Shen Yin Wang Zuo Chapter 388: Long Haochen At His Most Powerful State (Ii)

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Shen Yin Wang Zuo, Chapter 388: Long Haochen at his most powerful state (II)

No matter for whom, this feeling would be extremely painful. The Jacques Chief roared and abruptly pointed his spear downwards. Immediately, vortexes of darkness kept surging out. His inwardly thought were: Let me see how you’ll escape from this.

In front of this kind of omnidirectional attack, Long Haochen was unable to dodge completely. But right at this moment, his body suddenly halted in midair. Grasping the Aria of the Goddess of Light with both hands, he chopped downwards. The dark golden sword emitted a glowing white light, and right at that instant, Long Haochen’s two hands turned a transparent golden color.

In a flash of golden light, a black glow spread, smoothly wrapping Long Haochen’s body in it. Right at this moment, Haoyue’s immense figure appeared behind him.

Not only that, but with a limpid dragon chant and a golden glint of light, that figure clashed against the Aria of the Goddess of light.

It was Haoyue that appeared suddenly under him, and his figure, which hovered at ten meters height, kept rushing forward, carrying a threatening aura. Meanwhile, both him and Long Haochen had their whole body surrounded by purple light, especially their eyes. That bewitching purple color caused even the Jacques Chef of the eighth step to shake at its sight.

While Long Haochen’s body was shaking severely, the strong purple glow filled him, and the mysterious power from an ancient beast erupted from his body.

The Jacques Chief felt his demeanor being shaken. He found himself unable to keep attacking even with his cultivation at the eighth step and even drew a few steps back, filled with shock. Right then, the six Jacques Officers that were charging along with him felt their whole bodies going stiff.

A black figure appeared at their backs, and one black line after another pierced them, conveniently taking their lives. This was the act of Cai’er who arrived just at the right time.

Some rapid changes appeared on Long Haochen’s body, his whole Glorious Holy Armor turned purple. Not only that, but earth-shattering variations occurred with his armor at the same time. The originally very concise plate armor gained gorgeous features, the shoulder plates expanded like dragon wings, while the back of the plate armor gained some sort of scales. Layers upon layers of thorns continuously emerged from his armor, forming elegant designs, close to the advanced fairy style or the relicts of some antique tribes from the past.

The most distinct feature appeared on Long Haochen’s chest. Nine purple lines extended from there, enveloping his shoulders, chest and a large area of his front armor. One could faintly see that at the end of the nine purple lines were nine purple balls of light, appearing the same as nine faces, radiating a tyrannical and bewitching aura.

On Long Haochen’s forehead, the purple golden glint became incomparably bright, and his black hair turned purple. His originally handsome face lost its pure and holy look to gain charisma. Even the divine sword Aria of the Goddess of Light was shining in his hand, immersed in a deep purple color.

This was the fusion between Long Haochen and Haoyue, but compared to the last time, earth-shattering changes appeared.

If the last time, their fusion could be called a semi-finished product, it could be said to have become complete this time thanks to the increase of Long Haochen’s strength. The aura spreading from Long Hoachen’s body was a lot stronger than in the past.

His armor turned purple, but the spiritual energy emanating from his body was still golden. The combination turned the spiritual energy exuded by him a magnificent purple gold.

The change wasn’t only on his body, but also on the Aria of the Goddess of Light in his hand. It appeared that Yating entered the divine sword.

Soul Ignition. This ability belonged to both Long Haochen and Yating and was revived with Long Haochen’s awakening as a god’s chosen. Yating’s Soul Ignition was like supportive equipment, while Long Haochen’s Soul Ignition affected his own body.

At this moment, right when Yating fused with the Aria of the Goddess of Light, the terrible might of this divine sword emerged, contrary to the Bright Vengeance that was unable to bear Yating’s Soul Ignition.

An overwhelming terrible sword intent burst out from Long Haochen’s body, and immediately, a gaudy purple golden color surrounded Long Haochen.

Right at this moment, Long Haochen entered his most powerful battle state, making use of a double Soul Ignition after his fusion with Haoyue.

To say nothing of the enemy, even his comrades felt terror at this moment, because even they were unable to sense the level Long Haochen’s strength now reached.

Having gained a purple golden color, his four wings abruptly flapped, and like that, Long Haochen rushed at the Jacques Chief like a purple meteor. In his series of probing attacks, he found out that this Jacques Chief still had a gap in cultivation compared to that young Moon Demon.

After entering his most powerful state, it really became possible for him to kill this enemy with the help from his comrades.


Long Haochen attacked the Jacques Chief by meeting force with force for the first time.

The Aria of the Goddess of Light fiercely struck against the pitch-black spear of the Jacques Chief, and both sides were simultaneously repelled, with no one holding the advantage. In other words, Long Haochen’s current attack strength and physical strength were on par with a Jacques Chief of the eighth step.

Lowering his head to give a glance to his own spear, the Jacques Chief abruptly noticed that the thickest central part of his spear was unexpectedly split in two. And to his shock, there was a deep gash from his right shoulder to his left rib, which pierced his scales pierced and caused strong bleeding. And moreover, an extremely strange energy was flowing inside. No matter how he urged his spiritual energy, he found himself unable to scatter it in any way.

That was not simply light spiritual energy anymore, but it also carried a terrifying presence filled with a devastatingly destructive power.

What wounded the Jacques Chief was of course not Long Haochen’s heavy sword, but the sword intent coming from the Aria of the Goddess of Light infused with Long Haochen and Haoyue’s powers.

When the divine sword regained a soul, its might reached the Epic Tier, even surpassing the Legendary Tier. As a piece of Epic Tier Equipment, it could undoubtedly change the outcome of a war. If Long Haochen wasn’t in a fused state with Haoyue, even while letting Yating fuse with the Aria of the Goddess of Light, he wouldn’t be able to wield its power.

“Go to hell!” Long Haochen gave a shout and stepped forward, launching an Asura Thrust.

With a drizzling purple golden color, some bizarre warped gloss appeared in the air, and the strong purple golden light seemed to engulf the whole surroundings in an instant.


The spear broke and the enemy was sent flying. Although the Jacques Chief spared no effort to resist, the Aria of the Goddess of Light was just too terrifying after reaching the Epic Tier. The terrifying destructive power and the sword intent that seemed to pierce through the heavens destroyed his weapon almost instantly, and struck his body directly.

At the crucial moment of danger, the Jacques chief still had time to bend his head, avoiding a wound to his head, but half of his body was cut with this blow. Including the shoulder, left arm and a large part of the ribcage, his left side was sent flying upwards, while the two hoofs on his right side burst from the explosion of purple golden light.

A massive golden ball also covered the sky right at this time, inflicting a perfect cut to the falling body of the Jacques Chief. The three destructive abilities Crush, Smash and Absorption burst out at that time.

Pitifully, the strong and brutal Jacques Chief was ripped to pieces like that, not even leaving a corpse.

However, after this strike, Long Haochen was unable to maintain this state. With a flash, Haoyue’s massive body separated from his. Being terribly pale, Long Haochen gasped for air.

In his most powerful state, Long Haochen was actually at the threshold of the eighth step. Nonetheless, he could only preserve this state for a very short time. Afterwards, he was extremely weakened Especially after the use from Soul Ignition, he needed at least three or four days of rest to recover entirely, despite the improvement of his cultivation level and his understanding of Soul Ignition compared to the last time.

Yating also separated from the Aria of the Goddess of Light.The purple golden color on the divine sword had already disappeared. Yating looked really out of energy, and directly disappeared into Long Haochen’s chest.

At this moment, the members from the 64th commander grade Demon Hunt Squad stopped moving, gathering at a very fast speed. Then, a dazzling pure golden colored barrier enveloped everyone, including the curled up Haoyue. In this barrier of five meters in diameter, everyone was affected by this pure golden radiance.

The ability Blessing of Light from Han Yu’s Spiritual Stove of Light Blessings was launched.

Everyone affected by the heavy and multi-elemental energy recovered from their consumption at a fast pace. And that carefree and revitalizing feeling relaxed everyone’s breathing greatly.

The Spiritual Stove of Light Blessings had great utility. Bathed in that pure golden light, except for the weakened Long Haochen, everyone returned to their peak state in a very short time, even recovering from their physical exhaustion.

On the other side, although still resisting, the king grade Demon Hunt Squad was still in a very difficult situation, and this became all the more true after the Jacques Chief was killed by Long Haochen. The Jacques Demons became frantic, and launched attacks without any restraint. After seeing his comrade get killed, even the second Jacques Chief of the eighth step wasn’t filled with fury, but with fear.

That was a fact! From the time the Jacques Chief attacked to his death, the whole fight had only lasted several seconds. The counterpart killed was a powerhouse at the eighth step, so they could naturally kill a second one. These humans who came later were visibly even more powerful than the ones they chased.

Shen Yin Wang Zuo Chapter 388: Long Haochen At His Most Powerful State (Ii)

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