Shen Yin Wang Zuo Chapter 379: Descent Of The Divine Sword (Ii)

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Shen Yin Wang Zuo, Chapter 379: Descent of the Divine Sword (II)

Qiu Yonghao waved his hand, blocking the pressure coming from that elder. Deep inside, he was secretly stunned. In fact, although Long Haochen had the strength to be the captain of a Demon Hunt Squad at the commander grade, he was still only at the sixth step of cultivation. Confronted with the pressure of a powerhouse at the ninth step, he still spoke frankly and with assurance. This wasn’t something an average person would be able to do.

“Haochen, how about this? You just said that you would be willing to accept our Warrior Temple’s trial. Warriors and knights are a family, so we naturally won’t send someone to compare notes with you. Let’s do as you said: if you can leave the sword intent of Commander Ye in a stone, as you promised before, this will be the proof that you are qualified to wield this divine sword. On the other hand, if you fail, you will leave the divine sword at our Temple, but I will still give you a weapon at the Epic Tier.”

For any other piece of equipment, Qiu Yonghao would definitely not have done this. He was already forcing the other side with overbearing power. But the Aria of the Goddess of Light was really too important to the Warrior Temple. Even keeping it at the Temple, with no one able to use it, was okay.

Long Haochen gave Qiu Yonghao an ardent look, and took a deep breath, “Okay, I am promising you. However, if I don’t succeed, I will just leave the divine sword here, but won’t demand a piece of equipment of the Epic Tier from your noble temple. Please bring a stone.”

He could understand the eagerness of these powerhouses from the Warrior Temple, but under the pressure of these elders, Long Haochen’s pride was finally set to flame. I will prove to you that I am qualified to have this divine sword.

Hearing him, Qiu Yonghao appeared to have an apologetic look. Turning around, he gave some instructions, and naturally someone went to do the task. It was that elder, the auxiliary head, who left hurriedly.

Long Haochen didn’t talk with Qiu Yonghao anymore, but sat cross legged where he just stood before, and entered a meditative state in front of all those people. The whole process went as natural as the flow of a stream of water. Seemingly only by sitting down, he became like an old monk in an instant, a solid boulder.

How full of prospects! Qiu Yonghao secretly couldn’t help but exclaim in admiration and actually felt jealous of the Knight Temple. To show such qualities at this age, this Long Haochen was bound to become a cornerstone for the Knight Temple in the future. If his growth went smoothly, the Knight Temple would gain another unrivalled genius, that should actually even surpass his own father. If Long Xingyu attained the rank of Divine Knight merely in his forties, what about him? At what age would he get to harmonize with a Divine Throne? Forty? Or even before reaching this age?

A short time later, a dozen powerhouses from the Warrior Temple brought a huge rock to the hall.

Seeing this huge rock, Qiu Yonghao couldn’t help but show a change of expression, giving that auxiliary head an inquiring look.

The auxiliary head earnestly nodded to him, his lips doing some movements as if to say something.

Qiu Yonghao felt hesitant, but still nodded. Looking at Long Haochen’s current state, the apologetic feeling he had increased even further.

This huge rock was oval-shaped, and entirely dark. However, it let out an extraordinary aura of steadiness and depth. Looking at it, one wouldn’t think of seeing aof piece of stone, but rather a deep cavern.

Reportedly, this was a heavenly meteorite recovered by the Warrior Temple. Incomparably tough, it would be extremely difficult even for a piece of equipment of Glorious Tier to leave a trace on it, and for a piece of equipment at the Legendary Tier, an extremely large amount of spiritual energy would need to be poured inside to inflict the slightest cut.

And furthermore, this piece of heavenly meteorite was actually comparable to refined gold in adhesion of spiritual energy, while surpassing the latter in terms of toughness by a large amount. It was just because there never appeared a refiner confident in being able to make a piece of equipment out of it, that it was left in the treasury of the Warrior Temple for so long. Today, it was obviously with the purpose of making things hard for Long Haochen that they actually brought this piece of heavenly meteorite out. Even if he had the ability to leave the sword intent, inflicting a cut on this piece of heavenly meteorite wasn’t something that could be done with a half-assed amount of spiritual energy.

Seemingly sensing that the huge stone was in place, Long Haochen slowly opened his eyes, immediately revealing an amazed look when staring at this three meters high heavenly meteorite.

Qiu Yonghao coughed, “Leaving the sword intent of Ancestor Ye is a wish we obviously had for all eternity. For this reason, we brought the best material for you. Haochen, how do you view this huge heavenly meteorite? If it won’t do, we can change it for another one.” He indeed felt apologetic. For one who lived for more than a hundred years, to try to scheme against a ten and a few years old child was an act that would make him lose all face when the higher-ups of the Knight Temple would get to know about this in the future. Thus, he finally still backed down and inquired Long Haochen about whether he would want to change it for another stone.

However, Qiu Yonghao didn’t expect Long Haochen to shake his head to his proposal and reply, “No need to change it. Let’s just go with this one. However, I have a little request. Since we are using a heavenly meteorite instead of the sculpture, could the parts I’d cut in the process be given to me?”

“It’s okay. However, that’s with the premise that you manage to leave the sword intent.” That old auxiliary head rushed to give that reply, for fear that Long Haochen would go back on his decision.

However, he didn’t expect that this wasn’t the first time Long Haochen got to see a glimpse of that heavenly meteorite. His father Long Xingyu also had one, thus he knew clearly about the toughness of a heavenly meteorite.

In those years, Long Xingyu had told Long Haochen that the Warrior Temple had a treasure amongst all treasures, and that was this piece of heavenly meteorite. If it were refined into a piece of equipment or used to refine another one, even a little piece of it would make it rise in rank. Especially for weapons, the results would be very clear.

Long Haochen slowly straightened up his posture, and walked over to this heavenly meteorite. Never had he carved anything before, but he did some research on carving. However, what he had to do today wasn’t carving, but to leave some sword intent behind. This was an entirely different concept.

Walking five meters away from that heavenly meteorite, Long Haochen stopped moving and stood there, concentrating on the deep aura released by this piece of heavenly meteorite.

No one disturbed him, only watching silently. Qiu Yonghao was feeling very complex emotions. He actually didn’t know whether Long Haochen would succeed or fail, but neither of the two results would be bad to the Warrior Temple.

“I request the right to have the assistance from my mount and spiritual stove.” Long Haochen asked calmly, without even turning back.

Qiu Yonghao replied, “Of course you can.”

Long Haochen nodded, and pointed a finger on his left hand to his side. Immediately, a purple glow of light occurred and then, a massive creature appeared in the view of everyone present.

The shock brought by Haoyue was truly great. His ten meters long immense body stood like a small mountain, but more extraordinarily, he had four different large heads. Appearing behind Long Haochen, he immediately looked around. His neck straight, Little Light, Little Flame, Little Green and Little Blue swept their eyes over everyone in the Warrior Temple, actually standing proudly.

What mount is that? Qiu Yonghao and the auxiliary heads looked at each other, in total shock. Never did they see this kind of magical beast before! Although the fluctuations of spiritual energy spread out from it weren’t something they noticed, its body seemed to be full of unique qualities, especially from how proudly he stood, giving a sentiment of transcending reality.

Right at that time, a low chant was initiated by Haoyue’s four huge heads, and they assumed a very peculiar stance. Only the mouth of Little Light stood straight, while the other three heads were crawling downwards, attaching themselves to the neck of Little Light, and looking up at him while chanting. Immediately, intense surges of breath of the four elements wind, fire, water and light were spread in the shape of violent fluctuations from Haoyue’s body.

“Four elemental magical beast?” Xu Zhongliang couldn’t help but cry out in alarm.

Qiu Yonghao’s look became a lot more concentrated, now suddenly feeling some regret about the fact he made things hard for this child. Long Haochen was right; if he didn’t come today, the Warrior Temple wouldn’t even have gotten to see the Aria of the Goddess of Light. This child came out of goodwill, and yet this was how he was treated by them. However, on the other side was the Aria of the Goddess of Light. This may be the first time Qiu Yonghao felt embarrassed to such an extent.

And right at this time, Long Haochen set in movement. On his back, brilliant light radiated and four spiritual wings unfolded, absorbing the light essence in the air valiantly. Meanwhile, Long Haochen held his right hand high, letting the Aria of the Goddess of Light reappear in his hand.

A more extraordinary scene followed, and a golden figure seemed to have appeared on the back of Long Haochen. At the same time his four wings unfolded, this golden figure appeared in the eyes of everyone present.

Clad in a golden battle skirt, with a golden staff in hand, beautiful golden hair and six transparent wings, she appeared as tall as a human; only her pair of slightly pointed ears exposed her origins.

“The fairy race from the ancient times?” That old auxiliary head couldn’t help but show an alarmed look. Dozens of years ago, he had been studying the power and prestige from ancient fairies. However, he never saw the real appearance of a fairy from the old times. Yet Yating appeared in everyone’s view, with exactly the same appearance as he imagined the ancient fairies to have. How could that not astonish him?

“No, this is a light fairy.”

Qiu Yonghao was after all the head of the Warrior Temple, and had a powerful perception.

Nonetheless, even when retorting his old friend, the elder still felt shock. Even though he sensed that this was an elemental fairy, who would have seen an element fairy looking just like ancient fairies?

Long Haochen, just how much shock are you going to bring us before leaving the matter to that?

This time, Qiu Yonghao wasn’t the only regretful one, and even those other auxiliary heads that stayed silent all along felt remorseful.

Shen Yin Wang Zuo Chapter 379: Descent Of The Divine Sword (Ii)

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