Shen Yin Wang Zuo Chapter 366: The Test Of The Temple Knight (Iii)

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Shen Yin Wang Zuo, Chapter 366: The test of the Temple Knight (III)

Right at that time, the staff in Yating’s hand was held high and when Long Haochen and Haoyue launched their attack, her incantation which was being chanted all this time was finally completed.

A total of eighteen golden bolts of starlight shot out. The first one was the slowest, but the second followed in a split second, and the same went for the third, the fourth, and so on until the eighteenth. Each golden bolt of starlight was fired without missing a beat, and their succession caused a peaked acceleration, forming a resplendent spear of starlight, directly shot against the Temple Knight.

This was the light spell of the sixth step, Starlight Spear.

The Temple Knight didn’t even have the time to be in shock, and unsteadily flapped the wings on his back. The lance in his hand pointing forward, clashed against the Starlight Spear.

With a loud bang, golden glitters filled the sky, and the Temple Knight was sent flying backwards, making a stuffy noise. Fortunately, his unicorn promptly flapped the wings on his back to help him land. However, the Temple Knight was already pale from these successive attacks he sustained.

With a glint of gold, Long Haochen already appeared once again before him, this time launching a piercing blow with the Aria of the Goddess of Light. In the instant of that attack, the massive image produced by the Aria of the Goddess of Light vanished, and the pearl on its tip burst out with a gaudy luster.

A penetrative sword blow burst forth, rushing against the lance of the Temple Knight. The clash of the Aria of the Goddess of Light’s main body and that lance shook both his mounted unicorn and himself.

With an ear-piercing crack, the lance emitted some golden light and broke into pieces, while an Asura Thrust followed next, aiming straight at the Temple Knight’s chest.

The Temple Knight only felt the terrible intent from the sword lock on him, and didn’t dare rush into action. Shifting his posture slightly, he avoided being crushed in the same way as his lance right before.

It was not only the Temple Knight that found the scene unimaginable, but even Long Haochen himself felt so.

He didn’t expect that he would actually defeat a Temple Knight of the seventh step single-handedly, and in such a short time. After this, he didn’t keep continuing his series of attacks.

With a golden glint, the Aria of the Goddess of Light vanished with some buzzes of excitement into Long Haochen’s hand. Long Haochen showed an apologetic expression.

The Temple Knight let out a bitter laugh, “You should be a Retribution Knight right? What a powerful burst power! I really lost fairly. You have a spiritual stove, and it’s surely an evolved Light Elemental Spiritual Stove. With the addition of the suppression from your mount and your own bursting strength, you won. That’s no wonder. You’re truly the hero who confronted a Moon Demon of the eighth step back in the Southern Mountain’s City.”

The two of them stood up from the ground, and after giving a knight salute to Long Haochen, the Temple Knight declared, “I will immediately report back to the Saint Knight Chief. You can continue your registration as a commander grade Demon Hunt Squad. I was honored to have this battle against you.” After saying this, he sent back his unicorn, and backed down in large strides.

Long Haochen unconsciously lifted up his right hand, giving it a look. He understood that the fact that he managed to win so easily was greatly related to the presence of the Aria of the Goddess of Light. This was the first time he felt that a good weapon could instantly turned the tides in battle.

This divine sword’s point looked dull, but the spiritual pearl on the tip actually had the ability to break the opponent’s weapon. And at the time he used Asura Thrust later, it seemed that the sword’s light and the sword’s intent released along with it were part of the ability of this divine sword as well. This was in the realm of the abilities carried by equipment of the Legendary Tier.

Now, those examiners gave Long Haochen looks filled with reverence. This young knight actually defeated a powerhouse of the seventh step and dominated the entire battle. His victory was thus proper and right, be it due to his powerful mount, his spiritual stove, or his own strength. This person truly deserved to be the captain of this powerful Demon Hunt Squad. Now with their strength as a whole, even among commander grade Demon Hunt Squads, they were most likely already among the strongest.

The examination being over, the following course of events proceeded smoothly. Half an hour later, the procedure was completed, letting them advance from being the 21st general grade Demon Hunt Squad to being the 64th commander grade Demon Hunt Squad. Indeed, commander grade Demon Hunt Squads were far more numerous than general grade ones. According to the staff member of the mission tower, the most numerous Demon Hunt Squads were at the commander grade and the king grade, followed by those at the emperor grade, and finally, those at the general, soldier and titled grade. Those at the commander grade, king grade and emperor grade also formed the Alliance’s main force.

Their Demon Hunt Squad Tiles were changed for ones made of mythril. Starting from that point on, Long Haochen’s group officially became a part of the Demon Hunt Squads forming the core of the Alliance’s strength.

Relying on their newly promoted tiles, Long Haochen led his allies to leave the Demon Hunt Squads’ Mission Tower, since their first goal was to go visit the third floor of the transaction center. The miraculous power of the Aria of the Goddess of Light gave him even further awareness of the necessity of powerful equipment to bring out the best of their abilities in battle. As for getting promoted once again in grade, that was not a pressing matter. Thus, they were prepared to spend their remaining contribution points to rise their fighting strength to the greatest extent.

“How bustling!” Once reaching the third floor of the transaction center, Chen Ying’er couldn’t help but declare in astonishment.

In fact, compared to the two other floors below, this third floor was especially bustling. Although the area was only as wide as the first and the second floor, this place was filled with people to the brim. It seemed that some people were gathered in front of every booth, and in front of the offices were dozens of people.

Lin Xin declared, “I heard that the third floor is the most bustling place in the whole Demon Hunt Squads’ Transaction Center. This reputation seems to be well-deserved.”

Sima Xian asked in puzzlement, “Why?”

Lin Xin replied, “First, this is because Demon Hunt Squads of the commander grade are that numerous, and then because Demon Hunt Squads of higher grade would also come down to buy things here. And furthermore, because of the great number of commander grade Demon Hunt Squads, the sold items are of great quality and stock to the point that even some King grade Demon Hunt Squads would come down here to buy things. How could it not be bustling.”

Long Haochen nodded to Lin Xin’s words, “Since things are like that, we shall do it the same ways as last time. Everyone will look for equipment fitting their own necessities, before looking for Lin Xin to do the purchase. Let me emphasize that you should take the boost of our strength as a whole into consideration. Lin Xin, please check on them. Yuanyuan, Ying’er, Han Yu and you have the priority on the purchase. Yuanyuan takes the first priority and then does Han Yu. Han Yu, you’ll have to find a good sword.”

Long Haochen’s words came from the heart. After an overall consideration, he came to decide for these arrangements. Wang Yuanyuan didn’t fuse spiritual stoves in the Illusory Paradise and gained the least from the trip. And since the beginning, her main equipment was the Gigantic Divine Soul Shield. Although a spatial crystal had been found for her, in consideration for the sake of increasing their group strength, the priority was given to find her a piece of Legendary Equipment. Then, the urgency for Han Yu was his lack of a good weapon. As for Long Haochen himself, he evidently placed himself last in the priority order. Although the dragon crystal wasn’t delivered to Ye Weiyang yet, his Aria of the Goddess of Light could be considered to have been exchanged for a dragon crystal. In addition to this fact, he still had his Glorious Holy Armor and Glorious Holy Shield, so for the moment, no change was really required for his equipment. At most, he would get another sword at the Glorious Tier and that would be sufficient.

After everyone scattered, Long Haochen took Cai’er’s hand and searched on this crowded third floor. His first point of attention was to look for some good defensive or protective equipment for Cai’er. After all, since she reached the sixth step, the Necklace of Invisibility wasn’t of great use to her anymore.

After passing in front of two vendor booths, Long Haochen couldn’t help but let out a sigh, No wonder this place is so crowded, there are after all quite a lot of good items! Among the lot, the most present were magical crystals belonging to magical beast of the fifth rank at minimum. And he even saw a magical crystals of the eighth rank in one of the booths, belonging naturally to a demon powerhouse of the eighth step.

Magical crystals aside, rare materials and resources were innumerable, and conversely, equipment was present in the least quantity. Even if some equipment was present, it was only at the Glorious or the Spiritual Tier. After his visit of three booths, Long Haochen didn’t see a single piece of Legendary Tier equipment.

After arriving at the fourth vendor’s booth, still not seeing any trace of Legendary Equipment, he couldn’t help but ask the owner, “Hello, do you know where we could find Legendary Equipment on this floor?”

The owner was a middle-aged man who was above thirty years of age. Seeing Long Haochen and Cai’er after raising his head, and seeing their unexpectedly young age, he couldn’t help but show a surprised expression, asking the question, “Little Brother, you already attained the commander grade so young?”

Long Haochen smiled in response, “We got to attain the commander grade by a fluke, but we are not so young, it’s just that we rather look young and no more.” There was nothing to be done, after all, it wasn’t their own fault they were too young. Long Haochen didn’t want to become a target of focus for someone else, thus only said this much.

The owner replied with a laugh, “Interesting. So you just asked about Legendary Equipment right? Let alone that there are none here, I’m afraid you won’t find any on this whole third floor.

At the Legendary Tier, equipment reaches the level of rarity of magical beast crystals of the ninth step. The commander grade Demon Hunt Squads like us are the most numerous here. The conditions to reach the level of king grade Demon Hunt Squads are extremely lenient, which team wouldn’t have a large amount of contribution points in store? In case Legendary Equipment would appear, it would be bought instantly. Moreover, once getting some equipment of the Legendary Tier outside, which team wouldn’t be prioritizing the satisfaction of their own needs? Unless it is totally useless to them, no one would choose to sell. I recommend you to directly have a look at the counters belonging to the transaction center. Perhaps the odds to find Legendary Equipment will be better there, but their price will also be higher than from Demon Hunt Squads like us.”

“Thank you for your directions, mister.” As Demon Hunters, each side would naturally have goodwill to the other. Long Haochen gave his respectful thanks and prepared to look for the counters of the transaction center, when this middle-aged man suddenly called out for him.

Shen Yin Wang Zuo Chapter 366: The Test Of The Temple Knight (Iii)

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