Shen Yin Wang Zuo Chapter 363: Test For Demon Hunt Squads Of Commander Grade (Iii)

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Shen Yin Wang Zuo, Chapter 363: Test for Demon Hunt Squads of Commander grade (III)

Chen Ying’er gave a thumbs up, and said with a laugh, “So cool!”

The four examiners were still in a state of shock, while on the side of the 21st general grade Demon Hunt Squad, Cai’er slowly approached the center of the field.

The assassin examiner instantly narrowed his eyes. Being a veteran assassin, he could tell from Cai’er’s footsteps that this person wasn’t weak at all! And furthermore, the form had said that this person was their vice-captain.

The other three examiners nodded to the assassin examiner with energy, hinting that he had to recover their lost face.

The assassin examiner’s eyes were filled with a sharp glint, as he headed on the field with meticulous steps.

Cai’er’s hand flashed, and the green cane she used before appeared in her hand, before she indicated to that assassin examiner, “I am ready.”

The assassin felt enraged. Am I not being overly looked down at, to the point that she wants to handle me using this green rod?

Resisting the anger with difficulty, the examiner disappeared in a flash. This was the greatest Assassin ability of the sixth step, Invisibility.

Although an assassin would only be able to erase his presence completely after reaching the eighth step, the simple ability of disappearing in this way would give him a substantial gain in strength.

Facing the vanished assassin, Cai’er stood there motionless, just the same as a rock.

Suddenly, a shadow flashed in the air, and two black flashes entwined like dragons, aiming at Cai’er’s head from above.

Right at this time, Cai’er made her move. Seemingly, her shoulder only swayed slightly, before the original Cai’er turned into six.

There were exactly six of her now, and the six looked just as real as the original. More frighteningly, the six Cai’ers were actually all moving differently, and six green rods stabbed at six different places on the ground.

“Pop, pop, pop, pop, pop, pop…” Six sounds were heard almost instantly, and immediately afterwards, the figure of the assassin examiner appeared in midair, followed by an astounding scene. The six Cai’ers kept showing different movements, attacking from below as the six green canes formed a gapless net in the air.

Following next? The battle simply ended.

The back of the assassin examiner crashed violently to the ground as the six Cai’ers instantly merged into one. The green cane was pointed at his throat, before she immediately headed back towards her comrades.

The assassin examiner didn’t take his loss that hard. He rapidly stood up, but didn’t leave in such hurry as the warrior examiner, only asking eagerly, “Why is it that your Doppelganger divided into six versions of you? Even as a Stealth Master of the sixth step, I can only divide them into three myself? And there should be two fakes and a real one, but you… ”

Cai’er calmly replied, “I don’t have any obligation to tell you, and you cannot possibly accomplish the same.” At the time she said that, she already returned to Long Haochen’s side.

Lin Xin remarked in low voice, “Looks like her domineering side is being exposed once again!”

The examiners had even more unsightly expressions. Facing Demon Hunters who wanted to rise to the commander grade, being defeated was absolutely normal for them, but being defeated this fast wasn’t normal. And the opponents defeating them were far from their level of spiritual energy!

“Should be my turn.” After the tests for the three close quarter vocations, the mage should be the one following. But Lin Xin went as far as to advance with a happy and excited expression.

The mage examiner however didn’t have such a good look, and entered the stadium with a very alert expression.

At the time he saw the Fire Cloud Crystal in Lin Xin’s hand, his expression became unsightly. Mage equipment couldn’t be assessed easily by a mere glance, but the thickness of the elemental fluctuations coming out of Lin Xin’s staff already told a lot about how powerful it was. And it possessed a highly violent fire. This mage examiner had the sole thought, I cannot end up covered in soot!

As soon as Lin Xin said he was ready, this mage examiner rapidly used one defensive spell after another. Being of the wind element, he covered himself with green barriers and relied on his spiritual wings to soar in the sky. In the air, wind mages were the most agile of all.

To be frank, given how fast the last two tests concluded, it truly gave him a fright. The reason was principally the surprise of the Spiritual Stove of Spatial Gate belonging to Wang Yuanyuan, and the exceptional power of Cai’er’s Doppelgangers. Although the final result from fusing three spiritual stoves was only a boost of the Spiritual Stove of Samsara, this was after all a fusion between three spiritual stoves! With the addition of her great natural advantage in talent, she managed to create six clones, each possessing their own offensive capabilities. This was how the two of them were wronged in such way, but if they had been focused on defense, they would inevitably have at least put up a fight.

This mage examiner learned from the past lessons and was prepared to fight steadily and surely, at least to recover some face. However, the opponent he faced was Lin Xin, the mage unable to use any offensive magic. Seeing him being that defensive, Lin Xin was rejoicing. Lifting the Fire Cloud Crystal high, he started some chant. Soon, an intense fire elemental essence condensed frantically above his staff, giving off the false appearance of a mage about to use a powerful spell. And the mage examiner kept launching defensive spell after defensive spell, attempting to stop Lin Xin’s first round of attacks.

How could he know that Lin Xin actually wasn’t chanting any incantation, but only kept pouring magical power in his staff, preparing to launch a Fire Curse.

When an immense skull made of blue flames appeared, directly shooting towards the examiner, his only thought was to turn his head and run away.

After accumulating 5,000 units of spiritual energy in addition to the original amplification rate from Fire Curse, plus carrying the power of the fused Spiritual Stove, merged from the Heart of Flames and Spiritual Stove of Fire Phoenix, this thing was already something even a powerhouse of the seventh step wouldn’t dare to rashly meet head on. Moreover, Lin Xin gained a lot more compared for example with Wang Yuanyuan in the Illusory Paradise, or rather, was second to none in the team regarding the quantity of gains he got from there.

Finally, under Lin Xin’s control, the immense Fire Curse skull stopped in midair, and the mage examiner immediately admitted his defeat. Nonetheless, Lin Xin still overlooked something. After pouring almost all his spiritual energy into it, this thing was already uncontrollable, and finally, the Fire Curse exploded in the field. It’s huge explosive power struck both the mage examiner and Lin Xin, covering them in dirt from head to toes.

The three consecutive battles ended up as victories, and this gave a great boost to the morale of everyone from the 21st general grade Demon Hunt Squad. Following next, Sima Xian appeared on the field. He was their priest, their Red Cardinal.

Sima Xian’s opponent was the only female examiner. But when she saw the armored Sima Xian come to the field, her eyes filled with surprise.

“This is the priest test.” The female examiner reminded sternly.

Sima Xian’s Energetic Ball of Light wasn’t done being reforged, so that large staff from before was in his hand. Gesticulating, he declared, “But I am a priest! Didn’t you see my form and my answers? The Red Cardinal Sima Xian, that’s me!”

*giggles*, When Sima Xian said that, on the side of the 21st general grade Demon Hunt Squad, everyone laughed simultaneously; even Long Haochen couldn’t help from doing so.

Lin Xin shifted his gaze, “What Red Cardinal? What I see is closer to a red butcher.”

Sima Xian gave them a glare, shamed into anger, before making gestures to the female examiner, using the staff in his hand, “Respected examiner, things are this way. I am a rather special priest, a rarely seen Discipline Priest. Have you heard about them?”

The priest examiner gave him a doubtful glance, “A Discipline Priest? What’s that?”

Sima Xian replied in all earnesty, “That’s an individual in charge of control, responsible for the respect of the rules in the Priest Temple. Mh, bluntly put, that’s a priest adept in battling. Let’s do it this way. A normal fight of one against one between the two of us wouldn’t seem fair, so how about doing that: I’ll launch an attack from the air against you, and if you believe that you can block me, we’ll continue, but if you don’t think you can, let’s consider the test as passed.”

Saying that, he didn’t wait for the approval of the other side, and animatedly raised his staff.

Yes, Sima Xian’s spiritual stoves were fused, but he ended up being the most miserable one in the group at the time of the fusions, almost turned into barbecue. However, because of this, the overwhelming power of his fused spiritual stove was all the better.

Right then, after he lifted the staff in his hand, an intense light instantly flashed, and intense purple thunderbolts surrounded his staff. On Sima Xian’s chest, an intense purple radiance was lit, amplifying the color of his armor. His staff was moved to the side, and immediately afterwards, a golden bolt was sent flying.

But this wasn’t an ordinary bolt of lightning. Surrounding the light bolts were large amounts of thunder energy. Durng the flight of the bolts of light, that purple lightning appeared like a melted part of the golden bolt, turning it into completely purple gold, before…


When the bolt of light landed on the ground, everyone felt their own body going numb, and in the center of the field, a three meter large hole appeared in everyone’s line of sight. This hole was over three meters deep, leaving everyone speechless from the sight of that destructive power.

More terrifyingly, around the current Sima Xian, purple golden bolts of light just like this one were revolving one after another, and they weren’t little in quantity. A total of nine bolts circled in the air. Each was fist-sized, but when his staff was lifted again, another bolt of light formed above his staff, gaining in size at an astounding speed.

“Okay, let’s say you passed.”

The female priest chose to admit defeat without hesitation. Was that a priest? Even if this female examiner was even gentler, she would still have the impulse of cursing him in this situation.

Therefore the fourth assessment was concluded.

“Wow Sima, you’re really a true priest…”

Shen Yin Wang Zuo Chapter 363: Test For Demon Hunt Squads Of Commander Grade (Iii)

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