Shen Yin Wang Zuo Chapter 358: Aria Of The Goddess Of Light (I)

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Shen Yin Wang Zuo, Chapter 358: Aria of the Goddess of Light (I)

The auction continued at a quick pace, and Lin Xin kept bidding again and again, coveting some rare plants and some especially useful magical crystals and magic scrolls. However, the amount of money he paid wasn’t that high. Grasping the true essence of an auction, he reaped the best benefits.

These VIP auctions originally had thirty-six items altogether, which became thirty-seven with the addition of the Devil Dragon Crystal. As time passed by, it was now the turn for the last item of the auction.

“The following auction will be the last item of today’s VIP auction. It is also a great treasure we kept in reserve for now. Please welcome Miss Feng Ling’er.”

Just like for the Devil Dragon Crystal, a golden light beam suddenly appeared, and clad in her white dress, Feng Ling’er appeared once again in front of everyone. However, this time, she wasn’t pushing a cart. She carried a large case in both her hands, which was covered with a red cloth, as she slowly advanced towards the auction counter.

Although the red cloth was present as cover, the size of the case could be clearly seen. It was a one meter long cuboid-shaped case, reaching a third of a meter in width. It looked like a large item, and seeing the slender Feng Ling’er carry it gave the audience a feeling of pity.

“This is a sword that saw the blood of countless demons, and gave birth to magnificent legends. With the illumination of its divine light, it seals itself autonomously upon death of its master.”

Ye Weiyang’s regretful voice resounded in the whole hall. On her face appeared a grieved expression. However, no traces of her mood could be seen on her face. It seemed as if this mood of hers was only expressed in the depth of her heart.

“This is a glorious sword, a godly sword filled with radiance and surrounded by legends. At the time it was put on auction, its owner gave an important request. That was, that the bidder had to be able to remove its seal and pay twenty million gold coins, otherwise, it shouldn’t be sold no matter the price.”

Ye Weiyang revealed a melancholic smile, “At this point, everyone should have guessed what kind of item we decided to sell today. This shouldn’t be the first time it appeared on stage, but this item had to be put on auction a lot of times. As an auctioneer and a worshipper of this godly sword, I am very hopeful that it could find a new master today. If some honored guest can undo its seal, this auction house is willing to cover a third of the cost, in respect for this godly sword.”

“Woah.” Lin Xin remarked in amazement, “An auction sale at a fixed price?”

Long Haochen asked, “What is an auction sale at a fixed price?”

Lin Xin replied, “That’s an extremely rare style of auction. The price of the item is fixed, so in other words, whoever wants the item can buy it, but the problem is that this kind of auction comprises some other conditions. Only if the competitor manages to respect the additional conditions can he qualify to buy it. But items that are accepted by the Alliance’s Great Auction House for an auction sale at a fixed price are bound to be pre-eminent existences. From my view, this sword is at least an existence at the peak of the Legendary Tier, or perhaps even…”

As they were talking, Ye Weiyang removed the red cloth on stage, revealing a simple wooden case.

The wooden case had a reddish brown color, and no excessive decorations, but a metallic handle. Its simple shape gave the visual impression that it ought to be an extremely ancient item, weathered by age.

The auction hall was now extremely calm. It seemed that a lot of the honored guests recognized this item, and the atmosphere inside became stifling.

“Niece Weiyang, how about selling it to me. Although I still cannot dispel its seal, I will do everything I can after buying this godly sword to let it see the light. How about it?” The one who started to talk was precisely that third honored guest, with the deep and resounding voice.

Ye Weiyang shook her head with a distressed look, “My apologies. I understand your kind feelings, but I have to see it being freed here. This was my grandfather’s cherished desire. Weiyang won’t hide it any longer, but I am actually this sword’s seller.

This godly sword was actually owned by my great-great-grandfather, and is the weapon previously used by my ancestor. At the time grandfather was on his deathbed, his most cherished desire was to undo the seal on this godly sword, and let it see the light once anew, and if possible, let it keep drinking its fill of demon blood. If some guest has the ability, he can approach for a try. The premise condition is to be a user of the light attribute, and as long as he can undo the seal, even if he needs to pay in installments, he can take the sword.”

Saying this, Ye Weiyang turned around, slowly opening the wooden case.

Gloom, serenity, sadness, and deathly stillness. At the time the heavy sword in this wooden case appeared in front of everyone’s eyes, Long Haochen felt these four negative feelings enter him.

That sword was entirely black, looking very simple and unadorned in style. Refined, it was in total a meter and a half long, among which the handle encompassed the length of half a meter and the blade the remaining meter. Its edge was above four fingers wide.

The handle and the body blend into one another, as if forming the shape of an extraordinary metallic sculpture. Some meticulous patterns could be faintly seen on it, and its tip wasn’t so sharp, being surprisingly covered by a black pearl. No powerful aura was emitted, only the simple feeling of having weathered a lot of hard times. But everyone could feel that in this gloom and serenity, this heavy sword was full of mysteries.

No one went on stage, but everyone maintained their silence, as if paying their respects to this godly sword. The general silence only made the atmosphere even more oppressive.

Those who deserved trying had all already tried. Even a knight of the ninth step came had once come for the sake of this heavy sword, trying to let it see the light. However, that person had also failed.

Since even a knight of the ninth step had failed to let this godly sword reawaken, who would be willing to go on stage to take it.

The distress in Ye Weiyang’s eyes became even stronger, and with an indistinct sigh, she slowly placed her hand on the wooden box, “My deep apologies. Because of Weiyang, everyone was put in a gloomy mood. However, I believe that one day, it will find its new owner. The auctions for today are close to end, so Weiyang wishes to give all the distinguished customers… ”

“Wait.” Right at that time, a clear and bright voice could be heard from someone who slowly stood up slowly from his row.

“Miss Weiyang, is it possible to ask you the name of this godly sword?” Was asked in a clear and bright voice.

Ye Weiyang shook her head, “Sorry, dear honored guest. My grandfather said that unless this godly sword were to see light again, its name from those days cannot be revealed.” She could tell from his voice that this person was very young, and only considered him as being curious about this godly sword.

Feng Ling’er already turned her head around, preparing to withdraw this mysterious heavy sword, and all the participating guests also made preparations to leave.

The only ones who didn’t move were the members of the 21st general grade Demon Hunt Squad, because the one who stood up and raised the question was their captain, Long Haochen.

“I want to give it a try.” Long Haochen’s clear and bright voice was heard once again in the whole auction hall.

The whole audience went silent for a second, and immediately afterwards, noises followed and all the attention was focused on Long Haochen.

The most recurring reaction on the scene was the words, What an exaggerated opinion of his own abilities!

Ye Weiyang immediately revealed a stunned look when seeing the masked youth, but due to the custom, she concealed her own reaction very well, forcing a smile on her face, “Since things are this way, please approach, honored guest. However, can you show me proof of your light attribute?”

“I can.” Long Haochen said in a calm voice, “Close your eyes.“

These last words were for his comrades, and immediately afterwards, a resplendent light abruptly came out from Long Haochen’s back. Right at that instant, the whole auction hall shone distinctly, and an alarmed clamour almost overwhelmed the whole place.

That instantaneous golden glint was really too dazzling, sweeping an intense aura of light over this previously dark stage. But because of the excessive brightness from this light, a lot of those seated in the back rows were blinded for some time.

Fortunately, the golden light was only spread in a flash, and almost no one saw from where that golden light was issued.

Ye Weiyang and Feng Ling’er didn’t see either, in the instant that resplendent light was released, they unconsciously closed their eyes, and only the members from Long Haochen’s 21st general grade Demon Hunt Squad felt that Long Haochen released his spiritual wings.

Even under the illumination of the sun, Long Haochen’s four wings would emit a dazzling golden light, to say nothing about a dark place. This was the reason why Long Haochen told his comrades to shut their eyes. Meanwhile, those who questioned his ability instantly became silent.

Ye Weiyang’s eyes showed great surprise, and she was absolutely shocked.

Her personal attribute was also light, and because of this, her understanding of the light element was all the more deep. But just now, she clearly sensed that this intense light was released by Long Haochen.
Although she didn’t see the bright golden light Long Haochen had released, she determined that this was a Temple Knight of the seventh step, that had very possibly used Brilliant Body to produce such a condensed light elemental spiritual energy.

Right, at this time, he just used Brilliant Body, but from his voice, this was still a youth and no more. Given his age, could he really have already reached the seventh step? That was impossible; he ought to have changed his own voice, to conceal his old age.

As Long Haochen was walking slowly towards the auction counter, those bidders who were already prepared to leave stopped in their tracks, still recovering from the sight of the light released by Long Haochen’s four wings.

Walking slowly toward the auction counter, Long Haochen’s look became more condensed. When he saw the already closed wooden case, he asked, “Can I get started?”

Ye Weiyang unconsciously countered with the question, “Can I ask for your age?”

Shen Yin Wang Zuo Chapter 358: Aria Of The Goddess Of Light (I)

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