Shen Yin Wang Zuo Chapter 359: Aria Of The Goddess Of Light (Ii)

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Shen Yin Wang Zuo, Chapter 359: Aria of the Goddess of Light (II)

Long Haochen without hesitation gave a categorical rejection, “My age is not important.”

Ye Weiyang looked startled. She rarely encountered people that would reject her, after all, it wasn’t by sheer luck that she managed to gain the position of chief auctioneer of the Alliance’s Great Auction House. Being a dual user of the mental and light attributes, she reached the conclusion that even becoming a Demon Hunter wasn’t any problem given her innate skills. Moreover, she had all the more confidence in her own charm.

“My apologies, then you may get started.” Ye Weiyang declared in a low voice, while retreating some steps.

Long Haochen slowly opened the wooden case. He looked at that heavy sword while both of his hands reached for the case.

Seeing this behaviour, Ye Weiyang looked more relaxed. Long Haochen’s movement looked simple, but was a sign of respect towards a weapon. This simple behaviour gave him a respectable look.

Four fingers of his left hand were placed on the sword’s tip, and with the help of his thumb, he pinched the pearl on it. If it was an ordinary sword, he should have pinched the whole sword to avoid cutting himself. His right hand was however braced on the sharp part, and not the handle.

This detail seemed very simple, but was exclusive to knights. Only a true knight knew about this sign of respect towards a godly weapon. For this reason, when Ye Weiyang saw Long Haochen do so, she felt extremely hopeful deep inside.

Could this person really let the godly sword reappear to the light? If that’s so…

Thinking to this point, Ye Weiyang couldn’t help but reminisce about the words her grandfather had told her before.

A supreme powerhouse wouldn’t necessarily be the one to obtain the godly sword, but the most likely to succeed would be someone who was connected to the godly sword by fate. Could this man be that fated person? For some reason, Ye Weiyang’s heartbeat quickened, because she already had the faint sensation of that possibility.

Feng Lineg’er who was holding the wooden case with both her hands lifted it high as Long Haochen approached it. She felt very curious regarding him. Hearing his voice and seeing his stature, he should be quite a young knight.

Nonetheless, her look only contained curiosity. Despite her simple elegance in normal times, and the purity of her pretty skin, she actually had an ardent heart. Long Haochen’s size of one meter eighty, which made him look like an ordinary youth, couldn’t arise too great an interest in her, as that wasn’t her type.

Right in the opposite, the charming Ye Weiyang filled with mature charms was in her bones a very conservative girl.

This was precisely the kind of person that couldn’t be judged by their appearance.

Regarding the observation of Ye Weiyang and Feng Ling’er, Long Haochen looked as though he didn’t sense anything, looking straight at the godly sword before him.

In the instant right before that case was opened, when Long Haochen sensed the aura coming from it, he felt his entire soul being drawn by this divine sword. Given his superior perception, he could even sense the many changes on the godly sword.

This sword was not simply a sealed weapon. In some sense, this weapon was already dead.

How could a weapon die? When a true godly weapon lost its soul, it would reach the end of its life.

Long Haochen was completely sure that this godly sword before him had possessed its own soul in the past.

Weapons with a soul were soul-owning weapons, but what did this mean? It implied that the weapon in question would be at least a powerful existence reaching the Epic Tier.

In other words, the godly sword before Long Haochen had long before been a piece of Epic Tier Equipment.

However, now that it had lost its own soul, Long Haochen was filled with even more respect for it.

He could make the guess that on the day the owner of that godly sword had died and it was sealed, its soul had discarded its own body, only leaving an empty sword shell behind, as the soul of the sword itself followed its master to the other world.

To affect his sword’s soul so strongly that it died along with him. One could well imagine how powerful its previous master had been. Who wouldn’t have respect for this kind of person and this kind of loyal sword soul.

Long Haochen was in that moment not calm at all. His movements were extremely slow, out of fear of profaning this godly sword. The reason why he came forward was not to obtain this godly sword, but out of his desire to dispel its seal. Just like Ye Weiyang said, this godly sword shouldn’t be left in the darkness of a box, but should regain its light.

Under the support of Long Haochen’s two hands, this pitch-black sword slowly left its wooden box. Long Haochen’s eyes were glued to the sword. Not pouring any spiritual energy, he just looked calmly at it. His gaze was peaceful, but also sad. Even with the mask concealing his face, the nearby Ye Weiyang could feel his current state of mind, as his limpid golden eyes were not covered by the mask.

Seeing the expression in his eyes, Ye Weiyang sensed that he was in complete symbiosis with the bleak aura spreading out from the godly sword.

Ye Weiyang’s heartbeat sped up. Before Long Haochen appeared, everyone who tried to obtain the sword, had activated their spiritual energy as quickly as possible to either control the sword or forcibly remove the seal. However, all those who did so had failed. Thus, Long Haochen didn’t chose to do the same, and against all expectations, he tried to interact with the godly sword.

Feng Ling’er, who removed the wooden box to the side, had an even more curious look. Taking a furtive glance at Ye Weiyang, she only saw her gazing at the man before her, not blinking an eye.

It seemed as if time had stopped. The spectators who regained their sight sat back on their chairs one after another, watching Long Haochen with a calm look. They were also very curious about whether this person would be able to dispel the seal on the sword. Back then, that light element truly astonished quite a lot of them. The better one’s understanding of the light element was, the greater their instantaneous shock at that time.

“Yating!” Long Haochen gave a quiet call.

An even more astonishing scene appeared. With a glint of golden light, a golden, almost human-sized silhouette suddenly appeared in front of Long Haochen. Although the current Yating didn’t have the six wings on her back, her sudden appearance and the dense light emanated by her, as well as her shining body, truly were stunning. Even Ye Weiyang and Feng Ling’er almost turned pale at seeing the purity and the softness of the light essence released by her.

Long Haochen stretched out his hands and presented the sword to Yating.

Yating sensed his intentions and hurriedly stretched out her hands, just like Long Haochen had done right before.

“This… This is…” Ye Weiyang suddenly covered her mouth, almost unable to mask her shock in spite of her unswerving determination.

Yating was facing Long Haochen, and the audience at his back. Thus, those who saw her back were only Ye Weiyang and Feng Ling’er. They could clearly see that on Yating’s back, six wings were tightly folded. They were also the one’s who most clearly sensed the absolutely pure light element coming from her.

Is this a Light Elemental Fairy? Ye Weiyang was shocked to the extreme. Given her profound knowledge, she knew a lot about Light Elemental Fairies. However, to her knowledge, she had never heard of a Light Elemental Fairy that would look so similar to a real person.

Yating made contact with the heavy sword, and the instant it touched her hand, the sword unexpectedly made a slight buzzing sound. The buzzing noise wasn’t loud, but clear and melodious like a dragon chant, and resounded in the whole auction hall.

Yating was also startled, because she clearly sensed that after grasping this heavy sword, she received an amiable reaction. That heavy sword actually seemed somewhat dependant on her.

Long Haochen retreated a few steps. Making a fist with his right hand, he kowtowed, placing it on his chest to give a standard knight salute to the sword.

“A godly sword shouldn’t remain covered by dust. I sensed your grievance and your pain, but the past is the past. If your master was still alive, he would definitely not be willing to see your sword soul follow him to the afterworld, and leave your splendor concealed. Ever since the day you gained a soul, you should have remained in a knight’s hand, using your sharpness to overcome all obstacles obstructing your way, and eradicate the evil to fight for justice. To fight and to protect every person that needs to be protected. Your light has to reappear in the human world, and your sharpness has to return to terrify the enemies. Please come back, sword soul in demise. Let your splendor reappear back on earth, and the power of light sweep away all darkness. Perhaps I am not fit to become your master, but I am willing to awaken you and let you choose a more fitting master.”

Long Haochen’s words were clearly filled with passion, full of austerity and pride. Despite the youth of his voice, it carried a resounding bloodlust. With a slight reeking of blood, a great pride was expressed by this simple speech.

Yating was kneeling down, supporting the heavy sword with her hands before Long Haochen. This time, he didn’t use both of his hands to take it, but reached out with his right hand to grab its handle with force.

At this moment, Haochen’s face portrayed a number of different fleeting emotions.Hard to describe traits came out from Long Haochen. As he suddenly held the sword high, one could immediately see a gaudy white light erupt from his hand, which was instantly absorbed by that heavy sword.

A holy aura even more pure and dense than all the holy aura he had emanated before erupted, and the nearby Feng Ling’er and Ye Weiyang saw that on the forehead of Long Haochen’s mask a dense golden glint appeared. It seemed as if nine bright patterns emerged.

“Buzz.”This gaudy light spread out with intense buzzes, and right then, in front of Long Haochen, Yating suddenly made a move. Spreading the six wings on her back at the same time, her body shrank fast, returning to the size of a third of a meter. She floated above Long Haochen’s shoulder and started chanting a slow incantation. She emitted soft golden ripples spreading to Long Haochen’s body, which caused the gaudy incandescent light on his hand to gain intensity.

“In the name of the Goddess of Light, break, dusty seal!” Long Haochen’s resounding voice echoed once again.

Shen Yin Wang Zuo Chapter 359: Aria Of The Goddess Of Light (Ii)

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