s no problem. I was actually already doing research about that, and results should come up in less than a few days.” Regarding knowledge about spiritual stoves, Lin Xin wasn’t equal to Long Haochen, but in the field of treasures, he was a lot more knowledgeable than Long Haochen.

The price for the Devil Dragon Crystal rose rapidly, but after exceeding 15 millions, the bidding speed visibly slowed, rising by hundred thousand after hundred thousand. Clearly, although the rich people present were very hopeful to acquire this treasure, they also understood its real value and weren’t willing to pay an excessively high price.

But the problem was that those who wished for this magical crystal were far too many. It seemed that every qualified bidder kept bidding, thus even when rising by one hundred thousand after another, the price rapidly passed eighteen million. This number already exceeded the true value of a Devil Dragon Crystal, but of course, considering the rarity of the item, this was still an acceptable price.

“Twenty million.” Right at that time, the robust voice of the very first bidder called out in a roar, and immediately, the whole hall became silent.

Ye Weiyang’s eyes lit up, “Alright, our honored guest from the third lounge bid the price of twenty million gold coins. At this level, Weiyang is unable to discuss this price, but I believe that any item as long as it is desired is priceless. If no other honored guest wants to continue bidding against it, this item will belong to our honored guest from the third lounge.”

Extraordinarily, she didn’t keep arousing the bidders’ moods, and immediately declared, “Twenty million, going once.”

This was Ye Weiyang’s intelligence. Given that this was the greatest auction house in the Temple Alliance, if she looked only into benefits, could she possibly keep raising the prices every time? The guests would be bound to be on guard, especially those seated in private boxes. Seeing that the price looked okay, she didn’t continue tarrying over it.

“Twenty million, going twice.”

“Twenty million, going three times, deal!” The gavel was raised in a split second, and the Devil Dragon Crystal was sold for the price of twenty million gold coins.

This price already exceeded Long Haochen’s expectations, but Lin Xin shook his head.

Han Yu asked in puzzlement, “Has-drugs-bro, are you still not satisfied even with that price?”

Lin Xin sighed, “We rushed our sale too much. If we had decided to put this magical crystal in auction, with some publicity done in advance on my own, and by keeping it under pressure, the price would very possibly have kept on rising.”

Wang Yuanyuan replied to him, “That’s about it, you must be content already.”

Sima Xian didn’t say anything all along, only gazing fervently at Feng Ling’er on stage, until she disappeared along with the cart.

After such a climax, the auction kept going on, and the true first item was pulled to the auction counter.

“Snow Lotus Herb. This item is a herbal medicine of five hundred years age, priced for 200,000 gold coins.” Perhaps it was because of the too consuming previous auction, but Ye Weiyang’s voice sounded a little languid, and a lot more concise.

“210,000 gold coins!” Lin Xin raised the number plate in his hand without hesitation.

He had always been the one deciding on what to buy on the medicinal field, and even Long Haochen wouldn’t get involved. To say nothing about the fact that the current 21st general grade Demon Hunt Squad was in a rich and imposing state. Lin Xin was now filled with confidence.

Finally, this Snow Lotus Herb was actually bought by Lin Xin for the low price of 350,000 gold coins. Perhaps it was because the previous climax of the dragon crystal’s sale had been too violent, but the following articles weren’t sold for very high prices.

Lin Xin intervened repeatedly, gaining three herbal medicines and a magical crystal of a magical beast at the eighth rank.

“Next, we shall welcome our seventh product, which is a rarely seen good treasure. This item is not only precious, but also extremely rare. Among the crystals naturally filled with spiritual energy, its value is second to none. Even buying one to bring it home as part of a collection would be very understandable. Our seventh article is a top quality crystal of the spatial element, a spatial crystal.”

Hearing the words ‘spatial crystal’, Wang Yuanyuan suddenly sat up straight, giving a fervent glance to Lin Xin, who nodded to her, acknowledging her desire.

As the cart was pushed forward and the red cloth on it raised, the original pitch-black coloring of the auction hall lit up accordingly. This was a piece of ore the size of a human head. Not crystal, but ore. This piece of spatial crystal was not grinded or polished yet, still being in its primitive state. It still carried a lot of impurities, but it was also large! The soft silvery light from it gave an eerie feeling, as it emanated its dazzling glint. It seemed as if the space in the whole auction hall became distorted just because of its appearance.

“A spatial crystal is known as solidified spatial spiritual energy. This is how pure the spiritual energy contained inside is. Even more praiseworthy, a spatial crystal can absorb spatial power to recuperate from its consumption. In other words, it can sustain itself. As long as its user holds it in esteem, it can accompany a user of spatial spiritual energy for their whole life, and such large chunks of spatial crystal are all the more rare. The reason why we didn’t take the initiative to refine the crystal was to avoid losing this shape. The honored guest among you who will have the luck to obtain it can go carve it in accordance to his needs.

Because of the rarity of such an immense spatial crystal, its starting price will be of two million gold coins.”

Although this starting price wasn’t low, no one knew whether some damage or cracks existed inside. If there were, its price would be greatly affected by it. However, the rarer the item, the greater its worth, so the fixed price of the auction house wasn’t unreasonable either.

However, from hearing that starting price, the whole audience went silent.

Spatial crystals were indeed good things, but spatial spiritual energy users were quite rare. Even if some possessed the spatial attribute, the crystal would only be useful to be embedded in their staff or equipment, reaching the Glorious Tier at most. Of course, that was valid for a small spatial crystal, but even if this ore was cut up to be inlaid in a piece of equipment, it would at most be a piece of Legendary Equipment. The most important aspect of this crystal resided in the accumulated spatial spiritual energy: the longer it would be stored, the more durable the item would be.

Thus, with this price of two millions, the people wanting it were not numerous.

Ye Weiyang secretly gave a silent curse. This item was just set at a too expensive price. If it was set at one million, would it create such an awkward silence? It looked like they would have to let this auction go.

“Which honored guest would want to bid? Spatial crystals are very rare items.”

Wang Yuanyuan then grabbed Lin Xin’s arm, looking close to exhaustion, “Let’s bid rapidly, bid rapidly!”

“Wait. Wait some more time.” Although Wang Yuanyuan was in such an anxious state, the current Lin Xin was extremely calm, having a dignified expression, he didn’t act impatiently.
Ye Weiyang kept asking a few times, but the whole audience went silent. Letting out a sigh, her thoughts were, It looks like no one here today needs this item.

However, she still smiled sweetly, “Since none of you honored guests looks interested in this item, I can only let go of the auction with regret. However, I believe that some knowledgeable people are here. Ai…”

Her last faint sigh immediately gave off an endearing feeling.

Right at that time, Lin Xin finally acted, suddenly standing up from his chair, and shouted, “For the sake of miss Weiyang, I will bid two million. How could I let an item managed by miss Weiyang be withdrawn from auction?”

A glint appeared in the eyes of Ye Weiyang, while the other participants below were laughing up their sleeves.

It seems that this kind of situation would appear in every of the VIP auctions. Ye Weiyang’s charm was really intense, and that was especially the case for some newcomers on which she would have a great enticing power. Yet, another one turned out to be duped again.

“All good, the 36th honored guest bid the price of two million gold coins. Thank you for your affection towards Weiyang.” Saying that, Ye Weiyang politely gave Lin Xin a slight bow.

“Does another honored guest want to bid above that?”

“Two million, going once, going twice. Deal!”

Finally, Lin Xin bought the item for the price of two million gold coins, recovering the huge spatial crystal in his sack.

Wang Yuanyuan finally loosened her breath, but still gave a very fierce look to Lin Xin, telling him in low voice, “Has-drugs-bro, you were trying to annoy me on purpose right?”

Lin Xin shot her a glance, “Keep quiet if you don’t understand. We have money, but it doesn’t mean we have to spend it foolishly. Bidding right of the bat would only attract the attention from the other competitors.

This is called tactics, you know?”

“Yuanyuan, Lin Xin did the right thing.” Long Haochen told Wang Yuanyuan in a low voice, before showing Lin Xin a thumbs up. One could only admit that in terms of business, Lin Xin was a top grade genius.

Shen Yin Wang Zuo Chapter 357: Vip Auction! (Iii)

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