Shen Yin Wang Zuo Chapter 371: Second Floor Of The Tower Of Eternity (I)

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Shen Yin Wang Zuo, Chapter 371: Second Floor of the Tower of Eternity (I)

At the time the fog of ice casted by the blue skeleton came in contact with Long Haochen’s body, he simply felt a breeze covering his whole body, which suppressed his sunlight fire. Additionally, his movements clearly became slower, and an ice cold feeling filled his mind, as if making his soul sluggish from the cold.

However, this feeling only lasted for an instant until Lin Xin’s Heart of Flames managed to block it. When the fog of ice touched the flames, with a puffing sound, the fire from the Heart of Flames and the fog of ice started to cancel each other out.

Without a doubt, that skeleton wasn’t using ordinary ice, but Lin Xin’s Heart of Flames didn’t use ordinary fire either. Both sides counteracted each other and Lin Xin’s fire actually held an advantage. But of course, this was because the effects of Long Haochen’s sunlight fire had already weakened the attack from the skeleton to some extent.

The flame in the eyes of the blue skeleton pulsed slightly, and the staff in his hand moved in a mysterious trajectory. As he acted that way, he chanted some unknown incantation, and a sparkling and translucent ice crystal emerged from his staff, floating above him. This ice crystal didn’t really appear fast, but Long Haochen felt some change on the scenery before his eyes, before all the surroundings turned ice blue.

From the others point of view, Long Haochen’s body abruptly came to a stop before immediately being immersed by a large ice crystal

What strong magic!

At that time, the other members of the 64th commander grade Demon Hunt Squad naturally didn’t keep waiting, and launched their attacks against that blue skeleton.

The fire from Lin Xin Heart of Flames clashed against that immense ice crystal, immediately attempting to melt it, while Cai’er, Wang Yuanyuan, and Sima Xian, as well as Han Yu simultaneously dashed towards the blue skeleton. Their movements were filled with tacit understanding. The four of them had dashed forward and separated to encircle the skeleton, and although they were not able to attack from all four directions, their coordinated attack made that blue skeleton totally unable to resist the encirclement.

Chen Ying’er was seated on the ground, both her hands on her crystal ball as she chanted a slow incantation. Two bizarre radiances of gold and a dark color quietly emerged, revolving around her like fireballs. The fluctuation of spiritual energy surrounding Chen Ying’er’s body produced a white thread from the space between her eyebrows, radiating a white light.

Facing this combined assault, that blue skeleton actually didn’t retreat, and suddenly pointed his staff to the ground.


With a violent explosion, the immense crystal that had frozen Long Haochen split, producing a brutal explosive force hurling innumerable ice shards into all directions. These fragments of ice were not only directed at them all, but also stopped everyone in their track. Even given their current cultivation, they were unable to resist.

Cai’er’s dark golden dagger could be seen, changing into many sparks of light in the air. At every thrust, a ball of ice would be destroyed, yet her look was concentrated on Long Haochen.

It was not only her: Wang Yuanyuan, Sima Xian and Han Yu also did the same. Seeing the strong explosive power of this ice, was Long Haochen alright…?

Nothing seemed wrong with Long Haochen. At least, he didn’t seem harmed on the surface. It was just that his golden red flames and the fire from Lin Xin’s Heart of Flames had disappeared completely.

His expression looked pale, and his body was distinctly covered with ice.

An intense cold air covered the surroundings densely. It could be clearly seen that everyone felt their whole bodies numbing. In fact, their external spiritual energy had increased by a large degree after being soaked in the liquid using the dragon crystals as main ingredient. Even so, their external spiritual energy that now exceeded 3,000 units didn’t stop their hands from going stiff.  

Seventh step! Without a doubt, this was the level of cultivation this blue skeleton reached. And furthermore, its control over magic was the same as the battle skills of the red skeleton from the ancient times, something one could only describe as perfect.

A resonant phoenix cry rang right at that instant, and the red-hot fire from the Heart of Flames lashed out instantly, rapidly counteracting the coldness in the air. Meanwhile, the blue fire phoenix soared in the sky, going past everyone to throw itself at that blue skeleton.

Lin Xin was already unable to give any more consideration about the backlash. Because of how strong this blue skeleton was, all his mates were affected by him. If he was allowed free reign, it would be very hard for them to pass this trial.

The members of the 64th Demon Hunt Squad coordinated perfectly. In Han Yu’s hands, the golden red legendary sword was lifted, and with a shout, an intense golden red shine covered his whole body. This shine immediately freed his body from the stiffness affecting it. Being covered by a golden red shade, he went straight for that blue skeleton.

In a rush, Sima Xian placed himself in front of Long Haochen, using his Energetic Ball of Light, which was finally finished being re-modelled in the previous month, to get in the opponent’s way.

Compared to before, there was no apparent change in the size of the Energetic Ball of Light, but it’s appearance had changed into a darker golden color, faintly emitting a kind of terrible aura. Originally at the Glorious Tier, the Energetic Ball of Light now easily reached the Legendary Tier, and if not for the increase of external spiritual energy Sima Xian had gained from the dragon crystal, he would currently be unable to use this terrible weapon.

With a glint of silver light, Wang Yuanyuan disappeared without a sound, and Cai’er also vanished instantly.

Four people attacking and one staying behind to defend Long Haochen; this was true tacit understanding.  

In front of the blue fire phoenix, the blue skeleton finally lost his tranquility. His chant appeared more rushed, and his staff pointed to the ground. With three ear-piercing whoosh sounds, three immense ice crystals, reaching a diameter of one meter, suddenly dug their way from the ground, intertwining with each other towards the blue fire phoenix. In the meanwhile, an ice blue radiance was spread out from the blue skeleton, forming a blue transparent barrier.


The three thick ice crystals simultaneously smashed to pieces, and the coldness that filled the air disappeared in that instant. Lin Xin’s blue fire phoenix showed a truly terrible attack power, and furthermore, the intensity of the Heart of Flames was stronger than the ice of the blue skeleton. However, the gap between the two was mostly based on their spiritual energy level. The blue fire phoenix couldn’t keep pushing forward, and turned back with a muffled phoenix cry, returning to Lin Xin’s side.

With a glint of silver light, the first to attack was Wang Yuanyuan. Her Gigantic Divine Soul Shield was wielded like an axe. Relying on the power of the Spiritual Stove of Spatial Gate, Wang Yuanyuan’s attack was instantaneous, clashing violently against the barrier protecting that blue skeleton.

The spatial crystal obtained from the auction house was refined into two pieces for Wang Yuanyuan to use. Nonetheless, in her current state, she could only add a supplementary one, otherwise the power would exceed her limits. But even so, the Gigantic Divine Soul Shield directly ascended to the Legendary Tier just from the addition of one spatial crystal.

As this shield blow was delivered, an immense and terrifying silver figure arose behind Wang Yuanyuan’s back. With a violent bang, the blue barrier was smashed to pieces from the impact.

Nonetheless, that blue skeleton kept showing exceptional reactions. In such an unfavorable situation, it suddenly lowered its stance, in the same fashion as a skater, using the force from the barrier to avoid Wang Yuanyuan’s axe-attack. In the meanwhile, a pure white ice ring suddenly extended, forcefully pushing Wang Yuanyuan back.

Han Yu arrived at this time. Fully clad in gold red, he appeared to have gotten in an extraordinary state. Aiming a violent cut with the pure golden heavy sword in his hand, he engulfed the blue skeleton like a reddish golden hurricane.

Zhii A sharp whistling sound came out from the blue skeleton’s mouth, and an ice wall suddenly appeared in front of Han Yu to stop him. However, that ice wall was reduced to fragments in the next instant by Han Yu’s immense golden red sword.

A white ring appeared under Han Yu’s feet, provoking an instant explosion and sweeping him with an intense frozen airstream. However, when covered in this pure golden color, Han Yu seemed unequalled, actually disregarding all the effects from the frozen airstream on his body and still aiming his sword at that blue skeleton.

The blue skeleton finally seemed close to his limits, the soulfire in his eye was fluctuating violently. Waving the magic staff in his hand, it erected a defensive armor around itself.

The fact it had great ability in magic didn’t necessarily mean that this blue skeleton would be as strong as the red skeleton in close range. Although it had the defense from the ice armor, it still ended up sent flying while its magic staff was cut in half. More terrifyingly, the scarlet radiance shining on Han Yu’s heavy sword actually gained in viscosity, as the blue skeleton suddenly stopped in its flight backwards.

Following next was Han Yu’s performance time. As the blood red colored heavy sword swirled in the air, at every attack, that blue skeleton would get covered with a layer of imposing red, and it took only three blows to smash his ice armor with a loud bang.

Han Yu’s last strike directly aimed at the shoulder of the blue skeleton, slashing it in half.

In a state of invisibility, Cai’er didn’t intervene. Since Han Yu managed to deal the fatal blow against the blue skeleton, she naturally had no need to act.

Long Haochen gradually returned to his senses. After sustaining the icy effects, only his face still looked pale. The damage from the attack of the blue skeleton was truly terrible. It was fortunate that he had the Holy Fire brought to him by Yating, along with the addition from the sunlight fire and the Heart of Flames as well as the Sacred Holy Protection from his Glorious Holy Armor, annihilating the greater part of the damage from the explosion. However, even then, it took Long Haochen nearly twenty seconds to expel the chilliness from his whole body.

The whole battle didn’t last a long time, but this victory against the blue skeleton wasn’t an easy win at all. In fact, Long Haochen’s individual strength was enough for him to match a powerhouse of the seventh step in a duel. And it took their whole strength to take out this blue skeleton. If not for the enormous effects Lin Xin’s blue phoenix had in weakening this blue skeleton, defeating this opponent would have been very hard to them.

Shen Yin Wang Zuo Chapter 371: Second Floor Of The Tower Of Eternity (I)

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