Shen Yin Wang Zuo Chapter 364: The Test Of The Temple Knight (I)

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Shen Yin Wang Zuo, Chapter 364: The test of the Temple Knight (I)

Sima Xian returned to his comrades in complacency, shooting Lin Xin a glance, “See brother, this Spiritual Stove of Divine Purple Thunder isn’t bad. Hehe.”

Lin Xin replied with a snort, “It’s still inferior compared to my Spiritual Stove of Phoenix of Blue Flames.”

Sima Xian exceptionally didn’t retort, “Indeed, it cannot compare to your Phoenix of Blue Flames! Mh, Brother Lin, you see, I wondered, when you could introduce me to that girl…”

“Let’s talk about that later.”

Lin Xin didn’t find the name Phoenix of Flames eye-catching enough, thus he had added the word Blue. And after the fusion of Sima Xian’s two spiritual stoves, the final result was named Spiritual Stove of Divine Purple Thunder. And everyone saw the terrible offensive power of that stove. As for how to use it, even Sima Xian himself was still training in that aspect. The only sure thing was that the burst power of this spiritual stove was truly considerable, and it could be used to cause serious damage on the battlefield. The aftereffects also had a continuous flow, slowly turning this Red Cardinal into a red roasted pig.

The examiners gathered, looking at the 21st general grade Demon Hunt Squad, as if they were monsters. They were all at the sixth step, but how wide was the gap between them? Being all perspicacious people, they could perhaps not tell that Wang Yuanyuan and Cai’er’s power in battle came from spiritual stoves, but they could distinctly tell that the gap between Lin Xin and Sima Xian’s abilities and their own was due to spiritual stoves. In particular, Sima Xian’s Spiritual Stove of Purple Divine Thunder was too special. Aside from their envy, the examiners felt only hateful toward the unfairness of fate.

Chen Ying’er animatedly approached with the little pig McDull in her arms, “Should be my turn, my turn.”

Seeing her like that, the examiner from the Spiritual Temple didn’t even move to the field, revealing a painful smile, “All right. There’s no need to keep assessing you. With the strength you just showed, even a veteran commander grade Demon Hunt Squad wouldn’t be comparable.

Let’s regard it as saying that you passed the test. After our last examiner comes back, we will just promote you to a Demon Hunt Squad of commander grade if he has no objection.”

Reaching this point, what else was there to test? Wouldn’t continuing the test just be the same as humiliating themselves? From Chen Ying’er’s expression, it could be seen that this person was also full of secrets. Their whole team was already more than strong enough to be qualified for the commander grade. As for that young knight? Given that this person was their captain and from the power of the members, could their captain be lacking?

Right at that time two knights clad in armor arrived, including the knight examiner from before. The other knight looked a bit younger, and was walking in the front, imposingly heading to the field.

Given the ability of each of the fields from the Alliance’s Great Stadiums to restore themselves, the traces left from the previous test had already all disappeared.

The knight examiner looked at everyone, and asked the other examiners, “Didn’t I tell you to assess the others? Why did you stop?”

The mage examiner unhappily replied, “We are all finished. You’re the only one left: the others are all done being assessed.”

“So fast? Were you all defeated that quickly?” The knight examiner asked dumbstruck.

The other examiners didn’t answer his awkward question, giving him some supercilious looks before turning back.

The knight examiner recovered from his short time of shock, thinking secretly, That judgment was truly worthy of Sir Saint Knight Chief’s legendary reputation! From their looks, it’s only my luck that I am not the one assessing this knight. The others clearly suffered great losses.

Having these thoughts, he stepped forward to face Long Haochen. His tone was a lot more polite than before, “Hello Captain Long. Your situation was reported to Sir Saint Knight Chief. He said that due to the fact that you have a retainer knight, your test will increase in difficulty. You will be tested together with your retainer knight and face against this honourable Temple Knight. The two of you will have to join hands to defeat this Temple Knight and be promoted in rank.”

Long Haochen gave a startled look to Han Yu, and couldn’t help but react with hesitation, “Mister Examiner, this doesn’t seem very fair. Aren’t you trying to force us knights of the sixth step to defeat a powerful knight of the seventh step?”

The knight examiner gave the helpless reply, “These were the words of the Saint Knight Chief. He passed us the word that if you cannot do that, you can return to acquire more education. At the time you’ll be able to do that, you can come back to get examined.”

How could Han Yu not know his own grandfather well? The knight examiner had actually even imitated Han Quian’s speech pattern.

Han Yu gave Long Haochen a helpless look, telling him in low voice, “It looks as if grandfather doesn’t want us to become a commander grade Demon Hunt Squad so soon.”

Long Haochen gave a slight laugh, “Since things are like this, we shall try it. Grandteacher doesn’t know our current strength well either.”

“Hello respected senior Temple Knight. May I ask whether you are a Mythril Foundation Armored Knight?”

The Temple Knight shook his head, “No, I’m not. I am trying hard to get a Mythril Foundation Armor right now.”

Hearing that, Long Haochen and Han Yu relaxed their breath, and Long Haochen replied, “Then our test can begin.”

That knight examiner gave a startled look to Long Haochen and Han Yu, thinking secretly, Are these two really planning on accepting this test? From his point of view, the Saint Knight Chief Han Qian obviously gave this order to make things difficult for them, and because he didn’t want them to become a commander grade Demon Hunt Squad. From the expression of the Saint Knight Chief at that time, this should have been done for the sake of protecting them, but these two actually chose to challenge an opponent one step higher than them?

In the heart of the overwhelming majority, challenging an opponent a step above was an impossible task. The gap between steps came with an immense difference in strength, and overcoming it was supposedly impossible. It should be the same even in a situation of two against one. That was how qualitative the changes between the sixth and the seventh step were.

That Temple Knight didn’t say anything, nodding in response, and telling politely, “Please, Captain Long.” Saying that, he headed toward the stadium.

Hearing the familiar tone of this Temple Knight, Long Haochen asked as he also headed to the same field with Han Yu, “Senior, do I know you?”

The Temple Knight gave a smile in response, “I heard the stories of the miracles Captain Long produced on the battlefield. And I hold Captain Long’s strength in great esteem. You are a true hero.”

In a flash, Long Haochen realized that this person seemed to have heard of him through someone in the Southern Mountain’s City. Nonetheless, this was nothing good for this test. Since the other party heard of everything that happened in the Southern Mountain’s City, he wouldn’t look down upon him in the slightest. A Temple Knight of the seventh step going all out in battle against him, this mere thought almost gave him a headache.

Right as Long Haochen and Han Yu looked a bit depressed, this Temple Knight summoned his own mount without reservations.

With a glint of bright light, a white unicorn appeared at his side. The Temple Knight mounted it, a lance in his hand.

The lance shone in a brilliant golden color, and its sharp brilliance appeared limitless. Given how out of the ordinary it looked, it should be a piece of Glorious Tier equipment. Although this unicorn wasn’t a formidable Starlight Unicorn, even as an ordinary unicorn, it had to reach the sixth step as a mount.

Long Haochen had a bitter smile across his face, “There is no need to be so serious mister, even calling out this mount.”

This Temple Knight revealed a smile, “This is a proper sign of respect towards a hero. I have no certainty of winning against the two of you, so I will naturally have to go all out. To compare notes with Captain Long, I would feel deeply honored if the two of you would also summon your own mounts. Then we can start the assessment.”

Although he summoned his mount in advance, he didn’t plan on attacking Long Haochen and Han Yu by surprise.

Banning helpless and bitterness from his face, Long Haochen revealed a serious look. On his forehead, a purple glint appeared, and next, an immense figure appeared before him. To everyone’s shock, that was Haoyue, who already gained a fourth head.

As soon as he appeared on the battlefield, his close to ten meter tall massive stature shocked everyone present, and the eyes of the Temple Knight abruptly shrank, sensing his powerful pressure.

On the other side, a Demonic Eye over one meter tall appeared behind Han Yu. Through continuous evolution, it already grew over four tentacles, which floated around it as it coldly eyed the nearby Temple Knight.

Long Haochen tapped his feet on the ground, leaping softly on Haoyue’s back. Placing his right fist on his chest before giving a knight salute, he declared in a grave tone, “Please give me advice, Senior.”

Haoyue’s four heads were raised at the same time, his four different colored pairs of eyes portraying a strong fighting intent.

After returning to the Priest Temple, Long Haochen had left Haoyue in the Tower of Eternity to recuperate, since anyway, Haoyue’s cultivation wasn’t affected no matter where he did it. And above that, after he grew his fourth head, he started to attract attention very easily, and couldn’t be taken back to Holy City. Thus, after summoning Haoyue, Long Haochen clearly felt that Haoyue’s fighting intent was extremely strong from having been constrained back in this black and red world for so long.

“This… Is this an Earth Dragon?” Standing afar, the observing knight examiner was drenched in sweat.

It wasn’t that he had never encountered Earth Dragons before: his own mount was also one, but it didn’t even have half the size of the ten meter tall Haoyue! Standing there, with over three meters height, Haoyue made Long Haochen’s opponent look extremely small. And what Earth Dragon was that? It clearly had four heads!

The other examiners were originally feeling depressed because of their defeat, but seeing Haoyue appear, their feelings of gloom were suddenly swept away.

They even suspected that they weren’t a match for this terrible magical beast alone. This mount was truly worthy of a Demon Hunt Squad! Especially considering how powerful these individuals were.

Shen Yin Wang Zuo Chapter 364: The Test Of The Temple Knight (I)

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