Shen Yin Wang Zuo Chapter 386: Powerful 64Th Squad

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Shen Yin Wang Zuo, Chapter 386: Powerful 64th Squad

Yating already appeared behind Long Haochen, and launched her light magic just like before.

The Jacques Demons deserved being called a powerful demon type at close range, still, no matter whether it was at close range or at a distance, they were tough opponents. Ten Jacques Demons immediately met Long Haochen.

Long Haochen was aiming to get this resolved quickly and even hoped to complete their mission right here. Therefore, he naturally didn’t have any reservations.

He swung the two heavy swords, launching Ripples of Light with Light Thorn.

Right at this moment, one could see that the two swords were different, yet had the common point of possessing a very intense sword intent. However, the Light Thorn from the Rippling Lights in his left hand only killed three Jacque Demons, while the Aria of the Goddess of Light in his right hand emitted a ten meters long terrifying blade of light, sweeping the enemies like the wind. At least a dozen Jacques Demons were cut off by this mere blow.

Let alone the enemies, even Long Haochen himself didn’t expect the Aria of the Goddess of Light to have such a great burst power.

During their latest missions, they didn’t get caught into any crowded battles like this, thus Long Haochen only got to learn now that the divine sword actually reached such a terrifying level of power.

In normal times, the Aria of the Goddess of Light could release a blade of light of two meters length, but this was without the help of the pure light element inserted by Long Haochen.

After this divine sword got sealed, many people had tried to undo its seal without success. Even a powerhouse of the ninth step had failed and left in low spirits, but why was that? This was because the requirement for the release of the seal was not a massive amount of light elemental spiritual energy but an incomparably pure spiritual energy of the light element.

With the backing from the overflowing sword intent, Long Haochen was like a tiger among a flock of sheep. Once again flapping the wings on his back, he made his way into the enemy lines and immediately burst out like a tyrannical golden spiral in the midst of the Jacques Demons.

Retribution Knight skill of the seventh step, Storm of Blades.

Although Long Haochen wasn’t yet at the seventh step of cultivation, his capacity as a god’s chosen one still permitted him to use reasonably powerful skills of the seventh step, because his spiritual energy was backed by Yating with her full strength.

Right now, if one paid careful attention, they would see that at the back of the rapidly whirling Long Haochen, Yating was keeping herself close to him, absorbing great amounts of the spiritual energy in the air before pouring it inside Long Haochen’s body.

Storm of Swords was a powerful ability which affected a large area. It could be called an upgraded version of the warriors’ Tornado Strike. With a stronger spiritual energy and a stronger weapon, it would gain in power as well.

When using this ability, Long Haochen turned everything in an area of thirty meters into an ocean of gold, instantly reducing two dozen Jacques Demons to broken pieces, entangled in the golden light.

With a resonant bellow, Haoyue’s massive figure was dashing forward. Sweeping his massive tail, he brazenly sent several Jacques Demons flying to the sky. Then, his fourth head acted in the same way as the Great Magic Cannon from a fort, continuously launching one spell after another, all bursting in succession.

Han Yu, Sima Xian, and Wang Yuanyuan jumped from Haoyue’s back. Sima Xian was in the front, blocking the enemies in front of Haoyue to let him launch a smooth magic assault. Han Yu and Wang Yuanyuan were on his left and right side.

Lin Xin didn’t use any powerful offensive spell, and acted as a defender, creating one fire shield after another with a lightning speed, helping everyone to resist the attacks from the enemies.

This was their first crowd battle ever since entering the demon territory this time, and seeing Long Haochen’s intense bursts of power, everyone was filled with confidence.

This was also the first time they burst out with their whole power. Even without the use of the Spiritual Stove of Purple Thunder, Sima Xian’s terrible golden ball shattered everything into pieces with even more power than Long Haochen’s Storm of Blades. And furthermore, don’t forget that he wasn’t using any abilities! The Energetic Ball of Light and his own brutal strength were all he relied on.

In Wang Yuanyuan’s hand, the Divine Soul Shield swirled all around. There was no need to embed any of the spatial crystals, because none of the Jacques Demons could resist the blows from her Divine Soul Shield.

On the other side, Han Yu also showed an intrepid performance. Everything in the range of his Wild Scarlet Blood sword at the Legendary Tier collapsed, immersed in blood colored light.

Only a short time right after they attacked the enemy ranks, more than a hundred Jacques Demons died. In other words, their mission was successfully cleared.

Long Haochen’s group made an extremely sudden appearance, and it was only now that the Jacques Demons retaliated.

The two Jacques Chiefs leading them shouted. Behind them, the dozen Jacques Officers of the sixth step led the army back to regroup and attacked Long Haochen’s group, while these two Jacques Chiefs kept pursuing the king grade Demon Hunt Squad.

Undoubtedly, these two Jacques Chiefs were very quick to react, and pretty good in adjusting to battlefield conditions, but they were also underestimating Long Haochen’s group.

Actually, they were not the only ones to underestimate the 64th commander grade Demon Hunt Squad: even Long Haochen’s group was underestimating themselves.

In their minds, powerhouses of the fourth step would at least withstand one of their attacks, but after the real start of the battle, they discovered that these Jacques Demons of the fourth step were like paper in front of them

Their one year of seclusion brought a lot of changes to the 64th commander grade Demon Hunt Squad. With the great strengthening of their external spiritual energy and the steady advance of their internal spiritual energy, as well as their steady attitude and the spiritual stoves acquired by everyone, they were now comparable to a new Demon Hunt Squad of the king grade.

Little Flame belched out an Exploding Fireball of one meter diameter. He aimed at the distance with a loud bang, and bathed one more dozen Jacques Demons in an ocean of fire.

Without pause, Little Green kept puffing out one Wind Edge after another. But the difference from Little Fire was that although Little Green’s launched spells weren’t really that powerful, they had the size of eyes, and every Wind Edge would find a Jacques Demon and aim at their vitals.

Little Light was releasing golden light, connecting himself with Long Haochen to constantly pour his light element energy into Long Haochen’s body through Brilliant World.

Little Blue raised his head with some pride, the horn on his head glinting in faint white light as he spouted large numbers of Ice Cones at the surroundings. This was not only effective in killing and wounding the enemies, but also reduced their speed.

It could be said that at his current state, Haoyue could be considered the same as four mages, all of them at the sixth step.

Under these circumstances, while awaiting the dozen Jacques Demons of officer rank, the casualties among the ordinary Jacques Demons already surpassed two hundred, and were increasing fast.

After rushing in to kill the enemy, Long Haochen was now back at the side of his comrades. Seeing the dozen of Jacques Officers charge at them, he let out a cold snort and met them head on at large strides.

A black figure appeared at his side right then. Turning his head, Long Haochen saw Cai’er and lightly nodded to her. The two of them went almost hand in hand, to kill that dozen Jacques Officers.

Purplish black liquid suddenly scattered in the air, but this time, it was not directed against the members of the Demon Hunt Squads. It accurately landed on those two Jacques Chiefs of the eighth step as well as the Jacques Officers whose numbers exceeded twenty.

Their speed declined rapidly, and their wings lost their functionality. The original advantage of speed of those powerful Jacques Demons disappeared in a flash.

“Houu.” Filled with disbelief, the Jacques Chiefs raised their heads to look at the sky, seeing that an immense purplish black figure was preparing a second batch of mucus spray.

This was naturally the little pig McDull in transformed shape, who gained the ability of the Demon Holder through his adaptability, and launched this attack from the air.

The Jacques Chief on the left side pointed his hand to the sky, and a pitch-black radiance soared upwards, aiming directly at the little pig McDull. But an instant later, disturbing effects were produced in the sky, and with an ear-piercing hissing sound, the sky became all dark.

With a sudden burst of gaudy golden light, a tough Holy Fire clashed against that black shot, and although it didn’t annihilate it completely, it caused the loss of its locking effects. The one launching it was that knight from the king grade Demon Hunt Squad.

McDull originally became all stiff from being locked on by that Jacques Chief of the eighth step, and transformed back, running off, but suddenly sensed the pressure disappearing. His fat figure twisted in the air, and immediately dodged the attack. This evading ability was acquired through training by the red skeleton known as the Twelfth Holy Guard.

With a puff, another thick dark liquid was directed this time at the Jacques Army on the other side.

Stamping on the ground with his left foot, Long Haochen lept at flying speed and aimed a thrust with the Aria of the Goddess of Light in his right hand against a Jacques Officer, clashing against his spear.

An overwhelming scene occurred: right when the Jacques Officer was resisting the Aria of the Goddess of Light, the pearl on its tip produced a sound of destruction and immediately afterwards, a myriad of glints erupted towards this Jacques Officer.

Even with the scales on him and the strong backing of his darkness spiritual energy, when the Aria of the Goddess of Light launched a Demon Wiping Flash, how could he resist it? His body became a sieve of blood a second later.

Soaring in the sky, Long Haochen lightly flapped with the spiritual wings on his right side, turned in the air, and flashed through this Jacques Officer. Waving the two heavy swords in his hands, he launched Asura Strikes from both swords.

After such a long time of cultivation, he could finally launch the powerful ability Asura Strike with only one hand.

While launching this blow, a severe white glow spread out from the midst of his body, enveloping more than a dozen Jacques Officers in it.

However, this ability wasn’t launched by Long Haochen, but came from Yating who had been chanting for a really long time.

Light spell of the seventh step, Holy Intimidation.

For the light fairy Yating, launching a spell one rank above was nothing much, only required a little more time. If this spell was directed at ordinary enemies, it would only temporarily put them in a state of shock while causing light elemental damage, preventing them from moving for two seconds and no more.

However, when Holy Intimidation was aimed at enemies of the darkness element, its might would increase severalfold, especially against enemies of inferior strength, producing extreme effects.

One could clearly see that all the Jacques Officers were ignited with a white fire, and their group that was about to encircle Long Haochen and Cai’er shrieked. Their bodies twitched violently as they sunk in a dizzy state due to the extreme effects of intimidation.

If one looked down from a certain height, he would see that right after the eruption of the white glint, a golden and a black figure passed through the crowd like shadows, and next, one corpse after another fell to the ground.

All the thirty Jacques Officers of the sixth step were wiped out.

The golden and the black figure met, and Long Haochen and Cai’er stared at each other. Perfectly mirroring the shock on their counterpart’s face.

Although they had complete confidence in their ability of getting rid of those Jacques Officers, they didn’t actually expect it to go that smoothly. Even without the magic assistance from Yating, they wouldn’t have faced much difficulty. But with her spell, killing these Jacques Officers became as simple as to kill ordinary Jacques Demons.

For any army who lost a quarter of their troops while the enemy didn’t suffer any losses, preserving the will to fight wasn’t easy.

Against the tyrannical offensive from the 64th commander grade Demon Hunt Squad, the army of Jacques Demons was finally routed and started escaping in all directions.

At this time, the two Jacques Chiefs of the eighth step were in a state of shock, while getting caught in an inescapable predicament.

Of course, Long Haochen’s group wouldn’t go chase after these ordinary Jacques Demons. From the beginning, they only went after the powerhouses from the Jacques Clan to rescue their fellow mates.

However, against their expectations, they defeated the army of Jacques Demons, to the point that those escapees didn’t even pay heed to their chiefs, solely being preoccupied with their escape. Situations like this would actually almost never occur for soldiers of the Temple Alliance.

On the other side, the king grade Demon Hunt Squad stopped their escape, and faced the attacks from these powerful Jacques Demons.

In this team, the most powerful ones were the Mythril Foundation Armored Knight and the summoner. Thanks to the summoner who spent great expenses of spiritual energy to bring forth all those summons, they withstood the attacks from these Jacques Demon powerhouses, and made a pincer attack in cohesion with Long Haochen’s group.

The two Jacques Chiefs of the eighth step let out snarls after snarls without pause, gathering the routed army, while one of them led six Jacques Officers to face Long Haochen’s group.

“Firm formation!” Long Haochen shouted loudly, about to face the powerhouses of the eighth step. This was his second time facing a powerhouse of the eighth step, so they obviously didn’t keep a scattered formation like before.

Yating floated in the sky right over Little Light’s head, chanting an incantation along with him, and poured powerful spiritual energy of the light element into Long Haochen. Meanwhile, the whole 64th commander grade Demon Hunt Squad acted. Their eyes only reflected a single target, the Jacques Chiefs. As for those Officers at the sixths tep, what were they in comparison?

Shen Yin Wang Zuo Chapter 386: Powerful 64Th Squad

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